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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 14, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Boone slept in Cave from Page id Davie county and Are buried near Mocksville. Writing to Draper in 1883, a or. B. Bailey of Davie county provided a beautifully graphic description of the area of the Bottoms where he too was convinced the explorer grew to manhood. A the Bottoms Are covered with worn Granite a Bailey wrote a a the soil is very Rich and easily worked and feels to the tread a Little like dry the Ridge leading Down to the Cabin site Bailey wrote ends at a Bluff at the Edge of the River Bottom. A on the end of this Ridge is where the Cabin John c. Foard provided Draper another account in 1883 in which he told of friends of his father whose parents actually knew Boone a my father died at age 75 it has been about 55 years since i first heard about a or. Deadman told Foard that his father had come to the county in 1763 and lived about 2l/� Miles from Boones House. About his father Deadmon told Young Foard a i heard him speak often of the Cave itself is the source of some interesting lore. Boone was supposed to have spent the night Many times in that Cave located not far from the Cabin. According to another letter Boone s penchant for sleeping in the Cave was to hide not Only from indians but also from his own family. Dewey w. Swicegood boyhood Friend of Sowers wrote in 1967 to commend his Friend for trying to preserve the history of the Cave. In that letter he recalled Quot very vividly the time in 1911 or 1912 when As a Young boy he first visited the Cave with his Grandfather. As an introduction to the site the old Man told his amazed grandson that his own great Grandfather had been a Friend of Daniel Boone and was also acquainted with the woman Boone would later marry a miss Bryant. According to the great Grandfather the reason Daniel Boone lived on the Davidson county Side of the Yadkin across the River from his family was a because he liked living information gathered from drapers compilation provides the basis of the Boones Cave committee claim. But in spite of the evidence Raleigh is still sceptical of the authenticity of the site. Back in 1918 the North Carolina department of history forerunner of the present department of history and archives actually designated the spot As the Boone Home site and had erected a Bronze memorial in the Lexington court Square. The decision of the Crittenton committee to deny authentication according to Sowers held up a $15,000 Grant for the Park. The state had planned to use the Money to buy an additional too acres of adjoining land. Finally Park proponents were Able to get the aute to make the Purchase and set up the present 115-acre Boones Cave state Park in 1971. A so we beat them to the draw a Sowers chuckled triumphantly a they department of history and archives give us a memorial but we got a state Park and that seven 2d High Point Enterprise sunday july 14, 1974 72 lunar explorers find new lives by Howard Benedict a aerospace writer twelve men have walked on the Moon a that Distant Globe that Edwin e. Aldrin described As a Beautiful Beautiful. Magnificent desolation a it has been five years since Man first stirred the ancient lunar dust and the feat has been relegated to history. But it remains fresh in the memories of the Only 12 humans to View the Earth from another body. The experience affected each one profoundly yet differently. But each brought Home along with the physical evidence of his visit a greater awareness of Earth and its relative place in the universe. A it was an overwhelming experience a says Neil a. Armstrong the first Man on the Moon. On return to Earth some had difficulty readjusting. Eight of the 12 men have left the astronaut corps. One is a millionaire. One preaches about god and is deeply in debt. One is exploring frontiers of the mind. Armstrong and Aldrin made the first Landing on the Moon on july 20, 1969. Five More american Apollo teams made the journey in the next 3�?~z years. It May be a decade or two before anyone else joins their exclusive club. After their historic flight Armstrong and Aldrin were feted around the world. Armstrong. A quiet intelligent Man did not like the Glare of publicity and he soon withdrew from Public life. As the first Man on the Moon he probably could have earned a Fortune trading on his name. Instead he chose the academic life and he is now a 43-year-old professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Recalling the historic flight Armstrong said a was i stood on the sea of Tranquility and looked up at the Earth my impression was of the importance of that Small fragile Remote Blue planet. People everywhere have by television and photographs shared that perspective and shared our concern for the Security of our his most vivid memory a on the surface i recall the great Relief of finding that we could in fact walk and maintain stability. We concluded in a very few minutes that operation on the Moon was indeed Armstrong also regrets that the spirit fostered by his a giant leap for Mankind faded As the Public seemed to lose interest in the space program. There still is criticism that the More than $20 billion spent on the entire Man on the Moon program would have been better spent solving some of America s social problems. Others say the nations space goal a Landing on the Moon in the 1960s a was propaganda oriented. It would have been less costly they say to develop a system first Moon Man Neil Armstrong addresses scouts of reusable space shuttles first then use these shuttles to reach the Moon in the 1970s. Aldrin shared Armstrong a dislike for the round of Public appearances that followed the Apollo la flight. But he did not Cope As Well As Armstrong did. Soon after the Mission he Sank into mental depression. The air Force passed him Over for promotion to brigadier general a Long sought goal. In Hopes of getting his Star he quit the astronaut corps and became commander of the aerospace research pilots school at Edwards air Force base Calif. But his problem continued. A i was on my Way to having a Good old american nervous breakdown a Aldrin reported. A i realized it and asked for Aldrin left the air Force and wrote a Book a return to Earth a which relates his problems in intimate detail. He tells of an extramarital affair that almost destroyed his marriage. He said the Book was written in Hope that people would better understand that even heroes of the space age can suffer from ailments of the mind. Now a private citizen living in hidden Hills Calif., Aldrin 44, said he is Busy helping write a television movie version of his Book. He also is a consultant for a few aviation and electronics firms and he travels extensively to talk about mental health. Aldrin said he still takes regular treatment to prevent a recurrence of his mental depression and he and his wife Joan still have family counselling sessions to help preserve their marriage. Apollo 12�?Ts Charles Conrad or. And Alan l. Bean Are the Only Moon walkers who made subsequent space flights. Conrad commanded the skylab i 28-Day Orbital Mission in 1973. His daring space walks helped save the station when it ran into serious mechanical trouble. Bean headed the skylab 2 Crew which later inhabited the station for 59 Days. A certainly a walk on the Moon has to have a profound effect on a person a bean said. A it influences your philosophical Outlook when you look Back at our tiny Earth. And it affects a person in my opinion because it s a High risk situation. You can see your life in jeopardy All the time. You re Able to contemplate those things perhaps the same Way a person is changed when he a in Conrad s flight was barely Over when he starved for More action. A when i came Home from the Moon i said i wanted to Fly again a said the balding fast talking Conrad who races autos for relaxation. A i volunteered to work on skylab because that was an exciting program. After that i volunteered for something but a lucrative business offer earlier this year lured him away from the space program and he is now the 44-year-old vice president of a Cable television company in Denver. Bean 42, is one of the four Moo men still in the astronaut corps. He is training As backup commander for the . Team that will Fly a joint Earth orbit Mission with soviet cosmonauts next july. He noted that after that flight no . Astronauts Are to Fly again until the space shuttle is launched in 1979 and that he might not stay around that Long. A a in a going to look around and see what a available a he said. A if a really Good Opportunity comes along i suspect 1 11 Uke Alan b. Shepard jr., americans first spaceman Back in 1961, and later commander of Apollo 14, retires from the Navy and the astronaut corps on aug. I. He is 50. He parlayed his Fame personality and a shrewd business sense into a sideline career that has made him a wealthy Man mainly in banking and real estate. Reflecting on the Moon voyage and 16 years As an astronaut Shepard said his 15-minute sub orbit flight was More exciting to him than Apollo 14. Quot Iti never forget the feeling i had on the first flight a he commented. A there were so Many unknowns in the Early Days. The Moon flight was More self satisfying. The satisfaction of going into space again and being up there a Long period of time and doing something Shepard might have gone to the Moon sooner but an ear ailment corrected by surgery grounded him for several years. Of the Moon experience he said a when you Back away from Earth and look at it you realize its pretty insignificant after All. Its Only a pinpoint in the universe. You want to Tell people to visualize How big the universe is and How futile it is to get involved in squabbles on our Small spaceship Shepard a Apollo 14 companion Edgar d. Mitchell 43, left the astronaut corps in 1972 and formed an organization to study a the psychic potential of Man and other forms of during his Moon trip Mitchell conducted tests of extrasensory perception with some friends on Earth and called them a conditional Success. Soon after his return he was divorced and concentrated on research into psychic Phenomena. He now Heads the Institute of noetic sciences in Palo Alto Calif., conducting a study of human consciousness. A there have been very few of us privileged to experience the mystical and soul rending feeling of floating through endless space and looking Back to see Home. The Beautiful jewel of Earth a he said. A those moments have had a profound effect on my life and my a i was trained As a scientist a he continued. A science has traditionally told us we must somehow separate ourselves from the universe and to be a Cool objective observer of it. Having stood in the midst of its immensity and considered the Effort to place me there that View seems no longer possible. I am an inseparable part of All that James b. Irwin of Apollo 15 views his Moon journey As an overpowering religious experience one he feels compelled to Tell others about. A i Felt the Power of god As id never Felt it before a Irwin said. A my Faith in god was freshened and made More he retired from the air Force and Nasa in 1972 and founded High flight an interdenominational Evange quartered in Colorado Springs Colo. It put him in a deep financial Hole that at one time amounted to nearly $250,000. Most of the debt now Down to about $160,000, accrued last year when High flight sponsored retreats in Colorado for former Vietnam prisoners of War and their families and the families of those missing in action. The retreats attended by 1,500, included marriage psychological and spiritual counselling. High flight spokesmen said outside financial support that had been expected was cancelled a week before the Start of the program and the foundation is paying the Bills. The debt has been lowered by some private and foundation funds and Irwin took a $75,-000 mortgage on his Home. Irwin 44, was slowed by a major heart attack last year but now is an Active skier and Tennis player. His 12-Man staff is planning a program of crusades with the main Revenue coming from speeches he makes about his Apollo trip. David r. Scott 42, the Apollo 15 commander said a going to the Moon has got to be an overpowering experience in anyone a life. It changes your Outlook. What impressed me was looking at the Earth and finding it is the Only color in the universe. A my feeling is the Earth has a Crew like a spacecraft and for the Mission to be successful the Crew has to Scott Irwin and the third Apollo 15 crewman. Alfred b. Worden 42, admitted carrying 400 unauthorized stamp covers to the Moon. They were to have earned $21,000 after the covers were sold by a stamp dealer but when they returned to Earth they had a change of heart. Nasa reprimanded All three and removed them from astronaut status. Scott now is Deputy director of the space Agency a flight research Center at Edwards air Force base. It is Here that americans next manned spaceship the re flyable shuttle will begin flight tests in 1976. Apollo 16�?Ts Moon walkers John w. Young and Charles m. Duke jr., Are still in the astronaut corps based at Houston a Johnson space Ceriter. Young who recently replaced Shepard As chief of the astronaut office also spoke of the seeming frail Ness of Earth. A we perhaps ought to Send All the world leaders out there and when people Start arguing about that Little Mountain on the Golan Heights or some Little Ridge or the Doz just have the leaders look Back and it would All just shrink into insignificance a Young said. Asked Why he a staying in the program Young 44, said head like to have a crack at test flying the space shuttle and a because i believe in the Promise of space in terms of the potential it offers to Advance technology to open new avenues which will Benefit Duke 38, now works in the shuttle system integration office. He said his Moon trip gave him a a greater appreciation for the one world brotherhood of Man. From space you look Back at Earth and there Are no Blacks or Whites or greeks or italians or catholics or protestants. You done to see any people. You see an Earth on which All of them Are Duke said he too would like to Fly the shuttle. A eventually Iti probably go the Fay Many other astronauts have gone and try my hand in business somewhere a he said. Eugene a. Cernan 40, commander of the last Moon Mission Apollo 17, also remains an astronaut. He is on the management team that is planning the joint .-russian Orbital flight. A looking Back at Earth a he said a you have the feeling that its really there and it s really round and its going somewhere and its not tumbling. Its got logic and its got purpose and there Are no strings holding it Cernan spoke of his hours on the Moon in december 1972 with or. Harrison h. Jack Schmitt the Only geologist to visit the lunar surface. 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