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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather warm and humid Mora data on Page 3a �?�8th year a no. 196 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A Friday afternoon july 14, 1972 26 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. Ms-2177 All other departments m5-2hi daily 10c, sunday 25c i urges Unity in 3 speech Mcgovern Eagleton embraced by wildly cheering democrats for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every control Center q. This is not a Gripe just a reminder to North state Telephone company that maybe they need to inform their operators of a very important phone number. Recently our office was asked the question Quot How do i Contact the nearest Poison control Center Quot or. Thosteson s column had inspired the question so i called North state and it took several minutes then the answer was Quot no one please have them informed if you can find out the number. It could mean the difference Between life or death for some child. The Telephone operator did say Call the Hospital and they could find out but that would require several More minutes. Red Cross and civil defense courses teach that All one must do is Call the operator and she will have the number instantly available. Thanks. E. B. A the Poison control Center at Duke University medical Center does accept emergency Calls from Lay people but prefers in the Best interest of the patient that the local doctor be called initially. The family physician May know immediately whether or not treatment is required and the appropriate treatment. If the Center is called first and immediate treatment is indicated. He Center would have to Contact the family doctor to discuss the treatment anyway and valuable time May be lost. By first calling the doctor he can determine the exact name of the drug or chemical the Quantity ingested or inhaled the exact time of poisoning the physical signs and symptoms and of it involves a drug can Trace it to the drug store then he can Call the Center for assistance if necessary with All the facts in hand. If you cannot reach the family doctor then Call the Duke University number 684-8111 Tell the operator you Are calling about an immediate Case of poisoning and the operator will Buzz the radio Beeper of the paediatric resident taking the Poison control Calls who will then a recent question from a Young person on where cd treatment could be had and our reply that he should have his parents take him to their family doctor or to the health department clinic where. We said a a minors should come with a Parent i prompted a Reader to disagree with the wording As he Felt it would discourage the person from seeking treatment if his parents had to be informed. The health department reiterated that they do prefer that minors attend clinics with a Parent because they do not want to encourage youngsters not to confide in their parents. This is Why we used the word a a should come not meaning to imply a a must come. On the other hand if they feel the minor might avoid treatment altogether for fear of his parents reaction that is far less desirable. With this prologue and to emphasize the importance of minors seeking treatment whether alone or in the company of their parents we will quote part of the letter from the Reader do agree that there should be no instances of encouraging children not to Tell their parents when they Are in trouble be it medical or any other sort of problem. I am reasonably sure that in More cases than not. A child a plea for help to their parents would not destroy the Parent child relationship also. However the child cannot look at his predicament objectively. I am certain that you will agree with me that a problem never seems so Large and insurmountable As when it is your own. It is for this reason that the child often hesitates when he should move with utmost haste. And it is for this specific reason that it has recently been widely publicized that a minor can receive treatment for a venereal disease without the necessity of his parents being notified. A was i am sure you Are aware cd is on a Strong upswing in the United states. In Philadelphia incidence of venereal disease has reached epidemic proportions. And we Are fooling ourselves if we try to believe that Only the Barest minority of those contracting cd Are minors. I do not have the figures in hand but i know that the percent of teen agers with cd is amazingly and frighteningly High. But How Are we to combat this Rise if minors Are afraid to go to cd clinics because they Are afraid the authorities must and will notify their parents a my wife recently completed a graduate course in health education at unc a. During the course of study she was shown a film concerning varied health problems to be encountered in school systems and How to Cope with them. Not Only was the problem of venereal disease mentioned it was stressed in the film that the child a parents do not have to be notified of their child a treatment for David t. Wilson. Miami Beach. Fla. A democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern vowing to Lead a Peoples Campaign urged wildly cheering democrats today to put behind a your fury and our frustrations and unite to capture the White House from president Nixon. And the South Dakota senator appealed for help a from every Democrat and every Republican and Independent who wants America to be the great and Good land it can it was nearly 3 . When the beaming Mcgovern introduced by sen. Edward m. Kennedy and joined by vice presidential nominee Thomas f. Eagleton and Defeated presidential riyals stepped to the Rostrum of a tumultuous jammed convention Hall to accept his party a nomination. The victorious nominee had Only a few hours to rest up after his Triumph a appearances before a Unity breakfast for the party a House and Senate Campaign committees and a democratic fundraising group were scheduled before he returned to Washington later today. Mcgovern also had to decide sound off q. I wonder if there san organization or a lurch in High Point that would be interested in a Gan izing a widows incorporated for the widows their late thirties and forties they could be so Uch help to each other. I go to Church but i just it not have any social life and i have read where her cities have them and just wondered if some in in High Point might be interested. . Sen. Eagleton and sen. Mcgovern respond to cheering democratic delegates a Warto Toto vice president chosen Early thursday by Cregg Herrington associated press writer Miami Beach Fla. A sen. Thomas f. Eagleton apparently had his vice presidential nomination cinched Early thursday despite a Day Long show of decision making by the Mcgovern Camp. The democratic National conventions endorsement of sen. George Mcgovern a Choice Early today followed a hectic Day of Telephone Calls and conferences about the vice presidential spot. Reports of lists of candidates with far ranging membership floated out of the Mcgovern entourage. But whether there was a list on paper with two four seven or Twenty five names on it Eagleton was the front runner after sen. Edward m. Kennedy a decision against running was accepted. Others mentioned by Mcgovern a staff members and outside participants in the Daylong meeting thursday had either said they did no to want the Job or had not been seriously considered by Mcgovern. New Orleans mayor Moon Landrieu for example was reported by rep. William Clay of Missouri on thursday to have been one of seven possibilities being considered by Mcgovern. But no one called Landrieu at any time prior to or during convention week to discuss the vice presidency the mayor said. Clay a Black participated in discussions in Mcgovern s hotel thursday about the vice presidency. Florida gov. Reubin Askew and Connecticut sen. Abraham Ribicoff both reportedly on a four Man list of Mcgovern favourites. Were sounded out again thursday. But both again refused to accept the vice presidential nomination As had Bein widely predicted. Based on interviews and news briefings Here a the Way the South Dakotan moved toward announcing his running mate after breakfast Mcgovern instructed one of his aides to get in touch with Eagleton ear see vice on Page 2a on a new chairman for the democratic National committee which holds a morning organizational meeting. While he has pressed chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien to stay on informed sources said he would ask Jean Westwood the Utah National committee woman to take the Job if of Brien declines. In the final moments of the convention that his supporters dominated All week the Triumph belonged to the onetime College professor from South Dakota. Waves of applause rocked the Hall As Hubert h. Humphrey Edmund s. Muskie Henry m. Jackson Shirley Chisholm and Terry Sanford lifted High the hands of the 49-year-old nominee and his 42-year-old running mate from Missouri. Reviewing the Way his Campaign swept aside the established political leadership Mcgovern said he would dedicate his White House Campaign to the people declared that next january he would restore government to their hands and added a american politics will never be the same with some labor leaders still determined to sit out the Campaign and other delegates grumbling about the ways in which his operatives dominated the convention Mcgovern forecast the Battle against Richard Nixon would bring the party a together in common cause this fall. A the is the unwitting unifier and the fundamental Issue of this National Campaign a Mcgovern said adding that a fall of us together Are going to help him redeem a pledge he made to years ago that next year you wont have Richard Nixon to kick around any even delegates who supported the absent gov. George c. Wallace joined the ovation when Mcgovern vowed to wage a National Campaign and said a we Are not conceding a single state to Richard Eagleton gets 42 . Votes enemy uses heat seeking missile Saigon apr Hanoi a introduction of a heat seeking soviet antiaircraft missile into tile Vietnam War is generating considerable concern among . And South vietnamese commanders and has brought about some drastic changes in their fliers tactics. The weapon is the sa7, or a St relay a a soviet missile which the North vietnamese fire from the shoulder like a Bazooka. It is much like the . Redeye missile. The Strela is equipped with an infrared homing device that is attracted to the heat Given off by an aircraft engine and carries a High explosive warhead. It has proved very effective especially against the comparatively slow helicopters and propeller planes officers say. Some officers consider it the most effective of the several weapons used for the first time by the North vietnamese in the current offensive a the others include Long Range artillery medium tanks and wire guided missiles. Military sources estimate that More than a dozen . Aircraft and at least that Many South vietnamese helicopters and planes have been downed by Strela missiles since they appeared on the Battlefield in Early May. The Only americans known to have survived being hit by one of the missiles were two army pilots whose helicopter gunship crash landed in some Trees after a missile blew off its Tail Boom near an Loc. The Strela has been used most often around an Loc and along Highway 13. It was so effective there that Midway through the siege of the provincial capital . Helicopters quit flying in the area and spotter planes were forced to operate at 10.000 feet above the estimated 8.000-foot Range of the missile. Among the tactics devised by pilots is Low level flying which often enables a helicopter to Fly through a danger zone before the enemy can bring the weapon to Bear. Another used with middling Success is cutting Power and allowing the he icon ter to a Auto rotate a toward the the missile to zoom past harmlessly. Miami Beach Fla. Of North Carolina delegates gave 42 of their 64 democratic National convention votes to sen. Thomas Eagleton sen. George Mcgovern s pick for the vice presidential nomination. The remainder of the votes were scattered among nine persons. Former North Carolina gov. Terry Sanford received one Alabama gov. George Wallace one rep. Wilbur Mills of Arkansas one gubernatorial nominee Hargrove Bowles one lieutenant gubernatorial nominee Jim Hunt one senatorial nominee Nick Galifianakis one. It. Gov. Pat Taylor received two Endicott Peabody won two and mrs. Frances Farenthold of Texas got the remaining 12. Gov. Bob Scott says he must consult with Bowles and Galifianakis before deciding to what extent he will support the National ticket. A it May be that they will want me to serve like a lightning Rod on this and draw what fire there is remove whatever pressure i can a said Scott in an interview on the floor of the convention. Scott said the party will have a hard time carrying the state for Mcgovern and his running mate Eagleton of Missouri. Scott had said earlier that Mcgovern was his last Choice for the nomination because of positions Scott feels Are too Liberal for North Carolina. A i support the whole ticket a said Scott but added a just How much i put into it depends upon what the candidates Back Home want me to do. I plan to talk it Over with them. They May want me to stay out of the picture a it is going to be awfully Tough for them to carry North Carolina a said Scott. A we Are going to have to get in there and work for the governor said that Eagleton on the ticket a neither helps nor hurts Mcgovern in North Carolina. A your folks really Don t know the Man. They Don t know what he stands for. But i respect the nominees Choice a state party chairman John Church concurred with Scott. A i wish i could say that in a sure that Mcgovern and Eagleton could carry North said Church. A but i can to. It will be a hard Job. A very hard Church said the party would make a major Effort in North Carolina to unify democrats behind the ticket. Earlier in the Long evening the convention ratified Mcgovern a Choice of Eagleton As the no. 2 Man on the 1972 democratic ticket. But it took a one hour 20-minute Roll Call that saw votes cast for candidates ranging from television commentator Roger Mudd to to character Archie Bunker to the senators wife Eleanor. Even Martha Mitchell the wife of former gop Campaign see Mcgovern on Page 2a Compromise avoided violence by Terry Ryan associated press writer Miami Beach. Fla. A no one wanted another Chicago. Its almost As simple As that. So everyone gave a Little the protesters the police the City the party and its candidate and the streets were quiet during the democratic National convention. Convinced that violence would damage their individual causes these diverse forces worked together this week to produce peaceful protests far different from the turbulence that swept the streets of Chicago when the democrats convened there four years ago. The Box score tells the Story Chicago 680 arrested 1,381 injured. Miami Beach i arrested 4 injured. The memories of Chicago in 1968, of riot Sticks and blood and tear Gas were replaced this week by a motorcycle cop leading a protest March to convention Hall with an Antiwar Button pinned to his Chest. By the a Jesus freaks and in Cream vendors wandering through the crowd just after a Small Section of the Fence around the Hall was torn Down the destructive highpoint of the week. By the Jam in front of convention Hall when the hippies and hippies came from one direction the cuban anticommunist from another and the Gay activists from yet another. Demonstration marshals linked arms to keep everyone apart. There was no violence hardly a hint of destruction. Disruptions but not disturbances. Tense moments but not confrontations. And in the one moment when things might have taken a different turn George Mcgovern took a Chance. Against the advice of the secret service Mcgovern faced and pacified 300 chanting shoving demonstrators in a hotel lobby just hours before he received the democratic presidential nomination a i think the symbolism is More important than anything that he said afterwards. A we did t want a repetition of Chicago in 1968.�?� when it was All Over and be Compromise on 2a uncertainties set off ferment . Politics baffles Hanoi what s inside amusements 10-11a Bridge 12a classified Ade 4-13b Cornice so crossword 12a editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports 34b television a women s news 7-�a weather a by William l. Ryan a special correspondent Call it educated guessing Hunch or Plain gut feeling but some Veteran communist watchers detect new ferment in the Indochina situation generated by the yeasty possibilities of the . Presidential Campaign. American politics presents mystifying problems to Hanoi. If . Campaign politics can create confusion among americans themselves How incredibly mixed up it must All seem to a clutch of communist leaders who cannot Hope to begin understanding the rudiments of american democracy. Imagine yourself a member of the Hanoi politburo. You know the democratic candidate for the . Presidency has pledged that All . Forces and prisoners will be out of Indochina 90 Days after his inauguration. Should you sit tight until november to see if he wins trying to figure out the americans you look to the record. Perhaps you see Little difference on Indochina Between democratic and Republican presidents. On the other hand suppose the incumbent is re elected. Would he be much More difficult to Deal with after november you get advice from the soviet Union and China but your giant allies make you jumpy. Peking received president Nixon. Then Moscow received him even while he was increasing the bombing of your country and mining its ports. Both the chinese and russians assure you their hearts Are with you but you can t help wonder what a going on clearly your allies have big Power interests. Clearly those interests clash in Southeast Asia. Neither wants a situation to develop that will Overly enhance the others influence. Each has an interest in an opening to the United states. Is the Southeast Asia War becoming an embarrassment to both the experience of history has been that every War must end when there no longer is any purpose in continuing the fighting when costs outrun the value of objectives. Is that time near your country has lost enormous numbers of Young men and its problems Are immense. Floods break weakened dikes and there a not enough labor to keep them in proper repair. Keeping agriculture sufficiently productive to feed those at Home and the troops will be an increasingly difficult problem. There can hardly be a family in the land that has not suffered the loss of at least one Man. The Prospect of an Indochina wholly free of americans is enticing. Perhaps one might accomplish politically what Force of arms failed to accomplish. You Are bound to weigh the Odds. What do you do do you consider the possibility of a Bird in the hand or sit tight and wait on the Chance that there May be a More attractive one in the Bush

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