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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 13, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Child Ren unregistered for kindergarten by Ray Hubbard Enterprise sunday editor it took North Carolina educators decades to persuade state legislators that Public kindergartens ought to be made an integral part of the Public school system. Now there a More than a touch of irony in the fact that it May take years to convince some parents that the kindergarten experience ought to be an integral part of each child a formal education. Hiat situation appears More and More a distinct possibility As the starting Date for the next school year approaches and thousands of 5-year-Olds Here and elsewhere across the state remain unregistered for kindergarten. In High Point Only about 560 youngsters have been registered for Public kindergartens next year. Jerry Shaver associate superintendent for administrative services estimates there Are Between 800 and 850 children eligible. A they Are out there somewhere. We want them to come in and Register a Shaver said monday. Under a phased expansion program Public kindergartens were not scheduled to be available for All North Carolina children until 1978. But legislators in session in May of this year decided despite a Money crunch to provide kindergartens for All children this fall. This sent school authorities scurrying about for facilities and children. The facilities have been fixed Here but the children a or at least All of them a have not. Kindergarten programs will be offered at Leonard Street kindergarten Oak Hill Shady Rook Kirkman Park and Mon lieu Avenue elementary schools. A total of 26 classes Are now planned but the state has authorized 27 for High Point if needed. Late this week or Early next week letters will go out to parents of All children registered assigning each child to one of the kindergarten schools. Shaver said that to the extent possible children Are assigned to their own school District. In any Case transportation is provided unless the child lives very close to the school. Special buses provide transportation to Leonard Street where Only kindergarten classes Are held. Where the kindergarten classes Are located in elementary schools the 5-year-Olds will ride the regular school buses. An adult aide rides the bus at Leonard Street to make certain that the youngsters Are looked after for the first few weeks Shaver said he believes the lateness of the decision by the general Assembly to expand the program full scale this year is a major Factor in the failure of some parents to Register their children. Some of them undoubtedly had already enrolled their children in private kindergarten programs he said. And some of them probably done to want their children going out of their neighbourhood a added. Shaver said that Lack of space prevents establishing kindergarten classes in All elementary schools for the next school year. 9 however when the renovation of Oak View and Johnson Street elementary schools is completed next summer districts will be realigned to permit establishment of kindergarten classes in All elementary schools. In the meantime Shaver said everything possible is being done to accommodate children by providing transportation from door to school. A i know some parents just done to want to Send their child to kindergarten Quot Shaver said. A and i done to think some of them understand that we have a High Quality program miss Jacqueline gamer supervisor of elementary instruction and mrs Gilda Scott principal at Shady Rook elementary school and former principal of the Leonard Street kindergarten both agree. A the kindergarten program is an integral part of the whole elementary program kindergarten teachers sit Down with teachers of elementary grades periodically to discuss and plan instruction Quot miss Garner said there is a continuity of concepts begun in the kindergarten on which the pupils will build on in the primary grades a she continued miss Garner said that although some of the private kindergartens have excellent programs they simply do not have the Opportunity to coordinate and plan their world with the teachers who will have the kindergarten children under their care when they begin regular school. Mrs. Scott who headed up the program Here from its beginning said that some parents Are unaware of what the program has to offer. Some Are concerned that the Young pupils Are going to have to sit quietly at a desk All Day. Others Are worried that their children will just play All Day a what they Don t understand is that the program is tailor made for each child Quot mrs. Scott said a yes some of the time they sit at a desk yes. Some of the time they play. But a child s play is their work. And it is through play that they learn a she said. A it is surprising to most people to find out what a child learns when he plays with blocks a mrs. Scott said. A at first a child is largely concerned with manipulating the blocks. They re used for physical release for development of muscular coordination through lifting and piling. A they re used for emotional release expressions of fear hostility achievement and recognition. Emotions Are involved when a child pushes Down what another child has built a blocks Are also used for creative design and math development a counting. Size shape measurement. A then a child May Tell the teacher a Story about what he has built and she writes it on paper for him. Playing with blocks in this Way he is involved in math language arts social behaviour and perhaps mrs. Scott explained. This same sort of integrated a see children on 2b High Point Enterprise i manufacturers report Market about a Normal tuesday afternoon july 13, 1976 Section b by Jim Hawkins a Enterprise staff writer a we were Busy All Day a Ralph Droege of Charlotte a representative of the la a boy chair co., said today As the 1976 regional summer furniture Market entered the second of its four Days of activity Here. Officials at the Southern furniture Market Center said traffic at display facility in downtown High Point was Normal for a summer Market which largely draws buyers from Virginia North Carolina and South Carolina and some nearby amp was to shop in High Point. Max Meeks manager of the furniture Plaza building said activity appears to be Normal for a summer Market designed to provide retailers from towns and cities throughout the Region with ideas for the Busy fall Selling season. Graham Morrison representative of the Crescent furniture co., a producer of Hardwood furniture said he was pleased with business on the first Day and w o. Webb a representative of the Pearson co., a division of the Lane co., said people visiting the firms space Are doing some buying. Activity at the display centers Here will continue through the close of the business Day thursday against an economic background spokesmen said ranged from a a spotty to a not one complaint about Droege said he was a real Happy with the first Day and added he had a was Good a Day monday As he had Ever he said there was a steady flow of traffic with Good representation from the three states and that the firm has a heavy backlog. Noting that Wall recliners Are doing especially Well streets on Back Burner Cut Forrest Cates Enterprise City editor if you Are looking for a smoother ride in High Point done to get your Hopes up. New streets of the Crosstown variety just Aren t in the offing during the next fiscal year. There will be about the usual amount of pot Hole filling and crack Patching and some resurfacing but no City financed thoroughfares its All there or rather not there in the new City budget. So called Powell Bill funds from the state will provide about the usual amount for resurfacing City streets. The Revenue from this source is estimated in the budget at $742,000 for this 1976-77 fiscal year. But Only about $100,000 of that will go for Purchase of Road repair materials. The remainder is allocated for salaries $363,-ooo of workers equipment operation $100,000 and other expenses the regular streets maintenance division funded solely by City funds has a budget of $210,000 this year. Only about $35,000 of that is tagged for Road materials. Both operations Are under the City Public works dept. The latter division is responsible for maintenance of 62 Miles of state roadways in the City. The division also keeps Street ditches storm sewers and streams open in addition to removing ice and Snow from streets. The division is reimbursed $100,000 annually by the state for work done on state responsibility streets the Powell Bill division is responsible for 264 Miles of paved and 57 Miles of dirt streets As Well As ice and Snow removal ditch and Stream Clearing and Road Patching. There will be Street construction during the fiscal year but most of it will be a a petition work a that is paving and curbing requested by property owners by petition. Officials have not completed a year end accounting of funds but estimate that Over a half million dollars in Street Bond funds remain Ai the Bank. A i would say that is a conservative estimate a said Charlie Martin acting City manager monday. The City engineering dept reported that it had in hand enough petitions to exhaust the Bonds funds a which the petition paving program after this fiscal year. It May be that voters will be asked to approve another Bond Issue later in the year the Bond Money spent on petition paving will not be a total loss. The City will recoup about two thirds through property assessments a but the Money will be slow in returning property owners have four years to pay their share of the costs. Plans for renewing the High Point s Southside As a federally funded project include some rather major Street construction. Mayor Roy Culler is pressing to bring some of the Street projects. Planned in the just ended first year phase of the renewal project to Quick fruition. Victims of Foxfire apartment fire remove remaining possessions a photo by Chi Peiree firemen believe Vapours caused apartment Blaze Droege said the firms backlog from this Region is almost As Large As the amount it shipped last year. Morrison said retailers reported business is Good or average and that the first Day s activity was equal to or slightly ahead of last july at this time he called attention to the Scarcity of Hardwood Trees in saying this May become a serious problem. Producers and retailers Are beginning to see the problems which Are growing out of the Scarcity of hardwoods he said. Webb said this is a a Normal july Fri Arkett and that the firm is doing what it did last year at this time. Pearson representatives said business in both Virginia and North Carolina is a spotty a with merchants having Good and bad Days. Line switch courses Power loss some areas of the City were without Power Early today As City Utility Crews switched some Power distribution lines. L. C Williams director of electrical utilities said later in the Day that the switching was done to allow Duke Power co. Crews to do some work at the Linden Street substation. He said the Power in the City was off approximately to minutes starting at 4 30 a in. Williams added that after the Power was turned on it was found that two phases had been reversed and it was necessary for the Power to be Cut off again while this was corrected. This interruption lasted Only a minute or so the director said. The Power outages were spotty. Williams said adding that he estimated that Only five to to per cent of the City s electrical customers were affected. Also he said the City had had some indication that the phase swapping had caused some motors in some plants to run backwards for a time until the phase problems were corrected. Williams said the affected manufacturing firms had been told ahead to expect the Power outage. Cooling off summer Day school programs Are fun but when temperatures get into the 90s As they have this week. Some innovations Are in order. These children at the mini Stool on Greensboro Road took time off monday to Cool off. A swimming Pool would be Nice but in the absence of one a sturdy Garden Hose makes a suitable and Welcome substitute. Photo by Art Richardton state continues Case in Asheboro robbery Asheboro the state continues to present its Case today against Gene Hewitt of Trinity who is charged with conspiracy and accessory to armed robbery in the Home of or. Robert Wilhoit on sept 12, 1974, in Asheboro Hewitt sat very quietly and listened As two state witnesses Charles a red Rice and Carrey James mess Ger implicated him in the afternoon robbery at which time mrs Wilhoit was bound and gagged and left for a neighbor to tree. Messinger testified he was the Man who went to the door of the Wilhoit Home under the pretext to serve some Legal papers he along with Rice testified that former Asheboro magistrate Sumner Farlow not Only provided them with information about where Money was kept in the Home including in a Freezer and a Chimney Safe but also gave them badges a police scanner Walkie talkies and the supposedly a Legal papers Quot. Mrs. Wilhoit on the stand told of the Day s incidents which began when she answered the door and found there a a Nice looking Young Man who was holding some papers a in an Odd she said he forced open the door put a gun against her neck and backed her up against the refrigerator. She said when she asked what he wanted he replied a Money see state on 2b Man charged in murder Case High Point fire officials believe the fire at Foxfire apts sunday night which left seven families homeless was caused by flammable Vapours being ignited from a water Heater Pilot Light flame. Fire chief r. L. Thompson said inspectors think the Blaze originated in the Utility room of the apartment of l. W. Cadie. Thompson theorized that fumes from paint cans and charcoal lighter fluid were touched off by the nearby Pilot Light flame. Four apartments in the Cluster were left exposed when almost All the roof was burned away. Officials were unable to make an exact estimate of damages except to say the Structure received extensive damage. No serious injuries resulted from the fire but officials said it was fortunate the Blaze occurred around 7 30 . And not after people had gone to sleep. Large tarpaulins were used to cover damaged furniture. Residents were sifting through charred remains monday trying to Salvage what they could. There was no indication As to How Many apartment dwellers had their possessions insured Asheboro Teddy Wayne my fatter. 23, of it 2, Randleman is being held in Randolph county jail on a charge of murder involving the death of 17-year-old John Milton Mouth or. Of Randleman according to Randolph county sheriff Carl Moore. Moore said Mcfatter has made statements medicating the dead youth had threatened his family and this resulted in the shooting. The sheriff said Routh s body was found on the Road near Millburn about 3 a in sunday. He said his men in a routine Check had stopped a car which Mcfatter was driving and Routh was a passenger. He said his men noticed a single barrel Shotgun lying on the Back seat the two were allowed to continue on their Way since deputies found no Law violations Moore said the search for the death weapon is now under Way in polecat Creek which is Northeast of Randleman he said this area is also being searched for other items which May have been stolen from several Homes Over the past few weeks including some which were taken from the victim s own Home last wednesday in a break in Moore said Mouth s father John Milton Routh had complained to his office on Friday about the break in Moore said Mcfatter was cooperating with his men and several area break ins May be solved As a result Mcfatter is being held in jail without privilege of Bond pending a hearing the sheriff said. Virginia Jackson remembers 1936 Market by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer a hand cranked mimeograph machine played a Large part in mrs. Virginia Jackson a first Day on the Job at the Southern furniture exposition building Here 40 years ago today now administrative manager and Secretary to the Southern furniture exposition building corp which operates the Southern furniture Market Center. Mrs Jackson said her first task As Secretary to Paul Casey then feb manager was to help prepare lists of each group of 50 arrivals at a Market and to distribute these to exhibitors. She said this was Iii the Days before air conditioning and electric mimeograph machines and the work of preparing Stem tis and cranking out copies was done in the basement with the Aid of electric fans to stir the air mrs Jackson began her work on the first Day of a summer Market july 13. 1936 at a time when there were Only two markets each year and when these lasted for two weeks to serve buyers largely from this Region the building itself had about 200,000 Square feet of space about 20,000 Square feet on each floor in the 40 years since then the Market has expanded from a regional activity to National status and space has grown from 200,000 Square feet to More than two million Square feet As exhibitors have grown in number and in the space they require. Mrs. Jackson still does much of the same Type of work see Virginia on Zub

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