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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina In Australia insects disturb communication biblical answer to previous Puzzle by Arthur Scholes North american newspaper Alliance Sydney Australia a flying spiders and giant Lead eating termites Are wreaking havoc with Australia s communications system. Rural Telephone services in Southeastern Australia have been disrupted by the great flying spider plague. In some country areas in Southern new South Wales thousands of acres Are covered with spider webs so thick they appear to be covered with Snow. Telephone technicians in several Southern new South Wales towns this week reported that some services have been Cut off or reduced because of faults caused by the spiders. Dew falling on webs spun Between Telephone wires caused Short circuits which interrupted or prevented Many Calls. The situation became so bad on some country services that capacity was Cut by half. Farmers said some Days the skies were blotted out with Clouds of flying spiders a As High As 13,000 feet. Technicians in Young new South Wales sent specimens to the australian Federal governments Council for scientific and Industrial research organization Cairo a the research Arm of the Federal government a in Canberra for identification and advice on How to control them. An entomologist in Canberra said the spiders could be controlled by spraying but this could also harm livestock. A they will eventually go away of their own Accord a he said. A we can to do much about it. It is just one of those periodic he said the cause of the spider was unknown a a shut it May have something to do with the floods. The Low lying water has meant More insects have bred and in turn there is More for the spiders to eat. A this Means More of their offspring Are surviving and these Are the ones we now see flying away from the More heavily populated spider a it has been a Good year for spiders no doubt about that and Well have to just wait for them to go spiders up to one Inch diameter have been reported by Post master general department linesmen repairing shorted circuits. 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If a control program is carried out they will Likely become an even greater problem. Of course japanese beetles Are one of the biggest pests. They can damage practically any Plant with Green foliage. Complete control is almost impossible. However using Sevin on the plants will give Good control. A very destructive pest of Sweet Corn is the Corn ear worm. It is present practically everywhere that Corn is grown and is the worst Corn pest in the United states. The same insect also damages other plants and is known by other names such As Tomato fruit worm tobacco Bud worm and Cotton bollworm. These caterpillars larvae of Moths family a Octidia Are nearly 2 inches Long when full grown Yellowish or Green or Brown with Lengthwise Light and dark stripes. In Early plantings they attack buds and feed on unfolding leaves giving a ragged appearance and possibly some stunting. They feed on tassels but most of the damage is to the ear. The larvae feed from to la tip starting on the fresh silk then working Down to the kernels piling up masses of moist castings. Feeding on silk prevents pollination resulting in nubbin feeding on the kernels introduces various Mold fungi. Late season com May be nearly 100% infested. As to the Tomato fruit worm the larvae begins feeding on foliage but soon works into Green fruit usually burrowing in at the Stem end and sometimes destroying As much As 25% of the tomatoes. They Are restless caterpillars and May attack almost any vegetable crop. The control for Corn ear Worms must be started when Silks first appear. Spray or dust Silks with Sevin every two or three Days until Harvest. The Tomato fruit worm can be controlled by treating weekly with Sevin if necessary. Begin when fruits Are it Inch in diameter. Pickle Worms Are becoming a problem in melons Cucumber and Squash. Ripening fruits Are bored into by White to Green caterpillars up to % Inch Long with Brown Heads. They have Black spots across each segment in younger stage and Are a uniform Green or Copper when grown. Masses of Green sawdust like excrement Are pushed out from holes in the fruit which rots and turns sour. Early in the season the caterpillars work on stems terminal buds and in Squash blossoms. Late crops May be almost totally destroyed. Pickle Worms Are difficult to control with pesticides therefore growing an Early crop is the Best control. Sevin sprayed on the foliage avoid blossoms is effective. Probably the worst pest of Home vegetable gardens in the Eastern United states is the mexican bean Bettle. This Beetle has been known in the Southwest since 1850, but did become really dangerous until it reached Alabama about 1920. Since then it has spread to All states East of the Mississippi. This member of the ordinarily beneficial lady Bettle family has the typical convex shape but is somewhat larger up to 1/3 Inch and is Coppery yellow with 16 Black dots 8 on each Wing cover. It effects All kinds of Garden Beans and cowpeas. In Home gardens Spray or dust foliage As needed with Sevin to control bean beetles. You can help control insects and diseases by giving them a Home. Ask Andy Diamond fingerprinted developed by israelis by Eliezer Whartman North american newspaper Alliance Reh Vot Israel stolen gems can now be As easily identified by their a a fingerprints As the burglar who steals them thanks to a device developed by scientists in the Weizmann institutes electronics department. The reflections and refractions that Are the source of the gems glittering Beauty create a unique pattern or a a fingerprint by which each precious Diamond Emerald and Sapphire can be identified. Charles bar Isaac prof. Ephraim Frei and prof. Shmuel Shtrikman have developed a simple optical system for making a photographic record of this Light pattern derived from the stones inherent imperfections which can then be used for positive identification of the Gem simply by making another record and comparing the two. Extensive experiments on a Large number of gems together with statistical estimates indicate that the probability of two gems having identical a a fingerprints a no matter How similar they appear to the naked Eye a is less than the likelihood of finding two identical human fingerprints. The invention now makes it possible to present the purchaser of any precious Stone with a certificate con Taining the gems should the Stone later be lost or stolen and then recovered and re photographed a com Parison of this new a a fingerprint with the original could be used in court if necessary As positive proof of ownership. The Gem a a fingerprint should prove indispensable for settling the frequent disputes Between jewellers and customers who claim the Stone returned after setting and cleaning is the same one they left for Diamond dealers insurance companies and in police work. A prototype of the Gem fingerprinted containing a Light source shutter Lens film Holder and motorized Gem Holder adaptable for any size Gem set or unset a All lined up to fit into a Light proof Container about the size of a bread Box a was built in the dept of electronics workshops. The crucial feature of the apparatus which assures its absolute ability to reproduce the a a fingerprint is a specially designed mechanism for identically positioning the Gem each time it is photographed. The whole process of a a fingerprinting a Gem takes less than two minutes when Polaroid film is used and an untrained person can learn to expertly operate the apparatus in less than an hour. Although the photographic pattern can easily be compared and matched visually selecting the right a a fingerprint from a Large file is a task for the computer. Anticipating wide scale use the Gem Finger Printer a inventors have already included in the apparatus a Means for rotating the Stone to produce a photographic record suitable for automatic sorting and identification. Gem thieves beware. Those stones May be fingerprinted. They la do it every time Senate of s nuclear control Bill Washington a in the Wake of president Nixon a offers of nuclear Aid to Egypt and Israel the Senate has passed a Bill giving Congress veto authority Over any presidential agreement to Export nuclear technology to a foreign country. The measure which now goes to the House was approved on a 96 to 0 vote wednesday after three hours of debate Over How Congress should seek to ensure that american provided nuclear facilities Are diverted to weapons use. The legislation had been unanimously voted out by the Senate House atomic Energy committee. It applies to peaceful uses the same requirements which have been in effect for several years with any Sharo ing of nuclear facilities for9 weapons purposes. Unde the Bill sponsored by sen. John o. Pastore d-r.i., a nuclear agreement could be blocked by a vote in both houses. However it would receive congressional approval if supported in Only one House. The Senate rejected 78-17 an amendment by sen. Lawton Chiles d-fla., that would have required such nuclear agreements to be submitted to the Senate As a treaty and win approval by a two thirds vote. Indian Village is uncovered Tullahoma Tenn. Apr a team of University of Tennessee archaeologists have unearthed a Middle Woodland Indian Village in the area of the proposed Normandy Reservoir. In Jacoby on Bridge Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Joanne Burrows age 12, of it. Laurent Quebec Canada for her question How do hares and rabbits differ the cuddly Rabbit travels in bouncy Little hops. He cannot Hope to escape dogs and other speedy chasers so he leads a timid life and depends on hiding himself. The Long legged Hare streaks along in bounding leaps. He can outrun most of his hungry foes a so he lives a bold Brave life out in the wide open outdoors. If you can to Tell the hares from the rabbits done to feel too embarrassed. Not so Long ago even the experts had them classed with the ratty rodents. Then they took a closer look and nowadays the hares and rabbits share a separate order of their own with the Cottontail and the furry Little pikas alias the whistling hares. The name of their order is Lago morph which Means the Hare Type animals. It is simple to separate the Pika family in this group because these Small bunnies have Perky rounded ears. The hares and the rabbits Are larger than pikas and naturally they Wear those Long floppy ears. The popular names for the hares and the rabbits often mislead us for the Frisky Jack Rabbit is actually a Hare a and so is the Fluffy Snowshoe Rabbit. The cuddly Cottontail Rabbit is quite a Rabbit and quite a Hare. He has a separate family in the Lago morph order. It was necessary to set up this separate order because the rodent group is based on special gnawing Teeth. Hares and rabbits also have gnawing Teeth but they have a couple of extras. Also their Teeth Are partly covered with enamel a and rodent Teeth Are . We Ordinary Folk rarely get a Chance to identify an animal by his Teeth even if we knew How. But there Are several More obvious features we can use to sort the hares from the rabbits. As a general Rule adult hares Are bigger and a whole slam scores on slapstick by Oswald amp James Jacoby Here is a hand from the worlds championship women a pairs that May Well be the funniest of the year. North a opening club bid was designed to Stop a club Lead against an eventual no Trump contract. West a five heart bid was an Effort to disrupt Blackwood but North and South were playing that a pass showed Zero or two aces a double one or three so when North passed South knew her partner held two aces. South a six club was intended to give North a Choice Between six Spades and six clubs but by this time North had forgotten that she had opened a club. North decided South was making some sort of obscure grand slam Force. Since she held two of the three top Spade honors North bid seven Spades. West opened the Queen of hearts. This gave South a Chance to rid of her losing Diamond on a heart. South played two rounds of Spades and then called for the to of clubs from Dummy. At the same time she happen North 13 4 a k 8 v a a kq106 a 1075 3 West d East 4 j 4632 a a a 10 97632 ?85 4 982 4 a j 7 4 3 a k q82 South 4 q109754 it 4 5 a a a j 96 4 North South vulnerable West North East South pass 14 pass i pass 2 . Pass 34 pass 3 pass 4 . 54 pass pass 64 pass 74 pass pass pass opening lead�?q4 de to Knock Over an Ash tray at her left. She looked Down to inspect the result and when she looked Back East had produced the Queen. South played her Ace. West had to drop her Singleton King and South had managed to score what she considers a Well deserved top. Abc Southeastern 7 Center downtown a main St a a Wei 5�?��?��?��?��?��?��?�t life seem a hopeless a show times 2 35 4 09 5 45 7 23 9 00 when was the last time your sides Hurt from laughing if it has t been recent then you have seen Phon us 882-8121 a a a a a a a a it ask someone who has seen it if it is the wackiest movie of our time if it to ask in question of Andy address postal cards a Lofters a to ask Andy Caro of Tho High Point Enterprise. To sure to in Dud your name ago of your parents and valuable prizes to questions ars Tho column. Lot bolder than adult rabbits. When startled a Long legged Hare takes off at High Speed in bounding leaps. A startled Rabbit is Likely to freeze and stay perfectly still trusting that his color blends with his background to make him invisible. What a More the Rabbit has a Burrow hideaway. If startled near his Home he May decide to Bolt Down out of sight. Chances Are we can separate the adults when we know How. It is even easier to separate baby rabbits from baby hares which Are called Leverett. The Hare has no hideaway Burrow and her nest is a hollow form in the grass often under a Low growing Bush. Her Leverett Are born with fur Coats and wide awake eyes almost ready to go go go. Newborn rabbits Are Blind deaf and almost Bare. And their fur lined nest is deep in an underground Burrow. Young hares Are nearly ready for life on their own in a month or so though their Mother usually keeps an Eye on them for a few More weeks. The helpless baby rabbits can hear and see after about ten Days and soon they grow Fluffy fur Coats. But they do leave their Burrow for several weeks a and usually they never stray far from their original Homes. Saturday flounder shrimp amp oysters Joss St. Scan too restaurant All v can eat with col slow French fat 1718 North main St. Sass television log go Wpm of we to Chariot 9 we no University staffer amp w6hp, High paint go soc Charlotte h w5ls, Roanoke 32 Wujs wins Fen Safe b 0 . 2 3 news 9 12 news 10 Porter Wagoner 6 30 . 2 3 news Reasoner report 0 Arthur Smith to news 12 Sci i flick 7 00 . 2 Hee Haw 3 Tommy fade 8 9 Lawrence Welk to wait till your. 7 30 . 3 Hollywood squares to sports highlights 8 00 p. 2 3 All in the family 8 Partridge family 9 to 12 emergency 8 30 . 2 Mash 3 Highway patrol 8 movie 9 00 . 2 Mary Tyler 3 Martin Kane 9 to 12 movie 2 3 0 30 . Bob Newhart i led 3 lives sports special 19 00 . 2 3 Barnaby Jones 8 Owen Marshall 11 00 . 2 3 news 8 news 11 30 . 2 3 movie 8 in session 9 i0 i2 news ugh pts pm Ament 4 30 British open Golf tournament i capsule views of today s evening programs 8 . 8 the Partridge family a for Sale by sentimental Shirley is disappointed when the children eagerly accept her tentative suggestion that the family move to a larger House. 8 30 . 2 a Mash a a mediocre Uso troupe arrives to entertain the Mash unit. 8 suspense movie a cry panic a starring John Forsythe Anne Francis Earl Holliman Claudia Mcneil and Ralph Meeker. A Man accidentally runs into a pedestrian and kills him. But after a search for help he finds the body has disappeared and the townspeople Are hiding a deadly secret about the victim. 9 . 12 emergency a the floor Pat Buttram plays an elderly Hermit trapped beneath a trash Cave in at a supermarket. 10 . 2 Barnaby Jones Barnaby investigates the apparent suicide of Bettye a College Roommate. 8 Owen Marshall a etude for a a Young Hitchhiker agrees to pick up an attache Case for the Driver who gave him a lift and he is charged with kidnapping and murder. 11 30 . 2 a late movie a something for a lonely Man a with Dan Blocker a lonely Man tries the impossible a and succeeds As he takes on an entire town to prove that a Man can do anything he wants if the need is great enough. 8 in session guests Are b. B. King Sam Neely and the association 12 Midnight 8 Shock theatre a Conquest of space a with William Brooks and Eric Fleming. 12 movie a far horizons a with Charlton Heston Fred Macmurray Donna Reed. A romantic expedition into far places. 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