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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 11, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 124 High in Point Enterprise sunday july la 15�7f� on the a Jai if r Ltd it in House House of the week la in Why Lam new features doors and that it can tinted with the final coat he elegance simplicity Combine the product a deodorant to dispel Musty doors from basements crawl spaces la under v rooms Etc manufacturer s claim that this product is based on a Bimolecular Complex which has been approved by the department of agriculture and the environmental Protection Agency As a germicide disinfect ant Deodorizer that two capful to a gallon of water Are sufficient for con trolling most mildew doors four to six Gallons for stubborn cases that it gives a High degree of bacterial and odor control previously Knob taxable and that a variation of it is especially effective As a Kennel Deodorizer the product a White prime sealer designed is peer Al for use on dry Walls made by Gypsum Board manufacturer s claim that this coating May be used under Latex or alkyd base Interior paints that tile final finish coat May be applied Over it within two hours despite the variations in porosity w Inch arc prevalent in Many dry Wall materials that is can he put on with Brush roller or Spray that it can Ulso be used on base plaster Coni position Board old porous paint cinder Block and other Interior masonry that it has a Vinyl acrylic base with Tho advantage of a soap and water cleanup and no paint the product an automatic stack Damper for controlling the loss of heat during the. Inactive Furnace periods manufacturer s claim a that the loss of heat in an Oil fired heating system during inactive periods due to the constant flow of air through the heating unit and out of the Chimney can be cheeked resulting in heating Plant efficiency that tests have shown that the Damper will effect a fuel savings of from to to so per cent depending on the condition of the Furnace that when the Furnace is operating the Damper is in an in pen postilion permitting everything to function normally. Bul ,0 when the Burner is inactive the Damper is in a closed position. Blocking heat from escaping up the Chimney that the Damper works automatically As the Burner goes on an Oft and that the Damper operates As Well with Gas tired burners the odor control is manufactured by air Tihe products co. I 48j Washington Yve. Vineland n j 08860 the primer sealer by Sapolin too saw Mill rd., Danbury. Conn 06810the stack Damper by tronic industries. 0720 Allentown blvd. Harrisburg. A. 17112 and the rust remover by fling surface co1048 Niagara St. Buffalo in y 14213 i by Andy Lang a mixture of elegance and simplicity gives this modest ranch House a pleasing appearance but ifs the somewhat unusual floor layout that distinguishes it from most one Story plans. It is the Kitchen that is the control Center of the Interior traffic arrangement from that room there is convenient Access to the foyer the living room the dining room the family room and the rear Terrace which is tucked in behind the bedroom Wing. That bedroom Wing is Well separated from the living quarters not Only in distance tint because it is two Steps Down from the foyer the living room with a sloped ceiling accommodates dining at the far end and has generous space for furniture around the fireplace the fireplace is placed in the direct line of vision from the foyer to provide an immediate focal Point of interest the family room hidden from immediate View because of its often a lived in condition forms a Buffer Between Kitchen and Terrace thus providing indoor outdoor living at the rear private area. The Terrace with serving shelf at the Kitchen window sliding Glass doors from the family room and two Wall Protection from the wind is completely open and set into an area which r-176 exterior Walls covered with vertical rough sawn boards will give Complete privacy for lounging or outdoor dining this Terrace could be expanded to take in the rear Chimney adding a Barbecue pit with a flue into the Chimney. The family room with its own fireplace is designed with Large Glass areas to Overlook the rear Garden and Terrace in both directions architects Herman York and Raymond Schenke suggest that a southerly exposure to this rear area would be desirable. Between the family room and garage is a service room consisting of laundry toilet lavatory Stair to the cellar and door directly into the garage. A rear door leads from the garage to the Garden in the bedroom Wing three bedrooms and two Bath rooms make up the area. A huge Walkin closet provides the owners with generous Dothes banging and storage space. The Hall bathroom is in a split Type plan making use possible by two persons simultaneously. R-176 statistics design r-176 has a living room dining room Kitchen family room three bedrooms two bathrooms and a foyer totalling 1570 Square feet next to the two car garage is a laundry area with a lavatory. A Terrace behind the bedroom Wing is accessible from the Dinette area of the family room with a pass through shelf at the Kitchen window. There is a basement under the living room Kitchen and family room the Over All dimensions of 77 by 43 include the garage and the Terrace. I the Hoise of the week a High Point Enterprise a High Point. N. C. Enclosed is is each for baby Blue prints j of design r-176 enclosed is St for ranch Homes Booklet enclosed is $1 for your Home Booklet enclosed is $1 it or practical Home repairs realty transfers june 23, 1976 High Point township Watson will realty Coto Willis j Siler lot Foresthill subdivision Jamp Quot. R Wagner f. Wile to William l Bowman in wife lots j a Hodye toc property vary t Newby 0, Joel e Newby lot pc Wood Meadows Phi hip m Mosley Etal to Charlie e a Coom i Wile lot John Davis Ross property Leonard f Reagan k Wile to. Michael o Brewington amp wife lot roil or. Arret Wachovia bans amp t rust co. Etal to Jewed i Yarborough in wife lots Woodland development Paul burst Art a wife to John r Seymour a wife lot Emory Wood North i red Burnt a who to Harold d it Ecil Etal lot. Sorrel drive Vargas Rita b Mhz. To. C Harris Jackson property Dorothy St Wilna g Banks a wife to Virginia a a binks j tracts k r v s p Hornby a husband to. It a Cruz Clements Reaty inc lot Springdale development co scr be a Nast or a wife to o Thomas Robinson a wife lot Wiltshire subdivision _ Low o h Shute it a wife to Troy t Shelton a wife lot Moffitt farm Robert e Linc to John b v t Nan k wife tots i Stover Park Hilt. C Uter to in Nitro states of amort a lot Monticello t states Spence a Luster inc to Gerry c Combs a husband lot Cambridge subdivision or Oft a co Etal to Grayson i Ward a Wile kit Dogwood Circle St rid a Cretal to Geroge b Thomas a Wile tot Dogwood Circle Jamestown township Richard b Welch a wifi to Michael c Riley a Wilt lots Cedarwood sub division i Ila Fra to to David e. Cowanjr lot Cedarwood Sut division deep River township Cie urge w Pike a Wile to Barry n Schu thiss a wife lot. Hunter Woods w r Molt a to William d Jones a wife i to i res Stafford Mill to Herbert f Lawrence a wife to Thomas g Brown a w be i acre. N c Hwy Tisso to Raymond v Myers res state re 2oot june 24, 1976 l Street City state zip. J Here s the answer by Andy Lang a new features a a i know nil about How to Correct squeaky floors by nailing through the boards into Tho joists but i would like to avoid that since i have heard the squeaks can be eliminated by sprinkling powder or spraying Graphite powder Between the boards i done to want to do this unless there is a Good Chance that it will work can you advise in a \ when the squeaks Are minor and when they Are caused by floor hoards rubbing against each other powder or Graphite May eliminate them there is no harm in trying this method but he forewarned that even if it works it is Likely that the squeaks will return at some future time when the powder or Graphite has worn off a some years ago when i painted the outside of my House i discovered when i had finished that hundreds of Small Hying insects had been caught in the wet paint i have since moved and now want to do a paint Job on my present House is there any Way that the insect problem can be avoided a \ How far away from your previous location is your present residence it Max be that there will be no such trouble where you now live ii you want to by sure mix about three Tablespoons of Citronella Oil with each gallon of paint q i notice that when an electrician winds the end of a wire around a terminal screw when making a connection. It comes out Nice and neat whenever i do it. Tiny strands of the wire poke their Way out from under the screw resulting in quite a mess what Ain i doing wrong a a. You Are probably w ending the wire around the screw in the wrong direction twist the wire around the screw in a clockwise direction. So that when you tighten the screw the wire will stay in place if you wind the wire in a counter clockwise direction it will he pushed out of alignment when you drive Home the screw q i sprayed a table top with an aerosol can of lacquer the finish is slightly Lumpy not too had. But just enough so that it can to seen it you look closely by hat caused this and what it an i do about it 1 \ that kind of condition is usually caused because the everything you be Ever wanted in an a Frame or sprayer was held too far from the surface of the Wood. Tri rubbing the finish with lacquer thinner then re spraying read the directions on How far the sprayer should be held from the surface it s usually about 12 inches an irregular surface is also caused by not using enough thinner with the lacquer hut since you used an aerosol can. It is assumed the mixture in the Container was proper q a i have been told that urethane varnish is extra Good but that it is More expensive. Row can i Tell when the varnish is the urethane Type a All varnish cans have labels that Tell the kind of resin used q we re getting ready to pour a Concrete driveway. How thick should the Concrete be a a. A of Only your own automobile is to move along the driveway the Concrete can be about 31 inches thick it service and delivery trucks Are to use the driveway even occasional it should be at least and preferably 6 inches thick because local building regulations often control the construction of a Concrete driveway better Check first with the building department High Point township ii. J at hoi a i to City of h go Poult to it try of High Point property i rut with St a lot it Ammi wion it Mich Poult properly neighbourhood Fiat m Church to Manyra Cross missionary Baptist c i in ii tots err property Ray Roll Irvine a mile to John m peat a Huy my a in or Toyer pork Ielo David m Harvey re june 25, 1976 High Point township a j Green a we to. William in it to a wife property too a tire sop ,. A Ion no a we von to Fred Bendy. I us a Moi la Shelley a Wilt pc mate Conrad t Janes c Moi by it hers Suhd b. Sub uner v a Aile to aute lot College it a j Charlton Tow Amos to m Jack. To William Nam Park to to Ernest m Armfield summer is a Good time for Home improvements Henry l it sub Vul Jamestown township i i a. Saiof i us Lur to a a i to. Property Al vet a t r Mas f v. Tai to Cecil visitors Washington it apr a the National portrait gallery s third Bicentennial exhibition. A abroad in America. Visitors to the new nation. 1776-1914, will run through nov. 13. The theme of the exhibit deals with foreign visitors to this country and their reactions to it remodeler free estimates phone 882-0722 Marsh kitchens inc a Home i styles Anil sizes of a Tiame and other vacation Homes Are attractively presented in Thi new and helpful Booklet you get 24 different plans for Only is Send a Check or Money order to this newspaper the High Point Enterprise to Box 1009 High Point be 27261 r a the n c frames amp other vacation Homes High Point Enterprise a o Box 1009. High Point 7261 enclosed is $ Send me copies of a frames amp other vacation it name address City state zip tics g does the term a ranch a House have any reference to its minimum dimensions a no its a rather Loose term used to designate a dwelling in which All the rooms arc on one floor even it it has a basement with finished rooms it would still qualify is a ranch when the basement is not As deep in the ground As usual making its rooms More liable because of the higher windows. It is usually called a a raised Quot or High ranch in this Type of House the Trout fever is not on either floor the main level being half a tight up the basement level half a flight Down q you told someone recently that he could buy a particular Type of insulation to fit the inside of a toilet tank to keep it from sweating i have tried several hardware stores without Success. Can Vou help me0 \ most plumbing Supply dealers carry such insulation of the one in your neighbourhood does t have it. It can order it for you from a manufacturer q Here s a tip for your readers save your old Windshield wiper Blades the it make excellent glue spreaders when working on Large surfaces. A a thanks by Vivian Brown a new features recipes for an enjoyable summer can include anything from painting pictures on the Bottom of your swimming Pool to saving Money on you electrical appliances. Here arc some reminders to get a big yield from your vegetable Garden rotate your crops so you can freeze and can the produce at different stages making the work easier in packing allow head space for expansion in freezing an Meh or so in a quart Container or a half Inch in pints should provide enough space if you do not have air conditioning keep your windows and doors closed until evening if the indoor air is cooler than the outdoor air to reduce Kitchen heat use your Range Early in the morn my and after 6 p in. Consider fans for spot Cooling showers use less water than Baths. Store aerosol paint cans in shaded Cool areas if the can Label lacks proper storage directions keep children away from outdoor machinery such As mowers and try to destroy Poison Ivy before it becomes a problem if it is burned it can irritate eyes glasses should be worn outdoors to protect eyes from fumes pesticides and Small chips of Wood rocks or other debris that might Fly off Chain saws and mowers keep swimming pools clean accidents can occur when leaves and debris Cloud the Pool and the Bottom becomes Slippery if a lot of swimming takes place the filter should be run often perhaps a1 Day to keep the Pool at maximum cleanliness for an artistic pick up consider painting the Bottom of the Pool in simple designs. Designs might include big Wavy lines fish or Flowers. Large designs Are More attractive than Little ones. Transfer the strokes you have made on paper to the Grid you be marked off in the Pool. In choosing colors blues and greens with White come off Best it might be a temptation to use some hot colors but Cool colors Are really More soothing Wavy designs provide a Nice rippling effect stylized fish in elliptical shapes can be drawn As if they Are in a school and in shades of Blue and Green for an easy but effective Art adventure. Adding a few lights to your Home grounds May improve your summer enjoyment tremendously. Lighting can provide magical effects on a summer evening Especial v if you Are entertaining planning parties during the full Moons can be helpful too you can even use the fishing line of the family Fisherman to bolster a few areas outdoors among the he or so tips related to non fishing subjects that have been sent to one company Newton line Are these. In the Garden to can train vines with the line because it is invisible and does t detract from the View use it As ties for plants Garden Section markers and to suspend Bird feeders it deters squirrels who slip on the smooth finish t. It May also be used for tent and awning repair inspect the outdoors for containers that might serve As Breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Pails that catch water old tires tin cans and even a child s Tov truck can hold standing water. The insects also like to nest in tall grass so keep As much of the Lawn mowed As possible. Children should get a lesson in ecology before you see them stomping on earthworms that enrich the soil by permitting he penetration of water and air. Ii the season is Damp More earthworms May be found near the surface

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