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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 11, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 11\ High Point Enterprise sunday july la. 176terrorism Central Issue in in debate by Serge Schmemann associated Prev i writer United nations n y. A the debate Over the israeli Rescue raid in Uganda challenges the United nations to pull out of its political doldrums and hurl a Universal condemnation at International terrorism tightly reined in by the Ara engineered coalition of communist and third world states the United nations sat silent through the Munich massacre the cod Airport massacre the raid on the organization of Petroleum exporting countries open a Headquarters in Vienna and virtually every other Ai t of political terrorism hut the opening Day of debate on the israeli raid a week ago to Rescue hostages held at Uganda s Entebbe Airport by pro palestinian air hijackers a indicated Little Chance for the africans Effort to limit the session to another condemnation of Israel for what they termed its a act of aggression a against i Ganda drawing loud applause from a packed and admittedly partisan Council gallery israeli ambassador Chaim Herzog a Tough. British trained former intelligence chief declared a i stand Here As an accuser of this world organization the United nations which has been unable by use of the machinations of the Arab delegates and their supporters to coordinate effective measures in order to combat the evil of world terrorism Quot. For once have the courage of your convictions and speak or be damned by your the Challenge had been on the minds of diplomats even before Herzog said it. Secretary general Hurt Waldheim who opened the week with a one sided criticism of israelis a serious violation of Uganda s sovereignty a Rose before the Council to plead for a a constructive directions against International terrorism. American and West european delegates made Clear that when debate resumes monday morning they will join in an Effort to finally wring a condemnation of hijacking and terrorism out of the world body. The sentiments of the majority of Council members appeared to be with the westerners. But for most East european and nonaligned Council members the major problem was not whether to condemn terrorism but How to extricate themselves from what they conceive As a moral obligation to vote against Israel. The pressure to vote against the jewish state is usually so Strong that on most votes in the Council the United states has been left alone on israelis Side while Britain prance. Italy Japan and Sweden have either voted with the arabs or have abstained. But on this Issue diplomats and observers sense that the Chain could be broken. Both the timing and the circumstances of the Entebbe raid they say raises a number of new elements. A few diplomats privately doubt that Uganda a dictator a listed in . Records As a Hajji Field marshal or. Idi Amin Dada v.cd.s.o., m.c., life president of the Republic of Uganda a was on the hijackers Side in the entire incident As charged by Israel. Uganda denies the charge and says Amin acted in the affair out of purely humanitarian motives. A after years of hailing each palestinian terror raid or hijacking As another legitimate blow for palestinian rights both Arab states and the Palestine liberation organization Are actively seeking to a a deodorize the Plo s terrorist image a As an Arab observer put it. Some Arab governments and the Plo condemned the hijacking june 26 by guerrillas of the Maverick popular front for the liberation of Palestine who ordered the air France jetliner to Entebbe. The facade of Arab and african Unity has been severely weakened by the lebanese struggle Uganda a rift with Kenya libyans alleged attempt to bring Down the sudanese government and a Host of other regional disputes. Biggest in . History health workers strike growing in strength new York map the Union conducting the biggest Hospital strike in . History said saturday the strike could be ended quickly if hospitals and nursing Homes would agree to binding arbitration of All issues. The Hospital managements have rejected such proposals in the past. District 1199 of the n it ional Union of Hospital and health Are employees which struck 33 private non pro it hospitals wednesday widened the strike saturday to include 14 private nursing Homes and to municipal hospitals. Federal mediators headed by James Searce. National director of the . Mediation and cond la to on service were in touch with the parties but there was no report of Progress in bringing them together As the strike widened the police reported that 46 persons had been arrested since the Start of the walkout mostly for disorderly conduct on picket lines. In a Telegram to gov Hugh Carey on saturday Union president Leon Davis took note of the governors expression of concern Over the a terrible consequences of the strike which followed refusal of even a cos of living raise from the league of voluntary hospitals and Homes a we Welcome your support because we feel that the state has a responsibility to play a role in resolving this strike quickly Quot Davis said Quot therefore we invite your Active participation in reaching a Davis stressed that District 1199 was a prepared to submit any my All issues to binding arbitration and to strikers funds have exhausted by George Esper Anko doled press writer thousands of striking rubber workers Are drawing food Stamps Worth up to $166 a month for a family of four to survive the three Ino nth old walkout some who Are veterans Are turning to the soldiers and sailors Relief commission Tor help other s Are drawing Money from savings accounts that were built up in anticipation of the strike postponing loan payments by Mutual agreement with cooperative Banks and taking on second jobs. The United r Gubbei workers own strike benefits fund ran out on May 20 after distributing Between $5 million and $5 5 million it provided each striker $35 a week for the first two weeks of the walkout and then $25 a week for one More week. There appears to be no panic although the 63.500 striking workers will feel the Pinch even More in another w Eek when the Industry cuts off payment it their medical and life insurance benefits. After july 19, they will have to pay their own and this could Cost the in up to $100 a month accept without any reservation the decision of an impartial Carey on Friday urged Federal mediators to a a unconditionally Convene the parties for round the clock negotiations absolutely nothing can be achieved if the parties Are not together a he said Carey had denounced the strike As intolerable saying thousands of elderly and critically ill people Are Beng transported through the City a streets against their will and in peril of their he referred to the massive transfers of patients to institutions not involved in the labor dispute or to Homes of relatives. The Union had said it held off striking the nursing Homes until saturday to give Tho Homes time to relocate patients. Wages were the key Issue in the dispute. The Union called the strike to intensify its demand for a Cost of living increase of about 7 per cent which was recommended by a Federal fact finding panel. The league has contended that state freezes of medicaid and Blue Cross Reini ement rates bars any pay increases. It says the 40,-000 strikers should follow the Lead of municipal employees caught in new York s fiscal crisis and Settle for a Nocost contracts in which productivity improvements would pay for any living Cost adjustments. Union members who struck at the municipal hospitals saturday were not City employees but on the payrolls of league Merber hospitals that provide certain personnel a mainly xray and Laboratory technicians a at City owned hospitals new Brace could Aid # handicapped children by Les Seago associated press writer Memphis a they gave Melvin Moore a Pup a few weeks ago and Melvin has t quit grinning since for the first time in his life. Melvin can move around the floor almost like any other 3�?Tay ear old unlike the four legged canine variety Melvin a Pup is equipped with wheels straps and a collapsible handle so his Mother can push him around when Melvin gets tired Pup is the nickname Given the new device by Melvin s buddies at tile University of Tennessee rehabilitation engineering Center Here it stands Tor a plastic upright Positioner and its just what tile in nor ordered Tor children who like Melvin were born with spinal defect. The pm p is just one of the devices being developed by the Center s Small staff which includes an Engineer therapists limb and Brace makers Cabinet maker and a machinist. Dwight Driver a beamed research orthotist Brace Mak re is the Man responsive for the Pup system Whit ii could mean new Independence for tiny spinal injury victims and their hard pressed parents Hie device consists of a lightweight plastic and aluminium Brace which allows Melvin to stand alone and even shuffle across the floor on outsize shoes the blast clamps into a tray like cart equipped with rubber tire Ltd w eels when the wheels Are in their rearward position Melvin can wheel himself around grinning All the time with the wheels moved Forward and the handle pulled out Melvin s Mother can push him along with Lier when she shops. Douglas Hobson a tall Canadian who is the centers technical director says the Pup is one of the Early fruits of a new Effort to make lift easier for Handicap path individuals by bringing engineers into the reliability Hon learn until recently Hobson said engineers who were in t e r e11 e d in physical rehabilitation wore left in the Laboratory to Deal with hypothetical problems a it was a ver met Fie tent Way the technology was not reaching the he said Hobson who became interest in the Field to years ago while still in engineering school is one of lilt Young profession s missionaries his Center is one of six in the United states where engineers Are working with physicians therapists and other rehabilitation professionals it is the Only one that specializes in the problems of handicapped children. A engineers by training add an element of Organiza to ton to the problem solving they can see possible solutions that have never before been possible a he said Hobson said the growth of the rehabilitation engineering profession will mean heretofore unavailable help for the multiple handicapped person conventional orthotics and prosthetics artificial limbs i Only help 50 per cent of the hand i capped. The Only thing that s left for the others is a Standard wheelchair and a few other devices a he said that s where we Are working Quot a prescriptions filled quickly accurately a convenient drive in window a free delivery a ample free parking Calhoun jump Fri up a. Too Westwood. Phone 843-4119 free misery open Man. Thru sat 8 30-6 30 Quot not just another drug Stom Quot regular $279.95. Easily cuts through 2x4�?Ts at both 45� and 90� develops maximum 2 he. 3450 rpm. Easy to reach up front controls. Manual Blade Brake. Partially assembled. Large chipboard worktable. Blade guard. 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