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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - July 11, 1976, High Point, North Carolina2d High Point Enterprise sunday july 11, 197g 1924 demo convention bitterly divided by g. G. La Belle associated press writer new York a the circus moves out and the democrats move in. It s a convention in Madison Square Garden. The republicans Are trying to forget a National scandal. In the last election their candidate had won an overwhelming Victory but that presi Dent is gone replaced by an erstwhile vice president who is not notably a charismatic figure. And what happens the democrats take 103 ballots to choose a nominee in what is the biggest shambles of a political convention in the nation s his tory. It takes from june 24 to july 9 to winnow a candidate from the 16 who Are placed in nomination. The Date is not 1976 but 1924, the last Lime a National political convention was held in new York. And though there Are similarities in the two conventions the lingering smell of scandal and of circus elephants there Are even More differences. No one expects that this convention or any modern one will take 103 ballots to nominate anyone. Jimmy Carter has More than enough delegates pledged to win the presidential Nomina Tion on the first ballot. His born again christianity seems More a curiosity than an Issue which Al Smith s catholicism was in 1924. The platform too. Looks pretty Well sewed up. Proponents would Call it Broad enough and opponents vague enough to satisfy everyone. In 1924 the platform planks set the stage for the ensuing Battle. The major issues were the Kun flux klan and prohibition and it was a fight every Inch of the Way. William s Cheal Hain of Lexington. By recalls How As a Page at the convention he had watched the chairman son Thomas j Walsh of Montana try desperately to control the uru less. The chairman kept rapping and rapping with the Gavel one thing i remember the head of the Gavel came off one of the limes Walsh was Pound ing trying to keep order there was a Inasi standing right in front of the plat form and the head came off and hit him. As a boy of 14 that kind of struck me As spectacular although it s no great event certainly it s hard to imagine such a scene enacted before to cameras in 1976 but still those similarities linger on first there is new York. The democrats wanted to forget their last experience Here when in 1863 the Only other political convention held in new York nominated Horatio Seymour. He lost to Ulysses s. Grant Hough not As severely As 1924 nominee John w. Davis lost to Calvin Coolidge who had inherited the presidency and the Teapot dome scandal with the death of Warren Harding. The 1924 delegates Many still from Rural areas viewed the big City with suspicion anyway. New York was the City of Wall Street of big business of the Money men feared by Southern Farmers and midwestern progressives. The Citadel of privilege sinister unscrupulous mercenary and William Gibbs Mcadoo called it when he came to town in 1976, new York is the City of deficit of fleeing businesses of High taxation of welfare of crime. And the delegates Many now from suburban areas May Well View it with suspicion. Fifty years ago there was talk of delegates falling to Demon rum then outlawed by prohibition and new York was Leared by Drys As a wide open City booze is no longer an Issue but it was serious enough in 1924 that a protest was lodged when the hotel Astor put up a welcoming statue of father Knickbocker a City Symbol holding a foaming Flagon. The democratic party is not symbolized by convention official Stanley s. Quinn complained. The Flagon must come Down it came replaced by a Pennant declaring Welcome and there were the issues the klan and prohibition. The men who split the convention Over these issues were Mcadoo a native georgian then from California and Smith a yorker governor of his slate a Man irom the immigrant-1 filled lower East Side Mcadoo had his support in the South and Midwest in Rural areas where the klan was influential in the party. He was a dry and an Episcopalian. Smith was wet anti klan and a roman Catholic. Robert k. Murray in his Book the 103rd said the two men represented an amalgam of the klan prohibition and Catholic issues and reflected a nation in the midst of traumatic prohibition could be at least calmed in a mild platform Plank pledging to uphold the Law but the klan devastated the convention. It was not the klan s traditional opposition to Blacks that was the Issue at the convention which incidentally had not a single Black Delegate. It was the first and last parts of the klan slogan native Whiten protestant supremacy that Imperial wizard Hiram Evans was upholding when he resisted any Plank condemning the klan. From Evans writings first roman catholics actually and actively alien in american and usually anti american the chief support of such machines As that of Brennan in Chicago. Curley in Boston and Tam Nany in new then aliens who were tearing Down the american Standard of and jews there seems Little Hope of their Assi with Mcadoo fearful a condemnation of the klan would lose him the nomination and Smith representing most of what the klan hated cities filled with immigrant catholics and jews the fight spilled onto the convention floor after a bitter platform committee struggle. There were hours of demonstrations and speeches on the Issue the Hal erupted in cheers and hoots and fist fights. Mac Mac one Side shouted. Kun. Kun came the reply when William Jennings Bryan arose to Call for a solution the Balcony of tammany Hall backers they were not All of the higher class of former Page Cheatham recalled jeered so that Bryan finally had to plead thai he just be allowed to speak. Olympics Over Politizer from Page id and Rhodesia because of racist practices. They threatened a walkout of the 197g games unless similar action was taken against new zealand which continued to carry on a sports relationship with South Africa. There have been bitter squabbles Between War split nations West and East Germany North and South Korea. The democratic Republic of China with 900 million population refuses to go to the olympics until nationalist China is barred from the games. The United states has seen its Effort fractured by internal friction and the Black Power struggle. The National collegiate athletic association Mcaa pulled out of the . Olympic committee because of a lingering feud with the Amateur athletic Union Al though Mcaa athletes continue to compete As individuals. The late president Kennedy tried to Settle the dispute to no Avail. He named the late Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur to Hammer out a peace. Mac Arthur won a War but he could t conquer Here. Gerald Ford through a presidential coins tee. Is still trying with Little better Luck but nothing has been More controversial for americans than the Black Power movements of 1968 and 1972. In 1968, the period of Campus riots Black protests and burning cities some negro members of the team in Mexico City decided on a demonstration to dramatize the Black Man s Travail. While several Black athletes threatened a walkout because of what they called the racism of Avery Brundage. President of the International olympic committee it remained for a pair of sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos to galvanize their message. On the Victory stand after Smith had won the Gold medal and Carlos the Bronze in the 200-meter race the two athletes raised Black Glove clenched fists in protest. The crowd was astonished. . Officials or dered Smith and Carlos expelled from the Village. Smith became assistant athletic director of Oberlin College in Ohio. Carlos continued his track career briefly took a Stab at pro football and dropped from sight. If the 1972 games at Munich were a tragedy for the israelis they were a travesty for the americans. The Best . Miler Jim Ryun stumbled and fell on the track. Swimmer Rick Demon was stripped of his Gold medal in the 400-meter freestyle because he had taken some asthma Medicine thus failing the dope test. World record holders Eddie Hart and Roy Robinson misread the schedule end failed to show up in time for the 100 meter dash heats. Black athletes were disciplined for failure to show respect to the Flag at Victory ceremonies. Then the crowning Embra sment the russians beat the americans in baseball for the first time after the yanks charged time officially had run out. The . Screamed the soviet Union won the biggest Cache of medals and bragged it was proof of the superiority of the communist finally a Plank condemning the klan by name was Defeated 542 and 3-20ths to 541 and 320ths by just one vote in favor of one that simply condemned any efforts to arouse religious or racial that fight Drew the lines. Neither Smith nor Mcadoo would Compromise. Neither got the 732 votes two thirds of the delegates needed for nomination. But at one Point Smith gained one third meaning he could deny Mcadoo Success. Alabama casts 24 votes for Oscar w. Became the balloting refrain As Smith s forces succeeded in holding together the delegation for the Alabama senator and those of other favorite son candidates blocking a Bolt to Mcadoo. On the 38th ballot it was Mcadoo 444, Smith 321. On the 69th, Mcadoo reached 530, his highest vote. On ballot 99 it was Mcadoo 353, Smith 353, and on 100, Smith 351v2, Mcadoo 190. By then it was tuesday july 8. The convention had opened two weeks How will fare the alligators Tallahassee Fla. A the american Alligator loses its place on the endangered species list in Florida this week and Many conservationists fear the change Means real danger for the beast with a precious hide. Under an edict from the . Fish and wildlife service the mushrooming population of alligators in Florida will be switched july 8 to a less restrictive designation of threatened species. While there will be no immediate repercussions the Florida game and fresh water fish commission could change All that we re trying to put together a workable policy that will Deal realistically with the Gator population said Fred Stanbury director of the commission s wildlife division we Hope to have some new policy implemented by August or Early Stanbury s commission working with the panel s enforcement division is considering ways to Cut the expense of removing alligators from areas populated by humans. Last year we answered com plaints about gators and relocated 2. 845 gators at a total Cost of about Stanbury said. There Are just too Many of state officials estimate that Florida s Alligator population is the largest in the Southeast with about of the reptiles jammed into the rapidly developing state s shrinking swampland. Under consideration Stanbury said is a policy that would allow state officials or designated agencies to kill Alli gators trapped in areas where they come into Contact with humans. Now what do you do when you kill the Stanbury said. There s an expensive you waste the latter question is one the state s conservationists who have voiced no Strong objections to Alligator control want to discuss More fully. At an april meeting of the commis Sion Here the Florida Audubon society charged that state backed proposals for resumed Alligator trapping even on a limited basis would result in the rebirth of an illicit hide Market supplied by poachers. The hides which make Premium Luggage handbags and apparel Are lucrative enough to tempt some per sons to Side step the Law the society said it it is not practical to continue the current policy of relocating these nuisance alligators then we would not object to the killing of them by game officers provided the hides do not go on the Audubon lobbyist Charles Lee told the commission. What we Are opposed to is the establishment of a hide Market in Florida when the Federal government last year decided that the american Alligator no longer faces extinction especially in Florida and Louisiana Wil Ditc officers said a new designation would lift most controls on alligators raised in zoos. It would also permit the establishment of some Alligator farms where gators could be slaughtered for their if permitted by state Law. As Long As the Farmed animals were kept separate from the population in the wild. No decision on such arms has been reached by Florida officials. Earlier on monday the 7th, James Cox the 1920 candidate and titular head of the party had arrived in new York from his Home in Dayton Ohio to try to work out a Compromise. He pushed John w. Davis who though he was a Wall Street lawyer had been brought up in West Virginia. As Early As june some pundits had seen Davis As the second Choice of some Southern and midwestern delegations though he had drawn Little attention at the convention. The Smith group preferred Underwood because he was anti klan and wet. On the lost ballot on july 9, new York switched 86vz of its 90 votes to him. Faced with the alabamian in decisive Mcado oites began to move to Davis despite an Effort by William Jennings Bryan the mid Wesleder to Stop them from nominating an Eastern businessman. The 103rd ballot began at 3 . At the end of the Roll Call Washington switched its 14 votes to Davis. That put him half Way and Delegate chairman began to clamor for the floor. First. Iowa went to Davis. Franklin d. Roosevelt who had nominated the Happy switched 60 new York votes to Davis. The final tally was 844, and a motion to make it unanimous got More than 50 seconds. It was Over finally. Charles w. Bryan brother of William Jennings was named the running mate what delegates were left some had already walked out in disgust could return to their Homes and Hope never to hold another convention in the Clammy Din of Square Garden. Now they Are Back in the Garden though it is no longer located on Madison Square prohibition is gone and instead of trying to control the booze the City is trying to control the streetwalker that Amble along eighth Avenue not far from the Garden businessmen again Are promising not to Jack up restaurant and hotel prices. There will be no 103 ballots any fight this year might be with the republicans who in 1924 nominated Calvin Coolidge on the first ballot. But Cheatham. The Page at the Long and Long ago convention wonders if a few things Don t remain the same he s now 66 and retired from a career As an employee of the Senate. He is careful to say he has a lot of friends who Are new yorkers he found them very entertaining when he worked for Al Smith s Campaign in 1929 but it s the residents of Gotham he is wondering about. I think there s still some feeling by a lot of new he said that other people Don t have much sense compared to Maisons sur Mer the most talked about building in the history of the grand strand. What you be Beer working All your life for it has everything including an Eno Mous amount of privacy 99 Myrtle Beach floor plan Are can Sec the Ocean from every room the architect must have been a Genius 99 Durham cd the Oest planned most elegant project North of it know because did a lot of looking 99 Troy unreal it s unreal it s the one place you d dream of living 99 Myrtle Beach Vij been looking in Myrtle for 20 years but we never expected of f my Unitt ing i be Thi 99 Durham re going to buy a Beach House then it and that was thai 99 Lexington every room you can see the Tennis courts the Pool the Ocean and the Renoit incredible sunrises y6u can imagine 99 toritto the end of the summer. I Tomk you la see a Stampede to buy Oul the last of the jets 99 Myrtle Beach if we might slip a word in edgewise let us is reply state that the rave reviews Are no Accident. Never before has the grand strand been Host to such a spectacular concept As Maisons sur Mer. Rising 25 stories above a sweeping 836-foot stretch of the Atlantic Maisons encompasses both a dramatic architectural achievement and what has already become the most unusual new lifestyle Between Cape cod and key amenities include every thing you d a few things you would t. Like a magnificently equipped health club private Tennis courts an olympic size swimming Pool his and her card rooms party rooms a study and a snug Little Library. So if All of this is beginning to sound like your kind of lifestyle write us at Maisons sur Mer Star route 2, Myrtle Beach South Carolina 29577, and Well Send you More information. Or just Call but also listen carefully to this at mais Eich floor of Mas Den designed to accommodate just 11 moras some at the unusual features incorporated into each unit Are . Asymmetrical design sunny breakfast rooms and multiple balconies the present rate of sales Maisons will be completely sold out around the turn of the year which Means it might be Well Worth your time to plan a special visit to our sales office located just off . 17 adjacent to the dunes club and the Arcadian shores Racquet and Golf club. Because seeing As Well As hearing is believing

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