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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - July 11, 1976, High Point, North Carolina140 High Point Enterprise sunday july 11, 1h76 at the High Point Public Library glimpses of the olympics. When the summer olym pics open in Montreal on saturday the United states will be represented by 585 athletes the largest National contingent among 8340 competitors. With the world watching via satellite these exceptional Young men and women from 134 nations will compete for olympic medals in 27 events. Glimpses of the olympics ancient to present Day stories of great champions and accounts of the dedication and discipline it lakes to achieve olympic status can be found in a variety of books at the Library. There the sceptics who View the games As a dazzle dazzle of International grand stand ing and political propaganda. The 1936 Berlin olympics was a High water Mark in propaganda but even worse was the 1972 tragedy in Munich when 11 israeli athletes were assassinated by Arab terrorists this theme is espoused by William 0. Johnson jr., in All that glitters is not Gold and Richard d. Mandell. Who in nazi olympics scrutinizes the Berlin olympics As a nazi ego trip. The athletes served As political not athletic contestants. Pageantry is the Appeal of a picture history of the olym pics with an introduction by Jim Mckay and my wide world authored by Mckay who has covered 100 different sports in 35 different countries. Nor is pageantry lost in other books which inspiring Reading because they pay High tribute to the skill stamina and sportsmanship of the Young athletes. Highlights of the olympics from ancient times to the present by John Durant olympic champions Why they win by Carli la klan Young olympic champions by Steve Gelman and other books recount How Many of these Young people overcame overwhelming Odds some even physical see olympics on 15c even though Ted s not a candidate Kennedy leads in biographies Ted Kennedy from Edward Kennedy and the Camelot Book details Koala s life the year of the Koala. By h. D. William son. Scribner s. 209 pages. After enjoying this extremely Well written Book the Reader probably would agree that he d rather have a Koala for a neighbor than some people. Koalas May look kind of funny but they considerate. As h. D. Williamson observes they do not try to get into the roof spaces of houses to live there or worse die there they do not eat rosebuds or fruit or vegetables or dig holes in lawns or scratch up Garden Beds and except in the muting season they Seldom raise their capsule prepared by the american Library Ann. By Carol Felsenthal for a Man professing to Lack any intention of running for president Ted Kennedy s certainly not lacking in elec Tion year biographies. In fact More books have been written in 1976 about this non candidate than about any officially declared candidate including president Ford. Two new books full fledged Campaign biographies. A third is a full fledged attack clearly aimed at keeping Kennedy from changing his mind about the presidency. It was in july 1974 that Kennedy announced he would not under any Circum stances run for president. Not coincidentally the announcement came shortly after the publication of Robert Sherrill s new York times Magazine article an article damaging discrepancies in Kennedy s Chappaquiddick testimony. Sherrill has now expanded that article into a Book the last Kennedy or As he Calls it a Case study of How a famous politician by delays by obfuscation by propaganda by All sorts of tricks and Wiles can kill the last Kennedy by Robert Sherrill dial 239 pages Edward Kennedy and the Camelot legacy by James Macgregor Burns Norton 383 pages senator Ted Kennedy the career behind the image by Theo Lippman. Or. Norton 296 pages somebody under mysterious circumstances and still regularly receive More than 40 percent of the support in presidential preference prior to Chappaquiddick nearly half the voters wanted Ted in the White House. Sherrill argues this shows not much of a decline for a Man whose personal indiscretions have recently stimulated More headlines than his political accomplishments. So Sherill Washington Cor respondent for the nation has used his crack investigative reporting skills to indict in print the Man he believes should have been in diced in the grand jury room or at least in the minds of the Public. Two thirds of his Book is devoted to a meticulous restyling of what Ted did and did t do on that night in july 1969 the night political worker Mary to Kopechne left a party in a car with Kennedy and later crashed to her death through the railings of a Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island. Had the government prosecutors been As relentless As Sherrill in investigating Kennedy s obvious third rate falsehoods and second rate deep the senator might at the very least be suffering a Nixon like exile in political oblivion for a cover up with the author frequently com pares to watergate. Although Sherrill concedes that Kennedy is a better senator than he was before Chappaquiddick this portrait is far from flattering. Com paring him to his dead Brothers Sherrill concludes that Ted May be the Best of the Kennedy s but that in t saying Sherrill makes no claims to having written a definitive biography and even boasts that his Book s narrow focus is a plus. A full biography would be Boring since Kennedy is not personally that interesting " inadvertently James Macgregor Burns proves Sherrill right. If anything conclusive emerges from his definitive biography it s the surprising ordinariness of Ted s intellect and character. A pulitzer prize winning biographer of for Burns analyses the pressures on Kennedy As a child the last of nine children and As an adult the last surviving son the flaws in his personal character the Drunken driving sexual promiscuity the cheating on a Spanish exam at Harvard also covered As the senator s positions on various political issues. But in spite of Burns insistence that his in t an authorized or official much less a Campaign biography Edward Kennedy and the Camelot legacy does read like a Campaign biography albeit a Campaign biography with class. It shows a Sprinkle of wrinkles but no ugly scars Only eight pages on Chappaquiddick for example. The author in i960 of a non Campaign biography of John Kennedy. Burns has repeated the favor of Ted just in Case the senator changes his mind about run Ning. His Book is occasionally critical but finally adoring the product of a confirmed Kennedy clan admirer a creator and protector of the Camelot myth. Theo Kip Man s senator Ted Kennedy is the most uncomplicated of the lot a straightforward Appeal to the Public to evaluate Ted s political not personal performance. And it s exclusively on his politics that the Book focuses. Lippman describes Kennedy s fight for draft Reform his struggle to push through the franchise for 18 year Olds his fight for National health insurance in the face of Strong opposition from the medical profession and for busing in the face of even stronger opposition from his Boston constituency. In the process Lippman provides a fascinating study of How the Senate works and does t work. Like Burns and Sherrill Lippman contends that while Chappaquiddick my have dampened Kennedy s presidential prospects it has sharpened his senatorial skills. But finally while in All three books the new Kennedy does emerge As More Mellow mature and thoughtful than the old. The charge of his first political adversary still rings True if your name was Edward Moore Teddy your candidacy would be a what americans Reading in Benchley s latest fiction this weeks weak week on t 1.trinity, 1 13 by Leon Uris Doubleday. 2.1876, 2 14 by Gore Al Cal random House. 3.agent in place 5 4 by Helen Macinnes Harcourt Brace Jovanovich sb.35. 4.the choirboys. 3 28 by Joseph Wambaugh delacorte. So 95. 5.gemini contenders 4 9 by Robert Ludlum dial s8.9s. 6.the r document 6 9 by Irving Wallace Simon schuster. 7. Stranger in the Mirror 7 4 by Sidney Sheldon marrow 8.the deep 9 2 by Peter Benchley Doubleday 9.kinflicks, 8 7 by Lisa Alther Knopf s8.95. 10.the boys from Brazil 10 12 by Ira Levin random House non fiction this week last week 1.the final Days 1 by Woodward Bernstein Simon schuster s12.50. 2. Doris Day her own Story 2 by . Hotchner Morrow 3.the russians 4 by Hedrick Smith quadrangle 4. Bring on the empty horses 3 by David Nolven Putnam 59.95. 5. World of our fathers 9 by Irving Howe Harcourt. Brace Jovanovich 6. Born again 5 by Charles Colson chosen books s8.95. 7.spandau, by Albert Speer Macmillan 8. Angels god s secret agents 10 by Billy Graham Doubleday 9. A Mand called intrepid War 7 by William Stevenson Harcourt. Brace. Jovanovich. S12.95. 10.the Rockefeller an american Dyne to 8 by Peter Collier David Horowitz Holt Rinehart Winston. Weeks on list 10 people replace Sharks 22 15 35 27 the deep. By Peter Benchley. Doubleday. 301 pages. To answer first questions first. No. A shark does not occupy stage Center in Peter Benchley s new novel the people do. Yes there Sharks in the but they play minor roles do Little More than swell a scene or two. True some of the persons in this fast paced production exhibit shark like tendencies at times but considering the Vampire events they find themselves involved in there s Little else can do. In his latest. Benchley who touched off a minor phenomenon with his tells of an american couple David and Gail Sanders who go to Bermuda to honeymoon but Quick find themselves enmeshed in a hard driving adventure that takes them deep under water As they dive to recover a for tune in drugs. The bottles of opium set in Britain morphine etc., were cargo on a ship that went Down Dur ing a storm. While pleasure diving the Sanders accidentally dig up one of the bottles. It seems that no sooner they Back on land then the local bad Guys know about their find and want it. Unsure what to do the Sanders enlist the Aid of a local giant physically and mentally named Romer Treece. With Treece s help much of the cargo of drugs is recovered plus some rare and valuable jewels from another sunken ship. But the baddies determined to have the stuff and there is plenty of bloody action As the to Whf sides clash and clash again. Benchley writes with a surer hand in the deep than he did in but his characters once again Slick figures who moved about As the plot and an exciting one it is demands. Shaw does t disappoint is tvtt7y spoof Dull spy novel believable nights Vork. By Irwin Shaw. Delacorte. 344 pages. In a period when so Many of the really Good writers have been afflicted with the look a. I m syndrome spinning out line after Gossamer line of shimmering prose that says Little or nothing. Irwin Shaw Lemmas steadfast. Shaw not Only writes Well he also tells a Well thought out entertaining Story. Over the years Shaw s plays Short stories and novels have attracted an admiring audience and he has rarely disappoint these expectant readers. Nor does he with his latest novel an often funny ofter serious but always engrossing Story about a Man in search of himself and the charming Man of the world who gives him the direction needed. The searcher is Doug Grimes a grounded Pilot wearing out his Days although he is Only in his 30s As night clerk in a once Fine now going to seed new York City hotel. But the humdrum Days come to a screeching halt when Dave finds a pile of Money in the hotel room of a guest who has died. Dave wonders whether to Tell the police about this Bonanza briefly. Lip service paid to conscience. Dave takes the Money and runs. He runs flies actually to Europe Only to find on arrival that lie has been ripped off. The search for his stolen stolen Money leads Dave to a handsome charming older Man named Miles Fabian. Fabian who has been living on the Edge of wealth for years by playing and winning at High stake Logan recalls Good and bad teams up with Dave and the two embark on a series of picaresque adventures that Lead the Book too quickly to its end. Readers who enjoyed Shaw s Rich Man poor will also like but although there is much that is similar Between the books each stands solidly by itself. The land remembers. By Bon Logan. Viking. 278 pages. Ss.u5. Once you have lived on he land been a partner with its moods secrets and reasons you cannot leave. The living land remembers touching you in unguarded moments saying. I am Here. You part of me despite the passage of the years Ben Logan remembers and in this warm Book he tells of the years of his childhood and Young manhood when he lived on a Hilltop farm in southwestern Wisconsin. The youngest of four Brothers. Logan tells in often lyrical prose just what it was like to grow up on a farm recalling both the pleasures of such a life and the harsh realities. For while taking a living from to land had its most pleasant aspects it also had its brutal times Winters when the temperatures plunged to 40 below Blister ing sunners crop losses that meant hours of grueling work had gone for nothing but Logan loved this life and obviously still docs As he shows Over and Over again in his Book. Dividing his narrative into the seasons Logan details both the Good things and the bad that come about in Spring summer fall and Winter. Murder Frame up a Boring ride eighty dollars to Stamford. By Lucille Fletcher. Random House. 151 pages. S6.95. Strange things happen to cab Drivers at least if you believe the stories some new York cabbies Tell but what happens to Hack Pusher David Marks in eighty dollars to Stamford is going a bit too far. Marks who teaches school in new York during the Day. Drives a cab at night to keep his mind off the violent death of his Young wife. While crossing fifth Avenue one night she and Marks had been struck by a hit run Driver. The woman was killed Marks knocked unconscious but not before he was Able to see the face of the Driver of the death car. One night while driving his cab Marks is hailed by a Beautiful blonde. She asks him to take her to Stamford conn., for an fee. Mark agrees makes the Long drive Parks outside a baronial mansion while the girl disappears inside for an hour then drives her Back to the City when she reappears. On the Way Back she pledges him to keep the ride secret and not enter it in his t rip log. He agrees. Pretty far fetched but stretched too far when the girl shows up again and she and Marks repeat the new York to Stamford to new York ride again. The Reader really gets incredulous and a bit car sick when the girls shows up again and they do their driving bit a third time. But this time the girl does t come out of the House. Mark goes in. He finds a Man lying on the floor dead. He is the Driver of the car that killed Marks wife. Marks now realizes he has been framed As the Only suspect in the murder interview with the Vampire. By Anne Rice. Knopf. 372 pages. S8.95. Whether or not Anne Rice set out deliberately to write a tour de Force in t important since she obviously has with interview with the Vam what is important is whether it was Worth the of Furt. And the answer is not really. Granted. The idea is an interesting one. A Vampire who was a Vampire at the of 25 in 179 strikes up an acquaintance with a Young Man in present Day san Francisco and agrees to a tape recorded interview. The rest of the Book is devoted to the Vampire s remembrances of things past. None of these memories especially pleasant largely devoted As they must be to the care and feeding of vampires nor they especially interesting although of course there some exceptions Surh As the Vam Pire s trip from the United Spates to Transylvania in search of but. On the whole while the Vam Pire s adventures novel enough to compel further Reading for perhaps the first Hundred pages they do tend to become Sticky going after that in subject matter and in style. Miss Rice is reminiscent of that school of writers who flourished briefly in the 19th Century and were known As the a difference though is that they were better at this sort of thing. The pious agent. By John Braine. Atn neum. 252 pases. In the Brief note that precedes this Complex thriller author John Braine observes that each year some 50 or so unidentified corpses found in the London area he then adds that since 1961 no soviet agent has been brought to trial in Britain. Two unrelated facts perhaps. But Braine author of the Best Selling room at the does t see it that Way. Instead he postulates that within the British intelligence organization there is a Little known subgroup whose members dedicated to eliminating soviet agents. Chief among these licensed hit men is Xavier Flynn. A curious blend of piety and viciousness. A Cool compe tent killer with deep religious convictions a Man who prays for the souls of the peole he has killed. In less talented hands a protagonist such As Flynn would be absurd. Imagine a Womanizer who prays for forgiveness after a successful seduction. And yet Branie manages to bring him off very Well believably so As an extremely Complex Man one who has managed through great Effort to unite the dualities that drive him. If Flynn s personality is Complex the various plots in which he finds himself involved in the pious agent even More so involving Cross and double Cross and Eastern North Carolina bus tour july 26-29 Contact Hubbard Tours i 703-b link Road Winston Salem . 27103 919 723-7478 t7.io6 sunday Buffet Adul do. Adults children . To . Restaurant featuring roast round of prime beef baked herded style Chicken Boneless pork loin red snapper topped with Hollan Daise sauce almonds barbeque beef luncheon Buffet daily except saturday served from . To 2 . Four seasons 1-40 at High Point Road Greensboro John Fowler operations mgr. Phone 292-9161 television log 2 i a soc. 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