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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4c High Point Enterprise wednesday july to 1974 hops from tourney to tourney Mcgee does t talk like Rabbit new York Nea in the clubhouse at the end of a Day on the professional Golf tour Gary player was telling a reporter a you think this life is a bed of roses let me Tell you something my Friend i have to leave Home for six weeks at a time. I have to leave my wife and six children in South Africa. Do you know what that does to me it chokes me up so bad i cry like a another troubled soul Arnold Palmer who had just changed shoes after a fooled round was asked where he was going now. A to jump some rope a he replied in despair. This would seem to put Jerry Mcgee in Good company for neither was he brimming with Joy. He had just slogged in and out of rough and Bunker. He had done so with an injured thumb. His wife had been waiting for him at the end of 18, but that seemed Little Consolation. And now Jerry Mcgee headed to the practice tee to rummage around for his stroke. And there the similarities of Arnold Palmer and Gary player with Jerry Mcgee abruptly halt. Palmer and player have won an overflowing abundance of Golf tournaments. Mcgee on the tour for seven Vears. Has never even won one. He is still considered one of the a rabbits a those band of Young players who must qualify for tournaments on monday whereas the old pros Are exempt from such Low life activity and simply slip in on thursday the first Day of a tourney. Mcgee takes exception to being characterized As a Rabbit. A can you name me one player who resembles in any manner shape or form a Rabbit a he once indignantly asked at a press conference. Yet even he will not deny that he must hop from one tournament to another to earn living expenses. He has in fact had some very Fine years earning Over $50,000 in them but the tour with its planes and motels and dinners and myriad other expenses can rapidly shrink a Buck. A i feel numb a he said recently a from travelling and playing so life for him however is sweeter than it is bitter. Golf is a passion and its easier than working in the mines where others from his Hometown of new Lexington Ohio not far from Youngstown work. As for his lacklustre tour record Mcgee a Consolation is that if he continues to like player he May one Day reach the same Heights. He consoles himself with the knowledge that a Palmer has miserable frustrations too. A look at Amie out there a said Mcgee. A the is trying so hard that water spurts when he grips the and Mcgee almost 31 years old will Tell you without being asked that Ben Hogan did no twin his first tournament until he was 37 years old. Mcgee like Hogan is smallish. He stands b-91, weighs 160 pounds. 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