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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 6, 1976, High Point, North Carolina It s time to fill cookie Jar for unexpected guests High Point Enterprise tuesday july 6, 1976 7a educator urges Parent involvement by Marcia o. Burg women s news service visualizing the hordes of Bicentennial travellers traversing the country this summer you May decide to stay Home and read about our last 200 years. To you the lines in a Book May offer More Appeal than lines before monuments or restaurants. But be prepared for some of those itinerant vacationers Are Long lost relatives or acquaintances with whom you enthusiastically exchanged addresses on the cruise you took eight years ago. When they arrive unannounced because they a just happened to be passing through your Home town which is branded irrevocably in the travel guide As a a hotbed of the american revolution a be hungry for history. But they la also be ravenous for refreshment to entertain drop ins in quest of roots and simplicity what More Apt offering than cookies in infinite variety chewy Crisp crumbly melting spicy Sweet sugary chocolate fruit enriched or nutty this treat form is As Basic old fashioned but not outmoded comforting and satisfying As All get out. So Why not get out and get the ingredients to make a Crock or barrel full of cookies to serve with fresh made lemonade frosty shakes Coffee Cocoa Tea or milk if you Haven t managed to clip or collect scads of cookie recipes Mot yet filed of course Var shaped cutters or fanciful tips for a cookie extruder or press you could Institute a cookie Exchange among neighbors Check out your Public Library a Cookbook collection As Well or Riffle and poke through old volumes and gadgets at Yard sales and Flea markets booklets which used to be offered free by food companies when our country was younger Are excellent resources you May have some stashed away and forgotten about food is big Bicentennial business and cookbooks on that theme Are numerous one such 320-pager devotes four pages to Homey goodies such As grandmother s cookies gingersnaps Walnut kisses hermits and Short Nin beloved of baritones with Southern accents titled the a saturday evening Post All american it contains 500 recipes by food editor and author Charlotte Turgeon. With a lighthearted history dear Ann Landers i read with interest your comment a the sooner we get Back to basics in our schools the As one who has worked in education for 30 years i share your concern. The problem lies in the philosophy of education today. Instead of stressing academic achievement the idea is to make the student a feel Good about a child is allowed to Progress at his own rate which Means he can move ahead if he feels like it. Discipline is at the lowest ebb in the history of the Public school system. Teachers must spend valuable teaching time main Taining order in the classroom. Memorizing facts is considered old hat. Competition and rivalry Are said to be damaging because they a create grades Are a a bad because they can be hard on a child a ego. Our schools Are geared to the non achiever. The result is mediocrity. In our Day we Learned How to compete and Cope with the world. Now students Are encouraged to a do their own if they done to learn anything the world is supposed to Cope with them. Teachers Are no longer the focal Point for education. They have been replaced by a fanatical preoccupation with programs so Ann what can be done to get schools Back to teaching children May i suggest that parents attend local school Board meetings and demand that their tax w a ii Ginger snaps of eating in american by Frederic a Birmingham managing editor of the Magazine and for $14 95. The illustrations Are color reproductions of the Magazine s old covers created by Norman Rockwell. Steve Dohanos and other artists As Well As nostalgic old Post ads less elaborate and thus less costly $2 95 is a soft cover totally cookie Book titled the International cookie Well illustrated with instructional drawings by Yaroslava Mills and written by Anita Borghese it includes More than to invitingly and seemingly simple recipes from 65 countries with accompanying lore but enough talk for an out of state car might pull up to your House any moment you a better snap to it As Homey As Burlap and reassuring As a grand Motherly kiss Are homemade gingersnaps with crackle tops. Crackle top Ginger snaps 3 cup shortening i cup sugar n cup Light or dark molasses 1 egg 2 cups sifted All purpose flour 2 Teaspoons baking soda i Teaspoon cinnamon la Teaspoon each ground Clove ground Ginger and Salt i cup granulated sugar in Large bowl Cream together shortening and the i cup sugar add molasses and egg. Beating Well sift together flour soda cinnamon cloves Ginger and Salt then add to creamed mixture mixing Well. Cover and chill in refrigerator. Form into Pinch spheres Roll each in sugar and arrange on greased cookie sheets 2 inches apart bake in a preheated 375-degree oven 8 to to minutes or till Golden Brown and crackled. Remove from pans and Cool on wire rack. Yields about 48 cookies Granola like hermits bespeak old time hospitality so convincingly your Bicentennial wayfarers May become boarders Hermit drops preheat oven to 375 degrees Cream together i cup soft shortening and i a cups firmly packed Brown sugar Iii it has hardened warm it in a pan in the oven then beat in 2 eggs sift together 3 cups sifted All purpose flour i Teaspoon each of baking powder and baking soda a Teaspoon Salt. 2 Teaspoons cinnamon and i Teaspoon Nutmeg gradually add to creamed mixture then stir in 2 cup sour milk or Buttermilk to sour Sweet milk add enough milk to i it Teaspoons Lemon juice to make cup liquid and let stand 5 minutes add 2 cups Quick or regular uncooked Oatmeal i cup raisins and 2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts mixing Well. Drop by heaping teaspoonful onto greased cookie sheets and bake in preheated oven to to 12 minutes yields about 5 dozen make a variety of cookies and it appears your cookie Jar would stay filled for the next 200 years. 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My engagement spoons revived Cardiff Wales was a engagement rings have become so expensive in 1976 that romantic Young ladies Are now encouraging local Lothario to return to the custom of 1776 a a in those Days suitors carved love spoons and presented them to the lady of their said Flora Porter. 26 the lady was expected to use the spoon in cooking for her mate for the rest of their lives Quot in my Case. A she adds. A it will be a Little different. I be arranged to marry an excellent chef folks Are going to give her a Beautiful wedding it will Cost a lot of Money. We want everything to be perfect the problem is my mothers brother and his wife. This Uncle has a very foul Mouth. He tries to get personal with every woman he talks to family or not. He also has a serious drinking problem my aunt is under psychiatric care and there Are times when she does no to make a whole lot of sense Between the two of them you can never be sure of what will happen next. Some of us think they should not be invited to the wedding others say we must invite them or they will be mad at us for the rest of their lives please say yes or no. Thank you a the tribe dear tribe i m saying yes a and with your kind permission i d like to add a few More words. To exclude your Uncle and aunt would be inexcusable invite them but have a a Rescue squad on the Alert. At the first sign of unacceptable behaviour four individuals should quietly usher the two of them out and they should be driven Home. Confidential to stuck on the gossip Treadmill and can t get off Why done to you Stop talking about it the Way to make a Mountain out of a Molehill is to keep adding the dirt. Do you feel awkward self conscious a lonely Welcome to the club there s help for you in Ann Landers s Booklet a the key to Send 50 cents in Coin with your request and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to Ann Landers. . Box 1400 Elgin. 111. 60120. 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