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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 5, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Damaged Bridge this United states air Force Aerial photo released today in Saigon shows the damaged 96-foot Long Vul Cima Railroad Bridge hit by guided bombs june 22. The Bridge located 38 Miles from Hanoi crossed the Simi Ngang River in North Vietnam. A wire photo Washington apr the . Circuit court of appeals Here today handed a Victory to the forces of sen. George Mcgovern in their Battle with t h e democratic credentials committee for California delegates. At the same time forces of Chicago mayor Richard j. Daley were Given a setback by the court in the second half of the dual attack on the committees hotly disputed decisions. The appeals court reversed a District court decision which had upheld the committee s action of stripping 151 delegates from California. The circuit court ordered the District Bench to rewrite its decision in the California Case in accordance with an opinion not yet filed. The circuit court rejected the Appeal of Daley a forces in one Case and in two others directed that state court action be prohibited insofar As the delegates from Illinois which were rejected by the committee Are concerned. The Brief order of the appeals court carried no reasons for the action. The judges were expected to file opinions later in the Day. The District court ruled monday that the Federal judiciary had no place in the debate Over delegates from the two states. The credentials committee had issued decisions that stripped sen. George s. Mcgovern of 151 California delegates and told mayor Richard j. Daley and 58 other uncommitted Chicago delegates to stay Home. The circuit court action came at a time when forces of mayor Daley had a scheduled court appearance in an Illinois state court in which they sought to prevent the successful Illinois Delegate challengers from taking part in the convention. However while the full scope of the circuit courts ruling was not known in the absence of a written opinion it was Clear that the judges Felt Federal court action should be taken in the two cases. The committee decisions were likened to a a self destruct Button by the party a lawyer tuesday even As he fought to uphold them before the appeals court. Party counsel Joseph a. Cali Fano told the three judges that Federal courts have no business in the party a business. His argument echoed the decision of a . District court which prompted the fourth of july Appeal. Mcgovern and Daley forces predictions of higher meat prices borne out by Survey by Louise Cook associated press writer Consumers warned by supermarket to expect higher meat prices Are finding the warning All too True. An associated press suave a of about two dozen cities shows that grocery Bills a particularly for the better cuts of beef and for pork a have increased anywhere from a dime a Pound on up in the two weeks since the latest warning was issued. Cabinet officials scheduled a meeting in Washington today with officials of food chains and some detergents can cause blindness Washington a some no phosphate detergents on the Market can cause irreversible blindness if accidentally rubbed into the Eye. According to an unpublished government study. A the results of this study indicate the rather Sharp demarcation Between moderate ocular damage caused by soap in phosphate detergents and the intense Causti City of carbonates and the National Institute of environmental health sciences concluded. The food and drug administration charged with protecting the Public from hazardous substances has reacted to the report with disdain a a they Are treading outside the realm in which they should be operating a said an official in of Day a Bureau of product safety. A we have the charter we have the the official asked not to be named because he said it would violate protocol to criticize a a sister the institutes study conducted by or. David p. Rail the director said Nih veterinarians or. Donald b Feldman and John a. Moore concentrated on nine synthetic detergent products purchased near its Triangle Park. N c., facilities seven were laundry products of which three contained phosphates tide. Ajax and dash two contained Carbonate Sears and Arm and Hammer one had met silicate ecology and one was a soap powder Ivory Snow. Two were Dis washing compounds one containing met silicate electro Soland one with phosphate Cascade. Material was put into the left eyes of new zealand White rabbits and reactions were recorded at one. Two. Three seven and 14 Days. The researchers said All the products tested irritated the eyes and caused an inflammation. Known As conjunctivitis and some clouding of the Cornea. The soap powder eyes began Clearing by 72 hours and were healthy again at seven Days. The laundry phosphate eyes cleared in All hut one of 24 rabbits by 14 Days. A the reaction to Carbonate and met silicate detergents was More intense a the report said. Carbonates caused chronic opa cities on 14 of 18 rabbits. Eleven animals suffered partial or total destruction of the Cornea and a deterioration of tissue in the eyelids. Test results were similar for Dis washing detergents the researchers cautioned that detergent formulas May change frequently and vary regionally depending on hardness of water. The Eda disagrees with the institutes testing methods particularly because the eyes were not washed after exposure and in fact plans to revise its own procedures to provide a Wash after five minutes after 24 hours and lengthen the observation period from 72 hours to a minimum of seven Days. Called in Farmers for a thursday session to help in preparing a food prices report that president Nixon has requested by july to. Shoppers meanwhile were issuing their own reports. A the food prices Are just terrible now a said a woman in a Bobby Fischer apologizes for delay Reykjavik Iceland i api a Bobby Fischer apologized today for delaying the Start of his $400,000 chess match with world Champion Boris Spassky of Russia. The american whose dispute Over prize Money forced organizers to postpone the world championship round said he had the greatest respect for Spassky As a Man and As a player. The statement prepared by Fischer a lawyers was read to newsmen by Max Ewe president of the International chess federation fide. It was not known whether this would be sufficient to overcome russian objections to starting the match. Ewe said later however the soviet chess federation had cabled him demanding that lie Call the first game a loss for Fischer because of the americans late arrival. This would give Spassov a significant but see Bobby on Page 2 a Seattle. Wash., supermarket. A i know How much the prices have gone up because i just started shopping regularly a year and a half ago when i was a prices Are out of sight a said a Man in a Kansas City store. A the very first thing the government should have done in its economic program was to put controls on food supermarket executives warned Consumers on june 16 to expect a Rise in prices particularly of meat. They said that wholesale costs have been going up and the retail outlets no longer could absorb the increase. The a checked prices in a dozen cities on june 16, then checked again two weeks later to see if there had been any change. Among the findings in Seattle the prices of to items were checked. Five went up. One went Down and four remained steady. Increases included veal round Steak which went from $2.25 to $2.39 a Pound and rib pork chops up two cents to $109 a Pound. Stable items included Peanut butter crackers fruit juices cheese Mayonnaise butter and milk. In the Chicago suburb of Lagrange Park pork loin end Cut went from 79 to 85 cents a Pound and jumbo eggs increased from 59 to 65 cents a dozen. Sirloin Steak dropped from $1.59 to $1.39 cents a Pound but the manager said the decrease was temporary due to a Holiday special. Near Blue Ridge Parkway deputies raid Campground Florida youth shot to death Burnsville no. Api two companions of a Young Man shot at a Western North Carolina Campground say the shooting came when sheriffs deputies roughed up a group of Young people. Yancey county sheriff Kermit Banks denied the accusation tuesday and said the slaying of Stanley William Altland 20. Of Clearwater Fla was an Accident. Banks who accompanied a handful of deputies to the Public Campground monday night to investigate Forest service complaints of rowdiness said he did not know who was holding the Shotgun which killed Altland. The sheriff replying to a reporters question said he did no to even know who owned the Shotgun. Sheriffs deputies arrested 24 of the Florida youths on charges of disorderly conduct after the shooting at the Black Mountain Campground about 20 Miles Southeast of Burnsville and near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The sheriff said a no one was unduly mistreated a and that it was the deputies who were attacked. None of the youths was charged with assault. A there were numerous attacks made on the deputies a Banks said. A i done to believe there was a police officer there that Wasny to he did not say How the deputies were attacked. One of those arrested Mark goodpasture 17, of Clearwater fla., said the deputies walked into the Camp from different directions a with their shotguns levelled hit a few people around the head slapped us around and roughed us he said the shooting was unprovoked and that one of the campers had shouted to the deputies Quot put the guns Down. We re harmless. We done to want to hassle with another of those arrested Don Porter 25, of gear water said the deputies a came into the Camp and started treating us like Powys waving sawed off shotguns and manhandling everyone in he said some people were beaten by deputies Rifle Butts. Porter said Altland was slain alien an officer s Shotgun struck one of the campers and misfired. Porter admitted that the group had been drinking. A the kids were just tile sheriff said. A there was evidence there was quite a lot of drinking. A it is just unfortunate that this happened a Banks added. A the death could not be prevented. And in a sure any levelheaded citizen understands Deputy Carroll Hensley said tuesday the deputies went to the Campground at the request of the . Forest service which had reported that a Large group of campers was discharging fireworks drinking alcoholic beverages and disturbing other campers. A sheriffs department statement read by him said several of the campers actively resisted arrest and advanced on Banks. The 24 youths who were charged with disorderly conduct were released on $300 Bond until their trials sept. 6 in District court at Burnsville. Action line is taking a Short Holiday. This column will return to its accustomed spot on this Page on Friday. The High Point Enterprise Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161high Point n. C., wednesday afternoon july 5, 1972 48 pages daily 10c, sunday 25c Daley receives setback m govern wins Legal Battle for delegates weather rain ending cooler More data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 187 what s inside amusements us Bridge 7c classified ads 8-110 comics. 7d crossword Ioc editorials 4a financial. A obituaries 2c sports 1-6d television a women s news Sec b weather 7a appealed in their fight to overturn committee decisions which ousted 59 Illinois delegates including Daley and ripped the Winner take All prize of the California presidential primary from Mcgovern to award the states 271 delegates proportionately among candidates based on their percentage of the vote. Meanwhile the credentials committee completed its pre see Mcgovern on 2-a Kakuei Tanaka japanese name new Premier Tokyo apr japans ruling conservatives today named Kakuei Tanaka a dynamic rags to rides construction Man turned politician to be prime minister with a mandate for bold new approaches to the United states and China. The Liberal democratic party in effect turned its Back on the cautious establishment politics of prime minister Sato who is retiring at 71. It decisively rejected the bid of his protege. 67-year-old foreign minister Takeo Fukuda to succeed him. Tanaka at 54 the youngest prune minister since 1945, won the party presidency and with it leadership of the government at a convention of the party a members in the diet the japanese parliament. The vote on the second Runoff ballot was 282-190. With four Blank votes. Tile diet will meet thursday to confirm Tanaka As prime minister for a three year term a formality since the party has a sizable majority in both houses. He is expected to announce his Cabinet on Friday. Tanaka a Victory resulted from growing restlessness within the party Over satos inability to Cope with the problems of China the United states and mounting Domestic difficulties. Little change would have been expected had Fukuda been chosen. Man surrenders with child hostage listen to that engine Minnesota sen. Hubert Humphrey behind the wheel of his 1930 Ford races the engine for onlookers at his Waverly minn., Lake Home tuesday. Humphrey is in Waverly for a weeks rest before the democratic National convention in Miami next week. Lap Rte Tenuto Buffalo n y. A a Man surrendered to an Fri agent Early today after holding his 17-month-old daughter hostage at knife Point and threatening to kill her in an abortive attempt to Hijack an american airlines Jet police said. The Fri said the Man. Identified As Charles Smith 23. Of Buffalo agreed to give up after being assured that police would not harm him. According to the Fri and local police the entire episode began with a stabbing incident in buffaloes inner City during the Early morning hours. Richard Ash special agent in charge of the Fri office Here said Smith boarded the unoccupied jetliner As it stood near a terminal Gate about 5 a in. At Buffalo International Airport. He demanded that the airline provide a Pilot for the Craft and said he would kill the child if his demands were not met. A the apparently decided he was not going to get out of the Airport Ash said describing How Smith put Down the knife he was carrying and walked Down the ramp of the plane 2h hours later carrying his daughter. He was accompanied by an unidentified Fri agent who had sneaked aboard the plane. The child identified Asje Tuan Smith was not injured Ash said. Ash said blood on the infants clothing was Smiths from a wound he suffered earlier. Ash said Smith would face a charge of attempted hijacking

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