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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - July 3, 1976, High Point, North Carolina14 a High i Point suture any july 3 1976 ? i Sale it Homes my 111 him s2i.iji if it amen m i k i i ire i 1 i f i f. M i m i Idi Imit now Villell i Lih in i i Al l i r j t Al l i r i h t i i t i Whir or i Letl k 111 Himl in i i it i 11 i l i kill i p v Rcd estate for Sale residential Homes l i Tate Foi Salo is merchandise c Ion no j t in Home 100 Kim Wood korhm1 i r Illi ii Ini i Sci i u s no r t. Builders. Inc. F i i r u or Al to 836 Mil i Brj you i c o l r a a n v. I i1 in t Hsi nil i h ii r i i l i pm i730iu9 Xiiao h la i in lok i 1 15 t. 137 v m ii a p ill 1 i i f. I or Iii it 1 i in i i 42 property wanted v ii i pay c h i or j s f. 6 i i i Ilir Lor n n f ill f i in Lii i i i i i my Iti in Obi l ii in t il1 1 a i kina1 we Al t i 9o6 Bijj i t u i Jiji i l Hod l 5l i is t is Pri i ii p. I i in i i i Al i i bal a. Y n i i i to Hilf Riipi i Uri in i Mil if r my it i hit f la a Mill f i t i or 1 iih1 i Shioi 1 1 m .1 i mylar no an in i do i i i. .11 1 Siti Uii i a Iaia l or i j 570 i j is 031 00 loll v Ai nil i or Al u i l i -.Tim. I i i a i i l l l i t Al a invt ii " l r is j10 r farm Gar Jen equipment merchandise Massly to i Juson tractor 115 Dinsil a Ytje Lul i i l r-owt1 steering a Job hot Merop co Jj-1 1715 Al l k Imo task Fouin mint x. Used will i Noi re i i 769 233e wlllbur., rail i l4l i pm it co 1 Norm it her Navy 10v 1956 Alln Riuli Rrt h Aioli Hydro lie h cull no Doul to 1 i Low it m5c c. Jl1 411 70 j s is a h p t Iller goo t. Pm edition a ill so Garden fl1 Lek Cynd Odilion last Chance Tilers at Jvn t be 1 111 in ices d r Goodrich bb7 Mercl Urcise i i Appl incl a f Nodi i k nil u by in i k ii i i i l i dlr i do s 11 ii i 1 Al i so by in Mnich Tiona p i in 15 run re t u i Mij w a n Koi l1n on Usi u j in Mil s Ali i in Llor i 1 in ii r 115. Ill Al. Ii no i l i in l u i in j f i ii in i kill i Ell i i i in i n ,11 own u l 13ku in i of 1spot Tomi Montr 18 i 1li i l i i i Ili i ii s170 i la c in l i i n till it n j Ivor Jiju in -.1 Lii i i i i i Iii nil i Man m i n in 111 i h t r i i ss5d i d u usl1j f pm equip mint Salt i i c s i i e go i Foo f re bout Penl i i. Pal Oil s Al triv b i t Llcy. A fijians f Ilion Sullns u. I 4jl Jpn j Point j Plo scans 17 h f ruin 1 or n l l Piv f Jan planter Hilr incl in n i in 51500 a i Mil " Sei Mikkin Moi ohs 0 sir def f. A Uliari to c Orvice 7212 54. Flowers florists Merced Vidise employment 6 colors use 10 baskets pure Al can Vileis Vono gild s. Fancy frills Nyat Ideiil asst hanging t it s 204 or Jani Estow i 4ij 2171 55. Auctions general company our year of successful sales in my n c lil pm 431 2259 auction sat july 3 7 30 p me k i my on Flea Market aullion 5 Mills i of thomo5villo he 109 Pisi Soji Gaic shot Pir a Cen c go co Cross Road urn in r no i1 7 Miles cinder Block building led t his is on absolute our on ook choirs lob los child s Roll Tor j so Sho yur Oil it no me nil Cut Genii 6. Many in rec Tor Auer Hoisl i la Joftis Arta is.Tim Roen i All spites 1 63. To buy 10 b out cd or to s sieves p or Tost service Ryhr red House furniture 882 74 6 wan7ed Siv colons 964 or Belt Iller in Call 8b22315 or in quire o Flunoid curb 628 English re 68. Sales 61 administrative i do advertise sales representative the High Kuhni Enterprise has an immediate pc Ninaj for an advertising sales representative in our retail advertising department previous advertising or general sales experience a Delm in plus High school dipl or a re qut cd salary plus commission Cor allowance i Send resume with salary requirements cow ies c Couch Perail manager the High i Oiw tit prise p o Box 1009 High Pom n c Avon huh Poi h c no lil jboe91v 369 5sq3 i no phone Calls t to High Point Burc pose Mas a a litre Elf in ill Opp 1 m in c class to he utri i be d curate and m for a id i h i plan a b1 fighter future Peco r 5 monday thru i extra earning Dan to Vou choose f a Tiv per crts new Dippo Mienl Call can brighten your horizons no sex Union i pm no lie 211 1165 16. Eos 48 food grow Flint b o 1 1 col Rebr citation c3 Ratific Case i Yin Cluck in Cut of coax and Viiu Sti k 369 3t2 liter pm Geh trainee wanted pizza r it 80j n a it St Penn cd Call 9830636 for m used color to i for Sall 15 Ria Pur Laboc 1 is Cyk tinn Ponon shr s-2 49 and Peirch or car 11 no 19 Oor a c rip n f of curb Market in Pla Cut c s15c s17s experienced pm Boklo tells Pokson full or part time Contact Tom elder Pakk 312 Mont life ave bus i. 72. Miscellaneous floor girl to work on the Moor Aust have sex penance in sewing supervising Jeanette Materni ties 315 Ket luring re counter help needed apply in person Only manager Openari Grill 1100 3 Prosper is manpower temporary services 115 w highsi_______________b83617i police officers wanted exciting Carnef in Law color Wernent available minimum age 20 or Over High school gradual e or Yood physical condition Good ii Deacler must net n c minimum standards fringe Bened i health life insurance and retire mini program paid a rotini and sick uniforms and equipment furnished Sla ing salary s8 372 App cants con lad director go personnel City of Rocky Woun to draw 1180 mount n c 27801 eni Al Opportunity employer m in him. Opt Stohs single Needle operators must be experienced on blouses _________315 Kettering re Sheet Rock finishers needed must do Yood work High Point Wension Salem area Call Kiny n c Sheet Metal Mechanic wanted apply in person of Purcell Supply co 725 w Green nationally in a cads Bones us Dantec i. Ringe Bonelli Call 8834711 l t no 1 f Iii or r Ilir h i a r Nuru ill 34f e irl h i i l k i t k it i ii 1at. S nil 2 l i r Ali him fun real opts. Llumi a f i in-1 i r i i. U h i equipment b a i in r k Nabti ad1 Rel Pil in ution 57.po 23 Farly Ai it a i la in. I re tube s2so m unnels Mcdo la d s of mrs or n and cure Fly Occold i g salespeople attention1 1 can you sell h h Mckei merchandise 2 arc you hmm. In Lollo v cd on m Cirei to prospects Are you i n ores Ted m Crea Ive s it i. I i r i i is c Hihi i m i is i 1 t 25 Pinillo new 1 Zenith Rev. I nil pm rom Lin no Arcuri Al s Silva Cit i to do Fiji Ratech i Lor j n j Iblis Lor i err no Clio i if Ball a Jull Lentfer 886 Mil s o u i Lien or Jhc Pici Urr inc picture lube i Coinon Lur k s orc rna Nagen enl j an Intorre of 510 20 000 per or in i i a Inonu Fri from apr non s should Notest you c4-c a c a i so isl de cd Tiki Trio or the to Licie ques ions arc so 5 ii cops Ond some p3s yes jl1 k inc 8b6 5086 Ai. O wanted immediately housekeeper Lor skilled Nurs Ngun i Saio y club fringe benefits experience m supervising required bb3 91t Lor appointment 8 30 to 4 30 Wiener King has on opening for Oss Stan manager Tor our s Mam location experience helpful by necessary top Dav and do nets for this permanent Posu Ion Senc con dental resume to p o Box 9317 Greensboro n c 27job 73. Professionals i Surv also do at Pai 21 need cd up u r in v h i my. I r m n i rib id choose ror t i ,1 i i 17 to 1 Jom i Guta and Cill ii co 57 00 Jim j1i2j Usa la i ctr Excel or Inri Ion s of p on 431 1301 a scr we Hove to our in v. On 5pm trqt1fr drop hips ij07 a i for s ol1 w g eci Sih in Lar " i salary is common Surat Vil la in Force Vroon Alfi s also of Lars Pui broker till Anderson i inc s3? 2262 vdc3 o a i Iii i Nus Ance end b a l t Spe Rogn wailed for peal Bonus plan or Meier Levels of Esac con a Bob Ai Bob realty realtors 8p3 for Wapl cd Liun Gnu inter pm con acl i5jo m r d -1 a d s 99 Randolph n sales Epport Jet ror a mature experienced dental assistant Call j76 7078 rns err in Haven nursing 801 or of i 12 m Nues High Pun i 292 9371 jobs wanted 14 household furniture carpet 0 u i i r i a 1 i s l i i i s l r. Nil s i is 30 f in n Lars Woody Ccu n 8s vain or sub he is dim 6" n 61. Bicycles 65 clerical big material supplies i to j coi d lion bicycle s. C ill j31 13j6 t vis i f i f v 1 i 11 i of in r i re Iii s Inion Homes _ i c n of i to j m no 1 tips r Gigli 111 in t bui1 Dinc. 13-or is til Iii Ati As 1lock company pm j31 ii nil door Loco fish Cal Flo. 0597 Davis furniture ind. Office Posi Tion open div dual a to his i turn no desire or Success and 15 wih rat work hard at i 7b. Lullu Tan Call sh5 for to nement j wanted real i Ebla e salesperson w in to Iso Preer lady old f pm cell alter 6 p no n i b 6tl technical Mechanic 5.i garage sales l Houm i i 6 family Ard Sale i to pol i i hic i i k is n i i i him on Laws my of i h j l i s i v i m m i f Nijiu i i n l l. Ili i us. Ii j v 810 r u i i i i i m80 i in i r to tied i i Icli f. Lio is i l-i1 Kew Niditch Stoj pm gp-007 8 o 5 Fri t. Lmh Arird or is c f 1 1 l i us in ill ii 7 i a i in Sill i i ill in i u i in my v9. 82. Articles Misselt Decus 2sofabfds iso1. Elvirs s in d i rain Krnc it orly pc k 683 yaj3 or Al Ai 9 5 no wond c1 in lion or sawdust in Davis furniture ind goods Sal 1 Orr ick a i i Nidar a. Lono we Slevc ooenit1a a 5x ill o 660? a person to Tackno Wielage Ngioc and transmission incoming orders Edli technician who s on vol k Swa in pro our s he needs to know orders and Light Cor All aspects o Eny Sci cooled and i response ills Warr Cool Dan of Mylic and ill Gigli .i1at1os s i Izmir a Loci i i personnel cum has o a mite number o1 open Orch Dern 3 5 yrs a c for i Ilard Ros Ray Init a in n Vai is d87 1062 i i be o b n Chi Drin in or a 431 i Era Vic shop inf Centory or Sil c with Mpr Tuil -.75 823b Flo 3 porn Juch a Sti idol receptionist q to i i1 i it Apt i a Ion Tor fall Terni transmission i k i Corya in 3 3 cirs and a icy Yood a a v to Noso who j c race Dav voila by vacancies to Noah t Ivd Voln isl Coffee filter rags made for 1 personnel reception isl c 2nd r in Caer no Ruks Puust be proficient in i Fth Paul. L in Mill i i i. In i nil to i n i i l l v r v i u in Fin i t it i i ii v ii in i 1.1 r i milk i 1 l i i n m l sir i i 11 i v 1. I Mil ,1 j hic Nahn i id or o i too 111 Lei to nov t. A Lurria i 0 a in i i i is id u i p rail dark i i f Roi my 11 Jav t in in s a i Irr i in i i. To end c p pm Lurn ir1 ban in i 11 olc1 Pic is c old Sii i l Dis c Ril 10 n Coal l p s for or of tier us Tollers a Heel 1 Pany earning above p la Eviage wages and l ibs benefits please Contact Randall Kent Davis at 885 True 1 r Ort Abl by by c ill 500j or 382-6937 truck Mechanic 110 or phone e83 1669 or es3 ?1j3 Lexington a c Bapt St a nil cart j 5 yrs also after Sthool " Oam to c 865 ej26 Boay lindas a i d c a 2j Canion Side o d i 1 i i a Linda own i s Ai Nebr Vickie Hall Diann in at. I Vii 7 i Nurs Cav pus 1 Cal a i i at t s to Moi children Alsi opening so o id i in i y cafe 47s 0777 like nip inc 8bi i i i w i l v is i 1716 secs Juk i i a in i Mong Mist sell 66 furniture 1-in until v us ill is Lio i Irons to i i t j sir in u ims Gli i Oil Baril w con c no Orav s a c x i Etc Groin 101 Exio Lucil co Idi Ion 560i 00 i r k Cdr i ifs 575 estate of i Osk 2 bal tool of asks 55 00 it Tib Rini Sci in haul nor do Chi Inith to it i Loop took i 2 s7 00 11 s i. Lodr can Roon scars Riding i yrs ill s in m v. U i Lues did joke Harvester co Wili keep Chii drum pm m children shift Archdale a ant of Cril Ilc cry spot Meta Mcc Iasic Lor Sci Linari ind a r con area i full lining Fth 886 99c7 Asp a p m pc due Lac Al a 1 Chi service i bs3 j 56 or j5j 173, ask Lor by Tinl r m u n t 4 j4 i 3uo i in for the Industry s fee paid 72 miscellaneous i would like in Home school area Cal 7896 he Mmfvhl-sum1 mkt r Situ u o 0 0 p n1, it1 Uhi f Chi Tori it in 01 tic 11 j ims l iras an arcs n in l a i a i q u p s 0 i do. A 1 i .100 for Nice so Doc so to Ca c 30 l j Nhok Kim in i ill of Imri 11mb 77 miscellaneous hot poem k ivs one con 4 i in 387 69 him Mills i Il-1 la 111 ii i Lii Mill nil Isk in huh Clyde Pearson company the following Job Oppio unities available ii you in expense need and would like to a Wel established term please come by Foi an interview Cut off saw operator rip saw operator wipe and Glaze sewing machine operator out siding supervisor be Nelitz includes group life and Hospital nation paid holidays Bonus a plan and pen Sion plan you it s is 10 it i s l i 11 i Irv Abr Ladt a. Burco Iti Fui Access ies s void i i i "0-. L p o r at1 b e my t i i u l self so antique .mrtror1 i s conned contract furniture experienced personnel needed 1 Esko in in above average wages medical insurance paid holidays vacation pension Pian no i to and Jay Par pm Call for interview Don Lister i Call Comet 272-7153g Boro c is s Bernard 0 of a l s Sci s lao 3 Beautiful if crts s general Al conc a s pm wish a be inn in e83 7j98 a n 3 Pup plei for v a 10 a k Al 3 t i. A on per belie or t 1-95 re i 1 i 386 7916 it Mobile Semmle ror new tar Dealership of jew acc coi no and Cha ions or individual i h i j Polli plop is ii a Rorrer Hie 1 s 8. O p k do 7 lie Ola Puri b in so is an k 1 uns e to Blanc prior ,7 of Lity idol 5 poodle 230 n a n s Cal 869 3393 to Faaoo Ninov i i0 Tor Roble -s1 if l. K Sarns l g at apply at Plant off South re at end Olu mesh Rcv in pcs Apu is Lambeth St tra Toyota Muir adorable m Lens 3 ice. A for 3" cd Tomc i Crit run. A train inc r n in ui1 inv Iod n Doc cd Tomc i Ca repo e g Surrall Fri Jiu e male my Viejal is a s75 o Aill or any run j c 00 pay a on Juo it c82 3353 Ruih i Caironi of j be o ln.1 0 Randy Rio Lingsworth Man u is 8. 5looo it secs p a 4 Flowers flon Sib i a i id i i Vai h no Doii wooden Incuse i Black s greenhouse e c of pro Only crib Lover i 3onan2a As the o p pcs in phone farm Garden Elii Ismeni i h ,1 p is omi1 i u act to to by x r a Cinco Lionel trains Fucai ill 5 Ca Mclver a 7 expert outsider Ngi f itchy j 1 Ejli m to Tian a id c broiler chef full cuito Paoly m i Par one bus Berbom a i s 6v co s 1do jul Hal Blu i has openings for experienced salary guarantee against commission. Liberal benefits include paid vacation at earned rate o employee discounts profit sharing j free life insurance free pension apply in person or Call for an appointment 885-8041 equal Opportunity v or f Industrial engineering director to head up e dept Foi Advance technology office furniture excellent career Oppolt Unity tar Ogu Rebise Penni cd Grid ii e Engineer with mama Dement penance Send Resu be to c d Isaac president j g furniture company inc div o ind 121 Quaker Penn 18951 Cash in h n qua u cos of f j it i of r c a ran 33? 34sl______ a Van for to e fun o par1 Toplicar must brie Jurci dres Crl .1 i App Aror e p i79 n s h in pen i t 3 a Seq Fli employer v f needed Fop Sale pm m y s f v 56j 4-Jj arabian col bantams Fop Sale 1 cock is 8. Rhode reds ii in -i3j 1530 Beagle Ftp pies registered b re dog we pay Cash for used Cook in Opict stoves ref Rivera tors inn est l televisions bed room ii s i ing room dinettes furniture of any b. Desc not on Lall Dallas i t l i i i i lit i p 3f-u i if Al i. A Alffa 4 Hup females smooth Ivusic a m Derso j7j f i a. 5 p m 3 roses i so Imp or h g l Pon ma1 h in be him rho 4ri of i Mon Yarc Fop Ai o ice of or i or a _ an Equa to pc g3oovmng l l i ou7 5 v no ional Dei 3eci s poodle boy que 331 33j7 Cash panted n p tact Sci auran i Blue Eye a siberian res i Grea i Dai i Tiv up Wii 1 b Ark Mas up e pet shop 6836853 store i to Nikic v eced most be a 515 i Only Cecaric s by Orr 8. 2103 Bali Point Sis res b Cocea gun Lefi. J Dew orned i of a o d 523 933 e Fung Sho s a 5e-id to Box 666 nun.e-51, 2so7b Days inn now hiring bus relations Secretary Complete employee Benefit program life insurance Hospital nation insurance Pofit i harm plan work in modern executive offices required skills shorthand 100wpaa typing 70 Wapaa accuracy As Well As Speed salary commensurate with ability Send Complete confidential resume including education and work experience to Box g-28 p. Enterprise c s is 3fll us Pom Ion o qua boys 8, bus girls full or i Dju i f m s p6rson i i Aid asset i no Good from 10 a m to 3 p Cocker Spaniel would con de a us j pay n r c 40 acc jul vols be wiling Send resume l 1 0 pc 3ox 1c7j sur Nerville so monday Friday Hwy 68 i 1-40, Airport exit conc maj Van cd o 0 lip Ltd eng Les i enc _ _ i .1 phone Calls please r. Of. Hosiery r i i purebred dogs Breeding purchasing i snows obedience training Call fun i w Pio it Irot inv h q Der Rampf r Rishi of i v 3 11 top ale badly n old re ois Oass Vale s0t.cr 3 a to. Junk son us j a 50 experienced machine room i i y com Ciao help needed Mineci ate apply old wanted upholstery Foreman maintain train and supervise the highest Standard of tailoring and Quality. Salaried position company 11 years old and growing. Modern Plant willing work Force in Scenic Blue Ridge Mountain near Roanoke a. Write or Call John Edwards Warren Lloyd Warren St. Christiansburg a. 703-382-4991 Fluffy Kittens free to Good Home phone -75 62n for Sale t acc Reg m mature poodles shots a wormed 8 weeks old i reason die in j5 19j3 i for Sale l acc registered chocolate female Miria ure poodle Shols to med 9 old reasonable 45j for Sale Gernan Shepherd Ojo pies pure b de 7 weeks old Ca Call tit alter 3 30pm for Sale 2 month old Beagle puppies full Stock. Pm. 475-1520 for Sale two Donies one Vare Dony s50 one Pony 160 one bridle and Saddle s35 Call j31 703j free Kittens pm 869-3333. Free Kittens Baum us 1 healthy j31 1401 free Kittens phone 431 sol

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