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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - July 3, 1976, High Point, North Carolina12a High Point Enterprise saturday. July 3, 1976 grass stains need not ruin your sunday Best Norman ii. Stark chlorophyll is the sub glance that makes grass Green. It is so important thai without it no life could exist chlorophyll in combination with Sun and air. Makes it Possi blk for plants to manufacture their own food which in turn feeds people and animals. It is a highly Complex sub stance made up of car Bon Hydrogen magnesium nitrogen and Gen in spite of its miracles. Chlorophyll has one drawback. When Junior is making like the print Henry Aaron sliding into third base. H can do a very i licit it Job of depositing stains on his t shirt. But there is a simple inexpensive to get rid of the stems Pronto All you need is one and one Hall cuts of formula isopropyl Alcho hol 91 one half cup water and mix before putting the Tex tile in the Wash machine soak the spot in this mixture for a few minutes and rub away stain. Note isopropyl alcohol is Avld y toxic and flammable. Store in Glass or plastic con Tainer. Besides the satisfaction you get by making your own products for personal or Home care most formulas Are real m o is a v e r s that enable Vou to beat the Rural Post offices Given a reprieve Washington a about 1.700 Small communities that had been Lair cloned with loss of their Post of i ices will be allowed to keep them As Long As Congress does t close the door on higher postal subsidies the postal service said wednes Ilav it would not close or consolidate any Post or he while Congress considers to increase the postal subsidy linking the moratorium on Post office closings to the subsidy legislation was an apparent attempt by the postal service to win the votes of Rural legislators for the subsidy Bill in another action wednesday the postal rate commission endorsed Mak ing permanent be current 13-Ccnt rate for firs class letters Ami the 9-cent rate Tor postcards. If Given final approval by Wjacoby Hal Sims bid asked for aces Oswald of James Jacoby the first bidding systems m contract All stressed fairly Light opening bids m first and second scat and much stronger minimums for third and fourth hand Hal Sims was the first top expert to lean the other Way. He probably went a trifle too int. But his arguments with Culbertson and the real old timers did a lot to Lead to the modern theory that if a hand is Worth an opening bid in one Seal it is Worth an opening hid in All seats Hal also thought of the Sims three bid to ask for aces the idea Good unfortunate the hand hardly Ever came up when it did. The results were Likely to be very Good hand occurred in the 1930 Eastern. Hal and Kam. His partner were one of the few Paris to play at six hearts others played seven hearts or six or seven Spades with one pair actually playing no Trump doubled and Point Down nine. Even with the Best modern methods it is very probable thai most pairs in a match Point game would go astray with this monstrosity. North 3 a a k 8 6 5 4 v 86 a k 94 3 the governors of the postal service As expected it would be Legal for the postal service to increase mail rates however the postal ser vice has said it has no plans for another Rale increase because higher rates would cause More people to Stop us ing the mails the Agency already is suffering from a decline in mail volume that is blamed in part on past in creases in postal rates Rural legislators had raised a storm of protest Over the Post office Issue claiming that the close of a Community s Post office amounts to taking away the town s identity the number of Post offices has dwindled from a Peak of 76.945 in 1901 to about 30 000 Loday when the postal service announced new regulations in november making it easier to close Post offices massive amounts of mail protesting shutdowns began arriving on Capitol Hill from Rural America filly three members of Congress sued the postal g service in an attempt to have the regulations declared in if Legal. With the suit still pen Ding a Resolution was brought to the House floor last week urging a halt to b closings it received the sup port of 399 of the 435 representatives. When the moratorium was announced 231 Post offices were scheduled for closing or consolidation about others were under study for possible closing or consolidation a postal service spokesman said the moratorium was related to our belief that we urgently need a higher appropriation irom Congress i prices of store bought items like any chemical product you use at Home you should store this one safely Label it listing ingredients and noting any cautions and keep it out of reach of children. There has never been a How to Book so prac tical and helpful As the formula Book hundreds of easy recipes put savings and fun into the making of your own personal and Home care items Over 200 pages of recipes. Diagrams and instructions on ingredients and equipment in a Large paperback format for Only Send to the formula Book this newspaper. Box 2218. Shawnee Mission Kansas g6201. Am Alrik defies taxing order Moscow Adissi Dent historian Andrei am Alrik says the soviet government has reneged on a Promise to allow him to leave the country without paying special taxes so he s not leaving yet. Mairik. 37, who had expected to Fly today to Amsterdam with his wife Guysel told Western Cor respondents that his Depar Ture has been postponed in definitely because the government had changed its earlier Promise to let him take along 18 paintings without paying any special charges. He said he would no taxes and yield none of the other items which include a 18th Century icon because he objected in principle to restrictions on carrying out his own possessions. By animal life across i Tor one 5 african Ani Elope s Sejm rodents 12 sen Eagle 13 always doct i u inactive 15 scottish Alders 16 Label 17 cover a Falcon s eyes 35 More capable 38 Bruie 39 Willow 42 go into .16 Deer Scot 47 Arrow Poison goddess Oline Dawn 50 nickname 51 French vers 52 social insect 18 slurp on a Gas 53 English Money 19 quivering 21 Avenue a 22 delineated 2j lats l St of candidates 28 grower 29 Scalier As his 30 lifeline 31 Samuels teacher ibid 32 article 33 Plang card of account i 1 5j soap Frame bar 55 scottish Shee Lold 56 South Al can lox Down 1 goalie for one 2 mistakes 3 temper Metal j Legal oort 5 obtains 6 kind of tide 7 exhort 8 wrongly prefix 9 form a notion 10 talented 1 i Lamorey Fisherman 19 Ruxmani mammal 20 Adia Ceni 23 gives moisture to plants 25 toughens 27 Blu Pencil 29 servant 33 French 30 helpers 36 sea ducks 37 lanais 38 yelps become Rancic dul j3 close to musical qualis 5 italian City eyes Scot 50 Genus of grasses Andy sends the encyclopaedia Britannica s yearbook of science and the future to Mike o Lone age 11, of Williamsport pa., for his can Sharks hear better than they can Sec mention the word shark to someone and most probably he will think of a huge and terrifying Man eater. True there Are Man eating Sharks and they Are right scary creatures. But the whole Story of Sharks is not told if Only the Man eaters Are mentioned. Of the 250 or so species of Sharks Only about 25 have been known to attack human beings. Legal notices notice sealed proposals will to received by the City manager of the City of High Point North Carolina in the Council chamber of the municipal office building until i 30 monday july 12, 1976, at which time they will be opened and read for the furnishing of the following bid h mount transformers warehouse proposals Are to be marked bid h mount transformers nol to be opened until 1 30 monday july 12, 1976 Cash bid Bond certified Check or cashier s Check on a Bank insured by the Federal Deposit insurance Corpora lion made to the City of High Point North Carolina in the amount of five per cent of the total bid must accompany All proposals in order to guarantee compliance with the provisions of the proposal the right is reserved to re sect any or All bids m whole or in part As May m the judg ment of the Council of the City of High Point North Carolina serve is Best m Tyrest and to waive irregularities and Mitor matties in any bid that is submitted the City reserves the right to retain Lor a period of thirty 30 Days from the receipt of such bids it is re Quested that quotations be Given on All items listed specifications and proposal forms May be secured Siroti the office of the purchasing agent Roy c Culler or mayor Larry c Martin interim City manager co Griggs acting purchasing agent notice of Public hearing is hereby a Ivron that the Board Sharks can be found living i Coutv commissioners f county ugh consider Cerl u est a 92 v k a q 10 7 5 4 a .1 7 5 2 East a q j 1073 v j 9 3 2 a q 108 6 South do a v 10 9876543j a Bolh vulnerable u Cal North East pass 3 a pass South 3v opening Load i ass a co in All the oceans of the world from the sub Polar regions to the warmer tropical seas. Some kinds prefer the deeper parts of the Ocean while others Are found near the surface. A few species in habit inshore coastal Waters and others roam far out to sea. There Are even Sharks that swim up and a few live entirely in fresh water. While Sharks vary greatly in their habits they have a number of things in common. Their bodies Are All built along the lines of a torpedo enabling them to swin gracefully through the water. They Are powerful swimmers capable of great bursts of Speed when necessary it is difficult to clerk a speeding shark but it is known that some species can reach Speed of 43 Miles per hour. And that is much i Aster than a Man can run. All species of Sharks Are meat eaters and most of them Are not too fussy about what kind of meat they eat. Many Sharks Are scavengers eating dead fish found in the sea. In this role they play an important part in Marine ecology by keeping the Ocean clean. Given a Choice however they prefer fresh meat and they Are Well equipped to find it. Sharks have a highly developed sense of smell. They can detect some doors such As blood from one Quarter of a mile away they also have excellent hearing and can hear a struggling fish or human swimmer from a distance of 1.000 Yards. What s More Sharks feel vibrations in the water i using an Organ called a lateral line system this Organ keeps them in touch i with their environment and i is found in most fishes. Perhaps the shark s weakest weapon in his i predatory Arsenal is his sense of sight even though Sharks cannot see Clear Sharp details they do use their eyes in attacking prey. Bright or shinny objects attract them As Well As movement in the water or a Sharp contrast Between dark i and Light. At time Sharks important to Man As a source e of Vitamin a. Which is found in their livers. Howe for. J since scientists discovered an inexpensive method of producing this Vitamin. I he need for shark liver Lias lessened. Commercial Fisherman now catch mainly for their hides. Hich makes an excellent and their flesh which is eaten in some countries. Sharks Are unpredictable creatures. On any Given occasion they May a rack or just As easily Swir n away. While Only a handful of the total species has be on known to attack human be Ings none of them make Good swimming Compaq i Ion and a goof Rule of thumb is to sit on the Beach when they Are around Andy sends n student Globe to Magyar age 13, of Montreal que., Canada for her question who first. Made Maple syrup a Lin proposed amendments to the Guiford county zoning ordinance at a Public hearing to be held on july 19, 1976, beginning Al 9 00 a m in the commissioners room m the Gur Moro county courthouse no 2 p Aza Greensboro North Carolina Al which hearing All i horns shall be Yivon an oppor Himly to be heard the proposed amendments o be considered would Reion the described below us indicated an revise the sex of me 7onmg ordinance a Ris Radical cd at 9 00 a m i on the no in Jdc o by Tel Church Road or 2752, approximately 150 led rot of Pecten Road or 2f 0, be no of Narcel no 7 of b Rock no 206 of Tilford courtly tax map no 1173, Rock Crek town i up owned by Barbara l Brooks and John h Lennon Iii and Raqi f sled by w Reid Brooks or also Jodio c Cut proper i being parcel no 20 of said Bloch and lax of i de by Harold w Jones or and re tested by Tho Guilford county Panmany Board from a 1 agn culture no to r 70s resident Ai 21on the Side of Brisbane Road or 2 18, approx Navoly 200 f 2pt North of 150 Bei maj parcel no i of Block no 5io and no 2j of no or Guilford county tax la 37, Bruce township by mrs William c Smith also adjacent properly being portals no 63, 61 5? 38 50, to 62 27 Ujj Al 26 22 25, 24 j6 and parts of parcels no j 2 j5 and 71 Amof Blockno 916 and a reel no 21 of Block no 917 Allol said tax mop no 37 owned by various property owners and or Quested by or i i Iford county Plynn it Board rom to 20s residential to p 20 residential Al 9 15am 3 on the West vac of u s 220 South a a Ruxin Ely 3500 r it South to Etc Section with Steeple drive or 3-128 be i u no a of blot k no 677 of Guilford county t i x v n p no t 7 9 2 s y to. N e r l ukr thin Mary e brr a tar by g e Orr War fro ii a i to in Rius nil i on the Ortli Ecsi Rdo of spam Good so ret or 2748, 255 be thu Host i is Mier Section i h so Ranj or 2860, being pair Cal no m to i s no 1 2 3 and 4 of spin Good a res subdivision of Block no 51 of Guil Ord county tax no by f Creek township owned by a t a pick and re by Howard v Ingle from r 20s Resul mini to a i Indus Nal Niso Adia Cei it property being parcel no 2 dot1. D ind 6 of said sub division of Block no 51d of said map jew cd by of Irland incorporated Rind re ousted by the Gli 11 lord c county planning Board irom a i agricultural to my in 5 on the c Jet Side of u s 29 North Cly 1700 feel South of Konc Zijad or 2565, been parcel no 1 i. No my of John r Lindsay is Mac of Block no 505 n1 Gui county tax map no to Vonro p township owned by Carl w p ii due or irom conditional use m i Industrial to r-20 Redden Al it 6 in Stu Hacsi Corner of Colt Chu h or j336 and olo Julian Roa d or 3cs8 70 Tec South o1 their inter Sec f Ion in it of Oarci-1 no 1? of Block no 230 it guilt Ord county tax map no 23 j Clay Tovi ship owned by t d p Coble from b 1 business f f j conditional use aa-1 Industrial 7 for East Avenue ind Easi Markot Street at their n of a acct Ori Bei in parcels no -0 52 and 33ni Bjork Gilford coun v map no 187 Jeff son Ovind by James e and t Bighorn and he Patrick 0 la req clod by Thomas h big him from Industrial to my 1 n d us 1 r i o i planning Board recommended re Zong to conditional use m 1 Industrial 3 revise the to i cd the zoning ordinance by rewriting Section 3 5 Rem Etc parking spaces Sec Ion 3-6, for parking lots and Sermon 3 7 minimum parking re in civic its the proposed revisions would make the sections More specific and expand the usc5 a Slid under iht1 minimum parking re Cihir Emanu. Copy of the Lext of the proposed revisions ii available for Public Nepf m the planning department Guilford county Couri House Gaston d. Chairman Board of Comly commissioners of Guilford county 7 3 7 10 sugar give us sugar the Cacao tree gives us chocolate and a multitude of herbs and fruits provides our favorite Al a Vors. All our tasty treats ave gifts from the generous Plant world. So let s be quite fair and admit that the first delicious Maple syrup was made by the Friend in sugar Maple tree. It was Trade lung ago before any human beings arrived on Earl i to enjoy it. T no sugar Maple alias the hard Maple is a handsome native tree of North Ai Nurica. It grows to Ivou ghost the Eastern r onions and around the great the Early settlers about it from american indians who taught them How to Drain off its sugary sap to make syrup. Notice of Sale of land North Carolina Guilford county under and by virtue of the Power of Sale contained m a cer Tain deed of Trust executed by r Frank Smith and Wile. Millicent h to Thos w Sprinkle trustee dated the 25th Day of november 1969, and recorded in Book 2449 Al Page 777 in the Ollice of the Register of deeds Lor Guilford county North Carolina and default naming been made in the ment of the indebtedness thereby secured and the said deed of Trust be ing by the terms thereof Subi ocl to foreclosure and the Holder of Hie indebtedness thereby secured having demanded a foreclosure thereof for the purpose of satisfying the said indebtedness and a notice and hearing having been heard before the clerk of Superior court of Guilford county North Carolina pursuant in g s 25 21 16, the undersigned trustee will Olfer Lor Sale at Public auction to the highest bidder for Cash at the East door of the cily county building on the West Side of Hamilton Street High Point North Carolina on the 12th Day of july 1976 1 at 11 30 a a or As soon thereafter As May be tie land conveyed m said deed i of Trust the same lying and being in i High Point township Guilford county North Ca Olina and More particularly described As follows beginning Al a Point on the East Side of Delmont Street former in talc Avenue which said Point is located North 04 degrees 30 minutes Wes 150 feet irom it Northeast intersection of Delmont Surcel and Ray Streel thence along the East Side of Delmont Street North of degrees 30 minutes Wes i 50 feet to a Point thence along the line of Harvey Gibson South 85 degrees 30 minutes East 150 feet to a m s j Phipps line thence Elong Phipps line South w degrees 30 minutes West so feet to a Point thence North 85 degrees x minutes West 150 icel to the Point of beginning and being the Southern portion of Lois nos 12, 13 and 14 of j m. Sechrest plat a plat of which is duly recorded in the of Tice of the Register of deeds for Guilford county North Carolina in plat Book 2 Al Page s3 subject to All unpaid taxes out standing assessment of record and prior hens of record also restrictive covenants of record and encumbrances if any a Deposit will be required at time of Sale in accordance with the statutes with the balance payable upon delivery of the deed this 9ih Day of june 1974 Thos w Sprinkle trustee Sprinkle Coffield attack mouse suite 708, perpetual building 645 North Mam Street p o Box 5795 High Point Norm Carolina 77262 10, 1976 Legal notices notice North Carol Ina Guilford county the undersigned having qualified As the executor of the estate of Thurmand George Sumrarn a or deceased latent Guilford coun a North Carolina this is to notify All Kirsons firms and Cor pm rations having claims against the said decedent to present them to the undersigned Ai 910 elder Road High Tomim or before the 7th Day of january or this notice will be pleaded in a a r of their recovery All per sons firms and corporations to said esl Eite will please make immediate a y ment to the undersigned this the 1 eth Day of june 1976 Law me Lamb executor of the estate of Thurmand George Survey or James attorney p o to High Oil 27761 10, i 7, 24 finnorn cements 1. Announcements Mary Hobbs a Rijal bridesmaids Mother s als r directing la Crimi 8695438 hot dog 5. Bake goods Sale sat 9am til Grange Hall m Trinity close 10 d c or s Airport proceeds to building f und of Uwharie Baptist Church save clothing costs will sew in tume for reasonable rates which you decide in 431 9326 5oup s on the Rug thai is so clean the spot with Blue Lustre rent electric Shampooer Huffman paint 3. Lost found flowered cigarette Case most in vice in of tip top bakery co Roming Diamond Salch and House Koy Reward is being offered Call 8b7 Zibo found Siar Scio cat 8, Black arc Reily of Surrem ext phone found male Beagle Puppy Vicinity of a Teal re Call 431 7326 alte 5pm lost cat female yellow Tooby with while markings Aniie Colia-1, tags Dillon re Jamestown Reward phone i j5-1-382j i lost Shori homed Tan while Puppy Al weeks male wearing Collar. Vicinity Fox Woode Meadows Eastchester or pm 883 5182 adore Aller j31-7538 Reward offered to information leading to finding male cat lost m Vic imly of Don badge re Kernersville Cale Bury Light color with while a psf no Collar last seen june 25 family pet Namus Nikie Call j54 2519 or Atit 6pm Call 869 7083 4. Personals Aparri age Arrn Nymon s within 2 hrs Bam to 2p.-m, monday Chr a Anddy Call for appointment 8b2-265j c c Hughes Dallas Fern ii Are con used 3 Call Contact 687-8121 someone really does care1 have your i. Matches printed at party galore Call 883-156j for j Quick service Ernie Bonner professional pianist available for parties weddings recep to omits Etc Well known in the Piedmont singles or Cortino enter lament 855-626b or 8b5-b317 5. Instructions Cutie lessons 8b6 5393 after j Verna Lowe certified teacher of learn my disabilities will Tuto m any academic area grades 1-12 u org available in huh pour to of Asville i area your Nonie or i no j flu j75 9353, j leave name number i services and repairs 13, landscaping Yard work Handyman had Beds i shrubbery Irish chair work i a mtg Day or nigh 431 3o67 triad tree service tree wort landscaping driveway work tile work topsoil Sandrock i gravel pm j31-2875 All types of tractor work landscaping Yards seeded a Nev oys scrapped Lois cleaned Oil hauled blowing Cis Cmaj reasonable it rec All types of Roclor work gardens slowed Yards seeded Iti owing driveways built Sand Rock i sic to Hopewell landscaping j31-201" Asphalt paving residential 8 a Nerlia Ciji Loti nil rec estimates Call 431 266? in 431 5j7-5 Bohr mitc Pikr l River bed Ops l bnckhoc1 work Dirl grave 6 third dog 45j 1075 c b tree service Complete tree care shrubbery worst Boxwood care lawns re seeded and so among insured j3i-6748 Complete toe 8. Shrub Carp also Yards landscaped 8. Sewed phone j75 3776 or ss3 2325 after 6pm experienced Yard maintenance Man desires work free estimates win put out Dow cod or smal Trees j31 2092 top so l Sand Rock fill dirt Pine bark mulch Complete landscaping service Call 392 0702 or 833-6948 for Sale gravel Wondrock topsoil will haul also do landscaping phone j31-7559 hauling topsoil. Ill dirt s. Gravel Lor driveways will landscape Yards All at Low a ices j3-1 j533 it s Here 24 hour clr55ified re service after hours weekdays weekends end holidays Are a1 As your be sure to give our Rume. And phone number Stith each menage. Hen placing in and Don t forget to Tell us a than it he pins and the number of Davs it published. Allow at least Lav for the Adlo the High Point Enterprise the High Point Enterprise i classified want ads information Center Index announcements merchandise 1 announcements 1 card of thanks 3 lost found 4 personals St instructions 6 meetings 7j travel opportunities services and repairs 13j Landis Opma Yard work 1 4j remodelling painting 15 septic tank service 16 to radio repair 1 7 up Ollery 18 bookkeeping fax 1 Garden directory 23i 43 appliances 44 household Farr things 45 Antiques 461 farm Garden equipment 47 cloth my 48 food 49 jewelry cameras 50 musical 51 bldg supplies 52 sporting 53 garage sales 54 Flowers seeds 55 auctions general 56 to radio sales 56 sewing machines 611 bicycles 62 articles miscellaneous 63i wanted to buy "0 employment 241 room 3, Board 25l room 261 furn houses apts 77 j in fur apts 28 Mobile Homes spaces rent 29 reson Reni 30 commercial properly rent wanted to rent estate Lor Sale 641 help wonted admins Trot ivc 65 help wanted clerical 66 help wanted furniture 67 he p in need hosiery 68, help wanted soles 69 help wanted technical 72. Help wonted Mischel ice nexus 73l help wonted professional 37t 38 40 411 42 for Sale land for sole Homes Foi sole residential lots Mobile Homes spaces i Sale cemetery plots real estate investments commercial properly i Sale auctions real estate mortgage Loans properly wanted 76 child Core 77 jobs wonted Misc Pali and supplies i 79 Pels livestock 80 Pel supplies .184 business oppo Lundi a 86 insurance 87 Money to loan transp Julior 90 Aulo accessories 91 Aulo repair 9? autos a nip 97 boats Tran la s 96 Camp 100 aulos Lor Sale deadlines Issue monday tuesday wednesday thursday Friday saturday sunday deadline saturday 10 00 a m monday 4-30 tuesday 4 30 wednesday 4-30 thursday 4 30 Friday 4-30 Friday 4-30 advertisers Are requested to Check the first appearance of their ads for corrections the Enterprise will be responsible for Only one in Correct insertion if you need your and corrected Call 885-2295 corrections can be made for the same Day s newspaper. Private party ads by calling the above phone number by 9-00 corrections on commercial ads must be made by 4 30 the previous Day cancellations Call 885-2295 cancellations can be made for the same Day s newspaper on private party ads by calling the above phone number by 9 00 a m cancellations can be made for the next Day s newspaper on commercial ads by calling this phone number by about Bills if you have any questions concerning the amount of your Bill or the Way it was handled please Call. 885-2295 sizes the Type sues shown below Are available for any and appearing by classification. Information concerning charge for using the larger types will be furnished upon request 36 Point 24 Point 18 Point 14 Point 12 Point 9 Point 6 Points counts As 6 lines counts As 4 lines counts As 3 lines counts As 2 lines counts As 1 lines counts As 1 lines counts As 1 line now now now now now now results advertising classified advertising is the Only advertising that your prospects voluntarily come looking for. Most prospects have decided to buy and Are looking for someone to buy from. Place your result getting and today display rates and deadlines commercial and regular private party rates will be furnished upon request. Remember to place your and Call 885-2177 to cancel or Correct your and 885-2295

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