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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - July 2, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaWeather in Hie a More data on Page 3a find year no. 184 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-z177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon july 2, 1976 24 pages daily 15c, sunday in action again the . Frigate Constellation is shown being moved for the first time in 164 years thursday As it is taken upstream five Miles from Baltimore City Harbor to the site of its greatest Victory. It. Mchenry. America s oldest warship will be the base of operations for the 12 hour live telecast of the great american Baltimore s Marathon Bicentennial Salute to the nation. A wire Holo for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Postal exam q. When will the next postal exam be Given thank you. . A. The postmaster is notified from Greensboro where the Register is kept when the list is Low and an exam will be Given. They presently have no indication when the next one will be when they do get the word a notice will be posted on the bulletin boards at All Post offices and announced in the newspaper in on the scene. Fighting mildew q. What can you do about mildew on inc Walls i have washed them with a cleaning detergent but it keeps coming Back on them. Anon. A. Dampness and inadequate ventilation Are the causes so if these conditions remain it will keep returning especially after cooking bathing and laundering which add a great Deal of moisture to the air. Good air circulation to exhaust it out doors is the Best preventative mildewed Wood can be washed with a mild Alkali such As washing soda rinsed and dried thoroughly. You will find very helpful a Booklet available from the county Extension office called How to prevent and remove you can write for it at . Box 20428, Greensboro . 27402, or Call through the county courthouse number. Cost of trash q. If a taxpayer in the City of High Point were to pile his trash on the curb which the City would have to pick up and if someone took it and put it on another vehicle like a pick up or truck and carried it to the City dump Why should a City tax payer have to pay a Dollar to dump that trash when he is doing a great accommodation in the beginning i just Don t under stand. Anon. Man. A. The arrangement was made in the beginning that nobody gets free service no government Agency or department or individual or company. Each is charged per ton or vehicle when they enter or Cross the scale at the Landfill. Every depart ment in the City or county budgets Money to pay for its use of it. The revenues from Public and private users go to retire the Revenue Bonds and pay the Cost of operation and maintenance of the pulverized. It is an individual s Choice to take a Load out and pay the going rate or wait for a City truck to go by the residence. It May be an accommodation but there can be no exceptions to the everybody pays arrangement. Birth certificates q. Will you please put in the paper where a Man can get his birth certificate if he was born in Crescent City California i need it to get my Driver s License Here in North Carolina and find out the Cost too please. Thank you. . A. Birth and other vital records Are usually available from the Register of deeds in the court House at the county seat of your county of birth. Road maps of the state or maps in almanacs encyclopedias etc., indicate county seats with a Symbol if you Don t know which town it is. Costs May vary in different states but usually Cost from this source. You can also request one from the Bureau of vital statistics califor Nia department of health Sacramento Calif. 95814. Normally the charge is for a copy from the state office. Be sure to include All the details needed for the search Date place full name yours your fathers Mother s Maiden race sex. New game targets pedestrians Seattle a the latest computerized game at the local bar or poolroom is called death for 25 cents you can pretend you re running Down pedestrians with a car. The game puts the player behind a steering wheel and accelerator pedal and lets him Chase gremlins " across an electronic playing Board for 99 seconds. The skeletal figures Bear a Strong resemblance to people when hit by a car they Emit a shrieking sound something like the scream of a child and turn into grave markers. If people gel a kick out of running Down pedestrians you have to let them said Paul Jacobs director of marketing for Epidy. The Palo Alto. Calif., company that designed and distributes the game this is the sort of Challenge that pricks the per son s mind a Little Jacobs said death race has been distributed nationwide but that it s a Trade secret How Many there Are. He did say the game happens to be our most popular game at this time. In fact the business it attracts far out values any of the other games we be Ever the game scores Points for each figure run Down and when it s Over the player is rated on a scale ranging from a futile Skeleton Chaser to an accomplished expert the name death race my Shock a few Jacobs said but we find the game he said it is an offshoot of an Epidy product called destruction in which players crashed cars into one another. We decided to put a twist see new on 2a . Low struck Down High tribunal holds death penalty Legal Washington a the supreme court upheld the death penalty today but struck Down Laws in two states that make death mandatory for certain crimes. The court approved death penalty Laws in Florida Georgia and Texas but in validated Laws in Louisiana and North Carolina. The Laws the court upheld leave the death penalty decision in the hands of judges or jurors but provide guidelines for them. According to an associated press sur vey 572 men and 10 women on death rows in 30 states were awaiting the court s decision on whether to uphold death As a punishment. The vote was 7-2, with justices William j. Brennanjr. And Thurgood Marshall dissenting. The court outlined its views in separate opinions by justices Potter Stewart and Byron r. White As Well a Brief statement by Justice Harry a. Blackmun who said simply that he concurred. Widespread re enactment of the death penalty after the supreme court in validated it in Many states has been a marked indication of society s endorse ment of the death penalty for the justices said. We hold that the death penalty is not a form of punishment that May never be imposed regardless of the Circum stances of the offence regardless of the character of the offender and regardless of the procedure followed in reaching the in North Carolina where 116 persons were on death Row the Law required execution in the Gas chamber for murder which is wilful deliberate and premeditated or committed during a felony or an attempted felony. North Carolina had More prisoners on death Row than any other state. Louisiana Law required the death penalty for murder during an aggravated kidnapping rape robbery or burglary murder of a fireman or peace officer in line of duty murder by an already convicted killer or by a life term prisoner multiple murder or murder for hire. Other states with mandatory death penalty penalty Laws Are Alabama. Washington Indiana Virginia Maryland. Missouri South Carolina Delaware. Idaho Kentucky Mississippi Nevada. New Hampshire new Mexico new York Oklahoma Rhode Island and Wyoming. The effect of the decision on those states was not immediately Clear because of variations in the ways their Laws were written. But it appeared Likely that few of them could survive a Challenge because they make the death penalty mandatory. Justice Stewart who wrote the court s main opinion said mandatory death Laws had simply papered Over the problem of see High on 2a difficulties for Ford joblessness hits 7.5% Washington a unemployment jumped to 7.5 per cent of the work Force in june up two tenths of a per cent and the biggest monthly climb since the Depths of last year s recession the government said today. The increase could create election year difficulties for president Ford. He has said the steady drop in the nation s jobless rate until now has shown that his economic policies Are working. The Rise also could bring new pressure for additional government action to create jobs. However government economists have said that a Rise in the jobless rate would not be a cause for concern. I would t interpret a Rise As a sign of any sudden change in the said Maynard Comiez. A top Commerce department economist. The labor department said the number of unemployed in june increased by 280.000 to a total of 7.1 million while the number of employed declined by 000 to a total of 87.5 million. There were increases in unemployment in nearly All categories in the labor Force the department said. Its statistics showed men 6 per cent in june up from 5.6 per cent in May. Women 7.1 per cent up from 6.8 per cent in May. 6.8 per cent up from 6.6 per cent. 13.3 per cent up from 12.2 per cent. Of households. 5 1 per cent up from 4.8 per cent in May. Men 4.4 per cent up from 4 per cent. Unemployment held virtually steady at 18.4 per cent Down from 18 5 or cent in May. In addition the labor department said the average duration of unemployment increased by two weeks in june to 16.9 weeks. That was equal to the High reached last december. The increase in the Over All jobless rate was the biggest monthly jump since May of last year when unemployment Rose three tenths of a per cent to 8.9 per cent and 8.25 million americans in the labor Force were out of work. That May was the worst unemployment month of the recent recession. Carter Likely to take senator on his ticket cubans May be shifted Washington a Jimmy Carter is almost cer Tain to choose a senator to be his vice presidential running mate and May already have narrowed the Field to three a senator familiar with Carter s selection process says. The leading candidates for the second spot on the democratic presidential ticket Are Idaho s Frank Church Walter f. Mondale of Minnesota and John Glenn of Ohio said the senator who asked not to be identified. He said Carter More than Likely will pick a Middle of the Road running mate. Preliminary evaluations Are being made by Atlanta at Torney Charles Kirbo a Long time Carter associate who is expected to report soon to the former Georgia governor at least three other senators also Are being considered. They Are Henry m. Jackson of Washington who competed with Carter for the democratic nomination Edmund s. Muskie of Maine the 1968 democratic vice presidential nominee and Adlai e Stevenson of Illinois whose father was the democratic presidential candidate in 1952 and 1956. Most of these Guys he does t know personally at said the senator who himself has been consulted by Kirbo. He s fortunate to have this extra time to appraise them and size them Carter said in Washington earlier this week that he will narrow the running mate list to two or three names this weekend then speak with the finalists personally sometime next week in Chicago thursday he said he would name the finalists when he holds those meetings. I m not going to try to hide from the press or mislead anyone. At the time i Start meeting with people you will know about it 1 think at that Point it will be a proper time to let the names be he said. Church Mondale Glenn Muskie Jackson Stevenson corpse7 returns after Miami burial Miami a sixty two year old Alex Monroe is alive and Well in Miami Only months after his daughter aunt and Sisters mourned at his funeral As they gazed on his body in an open casket. I m not Monroe said thursday after visiting with his daughter Mamie Higgs and talking to police. I just came from North Miami detective Richard Bohan said somebody else was in Monroe s grave. And that somebody else was named Alex Monroe too. Bohan also said Alex Monroe was 62 years old 5-feet 9 and 140 pounds. Alex Monroe had a scar across his left Check. Alex Monroe lived in downtown Miami. Although their Homes were just six blocks apart Alex Monroe never met Alex Monroe. The dead Monroe was fatally shot last april during a fight in which he had gone to a Friend s defense Bohan said. A Cousin of the dead Man identified him correctly at the scene and said his relatives were in Nassau. But police said they could t locate them. Then the funeral Home which had been designated to give the dead Man a pauper s funeral at county expense tried to find the relatives. A Man delivering some Flowers saw a note on the funeral Home bulletin Board and said i know his he notified mrs. Higgs. By then the Man had been dead 18 Days. I thought it was mrs. Higgs said thursday. I had t seen him in a year. The scar was on the same place from the Temple to the Cheek. He had the same Small ears the same Sak and Pepper so mrs. Higgs 31, took out a loan to pay for her father s funeral. And Monroe s family and friends mourned. Monroe said he returned to Miami and was walking Down a Street when a Friend driving past slammed on her brakes and shouted you re he denied it. The Friend called mrs. Higgs. Even As she hugged her father mrs. Higgs was sceptical. I was looking to see if there was any graveyard dust on she said. Mrs. Higgs is now trying to get her Back but the undertaker says no. We simply carried out a he said. Washington a . Intelligence sources say they have received reports that cuban leaders May be preparing to Send several thousand troops from Angola to the Congo Republic. Raul Castro brother of cuban prime minister Fidel Castro travelled to Braz Zaville the Congo Republic s capital last month to discuss redeployment of some of Cuba s 15.000 troops from nearby Angola sources said. He agreed to the Transfer of about 3.000 cuban soldiers to train congolese troops according to reports reaching . Intelligence. The reports gave no indication if there Are other reasons the Congo government wants cuban troops in the country. The Congo Republic served for a time As a staging Point for cuban and soviet military Aid to marxist forces in Angola which later Defeated . Backed elements. Troops in the Congo Cuba conceivably could bring political pressure against Zaire which is Friendly to the United states and provided support to anti marxist forces in the angolan civil War a narrow strip of Zaire territory leading to the Atlantic is sandwiched Between Angola and the Congo Republic. What s inside amusements.10a bridge.6b classified ads.6-1 in comics.8a editorials.4a financial.2a obituaries .2b sports.3-5b television .2b women s news.6-9a weatiier.3a

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