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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 2, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Urns on red May prove Short lived by Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer Don t get too used to the idea of turning right on red lights. It May not last. In the press of business during the last session the general Assembly apparently fouled up in trying to give North Carolina motorists the privilege of turning right on red lights when nothing is coming from the left. Legislators adopted a separate Bill allowing the right turns but failed to include the provision in a major rewrite of the state traffic act. The separate Bill became effective july i meaning that right turns on red went into effect then. The rewrite Bills goes into effect Jan. 1,1975. Since it does not provide for right turns and was ratified after the other Bill presumably it will have a nullifying effect on the red Light provision. That would mean that right turns would not be Legal after Jan. I six months from now. But As one might suspect knowing the ways of government there is a Way out of this dilemma. The legislature is slated to Convene in january just Days after the expiration of the authority for right turns on red presumably the legislators could reinstate the turns possibly even aided in making the decision by six months of experience. On the basis of their initial reaction to the Bonus right turns High pointers care less what happens local police report that they have observed few High pointers taking advantage of the turn provision. A they done to seem to realize that they can do it a commented one traffic officer. Another officer reported that he had personally witnessed Only one turn through a red Light a and it was a violation. A a lady pulled up to the Light and stopped As she was supposed to. She then proceeded through the Light and turned left not he reported. A after he recovered from the a Shock a the officer reported he pulled the Driver Over and advised her that the Law says right turns not left Are Okay. No precedents available Art Buchwald French Drivers Given amnesty Council to hold probe by ear at the Ole fishing Hole Halfway Between two skies one reflected and the other real there is scarcely a better occupation Greg Corum i and Tebin Mcdowell could have discovered on a Bridge on Joe Moore Road Over Rich Fork Creek. As july temperatures set in it May become too much of a temptation for two boys to stay above the water rather than in it. But if a Fisherman aspires to Success he must wait and watch his line and Cork. Photo by Sonny Hedgecock Paris a while some things have changed in Paris in the last few years the Frenchman a love affair with his car remains As Strong As Ever. It is a known fact that if you Knock Down a Frenchman a wife he will apologize to you but if you scratch the fender of his automobile he will kill you. The streets of Paris have remained the same size but the number of vehicles in the City has increased 300 per cent. This presents a slight parking problem. But the French Driver has solved it with typical gallic ingenuity. He drives to his destination gets out of his car and leaves it right in the Middle of the Street. If there Are too Many cars already parked in the Middle of the Street hell Park it on the sidewalk and if there is no room on the sidewalk hell just drive it into a sidewalk cafe and leave it on your table. The death of president Pompidou had a tremendous emotional effect on All of France. But French automobile owners were probably More affected by it than anyone else. It seems in France when a new president is elected amnesty is granted to everyone who committed a minor crime. Since most crimes in this country have to do with cars France mourned the passing of its president by violating every traffic Law in the Book. From the moment president Pompidou a demise was announced to the Day Giscard Deestaing was sworn in As the new president the French showed their sorrow. Instead of tearing their clothes As they do in some countries the French people Tore up their traffic tickets. In Paris there Are meter maids called a Les aubergines eggplants because the color of their uniforms resembles that of an eggplant. When an a a eggplant warned a Driver that he had failed to put Money in a parking meter the Frenchman with tears in his eyes would say a your president is gone and you know where you can All during the period of mourning the French went through red lights broke the Speed limits and drove in the wrong direction up one Way streets. Whenever they were stopped by a policeman the Drivers would laugh hysterically and say a a done to give me one ticket give me to. I want to make the amnesty there Are very few countries that know How to take advantage of the changing of presidents. It occurred to me As i talked about those wonderful 35 Days with my French friends that the United states might be Able to adopt the amnesty procedure to its own crisis. One of the major questions of watergate is what will happen to president Nixon if he is tried and found guilty of High crimes and misdemeanours. There is also the problem of All the trials of people involved with the. Watergate scandal. Why not pass a Law that when a new american president is sworn in All the people who had anything to do with watergate would automatically be Given amnesty by the stroke of a pen president Ford would absolve everyone of any crime having to do with dirty politics obstruction of Justice and perjury. The slate would be wiped clean and the United states As France is doing now would begin a new Era of Hope Joy and optimism. If France can forgive and forget the crimes of 40 million French Drivers surely we in the United states can do the same for a few Hundred misguided souls in Washington. Copyright 1974, los Angeles times Bloodmobile visit nets 126 pints in a one Day red Cross Bloodmobile drive monday 162 pints of blood were contributed at the Astor dowdy auditorium. The City of High Point sponsored the visit for their employees. The planning dept contributed to the Drivers Success by too per cent participation of eligible donors in that department. Numerically the Parks and recreation dept had the Best turnout with 40 employees participating. High Point red Cross officials today commended City employees for the Good turnout which included 53 first time donors. Last minute efforts on the part of City officials contributed toward making the drive successful officials stated. Red Cross officials were looking for a minimum collection of 250 pints of blood during the visit monday. Those people completing their first gallon were Charles Fleeman Frank Ward. Elbert Gammons and Phyllis Baker. Holiday schedule planned in City most folks in the High Point area can celebrate july 4 by doing nothing if they wish. Only a few must work. But for the More Active the High Point Parks and recreation dept is sponsoring afternoon activities at the City Lake and Washington Terrace Parks. At the Parks the pools will open on their regular schedule. Game Booths will open at noon and the various races begin at 1 15 . The activities a including sack and spoon races a Greasy pole climb and a water balloon toss a will continue throughout the afternoon. A neighbourhood Parks will be closed and so will most offices businesses and factories in the area. All City employees will have the Day off putting trash and garbage collection behind schedule but services will resume Friday morning. The Riverdale Road Landfill will also be closed on thursday Only. County and Federal offices will not open thursday. The postal service reports that mail will be put in Post office boxes but the windows will be closed and carriers will not run. Consolidated bus lines also will not run on thursday. Classes will be held at High Point College but the offices will be closed. At Guilford technical Institute classes offices and switchboard operations will be closed from wednesday until monday morning. By Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer High Point City councilmen May have to make up the rules As they go when they sit As a Board of inquiry in the investigation of the police department. There Are apparently no specific rules to govern the conduct of such hearings held by municipal bodies. The authority to sit As an investigative body is included in state statutes. The Law provides that a City Council can a investigate the affairs of the it provides the governing bodies with the authority to subpoena witness and Grant immunity but that is about As specific As it gets. The investigation of the Davidson Cable to approved by Lee Mortimer Enterprise staff writer Lexington the Davidson county Board of commissioners approved an agreement monday for operation of a Cable television network system in Rural portions of the county. The system will be supplied by Tele Cable a subsidiary of Triangle broadcasting co. Of Winston Salem. The agreement represented a Compromise in a controversy Over service with the cities of Lexington and Thomasville. The dispute arose concerning an agreement signed earlier this year Between the county and Triangle broadcasting co. Attorneys from the cities of Lexington and Thomasville contended that the agreement violated provisions of a previous agreement that the municipalities had contracted with the broadcasting company. The Compromise approved by commissioners monday makes provisions for the two cities to receive royalties on the television service in areas outside their City limits. The cities will collect royalties in an 1.800-foot corridor extending 900 feet on either Side of the transmitter site at Davidson county Community College up to the limits of each of the cities. Under terms of the agreement the cities will have the option to buy the service within their City limits in to years. The county will have the option at the same time to Purchase portions of the system outside the City limits of Lexington and Thomasville. Representatives from for stamp program workers hiring May be delayed by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Greensboro the new 1974-1975 Guilford county budget includes Money for additional workers to help handle the food stamp program but it May be some time before county commissioners approve hiring of the workers. In the meantime the food stamp program got underway in Guilford county monday with Large numbers of persons still seeking certification to Purchase the Stamps. Mrs. Esther Hopkins director of the food stamp program for the social services dept., said monday 42 persons were waiting in line at 8 . At the High Point office for processing. She estimated there were about 60 persons in a similar line at the same time at the Greensboro office. Thus far mrs. Hopkins said 1,010 families have been certified to Purchase food Stamps under the plan which has replaced the commodity foods program in use locally for a number of years. Mrs. Hopkins said food stamp authorization cards were mailed Friday to the 1, 010 families certified As eligible. Sale of Stamps began monday at a number of Post office locations in the county she said. Social services dept officials still expressed concern Over the need for additional workers to help handle the crowds seeking certification. Mrs. Hopkins said her unit could not handle the crowds with the number of workers now available. The social services dept had sought 27 additional workers for the program. Commissioners approved nine of these late in april just before the social services unit began certifying applicants for the food stamp program. Actual processing of names began May i after a Short training period. The new 1974-1975 budget approved monday by commissioners authorizes 27 positions for the food stamp program. The list presented by county manager John Witherspoon Calls for employment of an administrative officer two eligibility supervisors 17 eligibility specialists three see workers on 6b local department is nearing the stage where councilmen will be called on to sit As an investigative body. A special committee which is supervising the investigation had planned to announce a timetable this week. The chairman councilman Roy Culler said monday however that the announcement has been delayed until next week probably monday or tuesday a because so Many of us will not be in town during the fourth Culler said last week that Luke Wright the attorney hired to conduct the investigation. Is nearly ready to present his findings to the City Council. Wright has not indicated the nature of his findings. His see Davidson on 2b three month investigation has mainly consisted of inter viewing persons who volunteered information about the department. As the investigation moves toward final stages a petition demanding the suspension of police chief Laurie Pritchett during the investigation is being circulated. Meantime police have circulated a petition in support of the chief. It is doubtful however that either will carry much weight. Both Culler and Wright have said that they do not consider chief Pritchett As the principal in the investigation. The department is being investigated not the chief they said in separate statements. High Point Enterprise tuesday afternoon july 2, 1974 Section b go go tavern May still go a with no tops the prospects of a topless tavern locating in High Point have sent City officials scurrying for the statute books. A Greensboro firm called titty Wink a go go inc., proposes to locate an establishment at five Points. At first the operators planned to have go go girls presumably topless but officials have blocked that. Now the operators want to Settle for topless waitresses. The City building inspector has ruled that the place at 1239 Mon lieu ave., Isnit big enough for go going. He stipulated that the place have no a a live entertainment and that occupancy be limited to 74 persons at any one time. The police department after searching the ordinances for possible prohibitions against topless Ness and checking into the character of the owners has finally Given its blessings a in the form of approval of the issuance of a Beer License that was How the City Council got involved. The application for a beverage License came before the members monday. Advised of the topless prospects of the establishment councilmen voted to withhold action on the Beer application a until they meet again in two weeks. As the Council has found in previous encounters with state Laws on issuance of Beer licenses they have Little authority in the matter. Approval of licenses is automatic unless the Council can make a Case against the place of business or its operator to show that the License should not be issued. That would be almost impossible in this instance As the License application already has the usual endorsements from the police and building inspector. Salty situation confronts officials neighbors of this City storage site of Ingleside drive Here Are protesting the general unsightly Ness of the place. But specifically they Are opposed to the plastic covered Mound. Under the plastic is the remains of the Winter Supply of Salt and Sand which City Crews put in streets during snows. Rains melt the Salt and the Runoff kills All growth in its path the neighbors claim. City councilmen monday passed the problem to the City manager for Resolution

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