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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - July 1, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaBurglars decide High Point Enterprise thursday july 1, 1976 9c Cost u less grocery in t cheap enough an employee of Cost u less grocery at Brentwood Street told High Point police today that assorted cigarettes chewing gum and Beer were taken from the store last night. Entry to the grocery was apparently obtained by breaking a window of the front door police said. Mrs. Charles Ray Strickland of Clara Cox apts. Reported the theft of a car from the 100 Block of Gordon Street. Mrs. Road plans Promise upgrading Strickland who said she was driving Home after having the car repaired told police that she parked the car on Gordon Street when the car broke Down. Mrs. Boyd Lee Mills of s. Elm Street reported wednes Day that a police Monitor was taken from a vehicle parked at her residence Joel Wayman Hunt of Mon lieu Avenue told police wednesday that Worth of cooking utensils food and Linen was taken from his residence w. E. Harding of Arkansas said wednesday that a Battery and of camera equipment were taken from his car parked at Cavalier inn Motel at 1-85 and an employee for Blue Ridge Transfer at w. Fairfield Road told police that a radio microphone was taken from a truck parked in the company lot. An employee of Chatham county of High Point at w. Ward Avenue told police wednesday that a Battery was taken from one company and of Gas was taken from another company vehicle both parked in the company lot. Steve Dunlap of Chandler Avenue reported wednesday that a briefcase containing a calculator was taken from his car parked in front of the Center theatre on s. Main Street. The briefcase was later recovered police said. Charlie Carson Smith 20, of e. Commerce Avenue was arrested and charged with i ask Andy Archdale Highway . 311, main Street through Archdale could be improved by a two foot shoulder added on each Side and the Road in general upgraded if plans proposed by District Highway com missioner Robert Vaughn of High Point Are approved by the state department of transportation Board which meets Friday. Vaughn said he feels the current Road through Archdale is dangerous and needs some Type of improve ment to hold it until it is in creased to four lanes around 1981. The Highway official said estimates on the work Range around for the shoulders and another to upgrade and pave the Street. Funds for Hie project can come out of Money which we had lying dormant and now state Highway officials Are attempting to use among the smaller said Vaughn. I feel this is an urgent need with All the traffic on this he said adding and if we wait until this other new Road is ready we won t have anything to travel on Down there 1981 is a Long Way Vaughn said he Felt the state Board would go along with his proposal. The construction of a left turn Lane at the intersection of main Street and Erindale Road is proceeding on schedule Vaughn noted. He said the project was delayed for several months while right of ways were obtained. Andy sends the encyclopaedia Britannica s 1976 yearbook of science and the future to Mike Scoblic age 12, of Sioux Iowa for his question How do they put sound on films the earliest motion pictures that were available to the general Public consisted of Brief moving scenes usually sporting events or Short travel films. Thes Early mov ing were called flickers and while interest in them was High for a Brief period of time the Novelty soon wore off. And it seemed As though the fad of movies would fade quietly. Around the turn of the Cen Tury it appeared that moving pictures were something the Public could take or leave alone. After All Many of them merely consisted of people running or walking or pictures of Waves breaking on the Beach. It was not until about 1902 that a new ingredient was added to really made people take notice. And the magic ingredient in this Case was something called plot. When the Early films began telling stories even Short ones they became an instant hit. Since our first motion Pic Ture dramas were silent the actors and actresses had to use exaggerated facial expressions to help the audience know what was happening. Sometimes printed dialogue was inserted into the film As an added Aid. The first movie Heaters to show these films charged an admission of 5 cents and were called Nickelodeon. Early attempts to present films with sound used accidents cause minor injuries Mark Haney. 18, of Greenwood drive is listed in satisfactory condition in High Point memorial Hospital following a four car Accident at . Wednesday on n. Main Street at Parris Avenue. Treated and released from the Hospital following the Accident was Tony King 16, of s. Main Street. Both King and Haney were passengers in a car driven by Thomas Wayne Stanley 16, of Baker Road who was slightly injured in the Accident. Stanley was charged with a Safe movement violation. The other Drivers were James Lee Campen 16, of Shady Lane Kenneth Michael Kocl Zekian 23, of Northpoint Avenue and Gail Hiatt aderhold of Unity Street. Donald Ray Mclaughlin 22, of Westwood Avenue was treated and released from the Hospital after his car and one driven by Karen Renee Baker of Spencer Street collided at . Wednesday on s. Centennial Street at Commerce Avenue. Is. Baker was slightly injured in the Accident. Mclaughlin was charged with making an improper turn. Polly Ann Jones of player drive was treated and released from the Hospital after her car allegedly ran off of Valley Ridge drive theft reported at residence a Greensboro Man told Guilford county sheriff s deputies wednesday that of assorted items was taken from his former residence at High Point Road. Lynwood Earle Register of Delmonte Street reported that nine record albums a carpet four decorator Pla gues two speakers and in Ash were the items taken from the residence. Near Friddle drive at . Wednesday an Strucka Utility pole phonograph records but they did not prove very successful. It was quite a chore to adjust the sound on the record to the action in the film. By 1929, however a technique had been perfected that made it possible to put the sound directly on the film. And from that Point on silent films were a thing of the past. There Are a number of methods for putting sound on moving picture film and All of them Are quite complicated. A Complete and thorough explanation would take quite a bit More space than Andy has available. A Brief and very simple explanation of one method however will at least provide a glimpse. As an actor or actress Speaks a microphone picks up the sounds. This sound is converted into electric signals that in turn Are converted into a tiny beam of Light. A Lens focuses the on the Edge of an unexposed film and this Light is recorded there As a series of Light and dark bands. We Call this a sound track. After the movie film and the sound track film Are processed they Are put together in one film. Inside a film projector is a Small but powerful lamp called an exciter lamp. Light from this lamp shines through the sound track and strikes a photoelectric cell. Here the Light is converted into electric signals that Are then amplified and passed into a Loudspeaker. And out of the Loudspeaker comes sound. A sound track in a motion picture is the result of the efforts of a great Many people and considerable electronic know How. Each person and each piece of electronic equipment have a specific Job to do. The finished product which brings entertainment to millions of peo ple each Day is indeed a Marvel of our modern age. Andy sends a student Globe to Gail Page age 9, of Harrington iii., for her question what makes hair turn Gray the color of our hair is determined by the presence of tiny pigment granules scattered throughout each Shaft of hair. Beginning at the base of the hair under the Scalp these granules do not change once they Are distributed in the Shaft. Actually a person s hair does not turn Gray. Grading occurs when new hairs which do not have these tiny pigmentation specks replace the normally coloured strands. Hair usually becomes Gray gradually beginning around Middle age. The tendency to have Gray hair seems to run in families. Some people whose hair begins to come in Gray in their Early 20s can Trace the same characteristic to a Parent or close relative. The exact chemical mechanism which takes place in the hair bulb to cause the Lack of pigmentation is a mystery. Certain members of the Vitamin b Complex family were once considered important influences but research has not confirmed this belief. Do you have a question to ask Andy Send it on a Post card with your name age and Complete address to ask Andy in care of this newspaper. Entries open to girls and boys 7 to 17. Cox buys Kost pm in los Angeles Atlanta a Cox broadcasting corp. Has announced the acquisition of Kost pm. Los Angeles for million in Cash and notes. Clifford m. Kirtland jr., president of Cox. Said papers formally transferring ownership of Kost pm were signed in Dallas wednesday Headquarters of Mclendon Pacific corp previous owner of the station. Cox now owns five pm radio stations. Others Are in Atlanta. Charlotte. Pittsburgh san Francisco Oakland and Miami. Auto tuning deluxe our lowest Price free parking h rear furniture company Complete Home furnishings appliances 2510 South main St. Phone 686-4455 10w overhead Means Low prices factory Servix with what we sell shoplifting Worth of clothes from or. And mrs. Apparel on n. Main Street. Joyce m. Siegnor of e. Green drive reported wednesday that a pocket Book containing a Check Book approximately in Cash and several credit cards was taken from a laundromat at Hickory Chapel Road Anna Simpson of Astor dowdy towers told police that a Billfold con Taining in Cash was taken from a grocery cart at food world at e. Green drive and Vicki c. Kennedy of it. 4, Thomasville told police wednesday that her Billfold containing in Cash and a credit card was taken from her pocketbook at Bryant electric co. At English Road. Martha Loflin of Coltrane Avenue told police wednes Day that a bicycle was taken from her front Yard. Phillip Lee Chriscoe of Foust Avenue told police that a bicycle was taken from his Back Yard. Vandals cracked a window at no Sag Spring division at Sherman Road and broke a window at Dixie Supply at w. Green drive police said wednesday. High Point police arrests included Monte Leroy Beck 53, of Dogwood Circle charged with Drunken driving Michael Bernard Walker 25, of Ashburn Street two counts of Selling and deliver ing heroin and two counts of Possession of heroin and Paul Wesley Huffman 41, of Florida and Jessie Bell Myers 53, and Johnsie Myers 71, both of Willis Avenue All three charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Let us convert your present am car radio into an exciting radio enjoy exciting Static free pm sound Audi Fox for Only 44 a 22.95 free installation Don t forget we re your . Radio full service Center featuring sales service installation. 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