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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 1, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Quot trere s another problem we con deplore an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David t. Rutledge Gen. Mgr. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley . David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Page 4-a saturday july i 1972 from the Roanoke times protesting protest newspapers have an inherent interest in a six week Long sanitation feeding Park and the right of a free press and necessarily in police problem for the City of Miami. There the right of free speech. Both Are protected Nyght to be a Way for people who done to like by the same first amendment to the const., tuition. But it is not necessarily a Contrada Quot halt Quot 011 to make to Lear pm its a�1 at Tion for a newspaper to be annoyed at the a political convention a and then get out of four year ritual perhaps now becoming a the Way fixed feature of people making a nuisance alas having stated the problem we have of themselves and worse at political no solution to offer. The supreme court has conventions. Struck Down the ordinances against loitering there ought to be a Way for the ladies and Public nuisances. The problem seems As a society to hold its meetings free of insoluble As the sewage disposal Montro shouting outside. There ought to be a Way Versy in the Roanoke Valley and perhaps for the democratic and Republican parties there is similarity in the difficulties. To hold a convention without the creation of John and Martha from the Charlotte observer about massive busing reaction to Federal judge Stephen Roth a order for school desegregation in Detroit was predictable. It was the same kind of complaint we heard in Charlotte throughout North Carolina and More recently in Richmond. Governors congressmen senators and others complained of the a a massive busing that would result. Yet a look at the figures raises the question when is busing busing and when is it a a massive busing in Detroit today there Are 750.000 school children. Of these. 225.000 already Are Riding a school bus every Day. Judge Roth a order would mean the busing of 85.000 More. If 85.000 is a massive a what is 225,000�?T in Richmond there Are 104.000 students. Of these 68,000 already Are bused. Judge Robert Merhige a desegregation order would from the Washington Star strange As it May seem to those of us on the outside a bit of levity a appropriately elephantine a seems to be creeping into the highest circles of the Nixon administration. Its practitioner is equally improbable Commerce Secretary Peter g. Pete Peterson twice in recent speaking engagements before the Japan society in new York and the National press club just Down the Street Peterson has attacked Henry Kissinger s reputation As a Don Juan. The test of the jest comes from the fact that Peterson and or. Kissinger Are reputedly close friends. A fall this womanizing image of yours is a hollow Shell a Peterson claims he told the White House Advance Man. A Vhiere is an enormous Gap Between your rhetoric and performance a How refreshing that the sober body of men a and women a who make up the Paris City Council should break with tradition and elect a woman to be their president for the coming year. The new president whose position is equivalent to that of City mayor is Madame Nicole de haute Cocque Niece of Frances famous world War ii Soldier general Leclerc de haute Cocque and a longtime gaullist. One of the main challenges facing the Paris councillors is How to modernize their City while conserving its heritage and Beauty. Here we Hope that feminine perceptiveness will temper masculine eagerness to tear Down and the Asheville citizen words like hit songs fads and hairstyles come and go. Two words that Are Here right now at least in newspaper usage Are a a Waffle and a skein a these words May seem a Little weird when you see them for the first time Waffle Heck nothing weird about that. Everyone knows what a Waffle is. That a what you eat for breakfast of course. But skein hmm. In t that some kind of Mouldy hide that Basque shepherds sew into bags fill with milk and then Stow away in Damp caves in order to make a certain kind of cheese. Nope. Wrong on both a skein to sports buffs is a string or Streak As in a winning Streak or string of victories. According to the dictionary skein actually Means a Loose knot of yarn. This does not imply however any Reia have meant the busing of 10.000 More. If 10.000 is a massive a what is 68,000? in North Carolina there Are More than i million children. Of these 410,000 were Riding school buses prior to court ordered desegregation. The orders required that an additional 86.000 be bused. If 86,000 is a massive a what is 410.000? in Charlotte Mecklenburg there were 79.569 Public school students at the end of last term. Of them 41,028 were Riding buses. Prior to desegregation 28.300 were being bused thus Federal court orders Here increased busing by 12.628 students of 12,628 is a massive a what was 28,300? we do not mean to dismiss the difficulties involved in some of these orders. But this has been a year of Loose talk about a massive busing a and the facts often do not Bear out the strident words used in the discussions. Kissinger joining in the merriment is reported to have riposte a what you done to understand is that Power is the ultimate Peterson by his own admission a a Gray lowly Cabinet official a says he constructed his attack on Kissinger out of sheer envy. A i decided that if i be Henry Kissinger nobody could a he told his listeners. A laudable ambition no doubt if meant sincerely. But that is precisely the trouble. Credibility of top level officials being what it has been in recent years a Cabinet Secretary could appear in Cap and Bells shaking a rattle and there would still be plenty of people who would believe every word he uttered. And where would that leave or. Kissinger there is for instance the matter of the threat to demolish the picturesque Iron footbridge Over the Seine known As the Pont Des arts for the Sake of building a Motorway along the River a left Bank. In this Case we Trust that the City Council under Madame de haute Cocque will stand firm against All pressures from sponsors of the project who Are said to include president Pompidou himself. In a statement to reporters after her election the new mayor said a Paris must be Gayer and better lighted and people must learn to leave their television sets and get to know their City we shall watch with interest to see How she sets about attaining these goals a particularly the second one Tio ship Between yarns and sports. It Only Means that sports writers tie themselves in knots and go through other contortions trying to find synonyms for trite words theirs is a desperate struggle. How Many synonyms for a a string can you think of a winning continuum or a Cord of victories somehow just does t sound right. Political pundits Are most often the ones who use a politician a a waffles on some Issue when he vaccinated says one think one Day and something else the next. This usage of the word is a Little More legitimate than using skein to mean string Waffle according to the dictionary Means to flutter or Flap when used As a verb. When Reading these words you must get past old associations try not to think of syrup when you see and remember a skein is not a smelly piece of sheep hide. Washington a Washington is All aflutter Over Martha Mitchells latest escapade. When we last left Martha she was in seclusion in a Plush country club in upstate new York. She had departed California in a Huff after a Security guard allegedly pulled her phone off the Wall. Martha did t like losing her Telephone. Will John Mitchell reconcile his differences with his wife will Martha mend her ways we reach the Mitchells for comment. But intimates have helped us put together the Story of the nations most talked about marriage. John and Martha Mitchell were married in december 1957. It Wasny to a big wedding. The Bride did no to Wear a Long White dress. They exchanged vows in Elkton md., a rather seedy Border town then known for its quickie marriages. The bridegroom had been divorced in Reno on december 19. The Bride got her divorce three months earlier in Miami. Johns first wife Betty was cooperative. A John just walked in one morning and asked for a divorce a she confided to friends. Martha a first husband. Clyde Jennings jr., had a rougher time in divorce court. Martha accused him of beating her and carrying on with other women. All mired up a but at one Point in the proceedings William Poler a private detective hired by Martha testified that she a was neurotic. Excuse the expression. She was sick and All mixed Clyde Jennings confirms at least that Martha was volatile. A she would have a few drinks and then talk Down to people a he recalls. Her habit of making late night phone Calls is also rooted in the past. A it was neighbourhood stuff then a recalls Jennings. A now she has a National Archdale resident wants rate details to the editor i would like to address the following open letter to mayor Henry York of Archdale. Doug Owens 339 Greg St Archdale mayor Henry York As a citizen of Archdale i would like to publicly ask you. Mayor York and the Archdale City Council to make Public to the citizens of Archdale the Cost per foot of property owned to install water and sewer lines in Archdale and what the average Cost of water and sewer would be at the double rate if purchased from the City of High Point. In a conversation with you mayor York on tuesday june 27th, at the Archdale City Hall i asked you these same questions. I did not receive the answers i was looking for now in masking you to make this information Public to the citizens of Archdale. I also asked you. Mayor York if the two City councils had met formally and discussed the proposal and you told me that the two City councils had met on two or three separate occasions. I read in the High Point Enterprise on june 29th that the two have never sat Down and discussed the proposal. During our conversation on june 27th, i got the impression you were More worried that High Point in some Way would eventually take Over Archdale than you were with solving the problem. I agree with you and Admire you and the City Council for trying to work out the Best Deal for the Archdale citizens. I feel that the latest proposal which the Archdale Council had agreed to accept except for the double rates was not followed through on. I would like to see the Rich Dale City Council and the High Point City Council sit Down formally and try to work out a solution. I would also like to see it made Public to the citizens of Archdale what this Cost would be per foot for installing the system with the Federal government paying 70 to 80 per cent As was brought out in a prior Archdale Council meeting and what the average Cost per household would be for water and sewer at the double rates. As a citizen of Archdale i am not in favor of installing Only water lines and having to pay for it for 5, to or 15 years and still have merry go roundly Jack Anderson the marriage lasted la years. They had one son Jay whom Jennings claims was neglected As a teen Ager by Martha. Like Many children of divorced parents Jay became entangled in a web of bitterness. His father claims that at 16, Jay left his Mother and came to live with him with 48 cavities in his Teeth. Says Clyde Jennings a that was about the time Martha was spending $4,000 to have All her Teeth Jay now 25 and a Vietnam Veteran has reconciled with his Mother. For John and Martha Mitchell meanwhile life was pleasant. A daughter Marty was born. They moved often in the Early years of marriage but they usually nested within the Lush confines of Westchester and Fairfield counties in suburban new York. Martha had Many friends among the car playing matrons of the Community. When the Mitchells came to Washington. Martha received a warm Welcome from the press. The Nixon Cabinet wives were a drab collection of hous Fraus who echoed worn out phrases about a helping the Nixon team and a Community the main problem to live with which is sewage. I feel that i would have to vote against a Bond referendum on water alone if it should come to vote. In closing i thank you and the City Council for the hard work and Long hours that you have Given. I ask that you get a Complete breakdown on Cost before turning away from the Archdale High Point solution and to make it Public to the citizens of Archdale. Doug Owens mall chiefs Praise nos blood efforts to the editor enclosed is a copy of a letter to the Federal communications commission for your consideration in your letters to the editor column. W. Clarence Herndon Michael Quinto Westchester mall merchants Assn. Dear sirs there currently exists in the High Point North Carolina area a critical shortage in our red Cross Bloodmobile program so much so that we were in danger of losing our participation in the program. However thanks to the unselfish and tireless efforts of radio station nos and its staff we were Able to stage the most successful one Day Bloodmobile visit in the history of High Point on june 20th. While All the broadcast Media in the City gave their usual Fine support this project was conceived. Engineered and executed almost entirely by Bob Smith manager of nos and Ken Smith their Fine Young Public relations director. The people of High Point May never fully realize the debt we owe these two men and their associates. We merchants at Westchester mall were proud to have been Able to provide the location for the visit and be of some Small assistance to nos in reaching their goal. As a result of the nos Bloodmobile visit High Point will most probably retain its standing in the red Cross blood program. We feel the acc should be informed of this outstanding contribution to our City by nos. W. Clarence Herndon Michael Quinto it s a joke son from the Christian science Monitor a first for Paris waffling on skeins letters to the editor Good Flern Donby Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus so impressive was the Litany of thanksgiving for the phase ii pledges of the Campaign which has raised Over $515,000 for minimal needs in overrun costs and the coronary care unit in the expanding High Point memorial Hospital that we would share it Here with this family of readers. It was written by colonel Harold Shoemaker command chaplain of the air Force logistics command Wright Patterson air Force base at the request of or. Tom Haggai who read it with those who had worked in the Campaign. Here it is in part our help is in the name of the lord. Who made heaven and Earth audience o give thinks to the lord for he is Good. For his steadfast love endures forever audience dearly beloved this building which by the favor of god and the labor of Man has been so far Complete is a Symbol of that care for the sick and the suffering which was supremely exemplified in our lord and which has always inspired those who follow him. We believe that the heavenly father not Only desires but gladly accepts the service of Comfort and Healing for which this building is to provide and that he looks with favor upon the contributions Given for the welfare of his children. Let us therefore bring to him our praises for his guidance and Aid in this undertaking and our prayers on behalf of those who by their gifts or their services shall unite in fulfilling those purposes of love and skill for which this building is prepared. Reading from gods holy word the spirit of the lord god is upon me because the lord has anointed me to bring Good tidings to the afflicted he has sent me to Bird up the brokenhearted to proclaim Liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to those who Are bound to proclaim the year of the lords favor and the Day of vengeance to our god to Comfort All who mourn to Grant to those who mourn in Zion a to give them a Garland instead of ashes the Oil of gladness instead of mourning the Mantle of Praise instead of a faint spirit friends it is right and proper that buildings created for such service to god by the Healing of his children should be built with the generous contributions of concerned citizens. You have completed successfully phase ii with pledges exceeding the goal. It is right and proper that we pause to consecrate these pledges and thank god for the Opportunity of helping in this worthy Endeavor. It is right and proper that this Success causes us to give ourselves anew to the service of god our souls that they May be renewed in the image of life our bodies that they May be fit temples for the indwelling of gods spirit and our labors and business that they May be according to gods holy will. We give thanks for this Hospital audience to the holy ministry of Healing in time of pain and suffering. We give thanks for this building audience to the skill and Wisdom that bring Relief and cure and to the patient research that uncovers fresh resources with which to serve the Public health. We give thanks for this Hospital. And we dedicate ourselves anew to that service of our Fellowmen wherein can Best be performed our True service of god in obedience to the spirit of the master when he said a you shall love the lord your god with All your heart and your neighbor As audience let us Pray almighty god our heavenly father whose eyes Are Ever toward the righteous and whose ears Are Ever open unto their cry graciously accept we Pray thee this building which we now dedicate to thee to thy service and to thy glory that in it skill and tenderness May unite to bring health and cure to those who come for Aid and we beseech thee receive us. Thy servants who Here dedicate ourselves anew to thee and to those offices of love and Goodwill in which thou Art Well pleased. Grant that those who come Here in weakness May be made Strong that those who come in pain May find Relief and that those who come in sorrow May find Joy and gladness and the Praise shall be thine forever. Then concluding the audience prayed together o blessed lord who Hast Power Over life and death. Over health and sickness give strength Wisdom and gentleness to All thy ministering servants All physicians and surgeons nurses and watchers by the sick that always bearing thy presence with them they May not Only heal but bless and Shine As lamps of Hope in the darkest hours of distress and fear. Grant that we May Ever support them with our prayers our gifts and our words of encouragement. Ronald Brown dark tac Halcian superintending Tho self service Cantor at High Point s main Post office is Back More enthusiastic than Over after a two weeks course at the Oklahoma postal training operation at the University of Oklahoma. He reports the self service program launched in 1944 had grown to 700 units As of 1471 and the program is to install at least 700 More by 1975. He is hopeful one of the six sided mall Typo units can be set up soon at Westchester mall to facilitate mailing on the West Side of the City. The one at the main office a a Scro unlined Quot Type is working Well with a steady increase of volume while extending 24-hour service to the Public. Except for occasional Bent coins outworn Dollar Bills that Aren t sufficiently Crisp be that they go through and come Back and tearing off of Stamps unevenly the self service unit operates efficiently and to advantage of mailers at any hour of the Day. The Public is learning hew to utilize the added service to its advantage As is evidenced by steadily growing revenues including the mailing of parcels which can be handled acceptably of mailing instructions Are followed As shown. The Pointer publication of students at Central High school pays tribute to three devoted faculty members who came to retirement this year. They Are a mrs. Ethel Hughes who came to Central from William Penn High school where before its closing she had served As a teacher and guidance Counselor. She instituted at Central almost single Anderly the Model cities scholarship program that awards scholarships to deserving students for summer school study at Central As Well As College scholarships to a amp t state University. A Lieut. Frank Shields who came to Central on loan from the High Point police department to launch the Driver education program with which he has remained Ever since. It was the first course of its kind in North Carolina and one of the first in the nation. He has trained thousands of High Point youngsters to drive and to practice safety with nary a fatal Accident involving one of them. A miss Ruth Goodman who came to Central As director of speech and dramatics and As an English teacher became director of speech and dramatics. A dedicated tireless worker miss Goodman served As sponsor for the speech Honor society masque and Gavel and served also several years As a sponsor of the North Carolina chapter and two Yean As National president

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