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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 1, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Hoisting the White flags Washington a Secretary of defense Melvin Laird has suggested that if sen. Mcgovern a defense budget of $55 billion is Ever adopted we might As Well throw in the Towel and spend a billion dollars for White flags which we will hoist All Over the world. On the basis of past performance of our defense contractors $1 billion for White flags is a wholly unrealistic figure and Laird knows it. This is what might happen if the defense department let it be known that it was planning to contract for White flags to Fly around the Globe Washington d a april 30, 1973 a the chairman of the House armed services committee announced today that the Lockheed Flag co. Has been Given a $1 billion contract to produce 500 White flags for the defense department. The chairman denied the fact that Lockheed Flag was located in his District of swamp he la., had anything to with the company s winning the order. Swam Pville. La., july 14, 1973�?the president of the Lockheed Flag co. Displayed a prototype of the Wei White Flag one for the press this morning. The president said the wf1 would outperform any White Flag now flying. It would be an All weather Flag which would Fly at night As Well As during the Day and could stand gusts of wind in to too Miles an hour. Lockheed Flag said it hoped to have the of i in production in to months. Edwards air Force base calif., june 15. 1974 a the first of i w As tested Here today and defense department officials announced they were very pleased with the results. The wf1 flew at an Altitude of 23 feet for three hours. Although if showed some fabric fatigue under stress Lockheed flae eff ners said the damage was minimal and easily could be repaired. Swam Pville la., sept. 2. 1974 a the president of Lockheed Flag announced today that due to increased labor costs fabric fatigue and hikes in flagpole ropes his company would not be Able to fulfil its wf1 contract for is billion. He said he was asking for a supplementary $800 million which was still a bargain for the country. Washington dc., dec. 15, 1974 a the chairman of the House armed services committee said he was recommending the $800 million overrun for the wf1 As the Security of the nation was at stake. He also said he was adding $100 million extra for Christmas bonuses for Lockheed Flag executives. Anchorage. Alaska. March 8. 1975 a two Wols crashed to the ground yesterday and Pentagon investigators suspect the wooden Flag poles used to Fly the White flags were at fault. Termites were found in both flagpoles and the defense department has grounded All Wols until a new aluminium flagpole could be designed. Swam Pville la Mav la. 1975 tim president of the Lockheed Flag co. Said he would need another $1 billion to replace the flagpoles in the of i. He said it was the defense department insistence on wooden flagpoles that caused the overrun and he would need the Money immediately if the White flags were to be delivered on schedule. Washington. D a. Mav 12. 1975 sen. William Proxmire called the wf1 the biggest defense department bungle of the year and suggested the contract be cancelled. Testifying in front of Proxmire a committee the president of Lockheed Flag said that if he does no to get is billion immediately his company would go bankrupt and not Only would this create a hardship for its stockholders but it would put 35 people out of work. Washington do. Sept. La. 1975 a con Gross at the urging of the White Hon. Voted to Day to give the Lockheed Flag co. $1 billion to Complete work on the of i and also lend it another $1 billion to develop a new Multi White Flag project which could Fly six White flags from the same flagpole at the same time. Swam Pville la. Nov. 9, 1975 the president of Lockheed Flag co. Announced today that because of a strike he was asking the defense department for another. Effort to reinstate death penalty seen a v Raleigh a the 1973 general Assembly apparently will face a controversy Over whether the death penalty should be reinstated for certain crimes in North Carolina. The . Supreme court left the Issue somewhat clouded when it ruled 5-4 thursday that capital punishment As now practices in the country is unconstitutional. Only two justices who voted in the majority called for outright prohibition of the death penalty and chief Justice Warren Burger said the opinion left room for state Legislatures to modify criminal Laws to make capital punishment Legal. In Davidson a a we re going to have to put in a Bill just to have capital punishment a said rep. Donald r. Kincaid r Caldwell who said hell do All he can to get the legislature to restore the death penalty. A if we can change something to retain capital punishment in some cases you can rest assured in a going to either sponsor it or work with someone else if they sponsor it a he said. Several legislators expressed the opinion that to legalize the death penalty in North Carolina the legislation would have to strip juries of the right to recommend life imprisonment instead of a death sentence in capital cases. They said t h e comrett 1972. I of angles tining Lexington a Superior court order Friday became an effective tool in causing Davidson county officials to record the City of High Points extraterritorial zoning ordinances and maps. The court order was issued by Guilford Superior court judge James Exum after Davidson county Register of deeds Buren Craven refused to record the City of High Point papers. In refusing to file the papers Craven produced a letter saying he had been instructed by the Davidson Board of county commissioners t o a temporarily hold up recording of these papers until the constitutionality of the statutes involving these matters can be further the letter came against a background of plans being initiated by residents of the one mile area just outside the High Point City limits to test the constitutionality of the state Laws on extra territorial zoning. Some residents of Davidson county have expressed the fear that zoning by the City could damage the prospects they have for financial help from a Federal Agency to secure a sewer system. High Point officials on the other hand were concerned that the City would forfeit its right to zone in the one mile area beyond its City lines if the ordinances were not recorded before july i. The order issued by judge Exum directed that the documents be filed before the deadline because a the City of High Point May suffer irreparable damage in that its authority to appropriately exercise extra territorial zoning Over lands existing within Davidson county May be Davidson county complied to the court order but with an addendum which included the statement that a it will in no Wise jeopardize Davidson county in its efforts to Challenge the constitutionality of the statutes under which the ordinances were councilmen in High Point have indicated they will not stand in the Way of installation of a sewer system in the one mile area. The minutes of the Council include a statement of intention to a a withdraw zoning action upon proof that this legislation also would have to specify the particular circumstances where a death sentence would be Legal. State Law now provides for the death sentence in cases of first degree murder rape first degree burglary and arson. But the Law allows the jury to recommend life imprisonment instead. An outspoken foe of the death penalty rep. Howard Twiggs a Wake predicted an Effort would be made in the legislature to a bring the death penalty into compliance with the opinion of the but he added. A i think whoever attempts to do this will find it very another longtime foe of the death penalty rep. Sneed High a Cumberland expressed the opinion that any attempt to revive the death penalty a is doomed t o High pointed out that legislative foes of capital punishment had grown from nine in 1961 to 46 in the House in 1971. A it is much More difficult to reinstate something Nan to get it off the books a High a junes or midentt1�?� in sewer lines Lor residents. Punishment i we 4 Pooser Rabb Teague Nev staff appointments Are announced at Hrc court order used to file ordinance High Point Enterprise saturday afternoon july i 1972 Page 2-a three new appointments to the administrative staff at High Point College have been announced by or. Wendell m. Patton president of the College. The appointments include Dotty m. Pooser admissions Counselor Charles b. Rabb director of Campus Center and the Rev. Or. Charles p. Teague chaplain. A Brevard native miss Pooser joined the pc staff in Early june. She received her Bachelor of arts degree in English from Salem College in Winston Salem where she was Active in the dramatics department. Her duties at pc include working with High school College Day programs and recruiting students for the College. Prior to coming to pc she served iwo years As assistant directs of admissions at College in Montreat served As distributive education teacher and served As a special education teacher at Marion High school in Marion. She has visited Europe several times and is interested in painting and sports. Rabb a native of Memphis Tenn. Is a graduate of Green Wood High school Greenwood miss. He received his Bachelor of science in recreation from the University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg miss. At the present time he is working on his masters degree in recreation with a minor in student personnel at the University where he has been Active in various phases of Campus activities and Church work. Rash who will assume his duties aug. I will coordinate All social and cultural Campus activities for pc students and faculty members. Since 1969, Rabb has served As assistant d i r e it o r of student activities at the University of Southern Mississippi. Prior to 1969, he served As playground Leader and City Engineer assistant in Greenwood director of playgrounds in Hattiesburg had Active duty in the Mississippi National guard and served As boy scout executive in Laurel miss. He also has served As waterfront director and instructor of Archery at Camp win Aukee a p r i v a t e boys Camp in Center Harbor new Hampshire. The Rev. Or. Teague is a 1968 graduate of High Point College receiving a degree in religion and philosophy. He received his degree in Liberal arts from Brevard Junior College and graduated cum laude from the Candler school of theology Emory University in Georgia. While attending undergraduate schools he was named to the Deans list and held offices in student Christian association Delphian society Kappa Chi fraternity and Golf team. His duties at pc will be to direct All activities held in the Chapel assisting in coordinating All religious activities on Campus and also will be available for counselling. He will begin his duties in july. A Swannanoa native the Rev. Or. Teague is a member of the Western North Carolina conference. He has served As pastor of averys Creek United methodist Church in Arden and has served As youth director at Ousley United methodist Church in Decatur ga., first United methodist Church in High Point and at Groce United methodist Church in Asheville. He has also served As Vesper speaker at Wesley memorial United methodist Church in High Point and Camp Counselor at Camp Rock Mont for boys m Swannanoa. He is married to the former Karen Daune Ward. She has doubts however Fri agent unperturbed by girl applicant by Candy Johnson the Greensboro record Greensboro after 31 years of capturing Bank robbers recovering stolen goods and participating in the most exciting of anti crime ventures Art Lea Wasny to particularly surprised by me. In fact when i went to the Federal Bureau of investigations local office to apply for a Job Lea acted As if it were the most common thing in the world a a girl applying for the position of special agent. And i was the first female Ever to apply in Greensboro. A a in a sure there have been lots in Washington a said Lea. The senior agent Here. A but. You re the first in be he did no to even raise his eyebrows. My purpose was to see if the local office was prepared to handle a woman applicant now that the Fri has announced it is accepting women for a variety of positions including special agent. The application form i brought Back even says in Small heavy Type at the Bottom a the Federal Bureau of investigation is an equal Opportunity the local office Hadnot received much detailed information about All the requirements for women agents. A fall they be told us is women must have the same qualifications As men a Lea told me. I think Lea wanted to know As much about me a that is what kind of girl would apply for such a Job a As i wanted to know about him. He started off asking me How tall i am. A the men have to be 5-foot 7-inches, and i guess the women do too a he said. A a there a also a weight i Felt sure i could get by those but then Lea asked me if i had any business experience. A business experience a i queried somewhat surprised. A yes three years a he said. I guess i could have faked it and said yes but then i knew he would have asked me where and i be Able to think of anything plausible. So i just said no. A i would think an agent would need training in sociology or criminology a i told Lea. A business teaches you some Basic things you need to know a he replied. A some North Carolina is a Leader there is help for the autistic child by Bryan Haislip attn of afternoon dailies Chapel Hill the child locked inside himself is denied the Happy discovery of the world around him. He is a victim of autism a condition defined As self absorption to the exclusion of reality. Traditional psychiatry held that parents were the cause the diagnosis left them floundering in the terrible dilemma of a what did we do wrong with Little Hope for the future. That concept is reversed by a research project in the school of Medicine of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Whatever the cause parents can turn the key to free the autistic child according to or. Erich Schopler and d r. Robert j. Reichler project co directors. Their work has attracted International attention put them in line for a National award and made North Caro Lina a Leader in efforts on behalf of the unfortunate victims. The first statewide program for training autistic children will be copied from the Edu cat ened Model they have created. Under a $550,000 appropriation by the 1971 general Assembly centers will be established in Chapel Hill. Greenville and Asheville in the fiscal year beginning july i. Professional evaluation and therapy Home training and classroom learning will be meshed together through the centers. The program will reach some 200 of the estimated 2.000 tar Heel children suffering from developmental disorders and severe communication handicaps. The distinctive feature of the Schopler Reichler approach is that it uses parents As a major resource. A parents carry a tremendous Burden of anxiety and guilt when they must Deal with a Peculiar and difficult said or. Schopler. A often they have been Given confusing information. They Are left with a sense of failure and a your kind of evaluation is less concerned with the Label for what is wrong with the child than giving the parents an honest assessment a added or. Reichler. A we try to Tell them frankly where the child is. And what they can do now to begin teaching what he can learn a it is useless for example to try to teach the child to imitate language until he has Learned non verbal imitation. Through demonstration parents acquire techniques to use in training the autistic child. A program is devised to be carried out in the setting of the Home. A often the Parent becomes better than the said or. Schopler. He recited a Case history to illustrate what can b e accomplished at age three David had been diagnosed by three psychiatrists As autistic psychotic. He had no language. He was subject to severe temper tantrums lasting As Long As an hour. His posture and hand motions were Peculiar. His parents brought David to Chapel Hill. For three years they worked with their son under the direction of the research project staff. He Learned to speak and entered Public school. A today he is essentially a Normal boy a said or. Schopler. The child research project federally funded has earned for or. Schopler and or. Reichler the nomination for the Hospital and Community psychiatry award Given by the american psychiatric Assn. It will be presented at the associations meeting in St. Louis next september. Visitors from Canada and England have observed the research project. Autism embraces a spectrum of children whose development has been dislocated for a variety of reasons. Or. Schopler is convinced the cause can be biological As Well As psychotic. Most of them Are condemned to institutional custody. Through training in the pattern drawn by or. Schopler and or. Reichler Many can be helped to enter Normal life situations. Many others can be equipped to live at Home. That makes sense of dollars invested in the training program. Care in an institution costs the state $3,000 per year for the lifetime of each inmate. That dwarfs the modest expenditures for education. The rewards Are More than monetary. A it is amazing to see what parents Are willing to undertake for their children a said or. Reichler. A we have seen families respond with enthusiasm and Grace under most demanding circumstances. A times teaching or military service can substitute a he added. After lots More questions from both of us Lea seemed convinced that i was an innocent coed who Wasny to exactly sure what she was doing. At that Point he began pointing out All the reasons he did no to think i would enjoy being a special agent. A most women think that the jobs a Glamour Job a he said. A but its a lot of hard work a one week recently i was up every night until 2 a in. On a stake out a he recalled. He explained that female agents Don t get information the Way the girls in the movies do. A we can get our information a lot cheaper from prostitutes a he said. Then Lea got Down to Bross tacks. A what if you were sent to bring in a 300-Pound Man a he asked. A Well i guess i d have to know something about judo and Jujitsu and i ventured. Lea laughed. A i think it would be better if you did t know anything about those at All a he said. I assume he meant i handle a 300-Pound Man even if i knew All the throwing techniques. Though i was pretty sure postal service gives Lovelace ecology Honor Thomasville Post master William a. Lovelace or. Has been presented a certificate of achievement by the . Postal service for a significant accomplishments in this postal services environmental improvement p r of Gram. The awards Are being presented for the first time this year As incentives to keep Post offices clean and to beautify them. The certificate was presented by r. E. Sharpe acting manager of the Greensboro sectional Center of the postal service. Sharpe also gave Lovelace a letter of commendation from Carl c. Ulsaker of Memphis Tenn., regional postmaster general. Lea was Correct he had rubbed my women a liberation principles the wrong Way. A a Small Man handle a 300-Pound either a i said. We had come to the end of our conversation so i asked for an application form. Quot maybe ill go work for three years and come Back a i said. He brought out to pages Worth of questions which ask woman reports everything from what countries you have visited to the expected a Are you a member of the communist party a i doubt ill Ever fill it out. As we walked out the door we passed the �?o300-Pound Many or someone like him on a bulletin Board showing the ten most wanted criminals. In a sure some women Are entirely capable of handling them a but not me. Purse is stolen from bedroom Shelby Porter of Kroll court told police about i a in. Today that somebody came through a bedroom window of her Home and stole her purse containing three checks totalling $187. She said she came Home and placed her purse in the bedroom then went into the Den to watch television. She said she heard a noise and went to investigate finding the screen off the window and her purse gone. A House on n. Centennial Avenue being used by first Wesleyan Church for storage of tools was entered by kicking open the Back door. Taken was an assortment of tools valued at $201. A window was broken to gain Entrance to Goldston Park Friday and about $4 in change was removed from a vending machine. Ann Toni Rice of it. I Colfax said four wheel covers valued at $168 were stolen off her car while it was parked at College Village. Jimmy Hill of Hendrix Street reported a tape Case and several tapes valued at $86 filched from his vehicle and Linda Rose Pruden of Jamestown said somebody unlocked her car and tried to remove a tape player while the vehicle was parked on a lot at Central High school. Manager Jerry dryer of Bowman Oil co. On n. Hamilton Street said 50 feet of air Hose and a nozzle valued at $16 were stolen Friday. Arrested on charges of driving under the influence of intoxicants Friday were George Dewitt 18, and James Muller 32. Both of Fem Avenue. Arnold w. Phillips 23, of Bassett a. And Carolyn Buck Hill 41. Of Thomaa Ville. Charges of assault with a deadly weapon were lodged against Clarence Willis Herndon 24, of Mark Street Carl Hargrove 74, of Courtesy Road and Christine Mccoy 24. Of Elizabeth Street. Raymond Taylor 29, of Fairview Street and Leo Brown 28, of Grayson Street were both charged with carrying concealed weapons. The High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise. Inc. 210 Church Avenue High Point. N c. 27261 member of the associated press rates by Mau payable in Advance i or. 6 to. 3 a. I to. Daily and sunday $31.20 si5.60 $7.80 $2.60 sunday Only $13 00 $6.50 $1.1$ doily Only $23.40 $11.70 $5 is $1.95 by Carrier ably $.60 monthly $2.60 or. $31.20 Moil Lub Kripton in . Sublet to 3% sales Tai. The associated press is entitled to the use for reproduction of Oil local news printed in this newspaper of Well is Allaf news dispatches. Entered of second Clou matter of the Post office High Point wider act of March 3, 1879. Second Cross postage paid at High Point . Alt carriers dealers and distributors Are Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc. Is not responsible for Advance subscription payments made to them or their representatives. For Home delivery Rote Contact your local Carrier. Word Griffith company notional advertising representatives

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