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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 31, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday january 31, 1140the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina Page nine German ambassador to Vatican asks action on prejudiced broadcasts insulting Reich governor of new annexed territory declares poles much happier Berlin Jan. 31.�? up a Diego a on Bergen. German ambassador to the holy see has called attention of the papal Secretary of state to what he termed a prejudiced broadcasts insulting to the Reich Quot on polish conditions informed sources said today. Winhel Strasse circles said the German diplomats stand amounted to a a a demarche a a term signifying in one sense a change in diplomatic policy. It ritual accounts the Vatican radio station last week broadcast accounts critical of German treatment of the civil and clerical population in the conquered areas of Poland and the polish embassy at the Vatican has issued similar charges. Vatican officials have withheld comment and their newspaper los Aei store Romano has not carried the stories the Vatican radio station is under Church control but the polish accounts broadcast were not official pronouncements of the Church. The polish embassy produced its charges in a pamphlet said by embassy officials to be based on reports to the Vatican from August Cardinal lond primate of Poland. The pamphlet charged that Catholic poles were suffering mass shootings religious persecutions and expulsion from their Homes Arthur Greiser. German governor of Poznan polish District annexed by Germany declared poles Are a much happier under German Rule than they Ever were under the polish regime Quot and that he has no intention of forcing them to move to make room for repatriated germans. A there Are some 350,000 Small farms within my area and 3,400 larger estates on All of which the first Box of Gikas gave him wonderful results w. A Goodman now enjoys full nights of restful sleep eau what he wants with no distress after his meals too Happy to feel so Good again we believe Gly Cas to be the years during which time i had most offed fiend remedy of its kind been unable to find a Medicine to on the Market today. Our opinion give me the results i is based on the thousands of test a continued or. Goodman a a constr Monias that Hev been Given so pation began my health worries freely by men and women of every and then i soon developed fre x j quem kidney and bladder action that called me up Many times every night. Then the foods i ate began to cause me trouble and after every meal i would suffer so with those Gas pains. I would often bloat up until i was miserable. But a Short trial of Gay Cas soon changed this for a ugly Cas is the Best Medicine of my continued or. Goodman Quot from the first few doses i could see a rapid improvement in my condition. My bowels were soon regular and then my appetite improved. Soon i was eating foods i wanted with no distress or discomfort afterwards at i All. I now sleep throughout the walk of life and which expresses entire night getting my much j fully the appreciation of the Many needed rest and sleep without the w to had suffered for years unable la at disturbance. Is it any son to find a medic Meto fit their Der i am feeling better than i have an i in years and is it surprising that a i have Good reason to publicly i a a Klud of speak such a Good Praise this gov Cas i word for this modern ugly Cas said or. W. C. Goodman. 213 Man preparation after All it has done gum ave., High Point a Well tor me. Known local textile worker by the special Gly Cas Man is Trade recently in talking with the daily meeting the local Public at Gly Cas representative at the the Betts drug co., 109 North Betta drug co., 109 North main main Street High Point where he Street this City invites All local people to Call and a i had been ailing for Twenty i see him. Thomas against Aid to Finland socialist Leader Speaks to Carolina political i Ilion Cha Pel Hill Jan. 31.�?- pm a if we Are to take the finnish news reports for the truth they the Rinns done to seem to need much Aid a commented socialist Leader Norman Thomas last he spoke on the general problems facing the United states and touched upon Europe a wars Thomas said he was not against lending Money to Finland a but when we begin making Loans we Are putting our oar in and when we begin setting out stakes we Are becoming nor did he believe that private gifts such As the finnish Relief fund were Likely to arouse emotionalism to a harmful pitch. America s task in this International crisis he said is to make democracy work. A by making democracy work i mean we have to conquer unemployment keep out of War give constant attention to Little decisions on this country s foreign policy and make the people not want to go to voiced disapproval Fie voiced disapproval of Erica s foreign policy and a the United states cannot the worlds guardian the War today Hitler s anniversary address very impressive with background of recent widespread air raids Over England Hubbard l. Burton commits suicide at Davidson Home by Dewitt Mackenzie there is considerable speculation As to whether special meaning is to be attached to the wide spread nazi air raids on Allied shipping during the last two Days hut there Are at least a couple of Good non conflicting answers and them Means there s blood on Europe s Moon. First off. The bombings presumably were intended in part As a fitting martial accompaniment for Herr Hitler s reappearance last night on the speakers Rostrum. Yesterday1�?T� occasion was the seventh anniversary of the fuehrer ascent to the chancellors hip. A a in or am Uaima i it also was the fitting hour for i him to reply to the oratorical blasts of French Premier Daladier i British first lord of the admiralty Churchill and other Allied i ministers who have entered the lists in the Battle of words. I a Hail Victory ending so with claims of devastating i German air raids As a background Herr Hitler made his speech. Like both other belligerents had ended with a Hail with the thumping of chests and the Battle cries of the Trio i stilled for the moment another wholly logical reason for the nazi raids appears. Premier Daladier May have called the turn monday a night when he warned France in a speech that total War with Germany a cannot be Long in he added that it would be former shoe Salesman kills self w till automatic Sun Iii Back Boom of House constructing a crude trigger Extension from twisted coat hangers. Hubbard l. Burton. Or Davidson county Farmer and former shoe Salesman shot himself to doth with a 16-gauge automatic gun at his Home on Thomasville. Route one. Yesterday. Or. F. J. Lancaster. Davidson county Coroner investigated the shooting and conducted an inquest the coroners jury said that the death was suicide. Or. Burton a 14-year-old son come he volts am said. Be an approved president Orose Domestic policy but did no to believe it would succeed entirely. Thomas spoke before the Carolina political Union non partisan student organization at the University of North Carolina. Mem or. It c. Goodman poles can remain if they wish a Greiser said yesterday. Will Settle farms a the 340.000 germans from the Baltic states plus 30,000 More to come As Well As some 70,000 germans from vol Hynia who have been assigned to my District will Settle chiefly on farms abandoned by poles or those formerly belonging to the polish state Quot he praised the polish peasants and said polish prisoners of War were being returned in Large numbers to resume their civilian callings. Greiser said the poles had opened the prisons and asylums Hud that this required him to Rule with a heavy hand when he first took charge. So Long As they do not meddle in politics priests have not been molested he said and Only one priest has been shot in the District. This execution following a court martial. A the polish embassy a pamphlet said 11 priests had been shot to death Quot criminal Quot to underestimate Ger Clinard found his fathers body in Many a formidable War strength. Ii Back room of the House when Tho if Quot raids to my mind repro he returned from school yester rented a a business eng Day afternoon about 4 80 o clock land herself has been wondering and an ambulance was called. In whether a lightning War against a dictations were that the tragedy shipping is at hand. Had occurred about noon yester not major a sea irm Day. Obviously the raids weren t a j no reason for the act was give Joi affairs though the germans in. And or. Hubbard was alone at j certainly were out to sink As Many the time. His head was partially ships As possible with the score or blown off by the blast. Or. Hub More of planes used. There Are Dis j Bard travelled for 23 years for Pule and confusion As to results. I the International shoe co., but it apparently is agreed however. For the past two years had Bee that the assaults were Nasty of farming at the Hubbard Honie fairs in which ships were sunk place about two Miles West of and lives were lost. This City on Burton Street sex a whatever Way one looks at tension these raids the most ambitious surviving Are the widow the former Deb to Angel of Stokesdale a son Clinard. And the Mother mrs. Emma May Charles Burton All of Thomasville route one a brother a. Grady Burton and perhaps destructive yet aimed at shipping would seem to give further indication that the germans Are getting tuned up for a wholesale sir offensive against England As soon As weather comes. The Good j of Thomasville route one a sister. Mrs Van Wheeler of this Mott military experts agree that City. The father Jacob a. Bur such an attack represents the Only ton. Died sometime ago. Chance thus far appearing for or. Burton was bom in David Hitler to smash the naval blockade son county september is. Iski is slow in a son of Jacob a. And Emma Charles Burton and was married in 192 4. He was a world War Veteran. Funeral services will be con transportation-1940 the longest sustained cold weather within the memory of the present generation wrought havoc with those services dependent upon the use of the automobile. We done to have to remind you for no doubt you too have been inconvenienced. We would like to remind you that bus transportation �?1940 Model has been available to High Point with practically sustained schedules during the recent unpleasant weather weather that has crippled most other services. We Are proud of the men in our transportation department who Laboured in the most uncomfortable weather to assure you of this dependable transportation. Replacing hundreds of feet of chains was Only a Small part of this Job. We Are grateful for the Opportunity of serving you and Trust that those patrons who have used the buses for the first time during this weather will continue to be our regular patrons. Which most certainly strangling Germany we shall see a new Type of warfare if this drive materializes. Nobody knows How effective the new air warfare May be because ducted thursday afternoon at the Only time it has been used on 2 30 of clock at Sechrest funeral a considerable scale was in to Home Chapel by or. O. C. Willard it was devastating in that j Damson pastor of the first pres bloody Blitzkrieg. However the by Terian Church and interment polish defense against air raids 1h be made in Oakwood memory was weak. Whereas the allies both 11 Park cemetery claim to be All set to meet Ber in s threatened a blood funeral held today to Many observers have been look fun maj. J. W. Neal ing for Hitler to direct an Early major offensive against the nuts funeral services for mrs. Floe Erous important East coast ports a nce a. Neal 72, widow of Of England. These include Lon-1 w no a w to died at a local Don Dover. Folkestone Harwich Hospital at la of clock sunday Hull Newcastle and Leith. Morning following Burns received some 51,000,000 tons of Ocean at or Home. 909 North main shipping enters the harbours Nam-1 8treet shortly after to of clock saturday morning were conducted tuesday afternoon at 2 of clock from the first Baptist Church in Walnut Cove the service were in charge of Rev. It. L. Ruth. Pastor of the Pilgrim Church and Rev. R. H Britt the pastor. During the services a male quartet composed of a. E Meadows c. L. Price. James Johnson and Baron Seal Sang. A the City foursquare a a mixed quartet Sang Quot face to face and the Church choir Sam a my latest Sun i sinking Flowers were carried by friends and neighbors. A Large concourse of friends and relatives were present for the last rites. Pallbearers were Ralph Neah i Roger Neal Vance Smith liar-1 become Portal Telegraph. Thom in Ltd w re in Normal years. This is More Ihan half of Britain a vast foreign shipping. Loudon alone handles a tonnage of . The German idea would be to destroy not Only shipping in the English Channel and North sea but especially to wipe out both ships and docks in the ports. Could such a scheme be carried out it would represent a devastation so terrible that the imagination refuses to picture it in Advance. Postal Telegraph firm reorganized interment was made in the Allen family cemetery near Meadows n. C. Duke Power company office hours 8 30 a. M. To 5 p. Of. 233 South main Street phone 2700 elks to observe past exalted rulers night past exalted rulers night will muscular backache sore Ness stiffness pains aches if first Good rubbings with soothing warming Muat Erole Don t bring you glorious Relief from those torturing muscular aches and pains due to cold by through the reorganization. A l aboard it. Joseph to. A Harry Griffith May take it train ride from Muscotah kus., to Atchison kas., if h ticket he found in his late Uncle s papers is still Good. The ticket dated sept. 12. I set Lins no time limit. He s sending it to the Missouri Pacific Railroad office Al St. Of the skin to help ease local congestion and pain. Used by millions for Over 30 years 3 strengths regular. Children s mild and extra Strong 40v. Youthful negro saved from death Raleigh Jan. pm Richard Mayes is negro con cited in Mecklenburg county of Hist degree burglary will not die in the Gas chamber. In commuting the Aegis death sentence to life imprisonment governor holy said yesterday that a it seems to me tile ends of Justice do not require the death penalty and that it is proper to show mercy in this Mayes broke into the Home of i. \. Fowler near Charlotte last july. Many Mecklenburg county citizens asked that the negroes life be spared. Luring he Engineer and announcer away from the microphone at Ascot racecourse in Melbourne Australia Crooks broadcast the result of a race in code then gave a running commentary As if a race were then taking place the fake costing bookmakers thousands of dollars. Tips on income tax no. 2 i Ohms for making rett uns forms for filing returns of income for 1939 have been sent to persons who filed returns last year. Failure to receive a form however does not relieve a taxpayer of his obligation to file his return and pay the tax on time on or before March 15 if the return is made on the Calendar year basis As is the Case with most individuals. Forms May be obtained upon request written or personal from offices of collectors and from Deputy collectors of internal Revenue in the larger cities and towns. A person whose net income for 1939 was derived from salary wages dividends inter-1 est and annuities and was not i in excess of $5,000 should make his return on form 1040a. A person whose net income was in excess of $5,000 or. Regardless of amount was derived from a business profession rents or Sale of property is required to use form 1040, failure to use the proper forms presents do it shies to both tile taxpayer i the Bureau of infernal reveal therefore it is emphasized of a taxpayer who is liable Fen return and is engaged in a till Ness or profession is required use form 1040. The return must be filed la the collector of internal Rove for the District Iii which the to payer has his Legal residence principal place of business on before Midnight of March 1140. The tax May be paid full at tile time of filing the turn or in four equal inf merits due on or before Mal a december 15. Ninety huge crates contain 3.ooo toys which arrived in la Don for distribution to naval pots bore a note Reading Quot Fri the mothers of French sailors the children of British seat who have died in the Aiu 29.19 Miles per gallon in America s greatest Gas Economy contest you save As much As 10% to 25% a mile Studebaker Champion ii in a Quot ome in today and take out a Champion for a drive. See How Safe and steady it is How easily it handles now luxuriously it s upholstered and a Eoin cd. Marry motorists who ave owned the other 3 leading Low est Price cars say this Stude Haker Champion exceeds the 10% to 25 7� greater Economy that Studebaker engineers designed it to give. You pay Only As Little As Low est Price car. Easy i t. Terms. Three Studebaker beat All other cars in 1940 Glim or Yoi to its sets Pitakos the three Studebaker a ail Stock cars equipped with Studebaker Low extra Cost overdrive finished one. Two. Three in the 1940 Gilmore Yosemite Gas Economy sweepstakes against the pick of the nation s can under american automobile association supervision. Studebaker phom. 4349 ,i. Tirk ind Habra i Leming ration inc 119 nor i h main is inc., an Independent company word was received Here loftily by the management of postal Telegraph from new York to lha effect that postal Telegraph. Inc., had been established As a completely Independent company �?T1 observed in the Lodge room of with its of ii Independent Stock Hie elks Home at 7 80 thursday holders and Board of directors. A Ifft. February 8. It was an to carry on postal s 59-year-old1 nuanced today by p. C. Smith sex us Minesa. Ailed ruler. Sitting in the company a a Board a i18�?T exalted rulers Are sex loom in the original building peeled to be present and will fill constructed by postal a founder the various stations of the Lodge. The late John Vav. Mackay this a Buffet dinner will be served new Board of directors yester-1 in the dining room at 6 45 of clock i Day took the necessary Steps to and other entertainment will be Trike Over ownership and opera provided dining the meeting lion of tile Domestic Laud line a Complete program will be an a system of postal Telegraph. Denounced Early next week win f. Film land president pre a sided at the meeting. The of a the b Irish army has a film crating personnel consisting of school where classes Are taught 1 4.000 employees servicing the Hgt moan of pictures which ii postal network throughout the lust Al the latest developments United states will carry on in and Maneu vers in warfare Der the new corporate Structure. I Steps taken today completed the reorganization under a court order signed by Federal judge Alfred c. Coxe. Improvements in the company a service will be continued president Chinlund said. W. H. Hill manager of the local office said today that the various specialized services developed for the convenience of the company a patrons would be continued and its service i All mean see your doctor. But Muat Erole strengthened and improved usually does the work Muat Erole gives Quick Relief because ifs More than a just a ifs a wonderful soothing Quot counter irritant w hich penetrates the outer layers ice cold coca cola a pure wholesome and delicious a has made the pause that refreshes americans favorite moment. Everybody welcomes the refreshed feeling a the Happy after sense of Complete refreshment coca cola always brings. The pause that bottled under authority of thi coca cola co. By coca cola bottling co. Of High Point j.,Washington St of it phone

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