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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 27, 1974, High Point, North Carolina At wit s end f game shows designed for Stout hearted souls High Point Enterprise sunday january 27, 1974 13b National officer to address Aba by Erma Bombeck a woman cannot watch 95 game shows a week let alone participate in them without showing some signs of deterioration. By the time in be climbed a Pyramid matched a Hamster Square with a forfeit bid too High on a snowmobile picked the wrong curtain on let s make a Deal and come up with the president who invented the folding chair on jeopardy who is Thomas Jefferson to a Basket Case. Every week the games seem to get More involved. The prizes More fabulous and the contestants More frenzied. I have seen these poor housewife contestants run the emotional Yoyo from hysterical to Rabid. Frankly i done to know How much longer thay can continue under the Strain. It came As Little Shock the other afternoon when i turned into a new game show called a coronary a the game was relatively simple to follow. A contestant was asked to select a number which corresponded to a balloon. When she broke it. A Little card fell out telling her what she had won. It went something like this. A hang on Bernice a said the Moderator. A do you know what you have won a Bernice shakes her head numbly a you have won $125,000�?� As the band plays a Happy Days Are Here again a Bernice jumps 15 feet off the floor and throws her arms around the Moderator s neck and begins to weep uncontrollably. He holds up his hand for silence a in italian lira Bernice. Do you know How much that is in american Money about $48.12. Too bad Bernice but wait. You Are going 16 pick up the lira in an italian Bank. You have won a three week trip to Rome a Bernice clutches her Chest and sways dizzily As the band starts up again. She grabs the moderators sleeve. A a that a Rome new York a he grins. Bernice slumps again emotionally drained. A but wait look what you la be wearing to new the curtain opens to reveal a $4,000 Mink coat. The Moderator helps her put it on. Bernice manages a weak smile and a wave to the audience. A unfortunately it s not your size. Too bad Bernice had it fit you would have walked out of Here in a $4,000 Mink coat with a Swiss Bank account for $100,000 in the Bernice faints dead away on the floor. The Moderator bends Over her a you did no to stay conscious Bernice. Those Are the rules but since you be been such a sport no one goes away empty handed. For your Consolation prize we have a personalized pacemaker. Let s hear it for Bernice. A furniture capital chapter of american business women a Assn. Will sponsor their annual Bosses night banquet on monday at the Owca. Featured speaker will be the National president Vivian Gardner of Wilmington. Mrs. Gardner has been Active in Aba for 14 years having been president and woman of the year in three chapters. Nationally she served As the 197172 Southeastern District vice president. Mrs. Gardner has earned the Diamond Star award and has sponsored ill business women for. Membership. Aba s new National president is a licensed real estate broker for Harbour associates in w Ilmington. In her Community she is a member of the new Hanover memorial Hospital auxiliary and serves As choir member sunday school teacher and Secretary of women of the Church at Oak Grove presbyterian Church. Mrs. Gardner is married to Henry e. Gardner and is the Mother of three children. This year Marks the Silver anniversary of the Aba which was founded in 1949 at Kansas City mo., by Hilary a. Bufton or. Last year 439 scholarships were awarded through Aba chapters and More than $90,000 Given in scholarships. Furniture capital chapter is sponsoring four girls for scholarships. Officers of the local group Are mrs. Shirley Johnson president mrs. Marilyn Crater vice president mrs. Rachel Duncan corresponding Secretary mrs. Joyce Haymore recording Secretary and mrs. Bobbie White treasurer. Mrs. Gardner credit discrimination against women is easing by Betty Yarmon new York was a discrimination against women in the matter of getting credit which has become a particular irritant in these Days of increasing parity Between the sexes seems to be easing. Reports from around the country indicate that Banks retailers and even credit card companies Are beginning to have second thoughts about Blanket denials of credit to women. Traditionally credit dispensing institutions seem to have acted on the Assumption that women automatically were greater credit risks than men. This attitude had been softened toward single working women True although often they have lost their credit ratings on marrying either servicemen with Low incomes or students. Wives were Given consideration so Long As they came in under their husband s credit ratings but often this stopped on a husband s death or on a divorce. And a working Divorcee has gotten the Back of the hand from lenders the reasoning going something like this her income is unreliable since her sex husband May default on child support or Alimony and she must take time off from her Job if she or her children Are ill. Since women Are still being paid considerably less than men for comparable work a about a third less at current estimates although the Gap is closing a its tempting to counter such arguments by pointing out that women have financial disabilities just because they have been discriminated against. It s the old Story epitomized in the jewish lament a you kick us then blame us for being lame. But current realities Are probably More important in changing traditional attitudes. Apart from the fact that women control a sizable sea credit on 14b game claim arouses callers Sheffield England was a Robert army age 25, advertised in local newspapers a backgammon probably the most interesting game in the world. The Calls were embarrassing. A i was surprised How Many replies came from women who had never heard of backgammon but imagined that i was offering some Kinky sex service a he said. A when i explained the game some thought i was joking. Others just Hung carpet cleaning Walls All floors win00ws commercial and Homes by Jim Crawford contract janitorial service Piedmont maintenance free estimates phone 883-0483 open mondays 6 30-6 30 one hour no a attn in a a Mumm cd a tip a j Thi most in dry cleaning big savings same prices As in 1950 open mondays 6 30-6 30 jse3sm Bah ram a i can a All dry cleaning with Coupon. 5 shirts on hangers or folded. 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