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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - January 27, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile High Point Enterprise sunday january 271s74 5a or rus l Mccarter sunday accent race for Senate time for testing by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer rep Wilmer Mizell says he is still weighing the prospects of his candidacy for the United states Senate seat now held by sen Sam j Ervin or the Republican con Gressman from the fifth District first declared he would make his decision known by feb 1 now he says he will decide within the next two weeks there is no doubt that Mizell is tempted by the Opportunity the Senate offers a better measure of Job Security and a larger forum for seemingly statesmanlike conduct than the House and it would seem in the Wake of the Republican victories in North Carolina in 1972 that 1974 would continue the gop tide in the state the retirement of sen Ervin from the Senate certainly enhances the prospects for republicans yet the hesitancy of Mizell in deciding on his candidacy May be due in part to the uncertainty Over just who the democratic candidate will be at the moment the democratic uncertainty is not All that great the democratic candidate for the Senate is almost sure to be atty Gen Robert Morgan the other announced candidate Henry Hall Wilson is a dim and unfamiliar figure to most North Carolina democrats Nick Galifianakis is reported to be considering the race although he has Given no Public Indica Tion what his plans Are but Galifianakis was Defeated in the 1972 Senate race and it is doubtful he could Best Morgan in the democratic primary one suspects that Mizell would definitely be the Republican candidate for the Senate if it were certain that Galifianakis would be the an editors Outlook democratic candidate Mizell could then repeat the successful formula used by sen Helms in defeating Galifianakis in 1972 Galifianakis would be the irresponsible Liberal while he Mizell would stand for responsible conservatism a race against Morgan would not be that simple in fact an encounter Between Morgan and Mizell would raise any number of interesting opportunities to learn More about the present nature of the democratic party in North Carolina and the depth of the newfound strength of the Republican party in the state at a meeting of republicans in the first congressional District last week Mizell was introduced As a Man who would promote the conservative cause in this state and speak for the conservative people then Mizell would be seeking to those people among whom Morgan has his strongest support that is those democrats who voted for i Beverly Lake and George c Wallace and who feel an emotional identification with East Carolina University in its fight for a medical school against those people of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill a race Between Morgan and Mizell would be a race Between two North Carolina conservatives in which one has Strong associations throughout the state and in areas in which the other is hardly known even by name this Factor More than any other May be behind Mizels hesitancy but one result of such an election could be the clearest picture of any that has emerged in recent years of the comparative strengths and nature of Republican conservatism and democratic conservatism in North Carolina or rus l Mccarter creative renewal for the Church by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer Thomas Wolfe himself might Well have pondered Over the circumstances which joined a scotch Irish presbyterian and a German lutheran for a life together in Gastonia and that one of three children born of this Union would some Day be the minister of a Small lutheran Church in High Point a City of Strong methodist Quaker and Baptist leanings in nearly equal portions and that in the quiet Demeanour of this Young minister would be a scholar of theology a student of con temporary German theologians seeking new ways for the renewal of the Church As a creative Force in a secular world or rus l Mccarter pastor of St Michaels lutheran Church sees nothing quite so unusual in his life however he is a minister because of the particular influence of his Mother and his own concern for political and social conditions in the world that concern was evident last tuesday when or Mccarter was the speaker for the Public affairs forum at Adams memorial Owca the topic for his talk was com Mon cause which is also the name of the National citizens movement founded More than five years ago by John Gardner its purpose is to in crease citizen awareness in government and improve the integrity of the governmental process or Mccarter has been a member of common cause since 1969 while a resident of Virginia he spoke often to groups in that state about the concerns of common cause since coming to High Point in 1971 he has helped in efforts to increase membership in com Mon cause Here his interest in political and social problems has been with him since he was a student in High school in Gastonia he remembers that one Day a teacher who knew of his in Terest persisted in asking if he intended to go to College i was afraid she was going to Tell me i had failed a test or Mccarter remembers the teacher explained however that an agent of the Federal Bureau of investigation was visiting the school she wanted her Young Pupil to talk to him i think you should join the Fri she said but the teenage boy was already thinking of the ministry his Mother Rtuh Hallman had wanted to be a missionary in the lutheran Church but her Mother had refused to give her permission so Ruth Hallama married Alva Lee Mccarter and under her influence the family became lutheran instead of presbyterian or and mrs Mccarter still make their Home in Gastonia of their three children the oldest son also lives in Gastonia the Only daughter who is the youngest child is the wife of the Rev Gary Lyerly minister of St Johns lutheran Church in Asheboro i suppose my Mother turned out to be a missionary after All or Mccarter com ments smiling he himself went to Lenoir Rhyne College where he received his bachelors degree with a major in history he earned his masters degree in divinity from lutheran theological Seminary in Columbia so the subject for his dissertation was the existentialist View of Man for his doctorate in theology and culture or Mccarter studied at Drew University in Madison no he wrote his doctoral dissertation on the subject worship As symbolic action the subtitle is the role of worship in the Mission of the Church in a secular age his dissertation As described by or Mccarter deals with the meaning of worship the forms of worship and the functions of the worshipping Community in View of contemporary cultural patterns and redefinitions of the Church Mission he has been influenced in his own thinking or Mccarter acknowledges by such con temporary German theologians As Bonhoeffer Tillich and Bultmann he reads them in German their meaning is altered or mis understood sometimes in translation he said Bonhoeffer is often mis understood for example Over the expression religion less christianity which appears in the English translations but what he is saying in the German is otherworldly As compared to worldly religion he Calls for a religion with its emphasis on this world rather than the otherworld ordained in 1967 As a minister in the lutheran Church of America or Mccarter was pastor of a Church in Buchanan a and was on the staff of the Virginia lutheran Synod As coordinator for the priority program Justice and social change before coming to High Point St Michaels lutheran Church is on n main Street at the skeet club Road intersection the Small congregation has been organized for 10 years and the Church building is six years old during his pastorate or Mccarter has led the congregation in con temporary worship services while also continuing to observe traditional lutheran worship forms he has done a great Deal of writing some of which Heel pets to be published in the near future he is also involved among other activities in creative renewal con Sutlive services for Church and society and is a member of the committee for continuing education for ministers of the North Carolina Synod or Mccarter is married to the former Linda Lockard of Winston Salem they have two sons Luther and Loren the family lives on Mulberry Lane near St Michaels Church spotlight on education first three years crucial in Childs education by or Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Alliance new York the first three years of a Childs life will often determine his intellectual development in later years studies now show that the Home can affect the future academic achievement of children Long before they enter school a Long Range project begun by prof Burton l White of Harvard University graduate school of education in 1965 has turned up startling evidence that May drastically change the nations educational program or White wants educators to get involved in the Early Home life of their students if education is to have any lasting effect on children or White who is director of the Harvard preschool project maintains school officials must Institute a new Type of informal schooling in which teachers work with parents and preschoolers in the childrens own Homes by watching children or White and his staff hoped to determine what things were pleasant for a child and what were actually crucial for optimal growth to do this the Harvard educator sought out children both those judged to be exceptionally competent and those who plainly fell at the other end of the line the goal was to find out what conditions led to the differences Between them exceptionally Able children called and those of inferior intelligence called from Ages one through six years were studied in no time at All or White and his team noted that the three Earold As in most ways seemed More competent than their c elders As or White put it perhaps with some exaggeration its All Over by age three kids can Start to lose potential after their first birthday and its hard to turn them around after three As a corollary to this Obser vation it was evident that if something made a difference in children so Young it must be the Home that determined it because Small youngsters have few other influences the researchers hoped by observing families doing an outstanding Job and those doing poor ones to help sift out those childbearing practices that seemed crucial to Good development after screening More than 15000 families Over a 16month period 33 children from All backgrounds whose histories of older Brothers or Sisters indicated that they would develop either As As or is were selected for observation once every three weeks for six months of the year these children were visited in their Homes by or Whites team All children from whatever Type of family seem to be much alike during the first year of life but Between 10 and 18 months differences in competencies especially cognitive abilities emerged from then on the die seemed cast and the Gulf Between the As and is widened Ever More As time went on to or White it is obvious that until about the first birthday families do not differ greatly in the Way they treat their infants children tend to resemble each other and All Are curious about exploring their world visually but then three things begin to happen simultaneously the child begins to move about to comprehend language and to develop into a demanding and negative personality any family capacity to rear children is put to a severe test most a mothers seem less worried about the possible accidents clutter and interference their crawling youngsters May create and allow them to run free the c mothers seem More concerned with Good housekeeping and More liable to plop their children in playpens with some toys the free children will move from one exploration to another exposing themselves to Many learning situations unlike the penned children whose insatiable curiosity cannot be fed by a few toys what seems to put the most demand on a growing infants Mother is its personality change from a Happy and compliant Oney Earold to a negative and demanding 14or 15monthold the c mothers seem less equipped to Deal with this and May become Overly punitive or Overly acquiescent one exasperated Mother complained Thatcher clinging child stuck like flypaper having shown How family rearing practices have a marked effect on children or Whites next step is to show How those practices can be changed markedly As Well Harvard the childrens Hospital medical Center and the Brookline mass school system have joined together to form the Brookline Early education project this project sponsored in part with a Carnegie Corpora Tion Grant Hopes to Monitor children from birth until for Mal schooling begins for health problems which May interfere with their Normal develop ment the project will help parents enhance the pay roaming the Piedmont unusual gift suggested on birthday Enterprise staff writer advice is Seldom wanted and less often heeded but dear Reader if you will take my advice you will Hie with the Speed of a supersonic Jet from the area of one addicted with the flu the ver Sion of which i am still striving to get Well from what started As a ticklish Throat turned into a deep seated cold or flu that in Short order Laid me lower than the under portion of lows lung Dachshund and that is somewhat Low one might describe the coughing that accompanied the malady As the of key Barking of a Mongrel of disrepute also i was told that my looks were worse than some of those shaggy dogs you often hear about to keep the description along canine lines that shaggy look brought on some discussion of what might loosely be termed an Odd birthday present it happening that my birth anniversary came along while i was ill my wife stopped by the Barber shop and told Junior Johnson that i had been by earlier before he got there his reply i was told was to effect that he was then there and would be More than glad to part me from my fast thinning locks but he was told Hes at Home in bed sick with the flu Well Junior said ill be glad to go out to the House to Cut his hair there is where the birthday part came in since this conversation occurred on that Date the wife thought that would indeed be an Odd birthday gift a Deal thank goodness it was decided not to implement this plan birthday or not i have enough trouble getting Loose hair out from under my Collar and shudder to think what i would have done with some of the excess bristles in the pad with me animals people and fish in South Africa mixture by Jenkin Lloyd Jones general features Syndicate Cape town South Africa the new Jersey sized Kruger game preserve along South Africa Border with Mozambique is a catches catch can zoo with no keepers running around with food buckets and no feeding hour it is a place of endless alertness but it is not quite like War in human War we kill and kill again until the Quarry flee or Are exterminated or surrender in Kruger Park while fleeing is incessant the futility of surrender is balanced by the peace full bellies bring krugers Eaton beaten society consists of a herbivorous proletariat of diners a carnivorous Middle class of and a Small aristocracy of diners chiefly Lions and crocodiles a few no carnivores the hippos Rhinoceros Buffalo and giraffes live charmed lives because of toughness meanness or strength but in general preservation depends on Sharp eyes sensitive noses and Broad leaps the lordly elephants Are gone for the moment and the Ranger at Skuk Uza says they have drifted Over the Mozambique line smart As elephants Are this was not Wise for there Are Ivory Hunters there away from the tourist Camps and lodges visitors Are not allowed to leave their cars and to the newcomers this seems silly for the great Savannah appear so empty but this is deceptive the stalking animals do not Adver Tise themselves in the Groves and grass and tumbled Cairns Only a Quick swish would precede the tearing away of a mans face or the snapping of the neck so the wildebeest which Are great night watchmen make common cause with the zebras which Are Alert by Day the Graceful Impala follow them closely the Kli springers stand upon High rocks and the hartebeest Graze Only where the vision is Clear once years ago in Kenya i sat laughing in a beleaguered Volkswagen As Baboons tried to pull the windows Down and now As i encounter a tribe on the Kruger Road i Stop As they leap aboard the Hood and roof and scratch grinning at the panes Kruger rules strictly forbid the feeding of animals but i am alone on the track and theres a Box of sugar cookies there is a chattering squealing and fighting As the sweets Are passed through the cracked window Many minutes later when i have finally shaken the last of the beggars it occurs to me that the Rule is right and i have been both stupid and unkind for animals that come to depend on handouts lose sur Vival Power and what begins As a gift is soon demanded frustrated the animals become vicious and eventually must be destroyed Baboons belong to the suborder anthropoid a anthropoid Means like a Man Swaziland an Allback kingdom nearly surrounded by South Africa gained its in dependence Only six years ago unlike Many new african states there is no tribal War fare for the swazi Are homogeneous a Little smaller than Massachusetts it possesses the longest reigning Monarch in the world King Souza ii who was named King designate at his birth 75 years ago even under British and South african control he was doing All the local bossing As Early As 1921 and although he rules gently through a Council he is the last word Beautiful Swaziland resembling Switzerland helps support itself with casinos and postage Stamps the Back Road through Border Gate is a rough dirt track through villages of con ical grass huts but eventually there is pavement and the two chief towns Manzini and Mbabane Are clean and modern the swazi fought their Way into South Africa from Mozambique about 1750 except for the hapless Hottentots who were largely carried off by smallpox South Africa is a Story of Many invasions All at about the same time As the afrikaners moved North and East they met the zulus Matabele Rosa and swazi coming from the opposite direction this is the basis of the afrikaners claim that there Are few natives of South Africa the stuffed coelacanth gives you an ancient stare in the Pietermaritzburg museum until a trawler hooked one at 40 fathoms off East London in 1938 this Yard Long fish with its rudimentary Tail and vicious Teeth was supposed to have been extinct for at least 60 million years the Date of the most recent Fossil finds now a new one turns up off South Africa every year or two the coelacanth has been virtually unchanged in 350 million years species Homo Sapiens of the order of Homin idae got going Between 40000 and 100000 years ago and is already preparing to blow himself off the Earth with atom bombs perhaps the coelacanth will attend our funeral forty Miles South of gorgeous Cape town the Waters boil beneath the Lighthouse at Cape of Good Hope nearly everyone thinks that the Bottom of Africa but it int the True southernmost Point is Cape Agulhas 100 Miles East Bysouth in 1488 Bartholomeu Diaz of Portugal rounded the first Cape and saw the land trending East it want a cinch but it was a Good Hope that the end of the Long continent was at hand and the Way to the spice islands was open but an italian adventurer who had a poor idea of the size of the Earth dreamed of a shortcut and a Spanish Queen thought she could Ace a portuguese King that Why american history began four years later Cho logical and educational development of their offspring the project teachers try to make parents More aware of child development principles especially those related to learning stages Brookline school officials Are keeping detailed individual profiles on project children by working with parents in different ways from providing material on child development to systematic Home visits the beep staff Hopes to see what Type of help May be the most effective method of nurturing a Childs growth How the infants who Are Only months old now will do in the Long run is hard to guarantee but we know that the first years of life May the later years especially in terms of intellectual development it would seem that children should be both seen and heard Davidson dateline newsmen get Story at secret meet byte Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville during the previous City administration it was generally accepted though never proved that the members of the City Council sometimes tiptoed around the Law prohibiting closed meet Ings they even May have violated the state act outright at the end of Council sessions for instance word would occasionally circulate around the Council chamber for members to remain a few minutes after the meeting questions about the Agenda for the extra session always brought the replay its really nothing meekly the members of the press exited without protest the new Council some of whose members ran on a plat form of open government met for its second session last monday and at the end of the meeting word was passed that there would be discussion about the school following adjournment the school we of the press wondered what about the school displaying rare courage for a Craven Trio of reporters we decided to stick to our guns if the councilmen wanted to hold a meeting about the school they have to do it with us in the room either that or they have to throw us out by this time the Corner where we were seated was fairly overflowing with Pontif ical self righteousness the chamber eventually cleared except for the six members of the Council a couple of City employees and three nearly indignant newspaper people All three of us were congratulating ourselves for our fortitude Well show them we muttered our Defiance paid off the councilmen quickly disposed of the in full View of the press what was it All about next month the Institute of government in Chapel Hill is holding a seminar for municipal office holders and the councilmen had to decide monday whether they would attend the school we showed them All right they plainly saw the egg on our faces during the formal session monday the Council settled one of the More pressing issues of the moment they decided what color to paint the town water tank till be sky Blue the same As it is now one might logically ask if that was a momentous Issue then what in the hell is trivial1 in a script for the old Andy Griffith show refinishing the town water tank might be Worth a 30minute including commercials controversy the Andy Griffith show though was hardly a reflection of reality not even Small town reality discussion Here about the paint Job began last summer when the local chapter of the civitan club presented a most unusual proposal to the City Council instead of making the tank As inconspicuous As Possi ble which a majority of the people evidently think is their idea was to fix the thing so that till be noticed the Civitano suggested that the tank be decorated to resemble a Crown the Council deferred the matter until december when newly installed councilman Dalton Myers asked that the decision again be postponed he wanted to give his constituents further Opportunity to let him know How they Felt they did just that in whole Sale fashion last monday he moved that the tank be repainted its pre sent color and the Council approved the motion without dissent i do appreciate the work the civitan club did Myers said before the vote but the Calls i got were All in favor of painting it Light Blue at least its now certain that no one will Call the chair City a tank town tank heavens

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