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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - January 27, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 2a Hick Point Enterprise sunday Jamar 1174 fires take four lives during j 973 kid Hayes occur until dec 28when the fifteen Riam mtr Iii i 4 by Forrest Gates it May be due to some flaw in my character but i have never been Able to stand a Pushy horse i mean i dont personally have anything against horses in general i just want to take one Home for lunch or something like that the reason in telling you All this when you probably Don t want to know i because there is this certain horse right Here in Hicksville who is real Pushy the horse lives in a barnyard Over on the Edge of town the reason i got in the barnyard was Art Richardson the photographer and i had to shoot a picture of some houses a Dart figured that the Best shot was from the barnyard you know How it is nowadays with everybody Riding cars and getting milk from a Dairy a fellow can go into All the barnyard he wants to and never run across a horse or cow or Goat or anything else that might kick bite or butt so i went into the barnyard without any qualms expect that i had better sense than to try to climb a four foot Barb wire Fence with legs so i found a Gate and went in the Sissy Way but Art did too and Hes a lot younger when we got inside i found evidence that the barnyard was inhabited by some four legged Critter i advised Art of this deduction and further advised him against getting Between me and the Gate in Case the Critter turned out to be larger than an Alley cat for a Little while things went along All right with Art lining up his camera on the houses across the Way prudently ignoring my advice on How he ought to set his camera for the shot but All of a sudden i realized that both of us were in a Shadow while the Sun shone brightly All around us i further perceived that the cause of the a great Damn big horse standing right there Between Art and me looking me straight in the Eye sort of smiling with its lip curled up a Little like it was trying to be smart or something like i said i like horses at arms length preferably with a Good Stout Fence Between my predicament was that i didst want the horse to know that i was afraid of her i didst particularly want Art to know that i was afraid of the horse but i figured that if one or the other had to know id rather it be Art because he Doest kick bite or butt As far As i Ever heard of anyway it turned out i didst have to Tell either one of them because by that time the Mare had quit giving me the Eye and had switched her full attention to Art i figured it was the same old Story you know How women Are All crazy about photographers and United states marines anyway that fool horse fell head Over heels for Art on sight she kept siding up to him playfully pulling at the Back of his jacket and nuzzling the Back of his neck while he was trying to take pictures it didst seem to bother Art you know it was kind of like he was used to having lady horses kiss him on the neck while he was taking pictures i kept saying shoo to the horse but real quiet like so As not to change her mood and maybe Force myself into having to try that Barb wire Fence instead of wasting time on the Gate the horse either didst know what shoo Means or considered me of absolutely no consequence because she refused to shoo after he got through taking the pictures of the houses Art agreed to let me take a picture of him and the horse just in Case one or the other might want a memento of the occasion later like i told Art it would be better than giving up a lock of his hair seeing How he Doest have but maybe a half dozen in All and that just about started ol1 Art to kicking biting and butting when we left the horse was standing there in the barnyard sort of sighing and looking pensive in a Mullish sort of Way Art said what it probably was was the horse was lonesome let me say this about that i can understand her being lonesome what i cant understand is Why she picked Art Over me by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer four persons died during 1973 As the result of fires according to yearly figures just released by the fire department three persons died As the result of fires during 1972 and it appeared the figure might be the same this past year the fourth fire death did not occur until dec 28 when the body of mrs Johnne Helen Small Lane 43 of 525 Guilford ave was found in her Frame House damage to the House was relatively minor with Only the Couch on which mrs lanes body was found having any major fire damage there was smoke damage to other parts of the Home fifteen firemen were injured while fighting fires to 10 during 1972 the number of civilians injured during fires remained the same at 14 fire damage also was up during the immediate past 12 months As compared to 1972 firemen reported total property loss of in 1973 and 1375200 the year before the number of Calls received by the department also was up Over the year before a total of 1444 Calls were answered during 1973 As compared to 1236 in 1972 the largest increases in types of Calls received by the department came in accidental and false alarms a total of 183 false Calls came in to the department in 1973 As compared to 123 in 1972 figures for accidental alarms during the two periods compared at 89 to 60 to the report listed the four major causes of fires in 1973 by order of the number received As electric appliances and motors grease on stoves Oil burners and defective electric wiring the largest single increase in any one category of causes of fires was in defective or overheated chimneys and flues those figures Rose from six in 1972 to 20 in 1973 in the area of fire prevention the report listed a total of 14820 inspections As compared to 18163 for 1972 nurses Jodie Odland and Jackie Mcgowan watch Over mrs Tommie Cook Hospital offers dialysis service by Cathy Packer Enterprise staff writer mrs Tommie Cook spends 12 hours a week just staying alive they Are leisurely hours she lies in bed for six hour stretches cat napping snacking and talking to the two nurses who watch Over her the nurses also watch the kidney dialysis machine which painlessly cleanses the impurities from mrs Cooks blood since her kidneys failed last May mrs Cook 55 has undergone dialysis twice each week until december she was travelling to Duke University Hospital for the treatments now she Only has to go As far As High Point memorial Hospital memorial has had the dialysis apparatus for several years but mrs Cook is its first regular customer Hospital officials Are pushing to train the personnel needed to set up and Monitor the machine in order to expand its use even further the Lack of trained personnel is what has kept the machine Idle in the past but the machine has already solved a lot of problems for mrs Cook and her husband Clarence Cook residents of friends Avenue when travelling to Duke Cook was forced to take off two Days a week from work to accompany his wife they had to Rise at 4 am in the morning to be in Durham for a 7 am treatment besides the expense and inconvenience this served to complicate the doctors order that mrs Cook not tire herself you feel real Good the next Day after your treatment Here mrs Cook said i go ahead with my chores at Home its so much better than going to Duke but it was the Federal government that solved what was perhaps the Cooks biggest problem effective july 1 1973 the government began picking up the tabs for the dialysis treatments of patients who had been undergoing dialysis for at least three months before that the patients had been paying astronomical medical Bills during the first six weeks after her kidneys failed mrs Cook stayed at Duke for 13000 each of her subsequent biweekly treatments Cost about apiece insurance covered some of the expenses and the rest came out of their rapidly diminishing savings mrs Cook Calmy explained i have stayed on dialysis because i just didst have that kind of Money mrs Cooks Only alternative to dialysis is death which would come within weeks of discontinuing the treatment even in the few Days Between he present treatments she occasionally has trouble breathing however she can continue dialysis indefinitely without any decrease in the effectiveness of the process the dialysis machine is startlingly simple in concept although there Are Only approximately a dozen of them in the state the patients blood travels slowly out of the body through 20 feet of tubes connected to the Arm through a Coil submerged in liquid and Back into the Arm about 16 ounces of blood is outside the body during the process in six hours the body entire Supply of blood is circulated through the machine 20 times or Dan Reed supervisor of special medical procedures at memorial explained that the concept is an old one but was not practical until the needed materials were discovered a cellophane like material contains the blood As it circulates through the coils the wastes and poisons that the kidneys can no longer remove from the body pass through that material but the blood does not the machine can also be used to treat some cases of drug overdoses according to Ned Clark the hospitals director the machine removes the drug substances from the blood More rapidly than the kidneys and without damaging the kidneys also for younger patients and preferably for patients who have a relative to donate a kidney to them which mrs poster contest announced for the second consecutive year Wake environment inc in cooperation with the no department of Public instruction is sponsoring a statewide environmental poster contest the contest is also being supported by the no arts Council and North Carolina National Bank any student in a Public or stat approved nonpublic Junior or senior High school is to enter the contest first place Winner will receive second place and third place As Well As an Opportunity to participate in a Loday seminar at Atlantic College in Wilson winners will make silk screen editions of their winning entries in addition a firs place Winner from each of the eight educational districts in the state will receive a special Junior High Merit award of will be Given and ten posters will be selected for honorable mention the purpose of the contest according to Valarie Casey executive Secretary of Wake environment inc is to encourage High school students to express their unique insights into the natural environment it is hoped that such perceptions when shared with the general Public will yield fresh sensitivities to environmental problems and greater motivation for their solution mrs Casey noted entries must be Post marked no later than february 221974 for judging in Raleigh on March 8 for additional information Contact mrs Valerie Casey Wake environment inc to Box 5524 Raleigh no 27607 learning to Cook and sew can be traumatic when i was in seventh Grade Home economics was a required course i was still Clim Bing Trees and swinging on grapevines and i hated it i was an instant Success in the sewing class where we were dressing dolls to Send to some War torn country for Christmas either the kindly teacher didst have the heart to Tell me they didst need War torn Dolsin Warton coun tries or the country sent it Back As i saw mine sometime in february on a shelf in the classroom it was a kind of pitiful looking outfit and had i been a child who had seen nothing but War the doll would not have cheered me up a whole lot i didst know whether it was a thing or not but one Day while i was sewing away in Home economics class thinking about a softball tournament i was to play in that Day i sewed a few stitches in my Finger the teacher a very quiet and patient soul quietly and patiently told me i might be happier in the cooking class in seventh Grade i didst know any quotations or i might have said something to make her feel better like you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear or you cant make Eliza Doolittle into my fair lady in six weeks nevertheless it didst Hurt my feelings and i didst care cooking and sewing i thought then were things you did after 40 the kitchens in cooking class were really something just like Betty crackers own and everyone worked in groups of six i thought that would be better since no one person could be singled out As the culprit i was wrong though As i Learned when each student was Given a separate dish to prepare mine was potato soup a simple enough thing but somehow i loused it up All of my group reached around in a mock display of food poisoning except that i want so sure it was mock when the teacher tasted it she certainly didst look like she was going to sing umm inv Mem i also heard her say to another teacher one Day with a glance in my direction All around by Faye Marks things come to she who watch eth and wait eth since that seventh Grade cooking class i feel like a part of that commercial youve come a Long Way baby if i knew the teachers name i would write her and Tell her that her paraphrasing of the scriptures was Correct i dont know How Long she intended to watch and wait but for the last 13 years Ive Felt that i could run anyone a Good race in the Kitchen roasts and Gravy biscuits casseroles Spaghetti All those things that seemed like Creek to me even through the first year of marriage give me pleasure to prepare now i love to Cook but i still cant sew i can sew up rips in boys pants and sew on patches and even hem if it require too much measuring and cutting and i can sew on buttons As some great person said and i sure Hope it want Nixon that is All you know or need to know with that Little bit of knowledge you can get through a decade of scout uniforms and Send your children to school reasonably put together they prefer to look a Little scraggly now anyway so the worse i stitch the better they think it looks i dont Knoyer what the Point of this column is except that its probably something like dont Ever stick a Tomboy into a Home dec class or Eliza Doolittle will turn into a semblance of my fair lady but not until years later or better still you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear if you watch eth and wait eth Cook does not have the dialysis sustains life until a kidney becomes available for transplant nursing training scheduled Chapel Hill the unc school of nursing in Chapel Hill will present a Short course on practical approaches to diabetic care March 1115 sponsored by the schools continuing education program the course covers diabetes management and teaching and trends in diabetic care it also offers participants a Chance to evaluate and discuss their work with a diabetic nurse specialist in a followup session on May 17 assisting course coordinator Pat Lawrence will be Jerome Feldman chief endocrine service Durham veterans administration Hospital Catherine Wason dietary consultant and Margaret Gebhardt clinical pharmacy specialist no memorial Hospital and Clara Lewis and Sandra Regenie unc school of nursing James m Johnston awards Are available to North Carolina nurses deadline for applications is March 4 More information May be obtained by contacting Pat Lawrence unc school of nursing Chapel Hill no 27514 death caused by Bullet Asheville no say that a Man found dead in a burning car Jan 10 had apparently been shot to death and his body placed in the car chief investigator Don Whitaker said the Man has been identified As James w Matti Rigby 36 a native of Axtel by according to police a medical examination revealed that Mattingly had been shot four times with a 22 Caliper weapon no smoke was found in his lungs Whitaker said the vehicle was discovered ablaze on the shoulder of inter state 40 in the Western Edge of the City Mattingly body was badly burned members of his family said Mattingly was a travelling Man with no fixed address he had lived in at least eight states within the last few years they reported sunday morning january 271974 Page 2a Hospital set for group purchasing Charlotte High Point memorial Hospital is among 89 hospitals in North and South Carolina joining in a group purchasing program aimed at trimming health care costs organizing officials feel that buying supplies in volume will Cut or stabilize costs once fully operational a Cost saving of 10 to 12 per cent a year on items purchased through the plan or More than per bed per year is predicted the program will operate As a division of Carolines Hospital and health services inc a nonprofit corporation formed through the efforts of the North and South Carolina Hospital Assn in 1969 to share services research and education among subscribing hospitals also included in the program Are Lexington memorial Hospital in Lexington and ran Dolph Hospital in Asheboro police kill three rioters new Delhi India a police killed three rioters in Central India saturday during continuing protests against food shortages and rising prices officials said two were killed in Ahmed bad the capital of Central Gujarat state and one was killed in the nearby coastal City of Cambay their deaths raised the toll from three weeks of rioting to 38 the High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc 210 Church Avenue High Point no 27261 member of the associated press rates by mail payable in Advance 1 or 6 to 3 to 1 to daily end sunday s3640s1820s910s305 sunday Only s1300 s650s325s115 by Carrier wkly s70 monthly 5305 or 53640 mail subscription in no subject to 4 sales tax the associated press is entitled to the use for reproduction of Oil focal news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches entered As second class matter at the Post office High Point no under act of March 3 1879 second class postage paid at High Point no All carriers dealers and distributors Ere Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc is not responsible for Advance subscription pay ments made to them or their representatives for Home delivery rat con tact your local Carrier War Griffith company National advertising

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