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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - January 27, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather partial Clear if Lite today the High Point bntbrpri8b High Point n c sunday morning january 271974 154 pages callus circulation8821711 All other departments 8852161 daily Loc sunday 25c in this Corner Richard Nixon in the other them by Saul Pett Avota Mamaro j v1 t j by Saul Pett a special correspondent Washington a he wee said that the memory of his parents ability not to break Down under great Strain has certainly held me together at times when i have been under pressures and he added it always will in his Book recalling the Day be was spat upon in Caracas in 1958 he noted standing there for those few seconds was from the standpoint of temper control one of my most difficult experiences Honore de Balzac once wrote that politicians Are monsters of self Possession yet while we May show this veneer on the outside inside the turmoil becomes almost unbearable How Long both loyalists and de thrones now wonder is Al ways How durable the single thin word almost they ask this about Richard Nixon a Man who has made control of his emotions an article of Faith and a Way of life of course i am concerned said his own doctor Walter Tkach while saying that his patient shows no medical signs of tension it must be taking a heavy toll said a member of the Cabinet while saying that his chief shows few Marks of the Strain it of course is watergate where the spit is worse than in Caracas far More profound and personal where every move and motive Are questioned the Core of a mans character is prodded and probed under a National Microscope and the stakes Are of the highest the overwhelming new Energy crisis victims majority of one triumphant autumn lies buried in numbed dispirited fragments under the dirty Snow of a second Winter the year of Europe is re placed by the unending year of watergate even foreign crisis is suspect and the fuel crisis complicates the Relief of a Man besieged among the 18 acres and 32 rooms of the White House less than 200 Yards away in a handsome federalist building Spiro a new works on his papers in solitary disgrace i am not a Crook the president of the United states exclaims and explains but nothing seems to turn away the pointing Finger he spreads out his tax returns before the world in the Hope of putting out one fire and three others Start smoking he suddenly gives up one fight and yields tapes and just As suddenly two prove nonexistent and a third has a Long Gap his Secretary tries to explain and in the spreading incredulity his party Leader in the Senate is seen late that night alone in his office test ing a tape recorder and stretching toward a phone no slip of the Tongue by this most private of presidents no Droop of the shoulders or momentary fatigue or pallor goes unnoticed in what must seem to him a world of Nixon psyche watchers when he takes questions on television can he escape the feeling there Are Mil Lions out there waiting for the first crack the first sound of steel balls in a shaking hand could he miss even in his pre digested news the interview with his Friend Billy Graham who sharply questioned his judgement or the one with Barry Goldwater who said people around the country Are asking yet again would you buy a used car from Dick Nix on or the whisper of impeachment grown to a sustained clamor in War they say every Man has his breaking Point and Richard Nixon has tended to regard much of life As War he has said of his sense of Battle i perhaps carry it More than others because that my Way watergate clearly is the climactic Battle of his life the fiercest longest most pervasive but the Armor plate he wears around his emotions while dented and Bent has patently cracked Only twice during the Long siege the first was the worst and occurred before the Fuller dimensions of watergate had surfaced and encircled him it now develops that three Days before according to an aide he got the first word that Spiro Agnew was in trouble then on april 30 he walked to the Oval office to announce on Tele vision the departure of his two closest assistants h r Halde Man and John Ehrlichman on the Way he asked a Federal Aid studied for newly jobless by Robert a Dobkin a labor writer Washington a with the Energy crisis taking its toll of jobs the Nixon administration is weighing a proposal to help workers Hunt new employment and relocate at government expense we Usery or president Nixon newly appointed special assistant for Energy related labor problems says this is one of several possibilities for easing the employment crunch there May just have to be some subsistence for workers to move across country says Usery the government provided limited financial help to aerospace workers hit hard by in 1971 dozens of scientists and engineers were Given up to to explore Job prospects and up to expenses that year although there has been no decision on the new proposal the labor department has Al ready put to work a number of for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one litter time q How old is a cat before she can have Kittens and How Many can they have thank you l h a usually after six months and five to nine is the usual number in a litter the largest litter recorded was 13 in 1969 to a year old Blu pointed siamese cat in South Australia larger litters have been reported one of but not fully substantiated saving poinsettias q How could i keep a Poinsettia so it will Bloom next year i have tried in the past but evidently i did not do something correctly mrs hew Jamestown a the Plant requires a resting period after it blooms so it is natural for a Poinsettia to drop its leaves leaving Only the red bracts at the top when the lowest leaves begin to water gradually and finally keep dry altogether when Only the naked Stem is left store the pot in a warm dry place until Early May without adding any water in May shake the soil out of the pot and report it in fresh Rich soil Garden Loam Sand and Leaf Mold you can add a Small Quantity of dried sheep or cow manure Cut the stems to within 2 or 3 eyes from the base water and put it outdoors in a sunny place level with the soil surface new shoots will soon come out from the eyes plants must have full Light and Sunshine during the Day and they require a lot of moisture in the fall when the temperatures drops to 45 or 50 at night bring it indoors to a sunny spot and use tepid water in watering it the soil should not dry out but it should not be kept soggy you can propagate new plants from the cuttings you remove in Spring take four to six Inch lengths place in warm water about 15 minutes to Stop the sap from flowing so freely dip the ends in powdered charcoal and put the lower third of the Stem in Sharp Sand for rooting Riding toys needed q As part of the developmental Day care program at Green Street Baptist Church the children spend time at the Owca in physical activities we need some Riding wheel toys for the preschoolers tricycles pedal cars or Small sized bicycles so we can teach them to ride two wheelers safely if anyone has one their children use we would appreciate having it so much mrs d b a if anyone has one to offer please leave the message and your name and address on the action line recorder and one of the teachers will be glad to pick it up nonsmokers plight q if you dont smoke and Are in a group where people smoke and Yon inhale it do your Longs absorb the same nicotine Content As the ones who Are smoking thank j w a no but there is bound to be some negligible absorption says a Chest surgeon All nonsmokers recognize How irritating it is to be in a smoke filled room or even a car where a lot of smoking has been going on even hours or Days before also he adds for asthmatics and those truly sensitive to tars and other contaminants of the exhaled smoke it can really be a health Hazard Doc incorporated q the Telephone Book listings of doctors the letters a often appear after the my what do the letters stand for r r q professional association doctors who incorporate Are required to designate this by adding an inc or a other measures used in 1971 among them Are an Early warning system to provide Advance notice on Plant closings and computer Job Banks to relay Job opportunities throughout a network of 2400 state and Federal employment service offices As part of the administrations legislative program to combat the Energy crisis Nixon urged Congress this week to pass an expanded unemployment compensation Bill that would broaden coverage and raise benefits but our no 1 priority is to provide jobs and to see to it that sufficient fuel is allocated to companies to prevent shut Downs and resulting layoffs Usery said in a recent inter View his first since joining the White Holise staff earlier this month Usery has been Nixon chief labor troubleshooter for the past five years serving first As an assistant Secretary of labor and currently As the head of the Federal mediation and conciliation service his added responsibilities give him authority to coordinate the work of All govern ment agencies involved in la Bor Energy matters although strike activity fell to a Niney Earlow in 1973 inflation has triggered new Mili Tancy among the Rankan file for higher wages demo Campaign centers on Energy a boat with legs what seems to be a boat with legs is actually three Miami ans As they return Home with their Small boat after an afternoon 6f rowing and swimming they Are from the Kathy Blair Debra Lindenbaum and Adry Hernandez gasoline supplies running Short a the panel postpones meet Washington a the Senate watergate committee has postponed a new round of hearings scheduled to begin next week to avoid prejudicing the trial of two former Nixon Cabinet members chairman Sam Ervin or dec said saturday v he did not say when they would be rescheduled Ervin announced the postponement in a on sentence statement read by an aide and offered no explanation for the action beyond the reference to the impending trial of former atty Gen John Mitchell and former Commerce Secretary Maurice stans by Louise Cook associated press writer the end of the month brought another round of Long lines limited sales and Early closings at gasoline stations around the nation on saturday its the worst that i have seen in the past 12 months said Avery Upchurch executive director of the North Carolina service station association an associated press Survey showed that although the situation varied widely from area to area in some places it was More severe than during the new years Holiday when serv ice stations ran out of gasoline and simply shut Down until the new shipments arrived stations seemed to be running out sooner this month of a dozen Chicago Gas stations usually open until 9 pm on fridays eight were closed by 6 pm three of the four remaining stations were limiting sales and the fourth had a line of cars four blocks Long waiting to get at the pumps a spokesman for the Mary land Independent retail service station dealers association said Only about 10 per cent of the stations in the Baltimore area would have any fuel left by the end of the month he estimated that 80 per cent of the stations would run out by saturday night Continental Oil co said All company operated stations would be closed saturday As Well As sunday this weekend to try to stretch out allocations until new supplies arrive feb 1 the company operates stations in Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Illinois Indiana and North Dakota pm May Cut 75000 another round of layoffs looms for Auto Industry by Martin Hirschman associated press writer Detroit a with Auto sales off 30 per cent and stocks of big cars still at record lev Els the nations automakers May have to extend the Cut backs that have virtually wiped out More than 64000 jobs general motors has warned another 75000 employees that they will be subject to layoffs for varying periods of time Between now and the end of March and Ford has an additional 17000 workers on temporary furloughs Industry analysts estimate that stockpiles of new cars dropped Only slightly following the first wave of Plant shut Downs and layoffs in Decem Ber thus far in 197464175 work ers have been Given indefinite layoffs by the Auto firms this includes 40000 at pm 13000 at Chrysler and 11175 at Ford the automakers still Are sit Ting on about 16 million autos far ahead of the previous Peak of 146 million in 1969 when the inventories were More fairly evenly divided among different car sizes now because of concern Over the availability of fuel the makers report a 110day Supply of the the big Standard sized models at the same time Small car supplies Are at what is consid ered to be the lowest possible about 1520 Days Worth at a Cost of hundreds of Mil Lions of dollars five plants Are being shifted to Assembly of smaller modes this month to meet the shift in demand few of the f Urio ubed workers Are in the places where new jobs May crop up however sales Are creeping along this month nearly on third below the record Pace of a year ago with some analysts predicting stay that Low for the rest of the Model year deliveries of some full size models Are Down More than 60 per cent Overall production cuts have run at about the same rate As the sales decline and no Tab Stantial reduction of inventories has been reported so far was Only four months ago that the Industry was operating at a record sales Pace As late As the closing Days of november pm president Edward n Cole predicted there would be no significant reduction in the Industry Force in 1974 by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a democratic congressional leaders promised saturday to help solve the nations Energy problems and called on president Nixon to work As a partner they commented in response to Nixon Energy address to the nation a week ago rep John j Mcfall Ca Lif the House democratic whip said Congress thus far has provided the leadership in dealing with the Energy crisis throughout most of last year the administration appeared to prefer talk to action said Mcfall in a nation wide radio address he said Many of the pro Grams called for by Nixon in his address and in a special crash toll lit Turkey hits 63 Izmir Turkey a a turkish jetliner crashed and burst into flames on Takeoff from Izmir military Airport saturday killing 63 of the 73 persons aboard including two americans the airline reported officials said most of the survivors were in critical condition but one exception was a baby boy rescued from the blazing wreckage with Only minor Burns and bruises they said his Mother father and older brother perished in the crash which was believed to have been caused by engine failure officials identified two of the dead As or and mrs Horace Gerarde of Tenafly n j they said the Gerardes were on a vacation tour the plane a dutch made Fokker 28 which had been in service for Only six months was carrying 68 passengers and a Crew of five on a Domestic flight from this Aegean port City to Istanbul 210 Miles to the Northeast the jetliner Rose about 400 feet and suddenly slammed Down onto the runway Airport authorities said raging flames immediately engulfed the plane trapping most of those on Board Rescue workers and military units rushed to the scene to fight the Blaze but by that time 60 persons had perished the others died in hospitals authorities reported the bodies of most victims who died immediately were difficult to identify an Airport official said some were charred beyond recognition others dismembered Energy message to Congress last wednesday Are already contained in an omnibus Energy Bill on which Congress is scheduled to take final action next week the Bill giving Nixon Broad Powers to Deal with the Energy crisis has been delayed be cause of administration and Oil Industry opposition Mcfall said in addition he said Congress has passed the Alaska pipeline Bill Given Nixon standby authority to allocate fuel and is nearing final action on measures to establish a Federal Energy administration and an Energy research and development administration that would concentrate the Federal Effort Todeal with Energy problems Mcfall said Energy dominated the work of Congress last year with 28 committees in the House and Senate devoting More than 500 hours to hearings on Energy related matters while Congress has been act ing Mcfall said the administration has been firing off Mes sages counting the most re cent submittal he said the president has sent Congress five messages on Energy in the past nine months Mcfall said the presidential messages were Little More than restatements of actions already taken and pronouncements already made or Calls for programs already under consideration by Congress but the time has passed for assigning blame to anyone for the Energy crisis Mcfall said what is needed Are responsible and realistic proposals that meet the problems he said the american people have a right to know what we their elected representatives Are doing for them the american citizen is looking to keep his Job he wants to know How he is going to keep up his health insurance How he can maintain his pension rights whether or not he will have enough heat Oil and Gas and what kind of actions his government is going to take Mcfall said the democratic Congress with the support of Many republicans is providing Many of the answers state of nation talk Nixon to assume confident tone Washington a president Nixon Hopes wednesdays state of the Union address will help convince voters that his ability to govern has not been crippled Nixon television radio appearance at a prime time joint session of Congress will Cap the first stage of a fresh presidential Campaign to put his leadership qualities on display and demonstrate that he is not consumed by watergate the address in which Nixon will outline a new National health insurance plan a More flexible Highway mass transit blueprint and other Domestic legislation will be followed quickly by the annual economic report and Federal budget press Secretary Ronald l Ziegler has said he feels that Nixon will hold a news Confer ence a Short time after wednesdays address it would be Nixon first news Confer ence since october the presidents latest at tempt to place the White House focus on affairs of government is a week old it began last sat urday with a radio speech on Energy matters and has been followed by an unusual series of prostate of the Union Mes sages to Congress a reporter suggested to Ziegler it could be called a Campaign Ziegler replied i dont want that to be picked up now As the new theme emerging from a Brief Hospital stay last summer the president told his staff let others Wallow in water Gate were going to do our Job yet watergate came to dominate White House affairs More than Ever during the fall and Early Winter even now Nixon cannot ignore his watergate difficulties twice this week he met privately with Small groups of House conservatives from both parties cambodian reds Shell capital inside Reading debaters Page id Cates on horses Page 2a cleansing the blood Page 1a classified pages 420d editorial Page 4a women news Section b sports Section c televisionpaae12c entertainment pages 1113c 40 by Denis d Gray associated press writer phenom penh Cambodia a insurgents blasted phenom Penis crowded slums with More than 100 artillery shells saturday night setting wooden Homes afire and driving thousands of poor people from the area it was the worst of three straight nights of rebel canno Nades against the capitals densely populated and Provert stricken Boeung turn Pun sector and one of the worst attacks on pm pm penh since the cambodian War started in april 1970 the us embassy went on Alert with Marine guards drawing weapons and other equipment casualties from saturday nights 2v4hour barrage were not immediately known the first two nights of shelling killed 50 and left 117 wounded authorities reported

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