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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina On the farm answer to previous punt across i Sty occupant 4 Young sheep 8 farm implement 12 hawaiian Pepper 35 polluter .36 Dower property 37 demolish 39 suppose 40 Ore pit 41 diminutive of Margaret 13 operatic Solo 42 fax Horn. 14 Wash 15 vehicle 16 deep seated 18 Hearth ornament 20 Darlings 21 abstract being 22 southward 24 feminine appellation 26 lop dial 27 harvesting 30 american mathematician 32 kind of Creed 34 harangued 45 valor 49 deficient in refinement 51 shooter Marble 52 let it stand 53 the Dill 3 Flowers 4 Dens 5 italian River 6 Dainty 7 Fence in As a Field 54 summer for 8 worked at 55 sesame steadily 56 Steamer 9 flannel a i Jam 5 7--Moines, to above now la marries 17 slowly music 1 South Ameri 19 sluggish can rodent 23 Wash lightly 2 masculine 24 footless appellation animal Down 25 roman ruler 26 closed car 27 banished 28 Arrow Poison 29 microbe 31 color 33 Apple a 38 cutting 40 dissolve 41 mongrels 42 Light fog 43 against 44 stagger 46 heavy blow 47 Fence opening 48 female sheep pm 50 Aeri form fuel to n in 27 28 29 33 39 47 48 51 54 57 27 Jacoby on Bridge no risk insurance play by Oswald a James Jacoby an urn sent Lent player a into a weekend o Bridge with some fat players. Karly in that Sion he made an Over no Trump by Means o in end play. An oppo marked. A we i you la Slaughter North a j 1093 v 8 6 2 a y j 5 akq7 Wist a 84 a k74 a a 10 8 3 a j to 9 2 Kast a 7 2 v j 1095 a k942 a 6 5 3 South d a a k q 6 5 v ass a 76 a am both vulnerable writ North last a n a Lav it expert proven hand for 2 a is pass opening Lead pass a j South i a 4 a tint top. Hot i und univ scientists give birth notice for Seal Franciso it a proud Parent i scientists announced the birth of a elephant Seal i in the Bleak Ion islands 25 Miles West Golden Gate. S believed the first birth a Colony of the snout mammals \ 4 As Stab at the Naploi Ial wildlife several year it ago said St David Ainsle Ley. Nearly Extine i elephant have been multiplying Reading North. And now umber about it a a a a a a a the play was simple enough. The club Lead was taken in Dummy. Trumps were drawn with two leads and South led the of diamonds West played Low and Dummy s Jack lo.-1 to casts King Hack came the Jack of hearts and our hero played the Queen West t i k his King. Led a second heart and the defense scored four tricks and he Points. The finesse would have some justification in a Natch Post game live Hast the King of hearts and South would have his Over trick. At rubber Bridge it represented the height of Folly. South could t lose his contract if Hast held the heart King because he would still play Hast for that card after rising with the Ace this first he would still go Down if loth top diamonds and no King of hearts. In that Case there would be no play for the contract As the cards Lay the Ace play would insure it veterans line ii or Why the slim have lower blood pressure by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson Why do Slimmer people mostly have Low blood pressure what will help bring the pressure up and what does 114-94 mean is this Normal pressure what is Normal a l. I Lon t think its True that Slimmer people a mostly have Low blood rather obese people Are More Likely to have High blood pressure. It takes More pressure to Force circulation through their bigger bodies. The overweight can have other effects too. If a person keeps his blood pressure in the lower ranges in glad of it. Seldom is there any Point in trying to raise it. Those numbers a 144-94, or �?o144 Over 91�?� indicate the Range of pressure your blood pressure in t constant. It fluctuates Between pressure at the moment the heart is pumping and a lower pressure that exists Between heart beats. The figure you quote shows a pressure that would raise a column of Mercury to 141 Millimetres when your heart is having a beat and Only to 94 Between beats. A Reading of 140-90 is generally regarded As the upper limit for a mature adult. Children and Young people when healthy have lower pressures. Thus your 144 94 is a hit above what would be preferable for an adult a not much but it would he Wise to try to bring it Down a Little if you can reduce it substantially that Fine i you want to know More about Why and How blood pressure varies you May be interested in my newest Booklet a controlling your blood pressure i hypertension which i be just completed it took longer to write than i had anticipated because there were so Many questions that i Felt should in answered in the Booklet a everything from How pressure is measured to effect of diet medication and even surgery. What a no Mal pressure and what damage does excessive pressure do of you a like a ropy Send 25 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed. Stamped envelope to me in care of the High Point Enterprise. Dear or Thosteson my son is 7 and weighs 122 pounds. I have taken him to several paediatricians and each doctor told me to Cut Down on his starchy food but he is just a healthy child and i am not satisfied with those answers. A ii int nun Lull Lut in la i la ult Roll to i Lull us ,1 \ to i chn1 and Chr t Hun h \ Oil need to hear or. Prices Sermon Hope for Chr backslider Nunda in ruins 19 55am cakes Street bums Rug Ren i it it a fun Lar or ii Mangum i tritone str dial limit <1 11. A a a a a a jul of s7 Juliji of you do not own nor have been assigned free burial property fill out and return Coupon immediately honorable discharged veterans will be assigned free burial apace a kept for a one time perpetual care charge of $26 in the veterans memorial gardens Avenue of flags. Your serial number and discharge Date Are required. Special protective features Are available for your wife and for All minor children. Please fill in All information and mail at once a certificate for your free burial space will be furnished As soon As information is Veo fied we will also furnish you valuable information in related Cash benefits due you As an honorable discharged Veteran. No obligation. We Are net affiliated with or sponsored by any governmental Agency. Presently Ever 4.000 veterans have been assigned their free space in this Beautiful veterans memorial Garden. Cup and mail an pm of flags h p. 27, 1972 Carolina biblical gardens . Box 196 Jamestown . I am a Veteran serial no. Discharge Date. Name. code. Employed by. Retired. Working hours. . of . Valuable Coupon thu of subtler la withdrawal Wii haul naut what do you think causes him to be fat and would you Send me a copy of a diet for him _ . What do i think makes him fat probably too much starchy or fat or Sweet food. And if you won t believe what you be been told by a several paediatricians a i Don t know Why you should expect me to come up with some fancy excuse for his overweight. He eats too much. This problem in childhood can persist into adulthood with a continuous weight problem. Dear doctor a Friend of mine had cirrhosis of the liver. And after proper diet and medication the liver reached Normal stage. Would it Ever be possible for this person to have an occasional drink or would it be harmful m m m. I must risk sounding like an old kill Joy today but i will have to advise your Friend to avoid that drink. A return to Normal life after an attack of cirrhosis of the liver was a 50-50 proposition to begin with. Unless he or she wants to Buck those Odds again with a recurrence then alcohol should he removed from the picture. Hysterectomy. My womb was removed but my tubes and ovaries were not. Will i still get pregnant in my tubes a mrs. J e. No. Dear or. Thosteson i had a although cholesterol has been implicated in heart attacks and other circulatory troubles it is also vital to human life. For this reason or. Thosteson has entitled his Booklet a control your Choles Terol for a copy write to him in care of this newspaper enclosing 25 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope. Or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Shop North Side super Market for the Best in meats for the freshest in fresh vegetables and fruits. A try Mem you la like a Ems my Oscar Mayer s Quot Best Quot ground beef ground fresh hourly any size package la i have Punty of pork tenderloin Salt fish fresh oysters and fish fresh loin end or rib end pork roast 49 2 to 3 la. Avg United dairies Best Grade 6 flavors to choose from ice milk Valleydale Bacon a 69 your Choice Sweet 1/2 Gal 39 we have Temple oranges tangelo tangerines naval oranges Indian River oranges Pink Grapefruit White Grapefruit pears tomatoes. Grown on Indian River. For their flavor try Mem. Gal milk 1.15 none sold to dealers close out Sale no. I Large Diamond walnuts mixed nuts Cream nuts pecans la 49 while they last for the Best in fruits Indian River oranges Doz it v Chiquita Golden yellow bananas la. Stamen win sap apples not 4 but 5 lbs. By the Bushel $2.25 a a a North Side it Side of North main St towards Winston Salem

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