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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Friendliness an intr to preview punt across i greeting 6 embrace la oleic acid Salt 13 Petitioner 14 Texas River 15 Small space 18 Edward a 17 sesame 39 Spring month 20 Gunlock Ratch 22 Small shield 23 Pine 24 even now 26 essential Quality 28 armed conflict so snakelike fish 31 hewing tool 32 state a 33 Decora Tea 35 boys nickname St seed Container 38 High Mountain 40 period of time 43 Needle fish 44 Grain 45 girls name 46 completely Safe 2 words 49 Aua Trolian Marsupial 52 adjusts Var 53 tacit 54 broaden 55 tart for Down 1 Sharpens 2 evade 3 room for action 4 varnish ingredient i native of suffix 8 Mongrel 7 falsehood 8 powerful bomb 9 pertaining to the Sun to beseech 12 italian City 13 honoured 18 Frozen water 21 compensation 23 narrow headband 25 car for hire 27 Back of foot 29 comment 33 hot and arid 34 cunning 36 participant z 37 Indiana town 39 Church benches 41 laughing 42 Dull finish 43 bite with Teeth 47 adjective suffix 48 Oriental Coin 50 old italian a a i modern language association us two autos damaged in wreck an estimated $950 in damages resulted from a two car collision monday at 8 51 a. In. At the Johnson Street Lexing ton Avenue intersection. Drivers were listed As Walter Barnes Riddle 73, of e. Lexington Avenue and Gretchen Kline Platt of Johnson Street. Riddle was charged with a red Light violation by officers. His damages were estimated at $350, while $400 was estimated to the other car. The same amount of damages were listed following investigation of a two car collision on Kivett drive near Beach Street monday at 3 23 p in. Drivers were James Clarence Burcham 42, of Richland Avenue and Wyatt Pressley Cole 49, of Woodbury Street. Cole was charged with driving left of Center. Damages were $500 to his car and $450 to the other. Cole was involved in an earlier bump up. At 2 13 p. In. At the Centennial Washington drive intersection the other Driver Amber Brewer ship Wash. Was charged with failing to see that an intended move could be safely made. Her damages were $350. While those to the Cole Auto were $100, High Poirot Enterprise wednesday Jan. 26, 1972 9c to your Good health what heroin does physically to the body by George c. Thosteson m d. Dear or. Thosteson with All the interest in drug abuse i have never seen an article that actually Leiis what heroin does physically to the organs of the body. Does it damage the liver a these people do not eat Well. Of course but in t it terribly essential that they should a c. L. D., r n. Heroin does no to produce specific Organ damage it As alcohol can cause cirrhosis of the liver hut it attacks nonetheless in Many ways. One authority summed up the effects thus a it makes one into an old Man in two years a heroin derived from opium. 1898 and hailed at Fin As a 1898 and hailed Athirst As a a Miracle drug that could relieve pain without the effects of other opiates. It did no to take Long for this Rosy Hope to he shattered. Instead of being better than morphine opium or codeine it was vastly worse. Like other opium products heroin is a depressant and it depresses nearly All functions of the body. First it works on the Central nervous system reducing pain and creating a somnolent sense of Well being. It depresses the basal metabolism rate depresses the blood pressure depresses appetite and weight loss ensues. It depresses secretions of the productive system disrupts menstrual rhythm reduces Fertility in both sexes. True some female addicts do become pregnant and the babies Are born addicted. Heroin also causes dehydration and bladder problems with an excessive urge to urinate. Intestinal action is depressed causing severe constipation put them All together and you have the justification for the remark that it a makes one an old this general damage however. Is not apparent instantly. By the time it begins to show up. The victim is deeply addicted and needing greater and greater doses to satisfy his craving. Needle punctures thicken the veins and cause accesses. An overdose can depress the total body activity and cause immediate death too. But the organic damage from heroin even so probably does not cause As much harm As the various byproducts of the addiction. Before the addict comes apart physically he or she is driven by his craving into the various risks of prostitution robbery sneak thievery burglary. It May take six months or More before the depressant effects of heroin have dissipated after completely stopping the drug. Or with a borrowed or loaned it Needle he acquires malaria syphilis or hepatitis. In his enfeebled state hepa Titus particularly can kill him yes adequate diet is essential a but it does t mean much unless the addiction is successfully interrupted what compulsion makes thousands upon thousands take the first second or third shot of heroin sir in a recent column you said if cold showers were used by the elderly they could he harmful. Why i do it every Day and i m now so. A r. A. M. I said a could a not the Shock can be had for an old person who Isnit used to such showers. But you Are used to them a and whether a robust Man of 60 is a a elderly is open to argument too. Dear doctor i am 64 and had a prostate operation and was told not to have sex relations for at least a month. I waited six weeks but now. Although i Climax there is no semen. Is it possible the operation would cause me to dry up or is it blocked somewhere0 a t a. Neither. But depending on the Type of Urgero that was required the semen discharges in the opposite direction into the bladder. To learn the major categories of prostate trouble symptoms treatment How to Speed recovery a write to or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for his Booklet a the Pesky prostate a enclosing 25 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope to cover Cost of printing and handling High Point j Only full Cor woes twin Oaks car Wash 2013 n main Street clip this and special $1.00 off on any Large size Xvi Tajti a inns folding wheelchairs from a rugged adult to tiny Tot sizes my rentals and sales Autti Omad Evarts i Jan legs dial Mclarty drug co. 128 Church ave. Pm 883-1431 this offer Good monday tuesday wednesday january 24th, 25th and 26th with this advertisement pizza Villa too Greensboro Road at 5 Points pm. 885-8719 High Point a a hours daily 11 a m. To 12 . 4 . To 11 . Open seven Days a week teach amp Wagner in i i it m Trinity n. C. Re clip amp save Iii so so so >0 so so so so too free Stamps with this Coupon amp m0.00 food order shop with us and save expires 1-29-72 .1 Oft too oct q <0 is <0 cd is is 12 of. 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