High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1972, Page 21

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina We care n his can Psi make a Betten cup of Coffee first buy bean pre ground Coffee. At a amp a we sell bean Coffee. The Coffee bean is nature s Seal that holds the flavor. Once that Seal is broken by grinding flavor fades. It matter How its packaged. The Shorter the time Between grinding the Beans and brewing your Coffee the greater the flavor. Second have the Beans ground to fit your coffeemaker at a amp a we custom grind the Beans in a Choice of seven different one or two. If you re using pre ground Coffee switch. This week have an a amp a bean Coffee custom ground to fit your coffeemaker. You la make a better cup of Coffee. Want a suggestion try our 100% brazilian eight of clock Coffee. It makes a great Sells at a great Price. Eight o clock Coffee i la my 6$ $1 311 Bac Jane Parker twin Rolls a ill Baken a 130 a1 serve Quot jul is o a enjoy the guaranteed taste of Quot super right Quot meats a amp a Delicatessen pimiento spread Ham salad fruit cocktail Toi. Cup to. Cup Cap n John s seafood 13-0. Cup 39c 55c 39c Ocean Perch fillet cod fish fillets breaded oysters had Box of Chicken 14-0. Pkg. 79c 69c 1-lb. We. Super right Quot Quality heavy Grain fed beef si.19 a 3-Breotf qty. A 3-ug qty. A 3 Nicks a 3 wings la. A 3-pkg. Giblets 29 steaks s la. Or porterhouse $ steaks la. A family favorite whole 25 to 30 la. Avg. Cut to your specifications la. 16 to 19 la. Average Quot super right Quot smoked whole or half la. 59c Ham Ham Center slices la. 99c Shank Ham Center portion la. 99c portion or Ham butt portion la. Sec Tom turkeys Pickle loaf a cooked Salami spiced luncheon a old fashion loaf a amp a lunch meat to to 22-lb. Quot super right Quot Grad. A la. 6 of. Pm. 35c Allgood Bacon 69c a of 39c sliced cooked picnic 2-lb. Pkg. I la pkg $135 $139 fresh fruits and vegetables Washington Stet. delicious apples pics and baking Sweet potatoes or it school snack red Rome apples 8 89c big value an Calla bog Excel Peanut halves �?Tp.�1 39c fro Jiff cooked and sliced Turkey Gravy 0 Salisbury Steak 2 Riv $1.19 la. La. 19c 29c Groat tar shutting fresh celery hearts Rug. 39c All occasion Vag Tobla Rutabaga turnips 2 pm 15c Groat taut in baking a amp a shelled pecans i 49c main Groat Pruna broads Radium a amp a dried prunes lit 45c serve Beans with Quot super right Quot All meat Franks 2 is .15 a 59c health and Beauty aids it All Mold a Thrift _ a amp a vitamins shave Cream �?Tc�1,49c adult multiple with Iron rolaids tablets 3 a 53c 10o amp 89c 10o amp 99c shop air for this Frie tooth Brush offer from Colgate a great for baking u. S. Number one All purpose russet potatoes 10 69 a Ideal for salads a Choice of Florida White or Pink Grapefruit 5 59 Colgate tooth paste Bounty paper towels Bounty paper towels 64-0. Tub with 69c tooth Brush twin pack package Choice of colors jumbo Roll is .09 53c 43c a Frozen foods a mint variety special Deal pack Crest tooth paste med. Size 38c Uniec Tad Roll on Apple poach Strawberry Charry or Blackberry Winter Garden cobblers Akk 99c Quot our finest Quality Quot a amp a Orange juice 5 a a $1.29 3�,$1.19 Quot our finest Quality Quot a1 purpose sliced a amp a strawberries vol a 41c 33c shop a amp a for Thrifty shoestring French Fried potatoes 33c flavorful Jane Parker baked foods Jon. Parker freshly baked Jelly top buns Jon. Parker ring cake Lemon Chiffon a Jan. Parker Era hts Lake Gold Pound cake a a a 39c a a a 59c a a it Seq. Pkg. Ubic Jon. Barker freshly mad glazed donuts Jone Barker Sweet potato pie a Sandwich 12 it. I la. A. Package he 49c wheat bread 3 89o Jane Parker freshly baked one ounce sue ban deodorant shop a amp a for household values Clorox bleach All purpose liquid ahoy detergent choose from All colors soft ply paper towels choose from All varieties 9-lives cat food 19c 2s cents off Label on All purpose drive detergent a a a a sri 60 cents off Label on laundry detergent 20 la. Package i 1 i gallon bottle 32 0 bottle jumbo Roll 79c 95c 35c 25c 8�?� Apple pies 31�� great value from a amp a really fresh Mayonnaise specially priced Ann Page pork and Beans by Ann Page quart Jar 49 15. Dinty Moore vegetable Stew spam regular luncheon meat Hormel Chili with Beans 49c 59c 41c All concentrate 12 cents of Label on lever Brand All dish detergent a All purpose liquid Dove detergent Jik a 69 shop a amp a regularly a save on 100% brazilian eight of clock Coffee n 69c 3 a $1.99 instant Coffee a As. 65c Johnson s rain barrel fabric softener 26-oz 85c Glade Mist 7-oz. 59c Johnson s Glo coot liquid Wax 27-oz. Size $1.05 future Wax 46-oz. $1.98 a Johnson s pledge regular Wox 14-oz. $1 59�? a great All purpose value on Quot super right Quot Vienna sausage 4 is is of a shop a amp a for Dairy values on random weight 22-0. Bottle a a 29c 69c r Gyc a amp a mild cheese a in Quarter Pound prints Sun Nyfield butter wedge style la. 1-lb. Ctn. In a try. 95c 79c valuable Coupon towards the Purchase of 200 w m e Blad 590 59c a Kroft Macaroni and cheese dinner 7m-o. Pkg. 25c a i double Edge Blades Price with Coupon of roof Chr Faul a co to Tutu fab. 5, 197 Good in a amp a stores Only save 40c on to of. Size nescafe instant Coffee get 32-oz. Bottle for Price of 22-oz. Bottle Deal Ivory liquid detergent i 59 a amp a liquid bleach 33c sail detergent offer expires feb. 5, 1972 9-lives tuna cat food 12 of. Can 37c daily dog food a fish a liver 15/2-Oi a Chicken # meat con to or. Clean liquid cleaner 28-ox. Bottle 59c 73

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