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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Isa High Point Enterprise wednesday Jan. 26, 1972 at wits end7 to sleeping Pill festival needed push Button world around Corner by Erma Bombeck the other Day while ironing an idea hit me that is so sensational i Marvel that no one has thought of it. Television should set aside one full Day for its traditional annual classics. It could be called sleeping Pill festival and would roughly adhere to the following schedule. 8 a. In. Ill a. In the Parade of roses. See Raymond Burr frown. See Why Betty White is a no no for diabetics. Endure three hours of Rose fever while amassing such vital statistics As a what is the longest float in the Parade a und a How much pollution to the streets do the horses contribute la a. In. A 5 p. In the Parade of bowls. For six consecutive hours you can see More bowls than the latrine of Fleer at fort Dix. Provocative half time interviews with Howard Cosell interviewing himself. To the first 500 armchair quarterbacks who predict the scores 8x10 glossies of an Aerial View with the band getting lost will be awarded. 5 p. In. A 7 p. In rerun of the a wizard of for the 15th consecutive year you can not Only sing along but Mouth along with the dialogue in this All time classic which has spanned three generations. 7 p. In. A 8 p. In the miss America pageant hosted by Bert Parks. Watch As a 38-24-35 wins a scholarship for her lip Sincof Mary Martin singing. A a in a Gonna Wash that Man right out of my Marvel As june Lockhart chokes on her own laughter while reporting miss Iowa is 5 9�?�. Has an identical twin brother and redeemed bottles to get to the pageant. 8 p. In. A 9 p in the Oscar presentation. An hour of fun packed entertainment in which you can watch your favorite Star read his or her own name off an idiot card and reveal who won the award for the Best foreign Black and White documentary with Cinema Copic direction i n togas designed by Edith head. 9 p. In. A to p. In the emmy presentation. Another hour that flies by like three Days in which the emcees Are always being shocked by a red Light and saying a am i on a enlivened Only when Patty Duke accepts her award with a rejection speech. 10 a 11 30 p. In the Indianapolis 500. Prepare to be dazzled and deafened by a line of cars that whip around the track at death defying speeds while you try to figure out which motor Oil is in the Lead. Finally just before test patterns put an end to the sleeping Pill festival Ben Grauer will appear and for 20 minutes will describe the descent of the Ball on the Allied chemical building while watching 75,000 pickpockets at work in times Square. It is Wise not to Cut climbing roses too Low q can a climbing Rose be kept pruned Down under 5 feet without de s t r o y i n g its Blooming qualities a w. S. Jr., Trenton a not very Well because Many climbers produce most of their Flower above three feet. If it is necessary to keep the Plant Low. Perhaps another Type of Rose As a Floribunda or Multi Floral would Fie better selection. Henry j. Smith Extension Horticulturist q when is the Best time to transplant wild Trees such As dogwoods and hollies b a Durham it a. Usually native Trees transplant Best in the Winter months it is advisable to move Small specimens. If you re transplanting Large Trees Root prune in the Spring or Early summer before digging that Winter. This encourages the production of a compact Root system. Root prune by spading around the tree just below the tips of the branches. Cut about half the roots with a Sharp shovel or Spade i Henry j. Smith Extension Horticulturist q what does a mean mrs. W. H. Jr., Charlotte a. This term is applied to the Plant family Erica Eye consisting mainly of shrubs and Small Trees which in general require a Sandy peaty acid soil. Among t h e Erica Eye Are the following Andromeda Arbutus Wintergreen. Blueberry. Mountain Laurel Pieris. Rhododendron and Azalea i Henry j. Smith Extension Horticulturist q does Pach Sandra grow better in acid or alkaline soil we want to use it As a ground by Betty Yarmon new York was Well within the 1970�?Ts, you la be Able to use a portable computer that will allow you to select and buy household products in an instant saving you Money As Well As time. This is one of the various ways in which you and i and other Consumers like us will Benefit from the communications revolution that is breaking out All about us according to marketing and communications expert Lawrence g. Chait. The portable computer explains or. Chait will be attached to a television set. When a housewife wants to know what is in the supermarket or local department store All she need do is push a few buttons. will allow her to scan the counters on her room screen. In this Way shopping that today can take hours will be finished in a matter of minutes. Here Are some of the other consumer possibilities in this c o Mun cations revolution no uniform the president of the United states does not Wear a uniform since he is a civilian despite the fact that he is commander in chief of the armed forces. Tradition forbids his appearing in the uniform of the military or naval services. Unique gifts and accessories that will have bearing on you and your buying habits the video cassette we hear about will be available for the housewife. Where once she had to Leaf through massive printed catalogues for the latest dress and hat styles she will simply run her cassette through her television set. Then with this Aid of the computer attached to this set she will place her orders simply by pushing the appropriate code numbers. Cable to will allow you to tune in to the commercials of advertisers offering products and services specifically geared to your needs. That s because Cable has so Many channels that it can pinpoint programs for such diverse groups As stamp collectors Book buyers or do it yours Elfers. This Means that you will be Able to choose items for your specific use seated in your own Home and far More easily than today when you often have to go out of the Way downtown areas to locate wanted products and services. Again a computer will be available so the housewife can place her order. Cassettes will play a role in the selection of the family car of the future. Through this device attached to the to set you will be Able to see films of All available models right in your living room. With the Aid of the rest of the family you will be Able to simplify the Choice that is now made Only after visits to a number of Auto dealers As you search for the right car. The picture phone will also be put into use when buying cars or other big ticket items. After you have narrowed Down the car Model you and the family want but still have some questions to ask you can discuss them by picture phone with the Salesman in the showroom. This speedy process of selection is one of the biggest advantages that will be yours in the buying of the future. But there Are other advantages As Well. Saying for example will be simplicity itself. When placing your order you simply press appropriate buttons on your computer. Your local Bank will immediately Transfer funds from your account to the account of your local Auto dealer supermarket o r department store a wherever your Purchase has been made. Home ownership will be affected in a special Way. It is not unlikely for example that when you buy a boat or car the Cost will be added to the mortgage on your Home. This Means you will have to make out Only one Check each month to cover both the mortgage payment on your Home and instalment payments on other major items that have not yet been completely paid for. When will All of this take place a new York City com Pany is now experimenting with a plan by which Consumers place their orders from commercials seen on Cable to with the Cost of their purchases simply added to their monthly Cable to statement. In other words the future is already Here. Or Brau Laiful by a f a Roll now artistic frailty College .127 1v main is. Tri. 882-6415 unwanted hair con be removed Tofely Ond permanently by electrolysis of appointment phone 882 8816 Sornate Hill i Aero Logist Regency style Salon 1831 n. Main St Complete fast one Stop service Koda color film brought in by 11 00 is ready by 5 00 . Cameras projectors supplies Kye wee j photo finishers inc. 1311 Johnson Street Tei. 885-7170 cover in a Shady arca. W. C., Winston Salem a. Pach Sandra is reasonably tolerant. If the soil is quite acid. Plant Pach Sandra. If alkaline use English Ivy. Henry j. Smith Extension Horticulturist engagement Diamond in the modern manner Jiff select your Quality flawless Fine flair it a pay Only for what you get s Rosr Kyj. Jeweller open 9 to 6 daily final clearance diamonds Cerat four prong Tiffany in White or yellow Iak Gold. Reg. $375.00 $249 save $126 14 Carat is prong Tiffany in brushed Gold sating Reg. $375.00 $249 save $126 4 Carat four prong Tiffany in contemporary 14 Geld set. Reg. $175.00 $99 save $76 h Ca at top solitaire in White or yellow Gold. Reg. $375.00 $249 save $126 j Earet total weight 7 Diamond Cluster ring 14k Gold. Reg. $600.00 $480 save $120 4 Carat total weight 7 Diamond Cluster in White Gold. Reg. $400.00 $320 save 80 radios to birthstone players am pm portable radio operates on Battery or Housa current. Reg. $19.95 $15.95 save $4 or Sharp by to. 141 a. In. P cure. Split second Start sound. Reg. $119.95 $99.95 save $20 am pm portable radio 4 band. Short wave twin speakers. Pm vhf. Reg. $29.95 $19.95 save 10 3 Speed phonograph with am pm radio. Battery or House current Reg. 39.95 $29.95 save 10 acc cassette Tepe Rotor. Der end player. Mike batteries tape. Reg. $29.95 <�1 7 or a Cor or save $12 maj a mini 8 track car tape player. Individual controls. Reg. $34.95 $24.95 $16.95 save 10 jewel Box 139 s main st., High Point phone 883-0827 use our custom charge plan master charge or Banka Dericard Oval Linde Star Sapphire with 6 Brilliant diamonds. Genuine and Stone set in 14 Gold contemporary mounting. $10.95 save 2 Large synthetic Stone set in intricate Floral design. 10k Gold. Reg. 29.95 save 4 genuine Onyx Stone in nostalgic classic 14 Gold setting. Reg. 19.95 save 3

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