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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - January 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina To Hlf i Point Enterprise wed Netty january 231174 a i writer seems to Bevery 9 Ann Landers says t Ive dear Ann i am suffering from an illness which has been diagnosed As terminal i have accepted it and this is hot my problem please dont write me off As a Kook i am serious about the advice i am seeking what i need to know is if its possible to have my pet dead of course buried with me if not in the same casket could she be in an adjoining Box i have a cat who has been my faithful companion for 15 years we have been through All sorts of crises together she is my Best Friend i am drawing up a will and in afraid no one would take care of her properly after i am gone i also feel she will miss me terribly i am considering a clause in my will requesting that she be put to sleep when i die and asking that she be buried with me please dont think this is crazy in other cultures beloved pets were buried with their masters answer please c f dear of each cemetery has its own Constitution and by Laws some states specify that they will accommodate Only human remains Check to see if the cemetery you Are considering will Grant your wish if not scout around and find one that will a 15yearold cat is equivalent to an 85or 90year old human most veterinarians would not hesitate to put such a cat to sleep according to two Chicago veterinarians my Best wishes to you dear and i dont think you Are a kooks at All you sound like a thoughtful sensitive person dear Ann i just edited your column replying to the 14yearold who asked How much she should tip for a Burger and cold drink while shopping your reply was any person who sits Down to eat in a restaurant and is served should leave something even if he is seated on a Stool at a counter does this advice go for the waitress who takes her time and acts like Shes doing you a favor by taking your order then slops the food Down in front of you and ruins your appetite i operate on the theory that tipping is a Reward for Good service and please dont Tell me to eat elsewhere this is the Only restaurant in the Vicinity the other waitresses most of them Are Okay and they get tipped editor who has to eat out dear de a tip is the customers Way of saying thank you for Good service no tip is the unspoken message that the service was Lousy i heartily support both gestures dear Ann regarding that Young Man who wanted to break his engagement by mail after taking up three years of a girls time you called him gutless and said the least he could do was to have the decency to break it off in person what about a girl who takes up three years of a mans time is treated to expensive dinners plays concerts is driven everywhere she wants to go accepts gifts and finally helps him select a Beautiful Diamond ring two and a half months before the wedding she Calls it off by phone and keeps the ring the Guy probably got off Lucky at that think of what life would be like married to such a Gold Digger the Point of this letter is to remind peo ple that sometimes its the girl who the rat Bay City Reader dear Bay in most states the male is entitled to the ring when the girl Breaks the engagement if youre the Guy who got dumped you ought to Check with a lawyer Ann Landers discusses teen age drinking its myths its realities learn the facts by Reading booze and you for teenagers Only by Ann Landers Send 35 in Coin and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to Ann Landers to Box 3346 Chicago Illinois 60654 by Betty Yarmon Zomeri news service new York what makes a Stock go up and Down this question which fascinates us at All times has a particular pertinence these Days when the Stock Market grates apparently in response to the Energy crisis going Down Widly one Day coming up almost As Widly the next we have seen recently a substantial decline in Stock prices that have Cost billions of dollars in paper losses yet the companies whose securities have been so adversely affected often Are no less substantial than they were six months or a year ago first thing to remember in looking for the answers is that the Stock Exchange itself is not to be blamed for it has nothing to do with setting prices serving merely to provide the place and a mechanism for buying and Selling securities what does determine the Price of a Stock is the willingness to sell on the part of those who own share Sand the willingness to buy on the part of those who want shares certainly the forces of Supply and demand have much to do with it this brings us Toran intangible that Isas real As the on which you Are Confidence if the Stock buying Public suddenly gains Confidence that a particular Stock or category of stocks is about to increase in value orders to buy flock into brokerage offices the demand stud ends win awards Tewksbury mass a a glimpse into the world of age 17 is often a revealing one what for instance would you expect to discover about two Young women who have just won National creative writing awards talking with Tewksbury High school seniors Karen Garfinkle arid Susan Hadley who Are among 850 students across the nation honoured with the National Council of teachers of English award in creative writing one finds that 1 is on a journalism and Hopes soon to become a girls sports correspondent for an area newspaper Susan Hadley Hopes to become a Malac Logist an expert in molluscs she likes biology and oceanography Susan has won state science projects and thinks some Day people will live beneath the sea both girls Are preparing applications for College their English teacher encouraged them to enter the writing c of p e to i o n be n t r i inc tuning biography a Sample creative writing and a one hour timed essay were chosen by the department head for submission see the exciting new patterns Scenic Burlap grass cloth Vinyl 76 n Mam St tet 8878147 regular or sugar n Honey for Energy and stamina one important thing you must do is eat right Good tasting Kretschmer wheat germ adds a healthy helping of protein and vitamins to your breakfast or any meal wheat germ is the worlds most nutritious natural Cereal Kretschmer keeps it natural no Fortifiers no preservatives nutritional information Kretschmer wheat germ contains Many important nutrient to it is especially Rich in the following of us recommended daily allowances per protein20 vitamine15 of minimum daily requirements per vitaminb50 vitaminbz19 niac1n15 iron25 phosphorus44 vitaminc11 vary Lor the Satir n Honey a rely created by this eagerness often is contagious and enthusiastic prospective buyers seem wiling to pay increasingly higher prices for the Stock it goes up the reverse of course is just As True when fear suddenly develops that a Stock is soon to decline in value or that a category is to be badly hit by outside circumstances there is a Rush to sell to gel rid of the shares before the decline actually gets under Way this sentiment too is self generating and the Stock generally declines As a consequence Here is How the new York Stock Exchange phrases this concept an investors decision to buy or sell reflects his opinion of its value in relation to his personal investment needs and his financial position his opinion May be influenced literally by anything from the state of his digestion to a crisis abroad facts Sway him so do fears Hopes his appraisal of the future and the past earnings reports and prospects May disturb him or elate him an increased or an omitted dividend May Clinch his decision a Concrete example Walt Disney productions declined two thirds of its value on the new York Stock Exchange in recent Days apparently the result of investor fear that the Energy crisis will in time drastically curtail travel to amusement Parks but Confidence even though intangible is built in turn partly on certain Concrete factors in a Stock Here Are some of the most important of them factors to help you in making your judgment of value earnings the earnings record of a company is looked at in two distinct ways earnings per share and Price earnings ratio the earnings per share of a Stock is arrived at by dividing the total earnings of the company by the number of shares outstanding if a company has 500000 shares outstanding and it earned in a certain period it earned 5 per share for that time a look at the trend of a stocks earnings per share Over a period of five years will show whether the company is going Uphill or Down whether it is a growing company or stagnating v even More important in determination of value n the Price earnings ratio uie comparison Between Rice of the Stock and the earnings per share if a earns a share and its Stock is Selling at iq1 it is said to be Selling at 12 times 101 being 12 times 845 occasionally the Price learning ratio is expressed in terms of a percentage on the Price of the Stock in the Case in question the ratio would then be expressed at 833 the amount of the dividend paid on a Stock is useful As an analytical figure1 when it is with the Price of the Stock this percentage is know Nas the yield a Stock Selling at to with an annual dividend of per share has a yield of 5 per cent yield vdrt6he Stock can be compared the yield i on stocks of other companies in this same Industry determine up Layup Worth f guaranteed satisfaction 51 count package Styro cups 9 of size for Mot or cold drinks Styro curs vaseline 9 ounce baby powder 95c Eaic value save big for i Over dry skin vaseline intensive care vaseline and intensive lotion with dispenser value limit great for school i for 29c each value baby Scotts plastic pants All sizes Botex feminine napkins 24 count Holiday Brand plastic bags 26 count 44 it Kitchen 20 count 20 Gal trash 75 count 5 Bushel Leaf 3 piece aluminium Range grease Container with Strainer Salt Shaker Pepper Shaker our Reg coloured Metal in Tom i Cash trays ladies White padded or soft bras Choice of colors Reg 13c each circular stitched r5upport and Comfort at an uplifting 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