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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - January 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4b to piece dress is swing news Dalai ii printed pattern a530 sizes 818 by Rosette Hargrove Paris Aba countless american students who have passed through the american students and artists Center on the left Bank inevitably have found their Way to the door off the Entrance which announces students advisory service Here every afternoon from 2 to 7 sits Washington born Irving Levin a psychologist whose benign manner invites confidences counsellor father confessor and above All a sympathetic listener to every youngster who comes to him for help advice Irving Levin also has devoted a great Deal of time off duty to help solve the problems which beset the Young away from Home mornings he lectures on comparative religions at the american school in Saint Cloud milling around the Entrance Halls Are boys and girls wearing a wild variety of setups usually Blue Jeanne Long hair or afro hairdos and completely uninhibited the Center is after All a Home away from Home a meeting place a place to come in out of the cold where one can also follow classes in karate sacred music hindu dancing new Orleans jazz or sign up for courses in chinese russian and the arts hamburgers frankfurters cokes and ice Cream Are obtainable at the canteen and there is a vast olympic swimming Pool the most unpolluted in All of Paris it is claimed Levin is there to hand out Good advice sometimes help land a Job find a Home or show the Way to adjust to life in France american is father Othi self he explains i came to Paris in 1967 mainly because my wife is French a doctor and we now make our Home Here one of the first questions he asks a student is Why did you come to Paris Many come to study French at the sorbonne or at the Alliance Francaise those Are easy to advise but i have found that those kids who have a difficult time adjusting often come from disrupted families or else did not get along with their parents then there Are the idealists con the unstable and the Plain Wacky ones what Are the chief complaints against the French chiefly the fact that they Are not Friendly towards foreigners it is difficult to know a French family when they first arrive and say find a Par time Job with a French family i frequently have to wipe tears and explain the French attitude the girls will come to see me everyday nobody invites them they Are absolutely disconsolate then they comes less frequently and at the end of the school year More tears but this time it is because they have to go Home among the average 300 students who monthly come to Irvin for help there Are quite a few medical problems these he Reers to the american Hospital where they get immediate attention hardship cases Are referred to the american Aid society this incidentally was started Back in 1922 by a group of american residents in France entirely on donations every year the society Aims to collect 25000 one particular problem is pregnancies abortion is outlawed in France those who r in Paris can raise the Money a minimum of Iso go either to England or Holland Only on third of the students he sees Are american citizens another third French and the remaining from the rest of the world weekends Levin used to devote to visiting two Paris prisons there was a time when there were As Many As 100 americans interned but today their number has dwindled to a Mere handful also since the ceasefire in Vietnam deserters have completely faded out of the picture How they Ever reached pit was always a mystery but umm wort taken in hand by Levin and in was usually Able to things out i this year Byln to the devalued Dollar there has been a considerable drop in the number of students but Paris continued Levin still has a definite Appeal for the youngsters life is easier the fiefs appreciate the Freedom and know they can walk the Little streets at night without fear of being attacked and you can still get a meal for j4 with shop thursday and Friday til 9 pm this two piece has the look of a suit and the importance of a dress so exactly right for Spring in town for travel any where Jeannene Booher designed this for Dalai ii with emphasis on the Jong waisted look buttoned to a Neckband ending in a tie top and easy skirt come in an authentic version of her design in Pur printed pattern a530 with both the Short or the smartly cuffed Long sleeve line Rayon combinations knits Challis Jersey and Cotton blends Are Al Fine so Are stripes checks solids prints or textured fabrics printed pattern a530 is available in misses sizes s 10 12 14 16 18 size 12 bust 34 requires 3h Yards 15inch fabric please sned for printed pattern a530 to High Point Enterprise pattern department to Box 59 old Chelsea station new York n y 10011 add for each pattern for first class mail and special handling please print plainly your name address with zip 11 it h to style number and size Check for Book 9 Ulisses sizes Send 50r now k instant fashion Book learn to look beautifully dressed on the smallest budget to choose the right lines for your figure 125 pages hundreds of picture ideas Send instant sewing Book teaches you How to sew it today so you Chu Wear it tomorrow Quick professional techniques actress believes disc i i Ine needed by Vivian Brown a new features writer Acress Ann Blyth Hast always played Good Little girl roles at 16 there was her movie role in Mildred Pierce As a sexy charmer that led to a murder of her that role in the late 40s one of the 30or so movies she made left something to the imagination instead of spelling it All out As they do now it is one reason she Seldom sees a script nowadays she could accept i Haven yet played in anything id be ashamed to let my children see and in not about to change three of her five children Are teenagers two Are in College looking far younger than her work years might suggest big eyed and Reddish haired miss Blyth is happiest talking about her 20yearmarriage to or James Mcnulty the children they had hoped to have while they were Young and did and the theater that has been a part of her life since she began singing at 5 on radio although most people now think of her As retired she has been Active in theater supper clubs and television for the last 10 years in her opinion the theater has changed because the players have there is a whole new Breed of actor undisciplined you cannot blame them As much As their parents or others who influenced them during their formative years the attitude was let them do As they like Good or bad so now they have the ability but they dont know How to Channel it if everything were to cease for them they have anything to fall Back on discipline is important for anyone but actors really need it whether her own children choose acting careers is up to them meanwhile they have been provided with a foundation of love and discipline which will help them in whatever they do she remarked our children have a sense of responsibility and they work for special things they want whether it is new skis or something else they All worked egg routes starting with Timothy now 19 and it is now worked by Terrance 12 Eileen 10 Hast work yet she jests discipline has made them accept her work in stride too they think of her As Mommy who also works i took the girls to Milwaukee to watch me perform in South Pacific and Maureen 18 observed gosh you really do work hard they show no desire to be involved although Kathleen 16 is especially talented the older girls make their own clothes and have worked at hospitals on summer vacations and after school lines of communication Are always kept open with our children i would much rather have youngsters explode so i know what they Are thinking than to have them keep it All bottled up she feels religion is important because youngsters need that kind of direction but she and her husband Are prepared if they decide to give it up they wont push them or they might drive them in the opposite direction recently they rushed Home from a football game to hear Kathleen sing and play at her first guitar mass some parents miss the Opportunity if a Young person wants a Parent to accompany him to a religious service no matter what the Faith a Parent should go another week might be just too late they might become absorbed in unfortunate substitutes in a tightly knit family children enjoy Home ties she remarked Tim and Maureen like coming Home from Southern Cal on weekends and their parents Are very pleased that they want to although the family vacations together Jim and i always take one vacation alone each year we think it is important miss Blyth and her husband Are engaged in Many charitable enterprises involving children the principle one right now is the right Tolifey hot line carefully by Sidney Margolius women news service new York was the Rush to buy space Heaters this Winter because of threats of fuel shortage have reduced stocks so that some stores have Only a relatively few models reveal ugly some of the available electric Heaters we have seen Are inadequately constructed a number do not even have the which assures you that an appliance Model has been tested by underwriters laboratories against Shock and fire hazards electric space Heaters rare not basically an efficient heating method Federal Energy officials Are critical of their use to save other fuels pointing out that a Utility company will Burn up three or four time Sas much Energy in fuel Oil to provide electricity for a space Heater but for supplementing a Home heating system As in warming a bedroom briefly on a cold morning or a family room or cold garage space Heaters can be useful they even can save turning up the thermostat to warm up the whole House for some families especially in Mobile Homes and in some relatively warm areas space Heaters Are their sole source of heat As Well As electric Heaters there Are potential dangers involved in the use of Gas and Oil space Heaters especially to children in fact about half of All victims of injuries from space Heaters last year were children under five the consumer product safety commission reports invented Heaters which Burn natural Gas liquefied Petroleum and other fuels pose the greatest threat of Carbon monoxide poisoning they need a constant Supply of fresh air to operate safely and avoid the buildup of poisonous gases fire and Burn problems Are common to both fuel and electric space Heaters these injuries often occur when children and adults inadvertently Contact Heaters and clothing catches on fire or they Are burned by the hot surfaces As Well As the us Label in buying a Heater make sure it has a thermostat control so that the Heater will Cycle on and off to avoid overheating the thermostat helps save fuel electric models that Combine Radiant and convection heating by use of a fan Are most efficient most moderate Price Heaters Are 1320 Watts any higher wattage might require special wiring make sure any Heater you buy has an 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