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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - January 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Wits end7 Byers Bombeck during less Bathe other Day Helen said sri v1 am Iobe nicer children i am going to regard them t have tights i am going to develop patience r Way to show fhe Tarn interested m them and in what they do i am going to understand my children Are you finished asked Naomi Why because on an idiot scale of ten you Are a big eleven if god had meant for you to understand children he would have supported prohibition i could Tell you stories of parents who have tried to understand their children that would curl your hair remember the Man in Atlanta interrupted Glenda who was accused by his wife of not paying their son any attention he Felt guilty about this and one Day when he had dropped the car Pool off at the Church for cub scouts he retrieved a pathetic Little drawing that his son Mark had done eagerly he took the drawing to a shop and spent to have it framed he draped it and set it on the Mantle and after dinner he assembled his family and said to his son Ive got a Surprise for you Mark in going to put this in my office where everyone will see it he unveiled the picture and his son said Why would you want a picture by children dont want understanding Nancy Freihofner in your office my husband tried to be a Friend too said Gloria our son Mike had an imaginary playmate that none of us could see let alone understand his name was Floyd Floyd ate the cookies that we forbade our son to eat turned the volume up on to and drove us nuts one afternoon to our sons Delight my husband was swinging invisible Floyd when his Boss dropped by Tell them who in swinging said his father i dont see anyone said Mike Bills Boss told my husband he needed a Job with a Little less pressure he was furious and said to Mike Why didst you Tell him i was swinging Floyd because Floyd went Home Early to watch gun smoke he said an what about the time my son was at Camp and my husband and i drove 210 Miles for parents Day to understand him and As the Counselor came around and said where Are your parents my son looked me right in the eyes and said they come there too Busy kids dont want your understanding said Gloria they want your Trust your compassion your blinding love and your car keys but you try to understand them and youre in trouble besides do you want your kids to Bear the stigma of being the Only children in North America who Are understood every year theres always one nutrition High Point Enterprise wednesday january 23 m74 3b Rice prices increasing the other Plant foods protein from White Rice is Only moderate in amino acid Content Brown and parboiled Rice Are higher but All Are incomplete in some of the eight essential amino acids Rice does have a fairly High protein efficiency meaning its protein is Well assimilated by the body other alternatives which do have higher protein Content include lentils Lima Beans Barley even enriched White bread is higher in protein than Rice so is Oatmeal potatoes of course Are the most and the cheapest even at this years Price of about 18 cents a Pound they Are Low in protein and b vitamins but relatively Rich in Vitamin c the myth of foreign car mileage one of the prevailing myths is that foreign cars offer greater fuel Economy than unmade cars in reality that is True Only in the 2000 to 2500pound class where there Are no american made models otherwise As you go up to the 2750 and 3000pound compacts us cars Lead tests by the us environmental Protection Agency found from there on the us cars top the lists in every weight class Epa official Robert Sansom Points out because of the widespread concern about Gas shortage moderate size used cars Are commanding As much Money by Sidney Margolius women news service new York Here Are More notes to help you in this years ceaseless Battle against inflation t the strange Case of the jumping Rice one of the most spectacular Price increases in the Market list shopped every week by the new York City Consumers affairs department is on Rice reports commissioner Betty Furness Betty is right Athree Pound package of Long Grain Rice typically jumped from 73 cents to in less than six months not that the stores have latched on to the extra charge the factory Price jumped 94 per cent in a year because of the world shortage for the first time Rice now costs a Little More than Spaghetti which has been remarkably stable at about 45 cents a Pound but Spaghetti and similar pasta products have higher Quality nutrition Rice actually is Only a moderate nutrition food White enriched Rice has 67 Grams of protein per 100 Grams compared to 125 for enriched Spaghetti which also has a Little More protein than enriched White Rice and even a Little less of the important b vitamins parboiled Rice also has a Little More protein than White Rice nor is the protein in Rice As Complete As that from some of for brides for sunday publication pictures of brides and Bride select Are required to be in the office of the women department of the Enterprise by noon on monday Only Friday and saturday weddings Are published in the sunday edition All other weddings Are published As soon As possible following the wedding a Black and White Glossy print at least five by seven inches is required the full name of the Bride not Maiden name must be written on the Back the same Rule applies to engagements pictures Are no longer kept on file and therefore will not be available after publication the women staff reserves the right to edit copy determine picture size and placement of wedding and engagement announcements in the Section Blanks for wedding and engagement information Are available in the women department of the Enterprise the Blanks Are mailed Only if a stamped self addressed return envelope is included with the request the Blanks Are to be filled out completely and accompanied with a local Telephone number in order that additional information May be obtained if the announcement involves persons from out of town and there Are local connections the names of these persons should be Given a full Calendar month is required Between the Date of the engagement announcement and the Date of the wedding if two pictures Are to be published no pictures Are published with a wedding Story after two weeks the Enterprise does not provide Blanks for final wedding party stories details of these events briefly described must be written and submitted not later than wednesday of the week that they Are to be published on sunday bridal Shower pictures Are no longer published in the Enterprise party stories Are printed if details Are submitted to the women department not later than two Days following the event these details must include the Date of the event and the Telephone number of the hostess Wurlitzer music co 224 North Elm Greensboro phone 8855323 r1 m in r Faver Speaks to club by Marian Burros women news service Hershey is taking the Bull by the horns and putting nutrition Labelling on its milk chocolate bar in a press release announcing this Labelling the company says we believe Many con Sumers overestimate the number of calories and underestimate the number of nutrients in our products on the other hand we Are making no Broad claims that the product is highly nutritious it will be interesting to see if people buy fewer Hershey bars because of the nutrition Labelling it is doubtful that they will because no one eats Candy for Good nutrition and few people think Candy is Low in calories William Faver director of education at first presbyterian Church spoke on the new environmental Center for High Point now in its first phase of development at the meeting of Humn Hoe Garden club tuesday mrs David Tillson of Cottonwood drive was hostess for the covered dish luncheon meeting at her Home at pm mrs Harold Jensen gave the invocation or Faver said that the Center is located off Penny Road near the old City Lake he said that a bridle path has been built at Oak hollow Lake or Faver stated that plans Are for three phases starting with guided nature Tours for students and adult groups workshops for teachers a nature Library and a research project with colleges later women authors Are arrested Paris portuguese women authors who have written a Book on women lib called new portuguese letters to be published next year in the us have been arrested under a Law which makes writers criminally responsible for their work Portugal is a country where women Are expected to confine their activities to their Home and children the three authors Are Maria Velho a Costa and Maria Isabel Barreno novelists who also work As researchers for Portugal ministry of economics and Maria Teresa Horta a prominent poet who edits the literary supplement of a Lisbon newspaper their ardently feminist Book contains fictional letters poems essays and manifestos describing the betrayal and disillusionment of contemporary women they were arrested after the censor complained that their writings outrage Public morals and abuse the Freedom of the press plans will include a weather station crafts and a Day Camp the Center has 340 acres of land and a Small building for an office or Faver explained that today we need outdoor experience to find out who we Are and How we relate to the world slides were used to illustrate the talk the business meeting was conducted by mrs Robert Hauser treasurer announcement was made of the Southern living show to be held in Charlotte feb 23 March 3 mrs a g Powell stated that the club has received a certificate of Honor from the Garden club of North Carolina inc the Tomato was once called the love Apple As the normally costlier Large cars dealers have reported but you May be Able to find a relatively Good value in the next few weeks january normally is the month of lowest prices for used cars single retirees last fall we estimated on the basis of Bureau of labor statistics data that moderate living costs for a retired couple now average about a month nationally about 15 to 20 per cent More in the Northeast about 5 to 15 per cent less in the South about 13 per cent less in Small the present Cost would be about s470 weve been asked How much1 the costs for a retired single person might be bus Doest Price a comparable budget for single retired persons but estimates that the costs would be about 55 per cent of those for the couple thus a reasonable estimate would be about on a National basis for the moderate budget tips help in saving Energy by Marian Burros women news service even if you dont want to reduce your beat below 65 degrees to help in the Energy crunch you can still do your share in the kit Lien and just because the savings amount to a few bus Here and kilowatts there just keep in mind that millions doing the same things add up to lots of unconsumed Energy Small electric appliances such As Waffle Irons toasters skillets and bean pots use less Energy for their specialized jobs than a stove if you have them use them cover saucepans whenever possible food Cooks faster and on lower heat be sure lids Are tight fitting 3rd big Price drop i entire Stock sacrificed Holton furniture carpet company 726 English re pm 8824757 trundle Beds Cedar Chest chairs living room suites cocktail and end tables As Low As Price bedroom suites lamps up to you must see it to believe it buy at Cost buy below Cost use the big parking lot beside our store 726 English Road phone 8824757

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