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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 22, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise Friday. January 22. 1925 Page 7 �-j925_by begin Here today Elf i trans la a r h a r a Hawiley As so she Kilts Hill k Reynolds her Fiance and gets a Job the Telegraph. Barbara is it a roadhouse when prominent Man kills himself and she connects Lydia Stacy wealthy widow with the Case by Means of a red Scarf. Mrs. Stacy likes Bruce. He ignores her advances so she refuses to invest Vale acres his realty Arm and tells Andrew Mcdermott managing editor of the Telegraph that the firm is crooked. Manners bruces partner abscond and for the publicity Given this affair Bruce blames Barbara. Barbaraus invalid Kotlier Dies so the girl takes apartment with fancy Mcdermott s daughter. She tries to euro fancy of her infatuation for Jerome Ball a Man about town but fancy accuses Barbara of wanting Ball herself. Bruce weds Violetta Cran by factory girl he a a met through Barbara s a a lovelorn column. Barbara at a National federation of women a clubs a sit Ion sees manners and i s him brought Hack to the City Nuder charges. He implicates Bruce. Barbara confronts mrs. Stacy with the red Scarf Effort a to get the widow to help Bruce. At the last Irto ment Brit Cen a trial mrs. Staey dramatically flakes the stand his defense and he is acquitted. Fancy weds Jerome Ball. Barbara calling the hospitals for births and deaths almost faints when the clerk mentions a familiar name. Now go with the Story. Chapter Ali 11 the clerk at the other end of the wire repeated the name. Bar upset stomach Chew a few pleasant tablets a stomach feels Fine it was four of clock when so undressed and got into bed. The Telegraph was folded under her Pillow. When she awoke the room was Bright with sunlight she leaped out of bed and ran to the clock the dressing table. It was nearly ten of clock. She began to dress hurriedly slipping into the first garments that j came to hand. She sat Down before j the dressing table Mirror and a braided her hair. The reflection a Tho Glass was wan and hollow eyed. She brushed her hair and added Rouge. Instead of improving Ber looks it Only accentuated the Cir irs beneath her eyes. She rubbed it off again. As she passed the Kitchen she remembered that she had had nooning to eat since noon of the Day before. She glanced at her watch. It was already half past ten. So put her hat and left the apartment. Wells was occupied with a pile of copy when she entered the editorial room. Barbara looked at him nervously but he did not look up. She turned toward Mcdermott s door which stood open. He had not yet come Down. As she reached her desk. Jimmy hurried up to her. A avoid he said High school French with a flourish he handed her a Gray envelope. She looked at it injuriously and Laid Down Ber Bat and gloves before she picked it up again. It bore a new York postmark and there was a return address heavily embossed Blue the Flap. Barbara Tore it open. T r Letterhead was Quot footlights Magazine forty eighth Street. New York City Quot a my dear miss Hawley a a it ran a would you care to accept a place our staff a a a your work would be the Cit ing of interviews with theatrics people and occasional first nigh a Broadway theater. Quot your salary would begin at $75 a week. Quot will you let us Bear from you a the letter was signed by a name already glamorous by familiar to Barbara. It was the name of a famous theatrical writer. To be continued Merritt sweeter pick 1 and a rap Iron fire Milts of it App i roil near Here some of the a a a to i up Metal highways worn to Needle Sharpness. _ i another stretch of seven Miles ,.n,. Tom of. \ a i yielded 603 pounds of Metal. A Kellog Idaho. Jan. J half mile of eighteen foot pave. A a 36-Inch Highway Magnet sweep Menf gave fifteen pounds of nails or pierced up 150 pounds of Nail and other matter from the Gutter. As Barbara reached her desk Jimmy hurried up to her. A avoid Madame he Haid High school French and with a flourish handed her a Gray envelope. So pleasant so inexpensive so Quick to Settle upset stomach. Tile moment a a paper a diaper sin reaches Tho stomach All pain and distress from indigestion or a sour Gassy stomach vanishes. Millions know its magic. All druggists recommend this harmless stomach corrective. Reak ches7 colds with red Pepper ease your Tigh it aching Chest. Stop the pain. By a up the congestion. Feel a Bai cold loosen up just a Short Iii r. A red Pepper i Iii is the cold remedy that bring quickest Relief. It cannot Hurt to and it certainly seems to end to it tightness and a hive the congas and soreness m ight out. Nothing has such concentrated penetrating heat As red peppers and when heat penetrates right Down into colds congestion aching Muscles and sore stiff joints Relief conies at once. The moment you apply red replies rub you feel the tingling heat. three minutes the congested spot is warmed through and through. When you Are suffering from a cold rheumatism backache stiff neck or sore Muscles just get a Jar of homies red Pepper rub made from red peppers at any drug store. You will have the quickest Relief known. Always say Bara Clung to the receiver with her left hand. Her right hand Lay Idle the pad of paper the Pencil beside it. At last she thanked the Hospital clerk and Hung up. She picked up the n6tes she had made of the other items and went out of the Telephone Booth. A hurry up there miss Hawley a called Wells. A Tho Hospital column ought to be up a few she neither answered nor looked at. Him. But went straight to her desk and put a Sheet of paper her typewriter. She copied the items scrawled the pad of scratch paper the beginnings and endings of human lives. The typewriter ground out paragraph after paragraph dry bloodless As a Market report. One by one Barbara marked off the items the pad until none was left. Then she put a fresh Sheet of paper Lier typewriter and began to write a a Reynolds Bruce and Violetta a son born monday. Wells almost snatched the copy from Barbara s hands. A have to snap into he said to the cop Reader. A this list is the cop Reader glanced at Barbara expecting some retort. But she was walking away her lips tight. Wells also looked up. And seeing her absent manner called after her. Petulantly a will you Call the civic clubs and the chamber of Commerce no miss Hawley get their weekly still Barbara did not answer him. She went into tile Booth again Tore off the top Sheet of the pad and sat Down the squeaking chair. When she came out of the Booth some time later with the. Pad her hand she met Mcdermott his Way to the composing room. A you look tired Barbara a he said. A Why done to you go she smiled and Shook her head but she could not speak. Wells had apparently recovered from his ill temper for he also glanced at her fare and said a Why done to you go Home a a i will after awhile a she answered. Barbara stayed at the Telegraph i office until the papers came up j from Tho press room. A copy boy Laid one of them Bor desk. Barbara folded it and put it under her Arm. Then she put her hat and left the office. The streets were beginning to fill with the afternoon Rush. Barbara walked through the shopping District glancing now and then at display windows turning Corners without heed running into passersby. Around and around she went encircling the same blocks Many times. She entered a department store and walked through the Complete outfits cd room suites. Dining room suites living room suites rugs linoleum or Congo cum shades curtains Odd chairs tables Art squares stoves Odd Beds and cribs phonographs floor and table lamps Kitchen cabinets breakfast room suites and any thing else that one might need for the Home pm be found Here at prices that will please you. Drop and let us figure with you. Rose furniture co. End of English Street car Lane Bone Iii 82 ground floor looking at nothing. At last it was growing dark and she turned her Steps toward Home. The folded copy of the Telegraph was still under her Arm. Barbara met several of her neighbors the women Rushing Home from shopping trips the men striding along with packages and newspapers under their arms. Now and then a toddler met one of them and crawled up his legs into his arms with shrill cries of near Barbaraus apartment House. Tommy and his kiddy car blocked the sidewalk. His Blond head was Bent Over the refractory wheel and he was tugging at it with trainings of his Chubby arms and legs. As Barbara approached he looked up at her. A do you know anything about kiddy cars a he asked his brows wrinkled. Quot this one Ain t no Barbara tried to smile. A a no a a she said. A i Don the boy was staring at her very hard. A say your eyes Are awful big. You look just like my picture of Alice wonderland when the Duchess said a chop off Ber head a do you know about Alice a Barbara Shook her head and went up the Steps. Inside the apartment she Laid the folded newspaper the table and went into her bedroom. She came out wrapped a House Robe Lier feet bedroom 1 slippers and toxic up the. Telegraph. Then she seated herself Arm chair near the window and turned to the Hospital column. A a Reynolds Bruce and Violetta a son born monday at a local her eyes ran Over u. A i lines of print again and again. she repeated under her breath Quot a the paper dropped from or hands and she turned to tile window. The Street was a i or dark except for Long streaks t Western Light that fell the buildings. The kiddy Ltd Lay abandoned the sidewalk. A woman came cult of a door across1 the Street and called a James Allen. James Allen a Urchin j bounded around the Corner of the Hause and up the Steps. The Troj passed through the door into the lighted room beyond. Somebody began to sing tile apartment below. Quot you did t want me when you had me so w by do i you want me now a the floors beneath Barbara s feet vibrated with the ragged rhythm of music beaten out a mechanical piano. Far Down the Street there was the faint Call Quot red hot Tomalas red hot a Barbara sat at the window the paper lying her Knees. The room was quite dark. There was no movement it except when Tho window curtains waved gently now and then. Lights dining rooms went out across the. Street and living room windows blazed against the blackness. Barbara leaned against the j her Chin popped her hands. The i Breeze whipped Tho curtains about j her head but she did not Brush them away. Her body grew cold but she 4 not close the window. At last she Rose and turned . The lights. There was the paragraph still bold and Black its Cornn a a Reynolds Bruce and Violetta i a son born monday at a local Barbara Sank Down again the armchair and buried her face her hands. She sat very still. Outside a wind Rose whipping leaves against the windows and sweeping noisily Down the Street. A gust blew into the room where Barbara sat and caught the newspaper her Lap whirling it Arross the floor to a Corner where it. Lay flapping against the Wall. Barbara closed the window and began to walk about the room Ber hands clenched. She opened the door and listened. The Hall outside was As quiet As her own apartment. She walked into fancy s bedroom and thence to her own. Aimlessly her bands still tightly clenched. She went into the Kitchen a pause was dripping the sink. She a Zed it nervously and turned it off. A mop the Corner of the i Kitchen caught her Eye she took it up and began to mop i the floor. Then she took All the cans and dishes from the shelves and spread fresh paper coverings. She scrubbed the sink cleaned the Silver washed out the ice Box. Then she went into the bedroom. The place was spotless from the efforts of the maid who had cleaned it that Day. But Barbara brought a dust cloth and began to dust. The living room came for its share of attention. Hours passed while she went Over every Inch of space the apartment wiping away imaginary spots and sweeping imaginary dust from the rugs. She picked up the copy of the Telegraph from the Corner and put it the table. When the living room we As finish. She went to the table and spread out the newspaper. Her hands were almost too cold to grip the pages. There it was Stark a a Reynolds Bruce and Violetta a son born monday at a local hos phone 220 280 e. Sycamore St. Greensboro veterinary Hospital or. N. H. Whitehill veterinarian formerly with the dog and cat Hospital Washington d. C. Specialist diseases of the dog trial of our Quality Coal will convince you that there a none better. Phone us to Day. City fuel co. Dias. F. Blake prop. Phone 335 your warmest friends bought and not sold it you Are a Piggy wiggly customer you buy your groceries fruits and vegetables and do not depend someone to pick out and Send you something they want to sell or get rid of. Below you will find a few suggestions and every Dav Piggy wiggly prices pineapple Libby a and Del Monte s sliced no. 2 1-2 can the Large size peaches Libby a no. 2 1-2 can the Large size you probably pay 35c for this elsewhere. Fruit for salads Delmonte Libby a no. 2 1-2 can the Large size. Peas Wako Brand no. 2 can medium size Wisconsin peas very Fine tomatoes Sweet Hall Brand no. 2 can. These arc not a just tomatoes but will Grade extra Standard 3 can for mall asparagus tips Del Monte no. I Square can medium White tips. Syrup log Cabin Brand no. 5 can $1.04. Medium size can 54c of a Small can. But Coffee Maxwell House 51c White House 51c Carara 44 Pilot Knob. Coffee and Chicory Moon Brand no. I package la. 29c 29c 46c 18c 39c 42c 29c Piggy wiggly or. Furniture Many attention Quail a pheasants a partridges Venison a sea foods a Quot any kind of a dish that von might like can be had Here at the George Washington cafe. The service is absolutely Tare and courteous. White waitresses and waiters. Clean Sam drop and give this. High Point s most popular Cate a trial then you la go nowhere else. For you will recognize and appreciate the kind of attention you get Bere. I Rice always reasonable. George Washington cafe just above the Railroad from the exposition building Clinard electric co. R. R. Blackburn mgr. For sleep Ful nights the bedroom is the place where you should unconditionally relax and rest. As Aid to. This relaxation the furnishings help materially. Beautiful furniture comfortable easy chairs ease giving mattress Are the articles necessary to a sleep Ful night or a restful Day. We have them Kester furniture co. 104. 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