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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 21, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina saturday january 21, la our boarding House r with major Hoople san major a a there was a Ravager askin1 1 for Vou of woj at the i owl club he pm would t leave Amy 1 name. 2>ut me wad Hoople labels All. Me. Ca Winay a he tagged Snuffy for car fare a he after he pumped the Bellows for am hour everybody sneaked a walkout he s a member of your Clam All right a a there was something about his face a maybe his sniffer a atm at looked familiar and he talked with a Hiccup my word who Ich Way do he Good you Tell him where i reside jays by egad my Fortune is comi my True / Mas be i Cam heat him off before he Gaikis our door out our Way by a r. Williams i can to think How to get our Money Back from sum while in a Workin to pay Back what i borrowed to loan him-1 can to think about it in school an to Workin All my <=2pa.df time with no / that s just where they git Guys Uke us they keep thinking too hard to work and they keep saps like us working too hard to think j All you need is enough if pm a mtg a a a a it a v a w. I t min the pay boys a wham to a Alley top privately it a not 80 funny by Ham in so Chi a a 264. A. A it a 9 h to. Mia 7\ w l is Iii. A i Are Yuh Well vet a i gotta when Sall this ask her papa a before Viz can happen i y set the Day i Aav whats that Noore \ goo kit on �?sump1n for your Hope Chest t a i Pap Boozy 1�?T Oom to intr tit civic inc 0v gum x of be Heye that v cackle head really get married Over v a. I of of and body / in Chi t m my u. T it. Off Myra North special nurse by Ray Thompson and Charles Coll the Job s finished Mey there / who Cave you permission Toh leave. The office Why major nou1 of not considering and More shooting on Quot War nurse Rocky Are you i stirs 7 1-21 certainly not that Suh i called too Back i m closing Down the studio for. A couple of months lome and i have an important dats in Yuma then a world in cruise in the meantime Myra the studio is yours and a million thanks / As for Guy i m putting him into Val Elf Opp s Cole As soon As we get r i #7, chief a Vou mean to to be a hero at last l f my a this Calls for a real Celebration lits Sou n me take in that s premiere tonight a y"1 Blondie a couple of culprits do their a a stretch by Chic y0u1 Suu Mot so loud. Alvin they re Oki the top shelf t Trpin a the i cant even reach them standing on this chair a be quiet / and ill get up there and it lift you higher n he in a mope still i i of y cant reach 111 them too bad i a Jess n wed ont cent a Liv it l i \ / gee quiz Why of do mamas it l always Keer i the cookies j on the top shelf i dont j know j to Quot Phil a Qugh Mandrake the magician make. A temporarily funded by the Photoflash the powerful kid Glove kid reacts quickly or the kid walks into his own trap by Lee Falk and Phil Davis As grabs the Fahlen pistol the kid dashes into the Bushes returning the fire with a second pistol can hold him Here Joe. He s got a but so have i. Go Down to that Gas station and Thone the cops / r Quot a Mandrake / it s the police the kid is cornered at Pine Forks near the big swamp Iyo 0 next week big swam freckles and his friends Small Fry makes a suggestion by Blosser to Cue Genius Combs from the heart a and Only from a he Art to at Mas suffered a heart 7mat has known pain vol so f v a man6corned by women frequently reaches Ime Peak of Genius Only because he has Learned the True meaning of frustration i Quad by i a i be suffered i know what it is 1b be scorned by women in my own quiet Way i Cam be a Genius j w a a foil 0 a. A Haft of now is to let Dur hair grow. And buy a violin i in t. t m ate u a eat it to. I a it j Donald Duck on the Mezzanine a maxims diner i. N Luul a a v 2 is Fig boots and her buddies profits Soham late a Oulu a Soo go Zovon kno a Osy it Tauv a a a pro Gill wi.9 Yoo Knog of in a Gutt not go a of Vigyo f hopeless by Martin Ift we gig goons a always Hvos on sets it Factor a Palm Vino kit to Tuan Yoo to vent _ o. A a a i tvs ask v. That s twixt gtd argot i \ Chap a \ font p Yoo hot Yoor oni the. A i boots i axe Yoo afoot ? Tut or. I a. Wash Tubbs b i Gogov a Ivy surf of Bels have Arre tet pm r�?oirrt7 Vacon avid Are govw6 l -1 Voct he wet to the Man of action 60tta to soap vow. A a Peru. Quick. Twig cac i Vav ack. V a i Al Orch a so twit to answer. / quest vows have to get ahead of them. A a. Aus Here s a clothes \ Lime that Mav come \ Vul hamdy.1 by Crane Var or Mickey finn so you Ano if yes. Pcs finn s. Tom have Ano i mad no Leav been looking \ it s so expensive at furniture i the Reward Money already he Tom got for Helpin Flossie ? Mickey catch Dixie a Dixon won t be half enough if we buy a a use Uke we planned Quot til of k a. Opportunity knocks 5 by Lank Leonard Vav Sittin out there in the Kitchen i Colont help it i la say Hearin what you i of were say i in a do v but a a a a i to k a a inc t uni Ai advertisement a Joe Paloska there a Are. that s the finest these Guys Quail i Ever Are sports prepared they be keep it a ordered hot. Y-1 Al the whole in say a Don t expect us t e at this junk do a j charming Guys �3ii in his a a a never >7 a Een such 1 of seen bum cooking in my Lipe j take it did a see a amp of any pennies the look on x wanta Chuck the waiter s Pace a a Haem at the chorus get a Load of the corny show. By Ham Fisher control herself a Knobby. Don t /_1# let pm get our Goat. That s y All they or want. Is v 2 Fath dirty Low Down bums u Tai

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