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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The laughter is loudest among the poor my ask 19p6j7c adm i Rai Model Cio to 18�?� portable color to 19�?� portable to and stand discount Price Black White extended screen Quot with Square Corners gives larger viewing picture. Instant play Quot Chassis has sensitive vhf and uhf tuners convenient Side lever controls. Walnut framed polystyrene. Includes decorator stand. Charge it at k Mart. Quot split second Start Quot instant picture. Instant sound. Acc Pushbutton pre set Fine tuning control locks in picture. Dynamic front mounted speaker dipole telescopic vhf and Loop uhf antennas. Rich looking Walnut Gram Cabinet. Charge it. Complete line of horse tack at discount prices one thing the Black Man has that the White one Hasni to is a better sense of humor. For the past three years i have been researching and writing a Book called a a the Days of Martin Luther King and it has taken me into Many ghettos a North and South a and the laughter is loudest among the poor. I have forgotten Many of the stories but not the hilarious shrieks. Many of the teenagers can repeat almost word for word the routines of such Black stars As flip Wilson firm to mine manganese from Ocean san Diego. Calif. Map Hughes tool co. Says it plans to mine manganese from the Ocean floor at Depths of 12,000 to 18.000 feet. Paul Reeve manager of mining research for the company said As he helped launch a 824-foot Barge that will be used in the mining a a i can say very Little about this because of the proprietary nature of the operation. Reeve refused to disclose the location of the venture other than to say it i it the manganese is ised in net als. A somewhere in an Alloy often lightweight aerospace Jimmy Walker Nipsey Russell and Dick Gregory. There is a great Deal to be said for any culture a Irish jewish italian. Polish a which can chuckle at its misery. Jimmy Walker said a where i come from there s a lot of Black folks. I done to knew if you re Gonna believe that. And there Are lots of robberies. What a been happening is that Black people been robbing Black people. We Robbins us. Don t Rob us. We Ain t got no think. A this brings me to the area of nonviolent crime. Now in violent crime we doing Damn Good. But nonviolent crime. I mean when was the last time you saw a Black banker getting busted for juggling the books just once i d like to walk Down 125th Street and have a Black brother Lay a counterfeit Dollar on me with a picture of Booker t. Washington on it. What a the Point of having a Black brother on the supreme court if we Don t commit crimes Classy enough to get there a a Book called a this fabulous Century hails Dick Gregory As a a Pioneer of the new Black perhaps by some of his stuff is salted with invective. He claims we become angry Over Black panthers stealing television sets but not Over the White panthers who staged the Boston Tea party. A your White folks got on that foreign ship and threw All that Many a Tea in the Watter. What the hell you mad at that we got sense enough to take it Home a Nipsey Russell is an old timer who can sing dance and Tell funny stories. A How come a he asks a there Are no Black Brothers in the space program i saw a picture of the space cadets and there was t a single soul brother. Not a Black astronaut among them. A they claim its because they can to put Ham Hocks incoming to nigh Point it Agu my Auci America s tastiest Spaghetti sauce Chi the w Cost 12-oz pack All meat Moi Franks . Choice full Cut Boneless Hollingsworth super Market Home of �5 Park n be a Village meats to Vood Market 9j� 9 in town i of to 700 ll06 Eastchester drive at North Centennial St. Open 7 Days a week plenty of Street parking a a loin pork chops 79 fresh Cut mixed Fryer parts legs and breast $199 Sunshine Kristy Saltine crackers.lb.37 to of. Box Chee zits big 26 of. Bottle Del Monte Tomato catsup.39 be t parking 3 la. Can jewel i shortening 59 i i Gal. Clorox.35 5 la bag colonial sugar.59 . Quarters Margarine 5/$1 24 of. Can Lykes beef Stew 49c 21? size can Sacramento sliced peaches.3/sl banquet-2 la. Frozen Buffet of supper. 89 pkg. Of 2 s soft weave bathroom tissue too Chiquita Golden Ripe bananas to Large fresh Florida $j00 oranges 3 Doz. La. Bag Maxwell House Coffee 77 that Little tube they use. They say Well want to ride around with the top Down and Well play the radio too loud. They say wed want to paint the rocket chartreuse and Wear silk mohair space suits. A i had a Cousin who was washed out of the space program because instead of firing the re entry rockets he kept zooming around hollering a one More time a a flip Wilson who May he the greatest of them All has found a new target for discrimination. A we got to do something about the indians a he says. A the indians ainu to ready yet. Do you want to build a $50,000 Home and have some Guy put a wigwam next to it a a in a not against indians. I tried to help an Indian once. He did no to appreciate it. I said to him you indians got a rough Deal. Of you Guys would Stop and think for a minute you d a realized what was happening when the pilgrims ran that thanksgiving game on you. A you remember that a come Over to dinner thing they never invited you Back did they he looked at me and said a they never invited you now i done to have to take this from an Indian of i let him get away with this next hell want to marry my sister. I was Sweet and polite. I said a Why should they invite us Over to dinner when we re doing the cooking a a Godfrey Cambridge who convulsed me merely by looking out of the . Set tells How difficult it is for a Black Man to Hail a White taxi. A i stand there with a big Broad smile on my face. I remove my sunglasses so he does no to think in a a drug then he says there is the screaming Friendly grinning expert tax preparing notary service l r. Hauser i too Prospect St. Phone 886 7220 approach a a going downtown Down. In a not going to if you re a Well heeled Black Cambridge has one final gambit he uses to get a taxi. Ifs called the Godfrey Cambridge rent a White service. You rent a White Man for $2 an hour and All he has to do is Hail cabs for Man learns to hate in direct proportion to his inability to drug no. 800 s. 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Jar Dukes Mayonnaise fresh Crisp Florida cabbage to big to of. Tasters Choice coffee.$199 Chun King Skillet dinners of 65 seasoned la. Can Bush Pride of the morning Grade a Large eggs. 3ooz. I a in baked .2/25� Model p-2835 pm am portable 14.97 Reg. 21.88. Two Way Power solid state design. Built in acc control for pm stations. High Point Inmai 2300 North main St. At Eastchester amp a a a

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