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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina So High Point Enterprise wednesday Jon. 19, 1972 fed Abr Southgate shopping Center next to roses South main St Westchester drive in the Zaire shopping Center store hours 9 00-10 00 Daly open on sundays 1 00 6 00 p jul. We Reserve the right to limit none sold to dealers Sood world bakery special Apple pie reg.95 special 85 from the food world Deli Kitchen. Home made vegetable soup. Mesh potato salad u Wesh Xuc Macaroni salad. A Psi a fresh bulk oysters a Low prices that you can Trust Low prices i Haj you can thu St win sap apples Raymore fryers Low prices that you Cah Trust Carolina Pride us a fresh whole High Point Enterprise wednesday Jon. 19, 1972 9c up on North Carolina grown Sweet potatoes Gerber strained 4 h of. Jar fresh Borden pet United or sea test milk i Gal. Jug Bounty paper towels laundry detergent big Roll 20-oz. Box a Hunts fruit cocktail 15-oz. Can Luter s packed 2 per bag a i Ugric Franks Luter s a a Luter s sliced Bacon Bologna la. /. A pure super bleach ? a Gal. Dis washing Ivory liquid 22-oz. Size with to of. Free 59� a now on display at food world a most dinnerware each piece Only 900 Ieuv he a assorted redeem the 7�?~ Luter s Coupon in today paper on Luter s Franks Bacon or Bologna. 1-lb. Pkg. Jell-0 pig "10c $119 or. 89 buffering hour Apter hour deodorant Maxwell House a Vajk Coffee 77 28 regular or with Iron similar 14-oz. Can f fruit drinks save Over 50% this week s feature Jan. 19 thru Jan.25 with each $3.00 Purchase h0llydale ice milk38 baggies 90 value ice Tea 39 trash bags 10-ct. Box 49 Luck s piht0 beaks 17-oz. Can Heinz Tomato Ketchup everyday Low prices Domino sugar 69 Holly Dale sugar 47 59 18-oz. Jar Bama Apple Jelly 311 35 24-oz. Bottle a log Cabin buttered syrup 85 12-oz. Jar smooth or Crunchy if Peanut butter 4 51 16-oz Jar a it Olive fresh strips o co 47 13-oz. Can Borden milk 19 23 20-oz. Jar Pream 69 99 13-oz. Can regular similar o of pm 37 13-oz. Can sea liquid 28 37 Low prices # food. A Chain Iha j you can Trust world store everyday Low prices Low prices tha j you can Trust Low prices tha j you can s i too _ Chain orld a store Low prices Jha you c at j tru s j i Chain store Low prices that you can Trum Skinner s 24-oz Box Elbow Macaroni 2-lb. Box converted Uncle Ben s Rice Light meat starkest h of. Can chunk tuna 12-oz can spam 12-oz can Armour treet Swift 4-oz can Vienna sausage Swift 3 a of can potted meat 15-oz. Can Bunker Hill beef 27-oz. Jar Tang 46-oz. Can any flavor he a drinks 27 Las i everyday Low prices i a 26-oz. Box Plain or iodized a Morton Salt to 15 i i a mfg Mayonnaise 39 59 i i Kraft 8-oz bottle a French dressing 33 37 i i wish Bone 8-oz. Bottle a italian dressing 37 43 i b 26-oz. Bottle a Hunts Catsup 47 55 i i 24-oz. Jar a French Mustard o of co 45 i m Hunt s 8-oz. Can a Tomato sauce 13 16 i i chef boy a Dee with meat 19�?Tj of. Pkg a Spaghetti dinner 55 63 i a Kraft dinner 7 r of pkg. A Macaroni cheese 23 27j Iain Low prices Ore that you can tru St w 1 Ever cd a y Low prices 46-oz. Can any flavor Hawaii punch 3-oz. Pkg. Assorted flavors jell-0 3-oz. Pkg. Assorted flavors Royal Gelatin 5-oz. Pkg All flavors Hunt snack rack Day time 30-ct. Pampers overbite 12-ct. Pampers Gerber s 5-oz. Jar strained baby food Gerber s 8-oz Jar Junior baby food Heinz 4 Joz. Jar strained baby food 59 i is 87 to 15 9 everyday Low prices pin size 57 Lemon pledge 95 8-oz. Bottle windex amp sprayer 37 18-oz. Can drano 75 10-ct. Box brillo soap pads i 35 Large Box scouring sos pads 351 regular size Comet Cleanser of regular size Ajax j51 w Nigara 22-oz can Spray starch i 7-oz size fabric softer downy 39 to Gal. Plastic pure bleach 25 35 a Gal. Plastic Clorox 29 43 32-oz. Size Ivory liquid 791 87 49-oz. Box Rinso 79 49-oz. Size tide Fol i 79 Low prices a of Chin Jha j you can ivus j w world a store everyday Low prices everyday Low prices Purina dog Chow 499 3� 16-oz. Can Jobo dog food 9 11 White House 16 r of can Apple sauce 18 21 Delmonte 29-oz.can sliced peaches 35 45 Delmonte 17-oz. Can fruit cocktail 32 35 thank you 21 of. Can Cherry pie filling 48 53 Monarch 16-oz can Sweet peas 19 23 Bush 15-oz. Can Blackeye peas 13 15 Jack in the beanstalk 28-oz. Can Cut Green Beans 38 45 Phillips 16-oz. Can pork and Beans 15 19 Van Camp 16 of can pork Ana Beans 16 19 Campbell 16-oz. Can pork and Beans 16 19 Luck s 17-oz. Can Pinto Beans 21 25 4-lb. Bag dried Pinto Beans 63 73 Campbell i o of. Can Chicken Gumbo 19 24 everyday Low or Ces everyday Low prices i la. Bag. Coffee Chase amp Sandborn 75 89 Cut rite 122-so. It. Roll Wax paper 27 33 4-oz. Jar Freizer dried maxium Coffee 109 125 Reynold s25-so. It. Roll aluminium wrap 28 33 Maxwell to of Jar instant Coffee i Quot re 12-count Botex 41 57 Lipton s 3-oz. Jar instant Tea 129 200-ct. Facial tissue kleenex 31 37 48-count Box mfg Tea bags 3f 49 Large Roll Scot towels 36 41 1 48-couny. _. Upton Tea bags 59 73 1000 Sheet Roll Scott tissue 15 19 100-count Upton Tea bags too i35 4-Roll pack Waldorf tissue 41 49 2-lb. Box Nestle Quik 79 99 4-Roll pack Charmin tissue 39 49 48-oz. Bottle mazola Corn Oil i Quot 133 Morton s 11-oz. Pkg Chicken dinners 38 47 24-oz. Bortle Wesson Oil 61 to Morton pot pies 19 25 Low prices tha j you can i rus j Chain store everyday Low prices Low prices a food Chain that you can Trust w world w Start everyday Low prices 48-oz. Bottle Crisco Oil 3-lb. Can Crisco whipped 42-oz. Can Snowdrift Low prices tha j you can i rus t 3-lb. Can Swift Ning 20-oz. Size laundry detergent punch 13 16-oz. Can switch cat food 18 7-oz. Can puss n boots cat food to Purina dog Chow 29 ii 15 78 Ever to a y Low prices red band flour 41 Campbell Ion of. Can Tomato soup 12 Phillip s 10%-oz. Can Tomato soup 19 i la. Bag. Perk or regular mfg Coffee mba it la. Bag. Regular drip or perk r a Maxwell House Coffee to 9 77 15 aunt Jemina 2-lb. Box Pancake mix 14 Duncan Hines 18 Mroz. Box layer cake mix 79 Pillsbury 18-oz. Box layer cake mix Kellogg 8-oz. Box Corn flakes i is 77 73 49 34 33 19 i 21 a Southern a la. Pkg. Margarine 55 47 39 23 Blue Bonnet i la pkg. Margarine 8-oz. Buttermilk Ballard biscuits Kraft sliced 12-oz pkg. American cheese Tropicana i Gal. Bottle Orange juice 25-tablets Alka Seltzer right guard 9�?Tt-oz. Can deodorant 6.75-oz. Tube Colgate toothpaste 50-Tablet bottle Bayer aspirin 24 33 9 71 54 i 19 87 27 37 to it 75 i 59 i 05 4 me

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