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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Ask Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Terry Wendell age 12, of Sarasota Florida for his question what caused this year s red tides every few years the offshore Waters of Florida and California turn Reddish Brown and soon the beaches Are strewn with the bodies of dead fish. In the summer of 1971, these red tides infested both Florida and California. Scientists worked intensively though they did not learn All they wanted to know. But they suspect that the causes of the fish Slaughter May be somewhat different in the two areas. The red tides in Florida were caused by a miniature organism with the scientific name of Gymn Odinius Breve. The California red tides were caused by a different organism named Gonya lax polyhedral. Under certain conditions these microscopic Marine algae reach a fantastic to ask a question of Andy address postal cards a not letters a to ask Andy Caro of the High Point Enterprise. Be sure to include your name age name of your parents and address. Valuable prizes Are Given to those whose questions Are selected for the column. Population explosion. Their teeming cells tinge the water with Muddy Brown Brownish red and sometimes almost blood red. In nature population explosions always end in disaster for the exploding species and usually for All other species in the environment. The teeming algae soon die in teeming numbers. These Plant cells decay and the process of decay uses oxygen. For a Long time scientists supposed that fishes in the red tide Waters died because their oxygen Supply was depleted by masses of the decaying algae. This May prove to be part of the Story. But researchers now have evidence that the red tide algae also produce poisons that Are fatal to the fish populations. The Florida algae release their deadly toxin while they Are living. This toxic chemical has been isolated and studied in some detail. It is a lightweight molecular substance that attacks the nerves and blocks their electrochemical impulses. Apparently this toxin also attacks the nervous systems of other backbones animals. Researchers Hope to learn a lot More about it. This summer California researchers Learned that their red tide algae do not release their toxin while they Are living. But after they die. This toxin has not been isolated As precisely but the evidence suggests that it is similar to that form the Florida algae. Apparently it also attacks the nervous systems of the fishes. The next step is to learn what factors Start these population explosions in the red tide algae. At present nobody knows the answers though Marine biologists have several suggestions. Whatever these causes Are they must be present Only once in every two or three years a when red tides tend to occur. It is suggested that water temperature May be a Factor. Some researcher Are investigating the possible role of various chemicals dumped into the offshore Waters by streams and Rivers. Some of these might be Man made pollutants though at present most researchers think this is unlikely. Pollution is dumped into the Ocean every Day and red tides occur every two or three years As they did in the past. Andy sends a world Book Atlas to Frank Blum age 17, of san Francisco California for his question How did the word Chicago originate let a face it human nature is a mixed bag of worthy and not so worthy qualities. We All want to do our Best and feel proud of ourselves this is Fine. But we miss the Point when we try to boost ourselves by putting somebody else Down. Some people try to get away with this foolishness by name calling. No need to spell out the Long list of names we have invented for people of various races and nationalities. The Chicano of course Are americans of mexican descent or origin. Nobody seems certain How the term originated. But there was a time when some people referred to any mexican american As Chico instead of by his right name. Perhaps Chicano is a sort of plural form of Chico. Naturally the mexican americans were sensitive about this name calling. But they added a touch of their own special humor to the problem. Tiey took Over the term and now proudly Call themselves Chicano. To color and Black i White . 882-8319 Bent buy Bint to own Quot the family store Ano Catalon order Center \. F. I s. V special Frei offers v 1 i Ai a Lur pledge in i no. A it pm Dkl a it or automotive a Revice a it or Al High Quality. to it. Ii Lim urn a i fair fun we 8>> Only the Wark you Nave Norih to in Advance your i our goal. A Waurin Lulu. Special is big 25%-in. 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With no cd a Quot Ironsides a moved out of Competition Quot the Glen Campbell show Quot is again basking in the sunlight of audience attention running neck and neck with a mod squad Quot this May be temporary since Abc has not yet moved in its special artillery it filled the time spot tuesday night with a rerun of a show originally displayed in september Quot bewitched a on Abc. Seems to have lost ground by its shift into the saturday nigh spot opposite Quot All in the and Lames Garner s Quot Nichols on Jbf is finding Ltd a tuesday nights the same ratings problem it encountered earlier this season on thursdays lbs also has moved aggressively to Shore up is daytime schedule. For several seasons if Long running soap opera a was the world turns Quot was the most popular daytime show on any network recently abcs a general Hospital forged into the no. I spot. Tile network has persuaded Erna Phillips who created the series in 1956 and was its head writer for years to return after an absence of almost three years. A new producer also was brought in. Lbs also had a problem with its a search for in its 2lst year the oldest daytime serial on the air. Melba Rae the actress who had played an important role almost from the beginning died suddenly on dec 29. Her role of Marge Bergman was written out for a Short period and now the character will be eliminated. A we Are just going to let the audience assume that her husband is a widower and we will make occasional references to the fact that Marge has passed away a explained a network spokesman. Meanwhile. Abc news is assaying some face lifting on its monthly t to h of f Quot Chron Long Quot it will be divided into two parts one Section for straight news reports including investigative research and the other for what the network described As a sardonic examinations of freakish events and Tongue Inch Eek peeks at the human condition a the management Felt that when for example Janis Joplin a death was treated Side by Side with a feature on a Barber who used a Blowtorch for haircuts both segments suffered. 3d a my Greensboro go a Btu Charlotte 4, Wunch University station to Wols Roanoke cd a Gap High Point of Wujs Winston Salem cd soc Charlotte Wujs a i i 6 00 . 3 news weather sport 3 scene tonight 4 electric company 4 Abc news 9 news io1 6 of clock news 4 30 . 2 lbs news 4 consultation 8 to Tell the truth Jio 12 Abc news 7 00 . 2 9 Andy Griffith show 3 Nev s 4 evening edition 8 to truth or consequences 12 news 7 30 Hugh Morton 8 Mayberry red now Primus to Tell the truth 12 Green acres 3 00 pm 3 Carol Burnett Eddie s father n c. This week to 12 adam�?12 1 30 . This week Abc comedy hour 3 huh mystery movie f 00 . 2 3 acc basketball 4 dream machine 2 3 4 91 to is 8 4 9 4 8 8 the Smith family 9 30 . The persuaders. 10 00 . 6 30 to Tell the truth 7 00 truth or consequences 7 30 Mayberry . 4 soul 9 to 12 night gallery 10 30 . 8 this is your life 11 00 . 2 night heat news 3 scene tonight 8 news ,9 news final 10 news ii news. Weather. Sport 11.30 j Merv Griffin 3 movie 8 Dic k Cavett show 19 to Iii tonight show we hmm 4 00 . 2 Sunrise semester 4 30 3d Good miming to on i he i 7 00 c3 lbs morning news 8 u. Of Michigan 9 Iol today 7-30 3 lbs news 3 morning Sec be 8 triad in perspective 6 00 . 2 Good morning 3 capt. Kangaroo 1 30 . 3d old rebel 8 romper room Doo 12 today 9 00 . Go capt Kangaroo 3< Hazel 4 i s. History 8 dealing for dollars 9mike Douglas 10 Virginia Graham 12 today at Home 9 30 . R5 Gomer Pyle 4 learn to think 12 famous jury trials 10 00 . X 3 Lucy show 2 9 i 4 8 9 4 sesame Street Toh Dinah a place 10 30 . 3 my three sons to 12 concentration 11 00 . Go family affair cultures bewitched to 12 Sale of Century 11 30 . 2 3d love of life 4 because we care f0> that girl 9 to 12 Hollywood squares 12 noon 2 where the heart is 3 the scene at noon 4 f la guitar 8 9 eyewitness news 10 12 jeopardy 12 30 . Xxx mini state of Union address electric company David Frost 1 00 . U s. History 1 30 3 As the world turns images and things 8 lets make a Deal 9 to 12 three on a match 2 00 . 2 3 Many s pie fido red thing 8 newlywed game 9 to u Days of our lives 3d 4 2 30 . 2 3 guiding Light 4 cultures 8 dating game 9 to ii the doctors 3 00 . 2 3 secret storm by general Hospital 9 to 13b another world 3 30 . 2 3 Edge of night 8 one life to live d Lassie to to Bright Promise 4 00 . 2 Gomer Pyle 4 zoom 3 to Daniel Boone 8 movie 9 film stones 12 Virginia Graham 4 30 . 2 Flintstones 4 Mist Erogers 9 Gilligan a Island 5 00 . 2 to big Valley to Green acres 4 sesame Street 9i Petticoat Junction 12 Gilligan a Island 5 30 . 3 truth or consequences 8 eyewitness news 3 Dick Van Dyke id wild wild West capsule views of today s evening programs 7 p. M. 2 Andy Griffith Otis slips and Falls in jail and is convinced by a lawyer that he should sue the county. 7 30 p. M. 2 stand up and cheer a Mel Torme is the guest Star 8 Mayberry red Howard the shy county clerk moves into a swinging singles apartment at the invitation of a Beautiful new woman. 12 Green acres Oliver has difficulties with an heirloom watch and seeks the Aid of his sex Secretary to get it repaired. I p. M. 2 Carol Burnett Ken Berry Nanette fab Ray and the carpenters Are guests. 8 Eddie s father eddies saxophone practising prompts an apartment 2 building protest. 12 a Adam 12 a bandits using tear Gas and a unique escape g route Rob an armoured truck at a savings and loan Bank. 1 30 p. M. I Abc comedy hour a the Kopy Kats a with Steve Lawrence As Host and impressionists Rich Little. Frank Gorshin George Kirby 2 and Robert Young. 12 Abc mystery movie a a Short with Peter Falk As la. Columbo. Guest stars Are William Windom Ida Lupino Roddy Mcdowall i Anne Francis and James Gregory. I 9 p. M. Acc basketball Wake Forest is. Uno. 9 30 p. M. The persuaders Danny Wilde is mistaken for the paymaster of a communist network when some Chance remarks at a gambling Casino coincide with a prearranged code. 10 p. M. Night gallery stories of the bizarre and the occult with Rod Serling As Host narrator. 10 30 p. M. This is your life Vicki Carr is the special guest

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