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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 16, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Preyer feels frustration in 6th District pulse by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer the Man who came out of the office first walked with the help of an artificial leg. He was a Veteran and had been drawing a disability Benefit for 30 years. Last month the Check he received was for the amount of one cent. He had received no response to his efforts to get the full amount of his monthly Benefit. The computer had made a mistake. Next into the office was a younger Man. He was discharged from the air Force because of family hardship. His letters about his pay for accrued leave time had not been answered. In each instance the two men having their problems with the United states government turned to congressman Richardson Preyer for help. Their appearance at preyers High Point office made them typical of the increasing number of people throughout the sixth District who Are bringing their frustrations to their congressman. Since Congress adjourned last dec. 22, Preyer has been moving daily through the three counties of his District a Guilford Alamance Rockingham a to sound out the feelings of the people and listen to them talk about their worries. It is a prudent thing for a congressman to do in an election year. But these Are something More than just Ordinary times. Climatic decisions lie ahead for the representatives of the people. So Preyer a Democrat in his third term in the House of representatives has been listening to the people. In High Point Greensboro Burlington Eden Reidsville Madison Mayodan they have been telling him their problems. A i do not recall a time when so Many people Are having personal problems with the government or with the Way things Are going at the moment in the country a Preyer said. A there is a feeling of frustration in almost every direction. A contractor can not work because he can not get conduit for wiring. The steel companies have quit making conduit. It is under a Price ceiling. The companies say they can to make a profit on it so they quit making it. A in Rockingham county the Farmers Are angry Over the increase by the government in tobacco allotments for next year. They Are the last to Market their crops each year and they Are afraid they will have to sell at a lower Price because of the increased acreage. Quot there Are so Many personal problems. People Are worried about their social Security benefits their veterans benefits about inflation about gasoline and heating Oil shortages. The list goes on and on a Preyer said. At the Center of their concerns Preyer said stands president Nixon and the question of whether he should be impeached. A i have found there is an increasing polarization around the the High Point Enterprise wednesday afternoon january 16,1974section d Preyer said. A the line is being drawn by those who say he should be impeached and those who say he should not. A i would judge that at this time the sentiment in the District is against impeachment a Preyer said. A most of the mail i receive is still for impeachment. But the people out in the District when you talk with them they say they do not want to see the president impeached. A they think impeachment will tear the country apart. This feeling is so Strong that this question could very Well leave a legacy of bitterness and divisiveness for a Long period of time in our National affairs. A the people want something to hold on to something to believe in about the country a Preyer said. A that something is the office of the president. They Are saying that to impeach president Nixon will be an attack on the office itself. A this feeling is there in the Public response to the record made of the editorial by Gordon Sinclair the Canadian. Radio stations throughout the District Are swamped with requests for the record. The requests come from groups of men drinking Beer in a tavern and they come from Young people too. A the people want to be reassured. A looking ahead Preyer predicted that the House of representatives would probably vote on the impeachment Issue sometime in june. A the judiciary committee has set a deadline for april to submit its report. Its staff is at work now. My feeling however is that there will be a number of factors delaying a vote by the House until at least june. Quot it is going to be a hard vote and not just because this is an election year a Preyer said. A my own position is that i could not vote for impeachment at this time. The consensus is that you do not need a clearly evident criminal act to impeach the president but i think it is going to take hard evidence of a criminal act by see Preyer on 4d rep. L. Richardson Preye who handles planning no one seems to know by Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer who is planning High Points future nobody says City councilman Frank Wood. Its hard to do nowadays opines City manager Harold Cheek. Things Are too Uncertain. A discussion on this subject among City councilman monday ended where it began with the question posed by councilwoman Rachael Gray. She set off the discussion by asking Why there was no Long Range planning in the City government. Councilman Wood interjected an opinion that he had expressed several times before to the effect that the City has a planning department which does no to plan. He noted that a new planning unit was supposed to be established in the City managers office but there was no evidence that the new unit had produced a master plan. Mrs. Gray said that she was concerned that there does no to seem to be any hard planning for projects which the City undertakes. It developed in the discussion that her particular concern was for a downtown project a the placing of electrical wiring underground. She wanted to know How the project was progressing and specifically when it would reach main Street in the Block where her family operates High Point hardware. A that s my bread and butter a she observed by the Way of explaining her interest. Her Call for better planning however was taken up by two other a a new members of the City Council Arnold Koonce and Bob Wells. Koonce has served before but is one of the three new members of this Council which took office in december. Wells is serving his first term. Koonce spoke of the frustrations individual councilmen May encounter at budget preparation time. Quot it is frustrating to me to bring up a project that i think is desirable and find out that a meat and potatoes items come ahead of mine a he said. Wells also was critical of the administration for not having plans on paper for 20 years ahead. In this Day and time replied Cheek it is impractical for a City government to try to project needs for More than six years. Financing a City is a complicated Endeavor Cheek observed. It is a mater of programming available revenues and careful borrowing within the municipal Means he said. The councilmen he noted Are actively involved in setting spending program priorities. Planning for improvements he said becomes a a a question of How far you want to go in commented mayor Paul Clapp a you have two things to Deal with a the a havens and the a want toss. The have tos have to come Koonce suggested that councilmen be furnished a list of the a have to items before they Are asked to suggest priorities for the 1974-75 City budget which will be adopted in june. A it might help us in our thinking while preparing our own list a he said. Clapp advised councilmen that they soon will be called on to decide if Bonds should be issued for several programs including Street and Utility construction establishing bus service a and possible several issuance of Bonds would require voter approval in a referendum. Clapp noted that the referendum should be held in the Spring to avoid conflict with the general election primaries in May. Davidson school Board to discuss details Burn Center fund drive ready to begin High Point fire dept officials and High Point Jaycees this week began making plans for the upcoming a Jaycee Jelly week in the City which begins sunday and continues through saturday Jan. 26. The special week during which various local organizations and clubs will be conducting door to door sales of Jelly to raise Money for a state Burn Center in Chapel Hill will begin with an open House sunday at All City fire stations. Shown Here with a Vintage fire truck which will be on display at the main station on s. Elm Street Afif Fofiu 4 Are front left to right fire chief h. L. Thompson Jaycee Dave Bishop Deputy chief t. M. Ellington and Jaycee Ken Goforth. Former fire dept. It. A. A. Davidson standing on truck who was badly burned in a fire Here in 1970, is serving As High Points honorary chairman for the Burn Center fund drive. High Point Jaycees have pledged to raise $15,000 toward the $2.5 million needed for the Center. Bus change High Point to participate in optional school plan Sophia Man charged missing girl is found unharmed Asheboro a a seven fear old Asheboro girl kidnapped from her Home Early tuesday morning during a break in was found Safe and unharmed in a Fayetteville Motel tuesday night. Assistant Asheboro police chief Robert Mason said Angela Craven identified herself to officers who found her at the Motel after a maid reported hearing a child crying. Mason said 26-year-old Ronald w. Caster of it. I Sophia has been charged with kidnapping and first degree burglary and is being held in Randolph county jail pending a preliminary hearing the Asheboro police official said Caster was arrested in Fayetteville after the girl was found in a Motel room. Caster Cut Power line darkens Market material being lifted by one of the two Large cranes at the new furniture building under construction at Commerce Avenue and Wrenn Street broke a 12,000 Volt Power line tuesday and knocked out current to several buildings in the area. City electrical Crews were dispatched immediately and the Power was returned within about to minutes. Tile buildings affected included the e. Green drive Wing of the Southern furniture exhibition building. None were caught in elevators during the Power outage. Auxiliary Power units activated and provided lighting in the Halls until the City Power came Back on. Reportedly had registered at the Motel under his own name. Caster was arrested by Asheboro police it. Boyd Cagle along with members of the Fayetteville police department and agents of the state Bureau of investigation. Mason said the girl was found Safe and unharmed and has been returned to her Home. Danny Craven a Surveyor told Asheboro police tuesday morning that when he awoke about 8 35 . He found Angela missing and his Wallet containing $850 empty and lying on the floor. Police found a window located near the child s room had a screen missing. The thief apparently left through a front door which had been locked monday night but was found unlocked by Craven tuesday morning. Police tuesday morning theorized the burglar or burglars might have been seen by the child and she was taken so they could not be identified. None of her clothes were reported As missing police said. Fayetteville police reported a maid heard a child crying in a local Motel room tuesday night and called them. They said the Young girl was Able to give a description of the car in which she had been brought to Fayetteville and police arrested Caster shortly afterwards in the City. Randolph county sheriff Lloyd Brown reported the car in which Caster was Riding was probably one reported stolen by the Man s father earlier tuesday morning. The Asheboro police were unable to confirm this today. A preliminary hearing for Caster has not been set As of today Mason said. He is being held without privilege of Bond pending the hearing on the two charges both of which Are felonies. New evidence promised by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Lexington putting aside questions about his personal ambitions Deputy Senate watergate committee counsel Rufus Edmisten told reporters tuesday there Exi amps a new and significant evidence related to two key elements of the watergate Edmisten a native of Boone who has moved to Winston Salem and was periodically in the spotlight last summer in his role As Deputy chief counsel for sen. Sam Ervin a watergate committee has expressed interest in seeking the Post of state attorney general but he made no specific announcement tuesday noting that the present occupant of the office has not officially disclosed plans. Robert Morgan who is now serving As state attorney general is expected to announce his candidacy for the Rufus Edmisten . Senate next monday thus Clearing the Way for Edmisten to declare his intentions. The important evidence Edmisten mentioned tuesday which he declined to pinpoint concerns president Nixon a Friend a a Bebel Rebozo and contributions made by dairymen to the Nixon Campaign Treasury. A i think we have new and significant evidence a Edmisten said naming Rebozo and the Dairy donations a of a kind that you would want to put on Public he acknowledged that members of the Senate watergate com Mittee have recently suggested that the hearings had already concluded. Edmisten indicated however that the senators May not have been apprised of the new information. A i have privately talked with sen. Ervin and chief counsel Sam dash a he related a and i expect these hearings to go he emphasized that any decision about reopening the hearings would ultimately be so a Newon 2d by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Lexington bus schedule changes for Davidson county students will go into effect monday feb. 4 instead of this coming monday As originally planned. On recommendation from county school superintendent e. Lawson Brown the county Board of education voted to postpone the altered bus schedule. As a result of the boards action buses will continue to run 45 minutes behind Normal schedules As they do now. On feb. 4 when the new schedule goes into effect buses will run 15 minutes earlier or 30 minutes behind regular schedule. Brown told the Board meeting in regular session today that he based his recommendation on weather conditions and on pre Dawn darkness that will persist. Normal bus schedules will resume March 4 As originally decided by the Board at its meeting two weeks ago. Also at today a meeting Board members heard a report from mrs. Lucy Leonard school food services director. She said that four school cafeterias in the system Are currently operating in the red. They Are at East Davidson High school Ledford High school Southmont elementary and Churchland elementary. Mrs. Leonard attributed most of the problems to increased labor costs. These costs Are the result of a new state Law giving cafeteria employees 21 extra Days of pay. A this has hit us hard a mrs. Leonard said a because we have to pay that salary even though we done to have any income during those on the brighter Side mrs. Leonard said she expected word shortly on increases in Federal reimbursements for free and reduced Price lunches. Viewing the current financial status of Davidson county cafeterias mrs. Leonard said she foresees no need to raise lunch prices during this year. Lunches presently Cost 40 cents in the elementary schools and 45 cents in Junior and senior highs. By Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer establishment of an optional school program for High Point will be one of the major items to be considered thursday by the High Point Board of education. The regular meeting is scheduled for 2 p. In. At the school administration building on English Road. The High Point school system is one of 21 selected in the state to take part in the special school program designed to help dropouts or students who cannot attend school during Normal hours. Details for the program have not been worked out but the school Here will be operated at Central High school. Or. Dean b. Pruette superintendent of schools said that it is expected that about 80 students will be involved in the program Here the state Board of education Only selected the school systems to participate in the program last week but it is expected that the program will get under Way in february. High Point will receive Only about $13,000 initially but some local Money will be used in the program. Central principal Jerry Shaver associate school superintendent or. Lloyd Thayer and or. Helen Miller pseudo science a pseudo science in the 70�?Ts,�?� a class being held at High Point College through Jan. 25, is exploring topics ranging from esp to astrology according to Thomas conally a chemistry instructor at the College. Mrs. Marion Hinsley of Greensboro will discuss All facets of astrology and the occult beginning at 9 a in. Thursday. A workshop begins at i . Francis Holt of High Point will speak to the class on numerology an expert in analysing handwriting will also speak to the group which is studying palmistry phrenology telepathy telekinesis Clairvoyance and Bio rhythm or charting the life cycles. Commission meets Greensboro Guilford county commissioners will conduct their regular committee session thursday at 1 30 . At the county managers conference room in the new courthouse Here. Topics Are expected to include a major revision to the social services Board budget. Film available a new film that takes a different look at How Man has benefited from the billions spent in the space program is now available without charge for use by service organizations schools and other Community groups. The 22-minute, color film Quot a giant step in communications a tells the Story of dedicated but virtually unrecognized ground support personnel and the communications and control technologies they perfected to protect astronauts in space and wring maximum scientific value from each Mission. Prints of the 16-mm film a a giant step in communications a can be borrowed by writing film Library Ford motor co., the american rd., Dearborn Mich. 48121. Hot dog supper Jamestown a hot dog supper will be held Friday at Jamestown elementary school. Take out orders will be available at the supper to be held from 5-8 . Attended a three Day workshop in Wilmington this week to help develop plans for the program. Jerome h. Melton assistant state superintendent for program services said it is hoped that major business and industries in the area where the program is offered will endorse the Effort and help students find jobs while they Are attending schools. Greensboro Winston Salem Forsyth and Thomasville school systems also were selected for the program. The Board also is expected to review the operation of the schools under the new schedules put into effect Jan. 6 to ease the Impact of Daylight savings time. It is not expected however that any action will be taken at this time. School Board chairman a. Laurin Welborn. Pruette and several principals have indicated that the new schedule apparently is causing Only minor problems. We Elbom said that he has received almost no complaints at All. The Public has taken this thing in stride and in a tickled at the Good support a Welborn said. Pruette said that there has been some increase in the number of children Riding buses to some schools but that this has not created any major problems. Principal w. E. Rogersjr. Of Northeast Junior High said there has been some inconvenience for teachers who now must remain at school until most offices Are closed but that these problems Are for the most part of a personal nature. Spokesmen at the two High schools said that adjustments had been made on an individual basis to alleviate problems for working students brought on by the later schedule. A i think we have found a satisfactory solution in every Case a Andrews principal Herbert Hipps said. The same apparently is True for Central students

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