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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 15, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Page High Point Enterprise priday. January 15. 1926 t at editors meet lath an declared Southern newspapers not competent in present Day Chatel Hill Jan. newspapers of the South Are not competently manned to get the Swift changes that have taken place during the last decade asserted hoi it la than editor of the news and courier of Charleston s. A. In a t address Here yesterday it morning before the state newspaper Institute. A a Quot in years ago most of the questions Hick we had to handle were of Long standing and we were All Reasch Wahly familiar with them Quot he declared. Quot today we do not even Kow the facts of the problems upon Whoso solution so much depends. A we Are still groping our Way in meeting the innumerable new questions which Are arising before us in manners and morals and economics and taxation and development and government. How Are we equipped to offer leadership in dealing with these matters Are the newspapers of the South competently manned for the extraordinary work ahead of them in these extraordinary times Quot a of us Here present know colds that develop into persistent coughs and colds Lead to serious trouble. You can Stop them now with or emulsion an emulsified creosote that is pleasant to take. Creo Mullion is a new medical discovery with two fold action it soothes and Leals the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of All known drugs creosote is recognized by High medical authorities a one of the greatest Healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other forms of Throat troubles. Or emulsion contains in addition to creosote other Healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and Stop the irritation and inflammation while the. Creosote goes on to the stomach is absorbed into the blood attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. Or emulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds bronchial asthma bronchitis and other forma of respiratory diseases and is excellent for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if any cough or cold is not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist. Or emulsion company Atlanta. A. Adv that they Are not and Here among ourselves it May be Well for our souls Well for our newspapers Well certainly for the Public that we should make the confession and consider candidly its implications. Quot since 1916 the newspapers of the South generally speaking have shared amazingly in the South a growth. In Many instances it is True the country weeklies have suffered severely but on the whole the newspapers of the South have prospered during this period As never before. Scores of them have known for the first time what it was to make Money. Some of them have become Rich. They have doubled and trebled and quadrupled in size. In not a few respects they Are wonderfully improved. But As yet they have not qualified for the new leadership that is required of them and in this respect they Are vastly inferior to the newspapers of the South of fifty years ago. I Ara not saying this by Way of criticism understand but i am stating a Plain fact As plainly As strongly As i can. What has happened has been this until ten years ago the newspapers of the South were Seldom Money makers. In the average newspaper establishment the editorial outweighed the business management. The newspaper was a Public institution and took itself seriously As such. With the changes that have taken place in the South the newspapers As business organizations found Tomsel a for the first time in Many cities confronted with the Opportunity to make Money. That was All right and More than All right. It was Fine that it should have come about but is it not a fact that in the Zeal to improve the new opportunities a very Large number of newspaper owners have shifted their major interest to the business end the expense of the editorial end i want them to shift this interest Back. Quot the news that goes on the sporting pages is written and edited by experts. Of How Many other news departments of the average Southern newspaper is that True How Many reporters can you name who could write a Story about such matters that would have any special value How Many first class reporters do you know of any kind outside of sports Quot the men can be had. All of us see them come from time to time. Most of the time we see them go. Why do they go because they Are not paid enough. That is the Plain truth bluntly put. In the years that followed the War Between the states there were dozens of Southern newspapers that made great reputations. They deserved those reputations because they were manned with extraordinary Able staffs. Young men who could write sought employment were trained for their work and stayed of course in Many instances because there were no other openings for them unless they went North and they did not want to go North. Today there Are other openings and the most promising Young men take them because they come to feel that journalism. On its editorial Side is a a a Blind but they would not leave if they were Given a fair compensation and had an assured career. They would stay and become a source of great Power and prestige talking and hacking Edge of Roler on desk. And i is in tweak fac. Tic a is he Oja the. So talking Bot not hacking Edge of ruler on desk. My pm a a a a i Coo it kit this a 6-0-0 a a a c a a it m a a Ano Cook to Cai a a by <ditx-fc3 rc5rnt Al nos to the newspapers they served and a great Good in their communities. A they would bring to the newspapers enormously increased leadership. We hear not a Little about the decline of newspaper leadership but it does not decline where it is really exerted. Make it competent and the people will Welcome it gladly As they have always welcomed it. Quot for the first time in years the newspapers of the South Are coming to be in position to build for themselves organizations on the editorial Side which will enable them to do things for their communities and for their Section which in the past they were not in position to perform. We talk a great Deal about the South about the sentiment of the South about the South As a Section. But who today Speaks for the South is there any longer a Public opinion in this Section if so who makes it the i newspapers used to keep in close j touch i Quot a one another. All the j important papers exchanged with i All the other important papers and the exchanges were read. They Are i read no longer. The readers of the average Southern City will probably learn from the front Page dispatches of a big fire or a murder or something of the sort in another Southern state but they have Small Chance of finding out what their women to meet in naw capital More than 300 to gather for Industrial meet n. Is represented Mort than 300 woman from 42 states will assemble in Washington on monday january is at the opening session of the women Industrial conference. The women s Bureau of the u. S. Department of labor has issued credentials to representatives of women groups and others interested in women a Industrial problems who have been appointed by their organizations to come to Washington to get the latest information on developments in the Industrial Field As they affect women. The. List of those who Are coming includes women legislators state nurses doctors business women labor officials Industrial experts employers social workers lawyers authors Trade unionists and teachers. There will be also a number of men and women who have been delegated by associations of trades which employ a Large number of women and which Are therefore interested in Industrial conditions As they affect women. Among the delegates who have been appointed Are mrs. Nellie Somerville Greenville Mississippi member of the Mississippi state legislators miss Julia Alexander member of the North Carolina state legislature and or. Mab Ith hard Paige member of the Minnesota state leg tablature. The members of a Tate labor departments who will be present include Mise Nelle Swart new York state department of labor mrs. Samuel Semple. Of the Industrial Board of Pennsylvania miss Charlotte Carr head of the women a and children a Bureau of the Pennsylvania state department of labor mrs. Edward Salisbury factory inspector of new Orleans miss Ethel Johnson assistant commissioner of labor of Massachusetts and mite Frances Perkins member of the new York state Industrial commission. Industrial experts include mrs. Frank Gilbreth of new Jersey miss Josephine Goldmark and miss Pauline Goldmark of new York and miss Mary Vankleeck of the Russell Sage foundation. Tramway for Harbin. Berlin Jan. 16�?the Siemens Schuckert works have obtained j contract to Supply the material to build an electric Tramway to Harbin. After sickness get Strong Quick new pleasant Way to take cod liver Oil puts on weight fellow citizens in that state Are doing in the Way of soil no their problems How their Point of View is changing if at All in manners or morals or politics or religion there is rarely a picture of anything happening South of the Mason d Dixon a line. The car Toons which give them a slant upon Public affairs More powerful per haps than any written word Are nearly All made by Northern or Western artists. And so it goes. Is this to continue and become More and More accentuated i Hope not. It will be tremendously unfortunate for the South if it does. I Hope that As they Prosper increasingly More and More Southern news Pap 3 will see this that they will feel their obligation and Rise to thei a Opportunity. Quot one of the finest things in the history of newspapers it seems to1 me is the fact that from the earliest times the men who conducted newspapers have uniformly recognized their responsibilities to the Public. They did this in Many notable cases where they were Only accidentally in charge of what we j now Call the editorial conduct of the newspapers with which they were connected. The history of the press is full of instances where i Job printers issuing newspapers Only As a by product of their printing plants found themselves involved in situations where great Public rights were at stake Andi they maintained those rights be it said to their glory in the face of every danger to their property and j to their persons. Newspapers in i those Early Days when they did so 1 much to establish human rights did not have behind them the splendid traditions which Are ours today. Those traditions Are our Pride and Spur us on when As now we have before us the largest Opportunity and the noblest Challenge j that the press of the South has its easy to forget to phone your order for Coal but it certainly is uncomfortable to be without a fire better phone today City fuel co. Chaa. F. Blake prop. Phone 335 your warmest friends nothing like the wonderful vitalizing vitamins in cod liver Oil to help convalescing people to quickly get Strong and Well everybody knows that. But nobody wants to take the 111-smelling, horrible tasting stomach upsetting Oil itself so nowadays up to Date medical men Are ordering a Tablet of cod liver Oil and it surely has proved a Blessing to thousands of people who have been sapped of their natural strength after a severe illness and especially after the Grippe or a stubborn cough or cold. 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Fresh autumn i eat Creamery butter la. 15c 80c 5c 5c 7c 20c 20c 1.23 vegetables parsnips kale cauliflower egg Plant carrots lettuce celery apples grapes bananas oranges Lemons and a fresh shipment of fancy coconuts Holmes Cash grocery 3 la. Tar Honey. 30c 9c 10c 58c 85c extra fancy oranges Large and Juicy each. A extra fancy delicious a fat pies Large Closen to v extra fancy fat Mackerel each. To. I Irish Cobbler potatoes Peck. Sweet potatoes Pound. Cabbage Pound. Fancy onions Pound. Fat Back meat Pound. Rib meat Pound. La hue1 it lard. Davidson Jan. 15.�?officers of the freshman class of Davidson i College five just been elected in j a series of meetings the class choosing j. R. Covington of Raeford As president r. E. Kell of Pascagoula miss., vice president and j. T. Roddey of Rock Hill s. C., Secretary treasurer. Nine men were nominated for the presidency Covington and Kell being the two High men and in the run Over Covington won by foul votes. In the vice presidency race Kell won out easily in a Field of four candidates on the first ballot but a second ballot was necessary for the Secretary treasurer position. When three men were in the race. Covington was a member of the j freshman football squad and is a pledge of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Kell was one of the most prominent men on the football team of the freshman class and is a pledge of Delta Theta. Chi. Roddey of Beta the Tapi fraternity. Surprised by delay. London a. delay on the part of widows in claiming pensions under the new widows pension scheme has created Surprise among officials of the ministry of health. Requests have been issued asking the widows to hurry with their applications. 8 South Wrenn St. Phone 2903 meats of All kinds Cut by men who know How to get the Best out of the beef. Let 11s sen e you. A. 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