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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Olympics7 birthday celebrated Athens apr Here a one anniversary that is almost unnoticed As we Cross the threshold of 1974. It has been 2,750 years since the first olympic games. The ruins of the ancient stadium where the first recorded games took place in 776, b.c., Are still to be seen at Olympia in the Southern Pelo ponese. The modern International olympic Academy where sports students go from All Over the world for summer seminars stands beside it. The Academy s activities grow year by year. But nothing special is happening for the 2,750th anniversary except a commemorative service. A whatever the year our role is a continuing one a said Epaminondas Pat alias president of the Academy. A we Are following in the footsteps of the ancient greeks convincing today s scientists of the necessity of balancing education of the mind with physical education and the Academy which began with an improvised platform in 1961, now has permanent buildings playing Fields and a swimming Pool where theory and practice can be taught together. The 140 participants in the seminar each summer enjoy a combination of sport and education. Subjects taught include the history of the olympic games archaeology physiology and psychology sports Medicine Modem sports techniques and Fine arts. It s no picnic. The students have to observe strict rules and Lead a simple and frugal life. They sleep in eight bed dormitories with double bunks showers and toilets. They line up in a cafeteria to collect meals. A it would be appreciated if Early morning gymnastics be observed by All participants a says the Academy a instruction leaflet. A strict punctuality is expected for lectures working hours and a typical Day at the Academy includes lectures track sport swimming basketball and volleyball. Then in the evening films singing and Folk dancing. Its lights out at la ., and after that strict silence. The Academy Aims to be the world Center of olympic research. It houses an historical museum of the olympics and has a Library of 500 books on sporting subjects. A s with the ancient greeks a Petralias said a Victory is something heroic. But our athletes should be educated in such a Way that they feel it is also an Honor to be Defeated by a better opponent. High Point Enterprise sunday january 13,1974 5c in Evser tips Green is not Only land interesting to Casper Phoenix Ariz a Billy Casper for two decades one of the most successful practitioners in the Glamor game of professional Golf is planning on taking up farming. A now that does no to mean that i m going to quit playing Golf or even Cut drastically in my playing schedule a cautioned the portly 42-year-old Veteran. But he s got his plans. A i want to get a farm or a ranch get to the land a said Casper Winner of More than 40 tour titles and in excess of $1 million in prize Money in his 20 years on the pro tour. Quot i m negotiating for some land in Utah a Casper said a but we re having trouble getting together on the Money. I want to buy it for a farm or a ranch and they want to sell it at subdivision prices that takes it out of reach. A but in a still looking. We re still talking. A i really want to get something either a farm or a ranch. It does no to make any difference. A i done to know anything about it farming or ranching nothing at All. But i think its something i could learn. Its something i really want to do very a him something really want to do very a a in a frightened of the Way things Are going in this country really frightened. I want to become As self sufficient As self reliant As i can in this Day and age. A one big thing is that it would be absolutely great for the Casper and wife Shirley have three children of their own and have adopted five others. A some of my kids Are still Young. If ifs too late for me to learn it sure Isnit too late for them. I want them to grow up being As self reliant As possible. A now negotiating for that property in Utah or looking for some More is going to take up some of my time so i May have to skip a tournament Here and a but that does no to mean i really want to Cut on my schedule. Ifs just that i May have to for a while. A live been playing pretty Good a said Casper who won two american events and the moroccan open last year. A i really wanted to come out playing Good at the Start of the year then i do Casper said he became interested in the idea of getting a farm through his Church the Church of the latter Day saints. You know for Many years now the Church has been recommending that every person put himself in a position so that he can provide his own food Supply for a least a year. A with the Way things Are going in this country now i really think that a a very very Good by George Flowe of Southern Chrysler Plymouth never be without a master manual for your Type of car. His is of ultimate importance when it comes to any sort of repair Job. These manuals Are available through the parts department of your franchised dealer. Everything your car May need can be found in the manual including a listing of minor adjustments and major overhauls. Names of components As Well As How these Are assembled and in what order should also be found in this manual. When you bring your car into Southern Chrysler Plymouth 901 South main St., 883-7111 for any repairs you can be sure our expert mechanics will follow the manufacturers suggestions in their manual very closely. 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