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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The new parents a High Point Enterprise sunday january 13, 1974 15b parenthood harder with High prices what it All costs precede following is the fifth article in a series on what ifs like to be a Parent in the Era of Zero population growth. By Larry Kleinman with Lindsy Van Gelder new York was Between the maternity clothes and the obstetrician the Layette and the baby furniture the lamaze class the Hospital and the once a month visits to the paediatrician during the first year Adele and Jim Hoskins parted company with close to a couple of thousand dollars. Or More than $9,000, if you want to count the income lost when mrs. Hoskins quit her $7.200-a-year Job As editor for a publishing House. And next for the hos Kinses and hundreds of thousands like them Are a Carriage for on average $50, a Playpen $30, a stroller $30. A Highchair $45, scores of to shirts $2.25 each. Pampers or diapers and dolls that do or do not wet and toys and stuffed giraffes and a Backpack and heaven Only knows what else parents have always had such costs of course not to mention the hundreds of other costs encountered As children get older. But parents have never before had to pay such inflated prices. Not counting birth expenses a 1965 study by the Institute of life insurance in new York estimated that an average income family would spend just under $24,000 to raise a child to the age of 18. A study released last year by the Federal commission on population growth and the american future put the out of pocket expenses from birth to 18 at just under $33,000, up $9,000 in seven years. And this figure does not take into account wages lost because of the Mother remaining Home or College costs. When such Are included the commission estimated that a family will spend about $100,000 on a first child. The birth related costs have zoomed even More drastically than others. In 1963, financial columnist Sylvia Porter compiling data from several Independent sources found that Many obstetricians charged As Little As $175. Although More a fashionable ones she cautioned May charge Well Over $300 today. $500, $600. And $700 Are More like it. And those Are the fees charged to Middle class couples. At a representative voluntary Hospital Here according to figures supplied by Blue Cross in 1953 there was a Flat maternity charge of $165 for seven Days period. No distinction As to Type of room or Nursery charge. Of that $165, Blue Cross paid $80 to policyholders with the Standard 21-Day coverage plan Hospital Cost to the parents $85 of course not All couples have such coverage. It by 1963 the same Hospital had raised its fee to $220. Still for seven Days still with no distinction As to Type of room or Nursery costs. Blue Cross still paid $80. Cost to the parents $140, up $55. By 1973 the Hospital was charging $130 to $140 a Day for a private room $95 to $100 for a Semi private plus $50 a Day Nursery charges. Figuring on a four Day stay which is common today at the minimum rates available the costs come to $580. Less the $200 now paid by Blue Cross. Cost to the parents $380, up $240 in to years $295 in 20 years with the Cost spiral continuing it is no Small wonder that even discounting personal non economic factors the Era of the working Mother has arrived for Middle class and poor families alike. Today More than 42 per cent of All mothers with children under 18 work outside the Home according to the labor dept. In 1960 the figure was 30 per cent in 1940 less than to per cent. From 1940 to March 1972, while the number of women in the labor Force was More than doubling from 13.8 million to 32 9 million a the number of working mothers increased More than eightfold from 1.5 million to 12 7 million with roughly a third of the working mothers having children under 6 among White mothers 51 per cent with children Between 6 and 17 worked but Only 29 per cent of those with children under 6 were employed. The comparable figures for minority group mothers Are about 61 and 47 per cent respectively. For the poor according to the labor dept., the proportion of working mothers is higher because of economic necessity. For the Middle class faced More with a situation of trying to maintain a Standard of living than survival part time work for mothers before their children enter school was the most commonly expressed desire of the women interviewed. A it s ridiculous Quot said Adele Hoskins voicing feelings expressed by Many a to have to choose Between staying with your kid All the Jime or working a five Day a done to get me wrong. I like being with my kid a daughter 1121 and my husband makes a Good salary $17,000. But on a personal level i miss and need Contact with the real world a and on an economic level we could certainly use the Middle class mothers May want such jobs but very few of them Are going to get them. They re simply not there a live had thousands of said Ina Torton who four years ago founded new time an Agency devoted exclusively to finding Par time jobs for women usually mothers. A sad to say i can place Only about i per cent of them. I think business is hurting itself depriving itself of a highly educated and talented labor business for the most part disagrees. A for one thing Quot said Tom Welch head of employee relations in the new York office of Exxon a there would just be a terrible continuity problem. You can t have a Secretary getting up and leaving in the Middle of taking a letter because her part time shift is another economic Issue most commonly mentioned was housing and for those couples who Felt they could remotely afford it. Private schools. A you be got to be kidding a mrs. Hoskins replied when asked if she thought she and her husband would be Able to afford both private schools and a three bedroom apartment if she were to have a second child. It May be ill advised to have children of opposite sex sharing a bedroom but then again who can afford the rent for a three bedroom apartment next. Back to nature he has trained All kinds of Birds and animals Charlotte. N. C. Animal Trainer Gary Price has worked with All types of animals since his High school Days including 300 pigeons at one time. He and six trained parrots will a performing a unique Bird show during the Southern giving show feb. 23 through March 3 at the Charlotte merchandise Mart a i got my Start teaching 300 pigeons to Fly from their nests to a Large net Price explained a it was part of a Dolphin show at an attraction in California a since then i be worked with dogs cats dolphins Birds and other animals for television and motion the blonde 24 year old native of Van Guys California noted. The Bird show called the a Parrot olympics Quot features six parrots four macaws one cockatoo and one african Gray Parrot which perform a variety of athletic events. They answer questions roller skate ride a bicycle climb a rope and stand upside Down on top of a 15 foot High platform. They also imitate other Birds. A one of them does a great Chicken Quot Price said. The parrots Range in age from 6 to 52 years old. A most people done to believe that 52 year old figure Quot Price added a but some parrots live to be 125 years old. Deep River club to meet members of the deep River homemakers Extension club will meet tuesday at to a m. In the deep River friends educational building topic for discussion is a grandparents toy june Strickland will serve As hostess. You can use a Large Flat spoon with an ice cube in it to remove excess fat from soup or Stew. The fat will cling to the ice cube. _ the show is scheduled for 11 a rn., i p. M3 p in. 7 p. A. And 8 30 p in. Weekdays and saturdays during the Southern living show and at i p. In 3 p. In. And 4 30 p. In. On sundays. Each show lasts about 40 minutes. Price began his career with Ray Berwick Hollywood s most famous animal Trainer. Their animals have appeared in the television series. Lassie Quot a Mcmillan and wife Quot and a Columbo. Quot it takes about a year to train the Birds to perform the Correct acts for the show and they Are still in training Quot Price observed. A training them is no different from training other animals. I use a Reward system and never never any their rewards Are Sunflower seeds. This travelling Bird show will have a permanent Home later this Spring in the entertainment area of lion country safari a 120 acre wildlife preserve. 20 Miles North of Richmond a lion country safari is the first stage of the $40 million Kings Dominion entertainment Complex which will also include a Binna Barbera cartoon theme Park the Southern living show held annually in Charlotte for the past eleven years is a preview of Spring. Seventeen Large gardens installed and landscaped with All see the exciting new Wall covering patterns live plants inside the Merchan a disc Mart inspire the Southern Homeowner with new ideas for landscaping Home lots and apartment or condominium Garden areas new trends in Home furnishings and decorating will be displayed in a series of room settings designed by members of the american Institute of Interior designers and clinics offering Spring foods and horticulture information will be Given daily. New Home improvement products i am and Garden equipment Patio and Pool accessories Are a few of the areas where visitors May compare the newest products on the Market. A Standard Flower show an Orchid show special horticulture exhibits and a horticulture Market where plants. Spring Flowers shrubs and Trees May be purchased will also interest visitors. Mountain crafts fashion shows nightly and free cartoons and movies for children Are among the entertainment features. Show hours Are to a. In. To to p. In. Weekdays and saturdays noon to 6 p in. Sundays. For further information write Southern living show merchandise Mart Charlotte c. 28205. a Scenic a Burlap a grass cloth a Vinyl Uffman Flucht mum Ems co. 762 n. Main St. Lei. Ski 8147 Nib High Point cleaners amp hatters 206 e. Washington St. Mon., tues., amp wed. Only 3-�1 Plain sweaters pants skirts vests 851k Plain. Suits dresses we specialize in custom fold drapery and other household article cleaning. Ifs the Best in town phone 882-6129 ii swe up to to steam cleaned by professionals any living room dining room Hall or foyer 3995. Limited time offer any additional room regardless of size steam cleaned with either of above specials $1495 soil . Not scrubbed deeper into fiber. Factory trained technicians latest equipment serving the most elegant Homes in High Point Call now 885-6403 for appointment also expert upholstery cleaning a perfect carpet cleaning co. 700% satisfaction guarantee or your Money Back a plans for future events made by sorority members plans for a Valentine Ball Friendly venture and writing contest highlighted the business session held by Epsilon Zeta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi sorority held tuesday evening in the Home of Barbara Amos. Nan Lamb reported on decorations for the Ball to be held feb 15 at Thomasville women a club. The backdrop for presentation of Valentine Queens will be an old fashioned Valentine card. The vice president. Beverly sides discussed the forthcoming Friendly venture in Kernersville. Names of approximately 40 girls have been submitted As possible rushes. The girls selected to receive invitations will be invited to a Rush party on Jan. 29. The president. Carol Dunlap reminded members of the International Short Story and poetry contest requesting that participants Send in their entries before March i. Pat Hilton and Debbie Mann were selected to represent the chapter at the meeting of the Beta Sigma Phi City Council. Program for the evening was presented by Carolyn Mishoe and Pam Lewis. Their topic Quot elegance you can afford Over 250 future on deploy in our newly remodeler ond enlarged showrooms our own exquisite designs of our nationally advertised chandeliers Etc. Of Cut imported Crystal. Comp Roble to wholesale prices a including genuine a Rass Crystal also French. Chinese Spanish Williamsburg in brass and Pewter sconces Bontems ond Candeloro 88 Page illustrated catalogue 50 King s chandelier co Hwy. 14. Eden Lea Villeno 6 f it to re was a the they did spin offs on commercials for several Well known products including a deodorant shaving Cream and mouthwash. The program concluded with a discussion of factors which motivate the Purchase of products. To to j a a a a a a a i Quot Quot information for brides for sunday publication pictures of brides and brides elect Are required to be in the office of the women s department of the Enterprise by noon on monday. Only Friday and saturday weddings Are published in the sunday edition. All other weddings Are published As soon As possible following the wedding. A Black and White Glossy print at least five by seven inches is required. The full name of the Bride not Maiden name must be written on the Back. The same Rule applies to engagements. Pictures Are no longer kept on file and therefore will not be available after publication. The women a staff reserves the right to edit copy determine picture size and placement of wedding and engagement announcements in the Section. Blanks for wedding and engagement information Are available in the women s department of the Enterprise the Blanks Are mailed Only if a stamped self addressed return envelope is included with the request. The Blanks Are to be filled out completely and accompanied with a local Telephone number in order that additional information May be obtained. If the announcement involves persons from out of town and there Are local connections the names of these persons should be Given. A full Calendar month is required Between the Date of the engagement announcement and the Date of the wedding if two pictures Are to be published. No pictures Are published with a wedding 6tory after two weeks. The Enterprise does not provide Blanks for final wedding party stories. Details of these events briefly described must be written and submitted not later than wednesday of the week that they Are to be published on sunday. Bridal Shower pictures Are no longer published in the Enterprise. Party stories Are printed if details Are submitted to the women a department not later than two Days following the event. These details must include the Date of the event and the Telephone number of the hostess. O in when the time comes to spend. Save is at Calico Corners whether you arc is decorating the entire lust recovering a few a thinking of new by w a room Oon t to a /4-tali/f/l i Aci hand a a / a or do any thir without first seam our Beautiful fa02jg seconds for drapery Slipcover and upholstery. We have a of Quot Equality seconds which Cohoe from the finest Quot Quot i i is in the % in and you1 la save it at least 5cfi, Ever first you can t believe it til you see it just brim in your measurements by window furniture and our trained personnel u will figure the it act Yar it recommend custom c we also a coms Calico Corners. 520 n. Spring St Winston Saheim , or 724fc>3 of Mon Sot. 9 30 5 30jjjjj�jj�?o january memory Sale photo albums for All your Christmas photos and Holiday memories. .6 colors. Pressure sensitive pages. Reg. 6.50 refills 3.00. Now 4.50 refills 2.50 stationery remember to thank your friends and relatives for their thoughtful gifts on this Lovely group of letter stationery and notes. Patterns and solid colors. Letter size 1.00 notes 2/1.00 wills Book store Westchester mall in i

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