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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Poe views ruling As vulnerable 0ld Man Jacoby on Bridge Charlotte n c. Apr a Man who is intimately familiar with other landmark school desegregation decisions does no to think mondays Richmond ruling will stand up in higher courts. William e. Poe chairman of t ii e Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of education says that either the 4th . Circuit court of appeals or the supreme court will strike Down or modify the ruling which ordered consolidation of the Richmond City schools with the systems in neighbouring White suburbs. Poe said the opinion by . District court judge Robert Merhige or. Was a a a Radical a one. Poe saw the . Supreme court Rule last year that massive busing in the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools was an acceptable tool for desegregation. Zingsem again by Oswald a Jamas Jacoby old Man z was Back at the club after a Long absence. He got right into a rubber Bridge game with both sides vulnerable and promptly blasted to slam. Not that six Spades Wasny to a sound contract. More scientific bidding might have brought him to seven but it was Well he stopped at six. Since East held All four clubs there was no Way to bring Home More than 12 tricks. The slightest carelessness in play would have Lei him one trick Short. A shades 0/ r. F. Foster a muttered z. A old hands always repeat for after that z went up with Dummy Sace of diamonds and led a Trump. East showed out and z said a just As i he took his King of Trumps and led the seven. West Cov ered with the nine. Z returned to his hand with the King of diamonds and led the eight of North d is a aq43 v 74 a As q10852 West East aj965 a void �kj952 v 108 63 4 q Jio 5 487432 avoid a j 9 7 6 Soith a kio872 a a 4 k 9 aak43 both vulnerable Trumps. It did not matter what West did. Z was Able to pick up the Trumps without losing a trick. Then he started on clubs. He played his King and Ace and gave a club trick to East. After that he was Able to discard the Queen of hearts on Dummy a fifth club. We wonder if Many readers would have taken Zus precautions. He would lose a Trump trick if East held All four but in that Case there was very Little Chance that East would also hold All four clubs. West Paw pass pass pass North 1 a 2 a 5 a 6 a pass East pass pass pass pass pass sooth 14 4 it. 5n.t. 64 opening lead�?4 q Flowers for All occasion High Point loading Florist Crace Flower shop nor or a St. Wattwood phone 881-4085 end 112-1417 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 4 4, a i suicide drug information Call Contact 882-8121 we be changed. Our name Hauser Marley is Newhauser Tatum feed amp seed store we have been serving the High Point area for Aroxi mately 40 years in the same location at 118 n. Wrenn St. And will provide the same Good service at the same 2 location in the future 4 4 4 a 4 a 4 4 a 4 4 4 4 everyday is Dollar Day at Dollar general stores Dollar general stores Call write or visit us today 123 South main Street workers everyday is Dollar Day at Dollar general stores to and of det of 3 Lints 15 words 8 Days Only 3.36 885-2177 the hich Point Enterprise classified advertising Mal is Cor action when you Hove something you would like to Exchange for cosh. An apartment to rent. House to sell. Job to fill or whatever we re As close As your Telephone Moil Box or downtown. The action includes quirk processing and placing your Low Cost wont of in print in the shortest possible time. And lost but not least Active responses your wont of. All want ads received up to 4 30 pm will be in the next Days editions. You May cancel your and up to 9 30 am Day of publication. Ladies White blouses �?�32 to 38 8 40 to 48 instead of diaper pampers a new born 30 s 2 for $3.00 a overbite 12 s rompers daytime 30 s value of $1.79 n of plow cases �?�42x36 a White Large rugs carpet so tufted a assorted colors others Ai 2 for $1.00 $2, amp $3 22 x 44 Bath towels <4 values up to $2.95 a i a a so a Striper 1.1 Tivix and fancies others at 2 for $1.00 8c High Point Enterprise thursday Jan. 13, 1971 place your want and today and charge it White us Foh act Visi t us Foh action Flannelette material widths Inch 45 to up men s and boys a casual so Crew full or twin sheets a White fancy and stripes boys White shirts 2 fors 1.00 men s White dress shirts is m l and Al Les Wash cloths Loil others to your i Good health Uchino under the breasts by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson for two years i have a terrible time itching under in y breasts although i done to perspire much As some others do. The doctor gave in ointment to apply daily. It gave me some Relief but no cure. I am 66 and otherwise in fairly Good . E r. It sounds very much like a condition called Inte Trigo which occurs under t h e breasts in the Groin or armpits anywhere that skin folds rub together. Specifically the itching occurs because of inflammation set up by either fungus or bacteria. It is quite common if the breasts arc Large and pendulous. To such cases the breasts should be supported by a suitable brassiere and the skin kept As dry As possible dabbing on cornstarch will help. Meanwhile to get at the Basic problem medication should be used to combat the fungus or bacteria whichever is responsible. This is usually an ointment. It May be that since you gut some Relief from your doctor s prescription you did t keep on using it Iong enough. It takes a while for this sort of inflammation to subside. In any event keep the breasts supported and the skin dry and if you Are overweight try to reduce because that virtually always helps. Dear or Thosteson a doctor told me he thought i had a hernia of the diaphragm or stomach. I have Little trouble in the a time but when i lie Down at night i have to sit up in bed and belch before i can go Back to sleep. What do you think of this condition a Zeb hernia of the diaphragm Mot of the stomach can cause trouble such a s yours and often some other troubles too. The condition is called hiatal hernia i have a Booklet. A hiatal hernia and fight ways to combat which will he sent in return for 25 cents and a self addressed. Stamped envelope in your Case. I suggest that you let your doctor make a More definite diagnosis before sending for the Booklet. He May Likely require a rays before he is positive that is your trouble. Meanwhile sleep with the head of your bed raised a few inches. Dear or. Thosteson my daughter underwent a minor operation six weeks ago for a kidney infection but she still has the infection and i cannot get a straight Story from the doctor As to her present condition. I am thinking of asking him for a written report because in the past i have found that written reports by doctors Are precise and to the Point and. Most of All understandable. What do you think of asking the doctor for a report summarizing his findings and recommendations a e. J. I see no objection to asking for such a report and it will serve As a record if the trouble continues and she subsequently is treated by some other physician. Keep in mind however that kidney infections Are Likely to be stubborn and recurrent and it is difficult to estimate How quickly the problem can be overcome. Dear or. Thosteson can you become pregnant a Day after menstruation has ended of so. Are the chances Verv big a mrs. J in Verv slim if of All. F o r a comprehensive discussion of How to Cope with the change of life including scores of pertinent questions and their answers write to or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for his Booklet a make menopause Kasif Quot a enclosing 35 cents in Coin it a Long stamped s e addressed use zip co envelope to cover Cost printing and handling. A f amp a m. Acacia Lodge no. 6 emergent communication two a Tan i a 7 Joh c l Honeycutt master id. Metres secretly Piedmont Lodge 681 of amp am staud communicate business Tri Jon 14th 7 30 pm protus t Wood matter Woodrow f Haywood Sac a Arter to link to panic Chenille bedspreads a full or twin across i car 4 dealer 8 a Barber will do this to hair 12 self esteem 13 dry 14 horticulturists product 15 entire amount 16 Sineff Ceable 18 condescended 20 German City 21 feline animal 22 jump a 24 exclamation 26 pawnbroker will do it 27 pronoun 30 photographer s device 32 certain cleric 34 expunged 35 wandering 36 Oriental Coin 37 Winter or a 39 Dirk. 40 passage in the brain 41 torrid 42 Stream in France 45 judgment 49 transferred to an earlier Date 51 night before 52 adolescent year 53 get up 54 mariners sphere 55 gaelic 56 deeds 57 powerful explosive Down 1 waiter 2 examine 3 Lawman 4 indistinct 5 English composer 28 sharpening 6 conundrum implement 7 poets work 29 granted her 8 friable 31 paused 9 Tennis strokes 33 malicious 10 Small Island burning 11 metalworkers 38 amatory Hammer Edge 40 feminine 17 cheers a appellation 19 diversions 41 conceals 23 concluded 42 tardy 24 High cards 43 heavy blow 25 Rabbit 44 followers 26 ironworkers 46 nuisance a vessel 47 bakery a need 27 least 48 tidy abundant 50 Constellation y

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