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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 13, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise. Wednesday janary i 3. 1926 Page s Finster Ltd it 1925 by Ofsa Shiavi Vej inc. Begin Here today breaking with her Fiance Bruce Reynolds because he oppose her ambition for a Ca reer Barbara Hawley a talented girl of 23, Eta a Job on the Telegraph. Jerome Ball a Man about town introduced to Barbara by Bob Jeffries police reporter takes her to a newspaper dinner at a roadhouse. While there she covers the Story of the suicide of a prominent local Man in a private dining room. She picks up a red Scarf belonging to the dead Man s unknown woman companion. Bruce has joined the real estate firm of manners Stone and Reynolds which later collapses due to Hie crookedness of manners. Lydia Stacy a Rich widow is attracted toll once but when he treats her coldly she informs Andrew Mcdermott managing editor of the Telegraph of the impending crash. Barbara is assigned to tile Atory and Bruce blames her for the publicity Given the firm s collapse. Barbara carries on a correspondence in the lovelorn column of the paper with a factory girl named then she reads of bruces marriage to Violetta Granby and realized she has helped another girl win her former Fiance. When Barbaraus Mother Dies she moves into a Small apartment with fancy Mcdermott daughter of the managing editor. Fancy comes in after Midnight to find Barbara waiting for her. Now go on with the Story chapter Xxxiv fancy came in slowly and closed j by the door. She did not see Barbara j where have you been a until Barbara moved. Then a j0ut with a snapped Shadow of Surprise and co Sterna j fancy beginning Lier March toward lion crossed her face. J the bedroom again. She was walking across the room j very Date indeed a said bar toward the bedroom when Barbara Ijara gently. Quot what if it is a cried fancy when Butler turned Over office j Anglo Saxon dinner roast Goose is i to the German. A Goose in the hands of a German housewife is utilized As completely As the pig in an american laughter House. The fat and even tile entrails Are used in making Quot drippings a a delicacy which takes the place of butter on the family table. Halberstadt. Prussia peace Street has been renamed Zohab Rollern Street by the town Connell. This picture shows general Smedley Butler ousted Philadelphia policy commissioner seated turning Over his office to George Elliott. Right Edwin Abbott a police attorney is supervising the proceedings. Nee will he Given those filipinos Weege feet tarred on who can thrive in the face of Competition of foreign retail dealers in j the districts where the City a retail i business is virtually All in the hands of the chinese and Japan Cross country drives Ethel do you believe in love at first sight.? Boyle no indeed. Ethel of dear Well num Back again tomorrow . Ber Lin Jan. I a hoi j j Day pc,.se, driven Many Miles from i Poland to markets on the German Frontier Are shod with a tar prep i ration in order to stand the Strain i of the Long walks. The tar Sticks to the feet and prevents bruising. I what roast Turkey is to the a dont try to Bluff me Jerome said Barbara. Fancy i shall Tell her a if you keep up your attentions to a when Karnak fixes you spoke. A fancy a a she said. The girl stopped but did not look around a fancy a Barbara repeated. A a what is it a said fancy sullen Coal that kind you like so Well free burning the kind that gives the most heat units prompt deliveries. Prices right w. A. Davis ice and Coal phone 2141 this i radio season now is the time to really enjoy the radio programs. We sell the follow ing Well known radios Zenith freed Eiseman Atwater Kent and Stewart Warner. We install them and guarantee their performance. Come in and talk it Over with or. Atkins the radio Man. Terms to. Suit. Hart drug co. The Post office is next to us. It is whirling around to face her. Quot in Mold enough to take care of myself. You Needum to worry a a taking care of oneself Isnit a matter of age fancy. In a afraid your father would t like this dear. He expects me at least to know where you Are and whom you Are a Well Why done to you give me a Chance i done to mind telling you where i was. We went out. To Din Ner at the Lighthouse and coming i Hack we had a puncture and a Blowout. That s a a even so you must have left the Lighthouse rather late. It s not a very Good place for a Nice girl Early in the evening. Fancy and toward Midnight it gets fancy togged her head. A huh. I done it see How you know anything about it. Living Here tile Way you do. Work Day in and Day out no Fellows or fun. Gosh you Don t expect me to live that Way do you id die a again she started for the bedroom. Barbara followed her. A listen fancy a a she said a a you be spoken like a very rude and Boorish 8hlld. But it does no to matter. A tightly set. Quot my heavens. Barbara a cried Bob a a you look like a lion Hunting for a Christian. What a the matter a a ooh. Nothing she evaded. A a just life that a miss Badger made one of her rare pilgrimages to Barbaraus desk. A ooh miss Hawley Quot she said with tile extreme nonchalance she always used in addressing Barbara. A a i have been told that Jerome Ball s engagement to Angela Davidson has been broken off. A Man who belongs to his Dull told me Jerome had slipped out of the shackles again. A poor Angela she s Only one of Many women who thought they had that gentleman cinched. But lie always makes his get away. Wonder who the new girl she looked at Barbara sharply. A a How should i know. Miss Badger he does t confide his amours to a a Well i knew you knew him and thought you might have heard about it. T did t mean to offend you i m the society editor s Retreat was dignified. Barbara plunged into the Days work attempting not to think of fancy or Jerome or of Violetta or Bruce. That afternoon her lovelorn column contained the last letter from Violetta with Winniferd s advice to this of effect a a you should stand by your husband and try to help him weather his business troubles. You done to want him to think you a Gold Digger do you a i am sure i cannot say whether care about is for you to behave As j nil women can love a second time your father wishes. I am responsible to him you a a done to you go and tattle. Barbara Hawley. You la be sorry if you do of How Many head aches. Let me she ran into her bedroom and slammed the door. Sounds of sobbing came through the partition. Barbara walked heavily to the front door and locket it. Then she turned off the lamps and went to get the milk bottles. She picked up Tho Flower Box in the Kitchen and opened the door of the dumbwaiters to put it in. A card dropped out. It bore the name a Jerome fancy did not appear for breakfast. Several times Barbara approached her door and paused a moment. But Suie left it without knocking. At last when the Toast was stacked on the plates and the Coffee pot steamed on the j lordly gesture table Barbara knocked at fancy s i this is great to door. A Are you ready for breakfast dear a she called. There was no answer. A a fancy a she called with alarm in her voice. A sound of sobbing answered her. Barbara went Back to the dining table and ate alone. Fancy had not As Well As the first say that there a who cannot. And there Are Many women who be. Or really love at at four thirty Barbara approved the City Isk. A a in a like t Home now air. Wells. I 1 a an important engagement and my work is Wells gave 1 a a Curt nod and j went on Serai Bing reached Home shortly aft r live. She washed her face and hands and changed her dress. Then she sat Down in the living room to wait. At five thirty the Doorbell rang and she opened the door to Jerome Ball. Ile was looking particularly i swagger and Good Humoured. Ile Laid aside his hat and Cane with Ai a by Jove Bubs i he Here. I never thought you a Call up your old Pali and invite him Barbara detected a ult he of anxiety beneath Hie flippant words. A i have Jerome without Good a a Gause a Jerome lit a cig Aret and then with elaborate politeness i Aud i know that a kid like fancy has no Chance of holding you for More than a few weeks. A it looks to me As though she were rather seriously smitten with you. Of. You have a manner you know and that a enough to get women. A but. You took that. Child last night to a roadhouse thai is distinctly questionable. You drank whiskey Here with her before you left. Of. Yes you did i found the glasses. And you brought her Home after one of clock in a state of exhaustion and nerves that kept her in Bod All morning. A this sort of thing simply can to. Go Jerome looked at Lier halt smiling. A you amuse me Barbara. You re one of those Damnable women who take it of themselves to plot out the course of the universe j and then see that it goes Accord ing to the plan. A who do you think you Are to interfere with my snap piness or fancy a either a a in la admit in a fond of her and i think she s decidedly. Fond of me. Maybe you la realize that i do care for her when i Tell you that in be broken with Angola. Angelas a Pale spineless Nimby Pamby beside fancy. I Tell you that kids a knockout All tire and go. And looks lord Barbara was holding her temper with difficulty. A no Jerome Quot she said Quot it does no to Comfort me to know you be turned Down the other girl for fancy. Tho sort of thing is a Mere episode in your Long career. The ladies you be fumes can Only Iov n for other ladies would stretch women from Here to Harlam if placed Side by Side. Fancy la have hoi turn and then go like the Jerome shifted in his chair. A Well is there anything More to say guess 111 be rambling a no Quot answered Barbara a there is nothing More to say but there Are things to Jerome laughed his head thrown Back. They heard the door open behind them. Fancy stepped int. Tho room. She gave them a startled look then she stepped nearer. A now she said to Barbara a a in a beginning to understand Why you Flung sue a tit last to lie continued up you sure stay fixed if sensational Medicine ended Charlotte Many a stomach suffering months ago a and i Haven to Felt a sign of it since a he says. A believe me i have Given this Karnak a real test in my Case and can Tell everybody it tires All that s claimed for it and More too a says f. L. Lindsay world War Veteran and a resident of 1105 n. Pegram st., Charlotte. N. C. �?�1 Tell you indigestion just caused me All kinds of trouble before i got rid of it by taking Karnak Quot continues or. Lindsay. Quot Why i had awful pains in my stomach after eating had a sore feeling in my bowels and just Felt All out of sorts in every Way. I was in a was poor food did no to Tate right to me half the time and i Felt kind of a Dew ii and out a a a Friend told my to try Karnak. And it was just the Medicine i j needed for my troubles of began i to show a great improvement in 1 me right from the Start and five bottles completely relieved me Oft that indigestion soreness and pains. My appetite came Back stronger than Ever. And i gained Wilu and Felt Fine As could be. Quot now that was several months ago that Karnak fixed me up anti i still feel til Good of it and Haven to had a sign of my former troubles to return on me. When Karnak fixes you up you sure stay Karnak is sold in High Point exclusively by the Mann frug co., and by the leading druggists in rundown condition my appetite every town. Appeared when she left for the Tele offered her Oue it she sll00k her graph office Mcdermott looked up As she hurried past his office door. She turned her head away lest he ask her about fancy but he came to the door and called after her. A Good morning Barbara How Are you and the youngster making it i have a canner Date with her tonight want to come along Quot head. Quot yes cause. There a no playing dead in this matter Jerome. I know your game. In Short the sooner you Stop running around with fancy Mcdermott the better for both of Jerome raised his eyebrows. A a zat so a he mocked a Maud who c 0 u n to Hospital along lines of Guilford tubercular Hospital have child s building building floor free plans we have an arrangement with a publishing House whereby we will distribute each month a Supply of building floor plans Gratis. Write us to place your name on our list to receive these free House floor plans for different architecture Homes. 7373 i m Oil Wor i a a ? uru Dai it builder the him e noun ruin i supplies p5jc31b Uil d e r s Esq he a Supply est a ii a a to co a u d Clr s Hain s As h Boro a no thank you a Barbara replied i was said so an turned her eyes away. The movement was not lost on Mcdermott. He turned Back into his office with a sober face. Barbara gazed after Bim and took one step toward his door. Then she turned with sudden determination and went to the Telephone Booth. When slip came out her lips were Money to lend on improved High Point property Greensboro Bank amp Trust co. Loan agents n. Y. Life ins. Co. Piedmont ins. Amp realty co. Local representatives 1st mortgage 2ml mortgage Barbara waved Bis insolence aside. A if you done to drop out of sight As far As fancy is concerned i shall Tell her father All i know about you Quot she persisted. A and i doubt think even your impudence is a match for him. Id hate to have to bother him but of course Iti do it if there a no other Jerome seemed to be enjoying his cig Aret. A now Daffodil be Tho name maddened Ber. So turned on him. Done to try to Muff me Jerome Quot she warned. A just is certainly As you keep up your attentions to fancy i shall Tell her father everything i know about a and what Pray is that merely that in be flirted a bit and drunk a Little and generally enjoyed myself in a comparatively respectable Way. You can to hang a fellow on that you know. Anyhow the Day is gone when fathers have such announcement was received today by the chamber of Commerce that Salisbury and Rowan county now have underway a proposition to erect a Large tubercular Sanatorium to serve that Section and county As the Guilford Bounty tubercular Sanatorium serves this Community. The organization pushing the proposition has asked for much detailed information As can be Given about the Guilford Hospital Aud its operation with a View to profiting by the experience of tile successful. It is the plan of the Rowan group however to go Guilford Cue better and erect in connection with the Hospital another building which will be Given Over to weak children. This suggestion for Guilford was made by or. Spruill superintendent of the Sanatorium in this county a his address last week before the local kiwanis club. It is believed that tuberculosis can be stamped out by ridding weak children of a susceptible condition. Rewards Given Thrifty filipino business men Manila Jan. 13.-almighty Power Over their Daugh encourage filipinos to ters. Bring of Jour Mcdermott. I la meet Barbara straightened her shoulders. Quot in a not pretending to know anything heinous about you Jerome. This Isnit blackmail. But i do know you re Heartiest and fickle where Woumn Are concerned. Map a to engage in the retail business in Manila the philippine chamber of Commerce has authorized payment of a Reward of .250 to any filipino retail merchant who May double an original capital of ?2,500 within a period of live years. Occur Ling to the plan of or Ca Morris a via to j loan lights the wag to financial Liberty High Point Morris plan Bank 10s Wert Washington Street Fletcher Castoria is especially prepared to relieve infants in arms and children All Ages of constipation. Flatulence wind Colic and diarrhoea allaying feverish Ness arising therefrom and by regulating the stomach and bowels aids the assimilation of food giving natural sleep. To avoid imitations always look for the signature of a absolute a harmless no opiates. Physicians everywhere Reco it. A a >5, a Mac Caj. Iai Imp a Mim mom Mem Rwy the Roosevelt new York City Madison Avenue at 45 the Street Edward Clinton Fogg Mug die new Yorkus newest smart hotel colonial in its furnishings colonial in its spirit of hospitality reservations guaranteed. To insure accommodations for patrons from other cities the Roosevelt each Day sets aside a proportion of its rooms to provide for All mail or telegraphic reservations received Twenty four hours before arrival of guests 1.100 rooms single or in suite b in Bernie and his orchestra nightly in the Grill Teddy Bear Cave for children of guests with attendant direct underground connection with Grana Central terminal to it Ibe Roosevelt is one of twin to the Hee hotels. Including the Benjamin of Easklin in Philadelphia and thi mount Royal in Montreal Canada. Operated under direction of the United hotels company of America e credentials of Buick e a ii a Inamine the Creden i als of the builder of any car you think of buying. Be sure there ii stability behind the car. Be certain that it will not some Dav join the ranks of the million and More unmarketable a a orphan cars whose builders have quit. Buick motorcar Are backed by vast resource of men equipment investment and Success. The Buick factory is a mile and a half Long. The Buick engineering staff is the largest in the service of any motorcar manufacturer. The Buick sales and service organisation numbers 4000, with millions invested in showrooms and authorized service stations All Over America. And Buick leads in Public preference the indispensable Factor in motor car Success. For eight consecutive Vear. The Public has invested More Money in bricks than in the cars of any other member of the National automobile chamber of Commerce. Not one of the million �?o08 Phanso on the roads today was built by Buick. None Ever will be i Blick motor co., Funt. Mich., dictum of general mawr the better Buick George w. Lowe inc. West Commerce Street

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