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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 13, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Page 4high Point Enterprise. Wednesday. Janary 13. 1926 High Point Enterprise published Peterj afternoon and Bondar. J. P. Rawley r. B. Terry publishers h. A. manager c. M. Waynick editor pan r. Schroder. Adv. Mgr. Fix months. Ona month. .56 Ona week. It the associated frees la exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in the paper and also the local news publisher therein. Entered a second class matter it the Post office at High Point. To. C., under the act of Congress or March 8. 1878. Advertising department. 27 25 news department.2365 business department .2312 National advertising representatives Froat Landis and Kobe Brunswick building 250 Park ave., new t York people s Gas building. Michigan Boulevard Chicago. Wednesday january 18, 1826. J. One reason Why folks Are Gullible is that their elders Are reticent about the mistakes they made. Or. Davey a Bill and its prospects a a for seven years a writes congressman Martin l. Davey of the fourteenth District of Ohio a a i have observed the departments and bureaus of the government at Washington at close Range having had official business with nearly All of them. I am simply appalled at the loafing indifference and inefficiency. There Are thousands upon thousands of unnecessary employees and endless duplication of alleged Effort. There is an inexcusable waste of More than a half billion dollars a this will be the son of that older Martin Davey English Gardener and immigrant who became famous is a tree surgeon and the father of tree surgery. America owes a great Deal to him a conservative in Tho finest sense of the word of the son is like his father he is not trying merely to create excitement and to gain notoriety. He charges that the government is wasteful and he is inclined to disagree with or. Coolidge a declaration that Quot we have about reached the time when the legitimate business cannot be carried on at a less expenditure than that which it now or. Coolidge made that state piled Many of them. Any social program that promises to reduce the future output ought to have the most favourable consideration. No part of this City s present program adequately cares for the boys and girls who heed friends Mart. Prizes won for world by men who risk lives a a All that a Man has a quoth the ancient Sage Quot will he give for his Quot self preservation is the first Law of nature a agrees the modern philosopher putting the old thought into new dress. Well probably its very True As far As most of us Are concerned. But there exists on this Earth and always has existed a Breed of men who seem to value life a Little bit less than they value anything else they May have. They Don t alway make Good citizens. Frequently they Are abominable husbands and fathers. They Seldom gain Hank accounts and comfortable Homes indeed they know what to do with them of they did. Once in a great while they end up on the Gallows. More often they find lonely million increase juvenile problem annual meeting of stockholders hear most favourable reports Meni in connection with his Mes Graves in a million acre tract of Snow removal that is delayed until the Snow melts a Little and i freezes again is slow removal. The Congress is interesting itself in the a a Relief of the Farmer but the Farmer has been relieved so often that he ought to be somewhat cagey by now. J Tampa negroes say they Are being ordered to leave Home especially those of them who own their Home. Quito a Northern atmosphere is being developed in our southernmost state. Congressman Langley has resigned from Congress since he lost his Appeal from a jail sentence and his wife is planning to run for the office. I wife incidentally was a daughter of the late James m. Cadger of the state. The newly rated senator Nye suspects that the world court is an instrumentality of the a makers of War but he is open minded. Wonder what the senator has convictions about other than that lie ought to be seated. Sage to the new Congress when he communicated the budget commissions recommendations. Following it congressman Davey is claiming that there still is room for further economical practices. A according to the reports of the United states civil service commission a or. Davey writes a there were 544,671 civilian employees of the government on december 31, 1923. On june 30, 1925, there were 584,718 employee an increase of More than 20,000 in a year and a or. Davey proposes by statute to give the president a Blanket Power for two years to reorganize the business Structure of the he doubts whether Congress will pass Quot such a drastic measures and we join him in his doubting. But if the Bill we Ere enacted the ability As Well As the will of or. Coolidge to place the business of government on a business Arctic desolation or they leave their Bones As guide posts in desert Sands or tropical Jungles. They provide us with our explorers. They take our air planes through the skies. They find the Golden mountains and Sunset tinted valleys that the rest of us get Rich on. They Are Ever in the front rank of the army of pioneers. Very Likely they themselves hardly know Why. Looking for the unattainable Frontier is a task one is driven to by some incomprehensible inward emotion. Its nothing you can set Down in words. Why does Amundsen keep wandering into the Northland Why did Lowell Smith tackle his round the world flight with such Carefree ardor Why is Macready going to try to Fly eight Miles High what made Jesse James leave his name for All time As a Symbol of daredevil lawlessness one suspects that these men like basis of efficiency would be j have somewhere gotten Possession tested fully. Ted too would be the pretence of our representatives that practical politics does not entail a great army of parasite. We think or. Davey a Bill probably the Rule of the state commissioner of pardons that lawyers who take a fee for prosecuting a Man in this state May not accept soothed to urge his Pardon certainly is one that should be made if it is possible the state has lawyers who try to work on both sides of the game. Of the secret that old Magellan and Francis Drake and Columbus had that life is Worth nothing unless it is crammed with experience and that death after All is the least Ita Lian last night in which welfare agents took the Lead with the City Council As the particular auditors. In the state j the theme of discussion was the j juvenile delinquency that greatly perturbs the judges Aud All informed people. There was talk of this and thai but so far As we can judge by the reports Little in the nature of new and promising constructive ideas was advanced. The a contest a and its dangers the preferment of charges against men who conducted a newspaper a a contest a Here serves to recall that a Case with facts somewhat like the local allegations has finished its course courts recently. The newspaper a a contest a is a Means for the promotion of circulation we hich Many newspapers employ. Perhaps it would be hard to find a Well established paper in North Carolina or elsewhere that has not indulged at one time or another in a a problem of the newspapers always has been to secure director of such Competition who would adhere to fair rules of the game. The charge made Here is that the contest directors made representation to certain contestants late in the Campaign that the first prize was available to them of they produced stipulated amounts that the sums were supplied and the award missed. The newspaper publisher denies any knowledge of any such agreement and the contest directors plead not guilty. Recently the supreme court caught an Issue in a civil Case from the Western part of the state which required adjudication of the inno state Are cent newspaper publishers resell them or ability where the contest director a As shown to have made such contract with a contestant. The opinion was written by the chief Justice and at the time correspondents at Raleigh described the judgment As a Trail Blazer. The court held that the contestant was entitled not to the prize but to the refund of the Money proved to have been turned ought to pass and that it probably a p0rtant of All the things that May will not. Happen to a Man. A it was some such idea that float the juvenile de tlirou5l1 mind of the Marine putt Midi tut Irv top Eer want that Day at chateau i Thierry. A stiff machine gun fire for a Long time our Anke Kiwas greeting a Marine detachment friends were those chiefly concern that sought to Cross an open space de Over the Quot child slaves Quot of North die men wavered before it. The top Carolina but ultimately the state j kicker turned on them and Bellow aroused itself to the ugliness of j e Jan a voice heard even above the tolling children and we have turn surrounding dined the Young folks Loose from in a Quot come on a a a d a want Dusty. We have freed them from i to live forever a work for what j he the top sergeant did no to. In a meeting was held in the City he did no to care greatly when the regular annual stockholders meeting of the commercial National Bank Wai held in their directors room on january 12, at ten of clock. The largest number of stockholders Ever attending a meeting were present in person and a goodly number were represented by proxy. The presidents report was the most favourable in the history of the Bank showing a net profit during Tho past year of earnings Over 3 0 percent on tile capital Stock or 15 percent profit on the capital and surplus employed. A 12 percent dividend was paid during the past year making total dividends paid by the Bank since its organization of $677,000. The deposits showed More than la ,000,000 increase Over those of a year ago. The total deposits now Are $8,207,268.48. Ami total resources Are $11,405,298.54. The president s report showed that there Are 223 stockholders 157 men 66 women 19 of whom Are widows. The old Board of directors was re elected except h. W. Fraser who has moved from the state. In addition to these the following were elected a. E. Smith mount airy e. D. Pitcher Spray and w. D. Brooks High Point. The old officers were re elected and the same official staff of employees was continued. And an increase in salaries was made from the janitors on up. The following is a list of officers and directors As elected at the meeting. Officers j Elwood Cox president c. M. Hauser vice president v. A. J. Idol vice president and Trust officer c. H. Marrier cashier e. B. Steed Assis Tant cashier w. T. Saunders assistant cashier j. W. Hiatt assistant cashier. Directors j. Elwood Cox f. M. Pickett. R. R. Ragan d. A. Stanton. M. Hauser dred Peacock Ollas. F. Long Fred n. Tate Frank Wineski g. H. Kearns c. F. Tpmlinson a. E. Tate Jos. D. Cox v. A. J. Idol c. E. Hayworth s. H. Tomlinson j. S. Pickett John w. Hedrick Carter Dalton a. S. Parker a. E. Smith e. D. Pitcher w. D. Brooks. A number of complimentary talks were made by the stockholders Aud the meeting was voted a most Happy one by All who participated. Miss Camp state worker spoke of problem which is serious Here Navy censors its plans formulated in deposits Foris fully discussed own movies after in meeting today commercial Bank Here ust night others approved will not depend on the regular censors for the judgment that Tim looking 1� Concrete organization for handling the juvenile situation which is troubling the City count a Good Deal at the present. No police court i % i due to several circumstance in a a. Eluding illness of some of the of tentative organization drawn Al Cut a poll court a it not hem t0. Day. It is expected that court will Convene thursday to handle several crees which have been continued. Up looking to action juvenile question the juvenile delinquency problem and the Best method of solution was the subject of an interesting address delivered last night in the Council chamber at a special meeting of members of the City Council and leaders of the welfare organizations of the City by miss Mary Frances Camp of Raleigh state director of county organizations for the state welfare Board. While the meeting was not As largely attended us had been hoped it made up in enthusiasm for any Lack of attendance. Miss Camp came Here to present her views of the Best solution of the problem of Ever increasing delinquency among the boys and girls of the City who have not had the advantage of proper Home training and environment at the request of miss Susie West probation and truant officer for the welfare department. Miss Camp arrived at 2 o clock yesterday afternoon and she and miss West made a hurried Washington Jan. 13.�? apr in the belief that motion pictures whose moral tone satisfies the National Board of censorship still might not be the proper thing for sailors aboard Uncle same Battle. Ships the Navy department is doing its own censoring. Existence of a movie censorship in the Bureau of navigation which has some times rejected pictures passed by the National Board was disclosed today when the House appropriations committee made Public its report of hearings on the Navy Bill. The Navy a censor was installed after several members of Congress protested to the department that certain pictures shown aboard ships in the hawaiian Maneu vers last summer were not of the highest order. Representative Taber of new York who saw some of the pictures told the committee last showing of a Doug in a thief of Bagdad they were a mostly filth and that he became a very much disgusted Survey of conditions existing in upon viewing them that department and last night she i chairman French described a few expressed her views of he Best i of the pictures As a a immoral and methods of it Titrating As far As j others while possessing �?o90 per. Possible the Dei. Acy among the a cent of Good possessed a gob of rot youth of High Point. That was he opined that in addressing the meeting miss the National Board of censorship Camp declared that two main a a must have been asleep at the time these particular pictures were under the new system if the naval officer at Brooklyn who inspects the films after Purchase is i in doubt about any of them he sends j them to Washington for final censorship. Rear Admiral Shoemaker i chief of navigation told the com i Mittee that he had recently rejected four or five pictures sex plays i things that were not Good for Young j people at sea to think about. A such productions As the follies for example a a he added a would be very trying to put aboard causes contributed most to the waywardness of children in any Community. The first cause she gave As improper conditions existing in the Homes and the negligent by she gave As two much Leisure time tor the boys and girls during vacation time and after school hours. The speaker pointed out that some parents were either working in the factories in Industrial centers like High Point leaving the children to do As they pleased until Nightfall and sometimes after that or that the parents were too careless or ignorant of child psychology to properly train their offspring. She urged that the sunday schools y. M. A. And other organizations so operate in providing healthful recreation and diversion for the children during the time they Are not in school. Miss Camp said that at present the work of training girls was proceeding much faster than that of incorrigible boys. She recommended that a Man a mentally Young who understands boys be appointed to give Bis full time in assisting miss West in the work by seeking to win the incorrigible boys by appealing to their better instincts through tact and kindness rather than threats of dire punishment and harshness. She said that this would eliminate 90 per cent of the cases that come up before juvenile judges. Miss Camp declared that while miss West was accomplish in definite plan for doing something about the juvenile situation in this City which a discussed in a meeting held in the City Council rooms last night were made this morning when representatives of various organizations met in the woman room of the qty Hall. The meeting this morning elected miss Vivian Matson Gordon Blair and miss Hammond As a committee to prepare for an initial organization meeting which is to take place Friday morning at 9 of clock at the y. W. A. Building. Plans will be formulated at makes you More Beautiful apply this new wonderful harmless Cream before retiring rub it in thoroughly and leave it on overnight. Notice How White and Clear your completion becomes. Nourishes purifies imperfections fade away. Your complexion will look like a child so soft smooth and Beautiful. Get a Jar of Mello Glo Beauty Cream today. Randall pharmacy. Local realty co. Liers in her work no woman was fitted to understand the viewpoint of boys just As no Man could capably handle the incorrigible girls. She said the commissioner would have to visit the Homes death came. For lie knew that death Isnit of very great moment. Most of us can to look at it this Way. Life is a precious thing to us and death is something to be dreaded to flee to the last limit of our strength. But Down in the Bottom of our hearts we All have a sneaking admiration for these chaps who done to care. That s Why Lincoln Teaehey j study the boys problems and diag j Felder All of Asheville the the great picture of Douglas Fairbanks. A a a the thief of Bagdad a will be seen for the last time tonight at the Broadhurst. The picture has made a tremendous a a hit Here it is said and those who have not had the Opportunity of viewing a the thief of Bagdad should see it tonight. It is doubtful ii the picture will Ever be shown Here again. A a nose the reasons leading to tomorrow the management of j wayward Ness. The new House announces a double j the speaker discussed the adv attraction when Tom mix and his j Sivility of having a detention Home splendid cast will he seen for thei declaring that a proper Home of first time in a the Best bad Man this kind would require a consider said to be Toms greatest picture Able outlay of expense. She said As an added attraction Frances that in some communities boys Burr Mitchell late of the Boston i who had strayed from the straight symphony orchestra will sing i and narrow path were provided the song that won j with Foster Homes where they were Irving Berlin his Bride. This j Given the Best of Home training gifted Soprano will also Render a miss Camp suggested that two Greensboro and Kernersville men interested in local Enterprise Raleigh Jan. 13.�? apr the following certificates of incorporation were issued from the of-won-1 Ace of w. N. Everett Secretary of state today Elton investment company Asheville with authorized capital of $1 00.000 and $23,000 subscribed by Thomas p. Cheesbrough jr., a. K. To. Rob Naon and h. M. Frances Burr Mitchell late of the Boston symphony orchestra will appear at the new Broadhurst As an Mcdeil attraction tomorrow and Friday. This gifted Soprano will sing at matinee tomorrow and Friday and at 8 30 each night. No Advance in admission. Lie will feat urn Irving berlins a remember a the song that won ills billion Dollar Bride. A Advt. A a detention Homes and a big was popular that a Why Gerald brother movements were referred Chapman has aroused so much sur to but the Cue is merely an admin repetitious sympathy. Sion of failure in discipline and the other rarely amounts to More than a gesture. Recently a state judge deploring the increase of boy offenders against the Law pleaded for the resumption of Home control. But How can Home control be exercised effectively where it is needed most what happens to them after death these restless wanderers perhaps the limitless reaches of empty space beyond the stars provide room for adventures beyond the scope of anything Earth affords maybe there Are footloose meteors to put in place whirlwinds of the outer darkness that need to be number of other popular ballads. She will appear at each afternoon and night performances on thursday and Friday Only. Surrounded by an excellent cast the modern Buffalo Bill is thrust into action from the moment the Story opens in colourful old new Orleans until its smashing Climax in the great open spaces of the West. Tony put to the hardest test of his Equine career acquits himself nobly and saves two lives in one of the most dramatic scenes Ever photographed for the Silver j Quot presented at a Sheet. I later Date of Ever Many of these juvenile Deli tamed wild rides in the land of Querns about whom the welfare eternal silence to attempt. Agents Are worried Are the sons of parents who toil All Day Long in the factories. Their boys and girls Are supposed to be in the schools. But Many of them succeed dodging j that attendance. The officers of the unable to watch Over j to control them their working fathers and mothers do not know even where they Are. Work is a great disciplinarian. Idle hands will find mischievous tasks. The working boy and girl were under their working parents eyes. The boy and girl kept out of Industry Are under no competent adult observation. We Are not opposed to the child there must be. They d never be Happy in the heaven the rest of us Hope to go to. Our forests for the first time in years a word of Hope is sounded about our forests. The National lumber manufacturers association announces that 26 states have put needed forestry Laws on the Satute Hooks during tie last year and that 50 great commercial Forest companies have begun systematic reforestation. It s a Good Omen. For a time it looked As though every Forest in America would be Cut Down before in cast King Frank Beal Paul Panzer Cyril Chadwick Tom Wilson Buster Gardner Tom Kennedy and the hard Riding and straight shooting mix cowboys. Preview critics have pronounce d this one of the most thrilling pictures Tom mix has Ever made. There Are no Dull moments and the fun is enhanced by the blackface antics of Tom Wilson. From a photographic standpoint the picture abounds in Beautiful sequences. Much cranking was done in Central California not far from the Trail of the argonauts. Rooms could be provided for this purpose in the City Hall or some other suitable building but urged against allowing the patients a vision of prison bars. Brief and interesting talks were made by t. W. Andrews superintendent of City schools c. Muse and members of the City Council. It was urged to solicit a representative of each of the civic clubs the woman a club and two from the City Council to he appointed later to discuss the problem and arrive at a tentative program to meeting at a religious and Black Bear Camps inc., greens Boro with authorized capital of j $40,000 Aud $300 subscribed by Frederick Archer t. K. Roberts j and William m. York All of j Greensboro. Rudd investment corporation j Charlotte with authorized capital Stock of $100,000 Aud $300 sub scribed by e. S. Reid e. S. Reid j jr., and ii. Pucker All of i Charlotte. Biltmore Neuners and dyers inc., Biltmore with authorized capital of $50,000 and $2,200 subscribed by l. N. Morgan and e. J. Stroup Biltmore and James a. Mckay Asheville. Worth real estate company High Point with authorized capital of $100,00 0 and $30,000 subscribed by j. S. Worth High Point s. J. Marley Greensboro and e. B. Parks Kernersville. Addition to Tom mix Tho social organization in the City includes Clara Bow. Judy government has that written in revival featured by much interest its Navy measure i attn a Nee grows As enthusiasm increases with each continued from Page i 1 service lethal Gas route is committee simply reducing by $1. J 782,000 the amount recommended j tile revival now being conducted for maintenance and operation of j by the East end methodist Church the Fleet. Enlisted personnel would be re their Over on the misleading represent labor Laws hut we direct attention tation and that the newspaper regardless of innocence must refund the Money. Ultimately if such circulation boosting plans Are kept in Force those who conduct them will be forced to require Legal admission of All contestants that no secret understanding exists and have it be j Roa fore the awards Are made. How otherwise the newspapers can protect themselves without bonding the contest directors it is diff Cut to see. Many newspapers have abandoned the Quot contest plan but Many still use it. To facts not theories. Children have a right to physical and mental growth and culture which is alienated at the states disastrous expense hut who is to give them to Tho offspring of those who yield to the Law of necessity working while their children freed by the state i warn the streets and get a quite different instruction from that the state wills that they have. These Are they who Are first offenders before a juvenile judge Here Toda and next year Are receiving Penitentiary sentences at Day which sustained the people awoke to the importance i tenets of death. Of conserving them. I they Are stink Jukichi and \ bad sign Guadalupe Acosta. Both Are in i death cells at the Nevada state prison find will be taken Back to diced from 86.000 to 82,000 the committee asserting that this strength would meet All requirements. For naval aviation the Bill re. Chosen by Nevada j funds but a decrease of $417,000 arson City Jan. 13.-- Ai i under the budget estimate. Of this two Nevada slayers must die by Anio unt $4,100,000 would go to lethal Gas As a result of a decision satisfy obligations incurred under of the state supreme court yester previously organized contracts. And now it develops a drive to make new York More of a a open town a under the regime of mayor elect Walker will be made. As a first step. The legalizing of sunday shows will be sought. Its nobody s business but new Yorks of course. Yet the rest of Tho courts where they were convicted. To have the dates of their executions fixed. Jukichi shot and killed Jennie mad k. 16 year old girl. Of Ruth. Nevada a year ago. He said he had a contract with the girl s parents where upon she was to marry the country knows that Walker is Avert 5it�?~ shot Tae owe n toe bargain was cancelled. Al Smith s protege and if Walker Acosta Kiefl Deputy sheriff Jakes new York an open town a Chark Lewis of Elko when he of of prejudice against Smith will a tried to arrest Acosta go in my which would leave approximately $14,700,000 for new undertakings in the next fiscal year. Another contract authorization of $4,100,-000 however would lie authorized which the committee Caid would place aviation funds for the next fiscal year Quot just. Short of $19,000,. of tile aviation appropriation $9,-062,000 would be applied to new aircraft and equipment apart from aircraft for the air plane carriers Saratoga and Lexington. Is proving successful beyond the most optimistic Hopes of the Spon Sois according to reports from persons who have been attending the services. Rev. E. J. Harbison the pastor is conducting the nightly services. The revival began last sunday and each service has brought new faces until now the Church is filled each night. Every night a new Leader is in charge of the services. Quot i cannot find words to express the enthusiasm and interest manifested at every service As Well As the greatly increased attendance a one member of the Church declared today. The meeting is being conducted by a the an association of Young men organized during the Stephens revival several months ago. New Lovely new sport fell hats pastel and All pretty shades $3.50 be fanned into flame. And Al Smith is going to run for drunk. High time Post Greensboro. High Point has sup president again. There is no Lute for health. Pm Rma Neni debate postponed the annual Junior senior school debate announced rom ago for this week has Iren Pond until night. January 19. When it will be held in the High school auditorium at of clock. Make if Public Utility Harri Jbf he. A. Jan. 13. A a. Pm Anthracite mining would to declared a Public Utility subject to be controlled by the Pennsylvania Public service commission under one or two Bills prepared by the state attorney general for introduction in the state legislature Ai the extra session convening hero today. The other Bill is aimed at 30 control of the retail Trade by per i Mitringa compacts Between states. At $5.00 charming new styles in hats arrived today and you i will certainly appreciate the wonderful Quality and value at five dollars Moffitt \ 211 n. Main St. It

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