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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 8b High Point Enterprise saturday january 12,1974 ass Carmichael business Mirror ask Andy Andy sends a Complete 20 volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Moi by Cavanaugh age 13, of Anthon Iowa for her question what Structure enables a Bird to Fly fishes have fins land animals have legs and the Birds of the air have feathery wings. All of them get from Here to there by using parts of their bodies to push against something. Legs move a land animal Forward by pushing against the solid ground. Fishes use their fins to push and paddle through the water. The Birds use their wings to push against the filmy air. The Ostrich and a few other Birds Are too Bulky to get off the ground. Besides their wings Are too Small and weak to support them in the air. But most Birds Are built for flight and almost every part of their bodies is structured to make this possible. The average flying Bird has a streamlined Silhouette with no protruding ears and such to obstruct the smooth flow of air currents around his body. He is a lightweight and everything about him weighs As Little As possible. Flight of course requires a minimum of excess baggage. His slim Light Bones have hollow pockets and there Art other air sacs in various parts of his body. His clothing naturally is As Light As feathers. So much for the Basic Structure that a Bird needs before he can try for his pilots License. But even More important Are his specially adapted front limbs known As wings. Their Bones and joints must be Able to Bend and stretch a time after time without growing weary. The skin that covers his wings must be Strong and stretchable. The feathers must be Strong and durable pinions and a Bird must be Able to spread and close them like fingers. He also needs a bendable Tail of stiff spreadable pinions. With All this Basic equipment the average Bird learns to Fly without much instruction. Usually he sees his parents in flight and it seems quite natural to spread his wings and try to do likewise. Chances Are he soon learns that there Are a few More skills to this Aerial feat. The main trick is to learn the upbeat and downbeat and How to coordinate this motion with his Tail and the rest of his body. To us the air seems like a filmy nothing and we learn Early in life that we can t depend on it to support our bodies. A Bird refuses to accept this known fact a and proceeds to disprove it. Naith each downbeat he piles up cushions of crowded air under his wings and body. He pushes himself Forward against these cushions of air. As he brings his wings up for the next downbeat. There is More much More to the skills of flying. But every part of a Bird is structured for flight which helps him to learn by doing what comes naturally. He spreads and closes his pinions to scoop up cushions of air and let it flow through his feathery fingers. He tips and spreads his Tail to Bank and turn take off and land. And Many kinds of Birds learn to select rising currents of air to hold their Light bodies aloft a and let them soar without even beating their wings. Andy sends a seven a volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Mark Schauer age to of Howell Michigan for his question do glaciers also form at the South pole we live in the Northern hemisphere on the half of the Globe that is North of the Equator. Our pole is the North pole. Naturally we know More about it than we know about the opposite South pole which belongs to the Southern hemisphere. We know that we have big icy glaciers in Greenland and in the Arctic regions of North America. We also know that our North pole is under the Arctic sea. And in Winter this Ocean is covered with ice and Snow. Naturally our cold North pole makes us wonder How things Are at the opposite South pole. This Region is colder than the Arctic. The South pole is on a land called Antarctica a and the Antarctic is covered with the world s biggest Glacier. This enormous ice Field covers about five million Square Miles which is about the size of the United states. The ice never melts summer or Winter and in Many places it is More than a mile thick. You my you have a Weet tooth Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Patrick Cain age 8, of fort Nelson. B. C., Canada for his question Why Are minutes and hours divided into 60 parts this idea started with the Early astronomers who lived in the Middle East. Most Likely it started at least 5,000 years ago. No doubt the idea grew bit by bit As the Wise men Learned More about what they liked to do. And their favorite occupation was studying the stars. They made charts to show How the Sun and the Moon the stars and planets move Over the sky. To do this they needed to invent numbers and math such As circles and angles. Some of their favorite numbers were Sixes and 60s. The Early astronomers of the Middle East used Sixes to Divide up their circles. The idea was so neat that everybody copied it a and nobody has changed it through thousands of years. At last clocks were invented a with round circular faces. It seemed natural to Divide the hours and the minutes into 60 parts. It s Nice to know that some of those Wise men were the ancestors of the magi who followed the Christmas Star to Bethlehem. Securities Industry is suffering from Lack of fuel Money also Pope relates his other role As garbage Man Vatican City api a leading Vatican official says a if there was a person intimately cordial and also Rich in humor then it is Pope Paul the most Rev. Giacomo Martin prefect of the pontifical House gave some revealing insights into the Pope s audiences in an interview with the holy see s weekly Magazine. A the always tries to find some Point in common with the groups attending the general audience a said Bishop Martin. A once he received a group of janitors a also meaning gatekeepers. A a i am a janitor St. Peter is a gatekeeper a we Are col leagues a a Bishop Martin quoted the Pope As saying. By John Cunniff a business analyst new York apr a problem bigger than the Energy crisis that a what a group of business executives claims lies in the future if the United states does no to begin immediately to strengthen its capital markets. Yes says the committee of publicly owned companies there s still another shortage a shortage of equity capital with which to begin improve and expand Industry and by Extension to provide goods services and jobs. The shortage manifests itself immediately in some of the lowest prices at which stocks have sold in years with shares of some healthy companies Selling at Only twice earnings instead of to to 15 times. As an immediate consequence of those depressed prices says the committee some american companies Are highly vulnerable to takeovers by foreign bargain Hunters who accumulated dollars during the past 20 years. In the final six months of 1973, says . Wood jr., chairman of the committee and president of Mcculloch Oil corp., foreign companies made tenders for 63 american companies double the number of offers made in tile previous six months. Some Well known names already have succumbed including Gimbels trave Lodge International and Baskin Rob bins ice Cream All ironically to companies based in the economically depressed United kingdom. Mcculloch cites further evidence of a capital shortage in a reduction in the number of new enterprises. During All of 1973 Only 99 new Stock issues were marketed compared with 568 a year earlier. What the capital shortage does to the spirit of new Enterprise and Competition is part of the Long Range problem but of immediate concern to the committee of 600 companies is that it is already curtailing expansion. A a companies have had to defer necessary improvements replacements and expansion because of depressed Market conditions a says Mcculloch who notes that while some businesses showed record High profits their prices slipped. Why there should be a capital shortage in what has been traditionally the most capital Rich country on Earth is a Story in itself with the plot entered around a securities Industry suffering from functional imbalances. The individual investor has largely deserted stocks preferring High interest Bonds certificates of deposits real estate or just passbook savings. Some of this Money does eventually get to the Market but indirectly and incompletely. As even Stock brokers concede the individual investor has lost Faith in the securities Industry the consequence of some scandalously inefficient operations. And the big institutional investors Are concentrated in a relatively few stocks. Bluntly stated there is an enormous concentration of Power in capital markets. A Small number of the nations Banks for example control scores of billions of dollars in pension funds. And they invest in Only a Small fraction of the Market. That fraction less than too corporations enjoys fat Price Emmings ratios and has no problem expanding. Already big and powerful they tend to become More so while healthy but less favored companies go begging. As the situation was still developing a spokesman for the committee noted this week a nobody in Washington seemed to share our interest. The securities Industry was so concerned about its own intramural issues it simply lost sight of what the Industry is about raising capital for jobs goods and the committee was formed last March and now claims to speak for companies listed on major exchanges with assets of $52.4 billion 2.3 million shareholders and 1.5 billion shares outstanding. It is backing legislative proposals to reduce taxes on Capi Tal gains and so re attract Small investors and wealthier people who find themselves locked into stocks with big gains. It is also supporting efforts to reduce concentration and restore the capital allocation function of the Market. The embassy club nestled in the goods of Sedgefield the embassy club offers the utmost in atmosphere dining and dancing. Music styled for your pleasure by or. A a cd quartet. Featuring Hay Gariglio and Jerry Stinson. Hand plays Friday amp saturday. Call 299-6020 for reservations. Coats must be worn. Hoss strange of Weh co Huss Ljung mama Ger the Basin Binner theatre with new York Cass on the a magic stage Stagecoach Trail near Airport reservations dial 883-7914 Orin 7 nights each week sunday night special 8�� Pir Pirson dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing a fiddler on the roof the worlds most. Acclaimed musical i now playing a one week Only Black godfathers Back there a Gonna be Fred Williamson a hell up in Harlem a 1 50-3 35-5 20 7 10-9 00 week nights 7 10-9 00 Wtowne theatre los Avi adult late show 11 30 . Saturday night x rated end Box office open 11 30 must be 18 i d. Required Security guards equipped with two Way radio door tool and might watchman Cloctt will protect Davis patrol it watchman service 126 n. Main High Point n c. Call 886-4025 easily the Best movie so far this a Stephen Farber a Coli new York times who re Tuere you in �?T62? n m m m in in h n uns Ige inflight Cine theatre 2ayre shopping Center-2200 Westchester drive a phone 885-4427 a movie that will make you feel Good All Over when irs All a gone sholits. Arc to Tah a Mal a fun Cima Quot Mim held Over show times daily 3 30-5 20-7 10 9 00 As . Barnum it Quot there s a sucker born 3-5-7-9 Martin twin 1801 Westchester or /885 0037 Center held Over / i downtown a main St a i my amp it Foj movie ratings for parents and Young people in Ipoh Ammi the t Jet feb a of a a a lot a any by the t flu All Ages admitted cranial aud#,., in All Ages admitted Par Quot let guide Brut Suggs it i a a it some meter it a May not a so tobit to pie teenager. R to. Restricted o Noone under i admitted i age i. In lion Ai o Kab m is Uline Cut it us eat a Quot Mim Kim com of Sui Moquim the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise 1st run shows twice at 7 07 amp 10 43 adv. On . Before the tongs. And the Kung fun dragons. These were the first the most dreaded of All dealers in death god Miers of Thongkong r 3rd and final week the most exciting movie of 1973. This time the bullets Are hitting pretty close to Home a a. Plus new hit no. 2 at 8 50 True Story of . Detective a gun in his sock a tire Iron in his Belt and no badge the Story of Eddie. The Best sex cop in the business badge 373 5o�im0�uvaii inspired by the exploits of Eddie Eban Verna Bloom fill 4 now showing Huff drive in theatre adults 2�?� children .75 coming next Man have we got a vacation for you Quot Westwood Quot -.�?. Thunderbird drive in theatre 812 Greensboro Road i be beguiled starts 7 00

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