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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 9, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page eight the High Pui int Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina tuesday january 9. 1910 i7> i a r i soc Chakales sports editor Moran i fees pan Tilers Over dec the a a a a a a travel to Chapel Hill for Frosh fight Here and there giants left with. Banana merchant Bonu Raon h ands the Winner of the Teague memorial trophy for 1939 will be announced sunday morning. Well its been a painstaking search but i found another Guy who went the whole hog on Tennessee Dern pm. Keith Harrison and i both believe the whole thing was a hoax and the broadcast was a transcript j lion. For a Guy that has seen most of the burners and kept a Tongue in his Cheek in a getting up a pretty Good App Lite for sergeant Mcmahon a show at the new Arena wednesday night. A lot of Carolina folks Are All for the idea to enlarge Kenan stadium if for no other reason than the Duke apr a each \ ii game. They say that Kenan an Oil Man is willing to kick in High Point Panther with the Money for the expansion. Iii spite1 of sore i Forward scores i i Iii 3135 Victory Greenville. Jan. A cot Point i Neligh Tennent is found in some of the most Peculiar places even newspaper offices. A Young sports scribbler the other Clay rashly assumed coach Bill Alexander who does no to doff his Derby to any of them was goofy in suggesting that signal calling has distinct advantages Over the huddle in picking the plays. Well or. Alexander is a very smart Man something the commentator was not. Just As a matter of rudimentary education in the business of picking the plays the Tyr get writer authority whose knowledge was perhaps gleaned from Reading the papers should know this the chief advantage in calling signals from the line of scrimmage lies in that it would take Only a moment to Check the play in Case the defense should split anywhere from a five to an eight Man line. He probably does no to know that offensive linemen have specific assignments based largely on six and Saven Man lines and the switches by the defensive can make a Fine play look like something found in the Ash tray. The Handicap of course of calling signals is the tremendous noise during a football game. That is the primary reason for the huddle not i it because it is conducive to master minding. A quarterback can speculate much better when lie can look at what there is to speculate upon. Anyway if Bill Alexander says so then its most Apt to lie right despite Hunt and peek authorities who should be in rompers. 9. A Yows Defeated East aeolian teachers College Here last night 51-33. The teachers went out Iii front in the first few minutes of play to get a 7-0 Lead but two Field goals apiece by Hugh Hampton and Jack Moran put the panthers out in front Atter first eight minutes of play Ami the teachers were never Able to take the Lead any More. Jack Moran set the Pace for the panthers scoring 14 of his teammates Points while Hilliard Nance and Captain a rapt til j scored a dozen each. Donald Brock. Teachers Center was High for the teachers with la. Brock was followed closely by i Bill Shelton with to Points. The panthers will meet Bill herring s Atlantic Christian College quintet in Wilson tonight. High Point pm. Player Keene. Nance. Patterson Hampton Moran Zurawa. A Counihan a Story not yet told Duke was putting on the pressure for the opening of its new gymnasium a Swanky joint last saturday night. There was plenty of material sent out by the sports and news divisions of the publicity Bureau. They were going to town getting plenty of space in the newspapers. Friday on my desk landed a parcel from another school which has a relatively new gym. I turned to bisher and made a Little Wager that i could Tell him exactly what was in the package. Sure enough that a what it was a a comprehensive Story with pictures etc., on the other gym for release on sunday. The Day after the Duke dedication but the same Day on which the big stories would tie carried about the indoor stadium. I heaved it in the waste Basket figuring it mighty poor taste and virtually no judgment. Evidently someone straightened out the publicist in the meantime because a wire prepaid saturday afternoon asked that the Story be held Over with the naive explanation that a some persons would think Quot they were trying to Cut in on some one else. Hah just for the Brazen publicists information the sports editor of North Carolinas largest newspaper and an alumnus of the school paying the publicist also plan not not to use the poorly timed release a a. Ask ask. Ask. Oui. I. Player Watson Shelton Riddick a Brock can Tare Parrish Hinton r c. J. C to. 2. 5 0. 4. I. 0 in Ftp of 7 i i 12 i i 2 0 0 12 0 i 14 3 0 2 0 2 2 0 2 s 51 to Ftp of 4 2 2 0 0 4 i i 0 by a i l i m w Vork. Jan. Pic \ Mong tho17 play ors to whom Tho giants announce they have mailed contracts for i Imo i Bon lira restful for to baseman from old now Orleans. Now the giants have got themselves into something of a Moss about eke. They bought him from Washington for k25,- Mai last Winter and paid him the not Unhan some salary of jft15,0041 for his seasons work. Manager Bill Terry soured on completely about a month before the close of the race. Ile took eke off first and let him do Only an occasional chore of Pinch hitting Down the stretch. Indications Are that Bounin plays no part whatsoever in Terry a plans for 1jmo. St i a i Milt of re i yet the giants perforce have written the big banana merchant oui another contract calling for by i he. Montira has the giants in a spot he put them there during lion when the giants were on the recent big league con Centile pc rec of trading him to the Phillies the Phillies being gun shy obtained permission from Terry to Call eke Lon distance and see if lie would be willing to play for them at a salary considerably less than . Eke. Awakened from a sound sleep said lie would la delighted to first base for the Phillies. Ile said he would he reasonable a in it ids salary too. Me said he thought Al 7.thm would he about right. The a lollies spokesman gasped and Hung up. Quite possessive the new Gilt around of course and since then the Olanta have been left quietly in Possession of Kokura. Washington would t have minded Liming him Hack for he is colourful and popular with Harridge feels night baseball Here to stick \ Mer lean league prexy All smiles Over results of 1939 semester this is the sixth in a series written for the associated press by the nations sports leaders in which they review outstanding events and trends of 1939 and indicate Likely 1940 developments by William Harridge american baseball league president Chicago. Jan. 9.�? apr the season of 1939 brought considerable satisfaction to the american league and to me personally. Thanks to the inauguration of i night baseball in three of our cities Philadelphia. Cleveland and Chicago the attendance Fig-1 lures practically equalled those of i 938, despite the fact the Pennant was decided Early in the season. With a Cloe race right up the Middle of september or later. I i believe we would have broken All turnstile records. Little pushes heal tier from title picture a Cly by Hobert Viv los Zeke Bonum capital City fans. Hut the flubs that could Loo eke can t afford to support him in Tho Stylo to which Tho giants have lot him moronic Accini Stoml. Tho giants Don t want oko to got mad at them and hold out because their chances of trading or soiling him eventually would to Rod cod materially. To is. After All a fairly valuable in Sehell property. Frankly they Don t know exactly what to do. Total score t. 9 off urls kill u. It bal i. Is 5 High Point t it Davidson j 35 26 s e Mcc c commercial Loop results to a Strong tar Heel ring men banking on two Grinders Holcombe i chopped straight team the c o in in e i league. Kill to the winners to of the a by a Jun in the Heron Sank de m Day. Dennis and i. Points each. Short Glt the losers. Be Agi e Max Mung in Wood in Down their i last night to fetal Baske n and Fuller the 48 of i ions. D game i 4121, pm Pton with i w f the third Lead a Thall led Talon i land i by 1 Vul for his i Ive i lulls pick on out of Lauk los rim devils travel to meet Marx land outfit at College Park deacons open Lour in South Carolina by meeting Gamecock i Tiar Lotte. Jan. 9.�? apr Cage teams of Duke and a Forest perennial Powers in the into and in will meet formidable conference foes tonight Al South Carolina. 1011 Lari i v is re there is no doubt of night baseball a popularity. The Joyed it immensely cause it gave Many of them a first Chance to see a game. But also because of the i a Iii a i spirit. I feel sure night baseball is Here to stay when limited to seven games a for each club. Naturally the american league is Happy because it won the All Star game and the world series it also took great satisfaction in the development of such Star youngsters As outfielder Ted Williams and third baseman James Tabor of Boston. Pitcher Afley outfielder Charles w York. Shortstop a of Cleveland Ney Mccosky of Defier Mike Tresh of Donald and Keller of in Louis hour outfielder a Coit and cat Chicago. The Veteran however wer at the age o i pm i Onfer net Maryland am american leagues not to be denied. 3 9. Bob Grove of ton and Ted Lyons of Chicago distinguished themselves by leading the league in effectiveness. J just a few years ago they said Bob trove was through. In 1939. He won 15 and lost four. It was Only recently informed that the main reason the White sox retained Lyons was because the management was sentimental. Vav i out 8 to by Tom Bost or. Chapel Hill Jan. 9. Whether Carolina will hav great boxing team or just other Good outfit May rest on sturdy shoulders of two i whose Stellar blocking paved Way for Many Brilliant gains the tar heels thrill prod i eleven last fail. An Nie Lien the of w Inston Salem Gates Kimball Ami Green Simpo it Mike Boh. Bitt turned in several Superb performances on the Gridiron last fall and now for the first Lime Arr devoting their talents to tile squared Circle with a greater degree of Sucre than generally comes to the average new Comer. i Ewi Ava w a Carolina already is conceded a Good team with such cagey and talented veterans As co captains Billy Winstead. 120, and de Dickerson. 145, Andy Gennett 127, and Eldon red Sanders 165, already in the fold All four men battled their Way to the finals of Tho Southern conference tournament last Winter and Winstead emerged Champion. Gannett and Dickerson lost close decisions although Sanders was beaten handily. The addition of Kimball Ami Hobbit May have been just what Loach i Ike Honomu wanted from old a lit a Claus. The tar Lim have for several years Lien weak in the two heaviest division which will he manned by Bobbin Ami Kimball hut whether they can hold their of ii with More cd Fri Venceil fighters of other conference institutions remains a question Mark. To o elite huh at any rate Carolina has the two Best Light and heavyweight prospects the tar heels have had since hard hitting Platt Landis conference Champion in 1933. Two other newcomers will he competing for the first time in the Ami Lyv Pound classes. Jimmy Inskeep a Transfer from Oak Ridge look to in a fixture in the Jin weight Aud i Lark Bartlett a freshman Star two season Agit and a Reserve last Winter appears Lite Cream of tin crop in the i a class. Carolina Hopes to Settle accounts with Citadel saturday Woodmen. O Highland .2 Triangle .1 a a juniors i 2 .333 Demolay i 2 33 3 Diamond. T 2 too Eek a is Heible Edn Esi Vav 7 00�? Adams Millis is. Redwing. 7 55 Erlanger is Beeson. 8 50 Triangle is an oppo nent from out of town the Hodax 6 15 Silver knit is Marsh Hirn tit re. 7 35 Watson is. Railway express. 8 25 Globe parlor is. Tom Linson. 9 15 Adams Mulli is Harris Covington. Kati re \ v 1 30 Triangle is. Diamond. Highland Demolay i the by at College of the Early it each team has w t context. Duke re Maryland from game May give tan be expected i i son ending Cham i ment. Speed Ernes it will be a Bai j Cameron s boys p j Sun height wit land the ter Pati i minus Jim w. Ing sensation of i Forest Deac j prising strength i their recent col in ton a. Lee s Comers and their doing should Givi j plenty of trouble Defeated Georgia i at ter having lost Devil Terrapin affair k. Md., looms As oui v season standouts a on ifs Only Loop in Davidson and a Jenison and the a hint on what n the Loop s sea Pion ship Tournai knee injury robs Hackney of glory his k e height title of Speed ver providing the dash the coach Eddie tie Altitude Aller their scor last year. Wake have shown Aurin games to Date inquest of Wash tamped them As expert Ball Han a South Carolina the gamecocks tech saturday a Georgia Lead 51 an Hatt Nelmer had i an a Ilai is Ped and pot t record Bret Ler forlorn y i Campus. Null w of Juan not in j the it at cd badly a Ost i i v or id r As a a Idisro de i a of in an bout a say his hat bion ing Southeast the night heft in co Fri Ftp of the military heels 4 4 to ago and 5-3 Winter. Team beat the tar 3 4 Here two years at Charleston last wrestling wednesday january to 8 30 p m High Point n c 119 South Hamilton Street St Lam heated by ilium tickets ringside reserved 75c�?general admission. 35c main event Johnny virus is. Hilk lever Memphis ten it six lbs Atlanta. A. 235 lbs 2 Oil of three fall�?94 time limit Habe vell Ner Baltimore my. 130 lbs a a masked pm role Flash 218 lbs girls Boit is. Inc fall in finish Mae Weston Columbus Ohio 128 lbs John a Sandovitch Warsaw Poland tsi lbs promoter a Blini world w a Veteran sergeant Ltd Mcmahon is. I f pc in g r pm in Dennis 6 0 i 12 Conrad 0 0 3 0 Whitt i 0 0 2 w Olen 0 0 i 0 d Upton i 0 0 Warren 2 0 4 4 Walker i 2 0 4 Barrett 0 0 i 0 Cates j 0 0 2 steel 3 0 0 6 Upton 4 4 2 12 Short 4 3 i la b Upton i i 0 3 Barker 0 0 2 0 Pugh 2 0 i 4 total 17 7 4 41 total 9 3 12 21 Woodmen a 4 y i mors i f pc in c f pc in Fulton s i i la Bennett 2 0 0 4 Bruton 4 0 0 8 Colima 2 0 i 4 Spain 0 0 2 to Kuik 0 0 0 0 elder 2 0 0 4 Payne 0 0 0 0 Blair 2 i 3 5 steel 3 2 3 8 Gaud la 0 0 0 0 Elir ton 0 0 i Koo Tice 2 i i 5 to pm o 0 i 2 i Culler 6 3 0 is Atkins i 0 i 2 Reid 0 0 0 0 Brown 0 0 0 4 total 21 6 9 48 total 8 3 8 19 games postponed bad weather cause ment last night Lina Virginia tilt the tar heels w thursday at a a inst Virginia Duke will play Row and at v. M Poi porn North Caro at Danville a. La resume action Winston Salem tech. At Navy Tomor-1. Saturday. Cord in to Junior i i the Iroil Ball to i meets last year. New american in 11 inches in the state Nebraska Gether. That i record to toss f Jack torrent e s 5 7 feet i Inch. A i sincerely h i had a St l Ong Chan world record this his coach. Ward h i excellent Speed a j and Fine l Ordina la wealth of Power Nev pitched records in i 2 he claimed a k of 55 feet. Annual Kansas Ansa get to it him Only one for this season. World Mark of believe Hackney Nee to set a new 4 Spring a moans Aylett. A the had loss the Circle Ion As Well As tri hit nor Aln Veteran j Jimmie or 1924. That ii baseball. To has won the award. He 1939. Hut in runner up to was excelled the Yankee s he was hand infection and finally sent him the season it Down in histor which the most ? attached Hora in Halls Centennial a a my belief is that one Hund years from now. Baseball will even mole firmly entrenched the National game. A a a a Elon cagers Lay claim to High scoring record Lor a no Kler. Jan 9. I Pelt May take the staid old los fans in j Angeles country club a year to not Only be-1 recover from the beating it look from the rain the trooping feet of thousands of Golf addicts and or. W. Lawson Little in the 1940 in s Angeles open. A steady downpour had reduced he clubs already Tough North course to the status of a quagmire or pig Sty. Galleries had trumped the carefully manicured fairways into la pulp. And then came Lawson Little to Hammer Par into submission and wreck what had looked like a peaceful finish to the lath annual open and Victory for a Large Young Man from Linville n. C., Clayton Heafner. Rampaged Little began his rampage yesterday morning and at the ninth Hole signalled his first major tournament Triumph since abdicating his Amateur throne when he posted a St Ore of 32, three i strokes under Par. The 29-year-old Little. Who won the United states and British Amateur championships in 1934 and 1935. Clipped another stroke off Par at the 12th. And Rand Down an 18-foot putt for another on the 15th the gallery whooped and yelled when he Sank a difficult Chip shot for still another Birdie on the 16th, and groaned when he went Over for the drat time All Day on the 17th. He steadied for the final Effort however and finished even with four a 65 for the round a 72-Hole total of 282. And a one stroke vie Troy Heafner. Simeon s five first on tar babies slate Bison in Yip top condition for first Bra test of season by Grady Morgan the Bison live will make its first invasion of the season they leave their Home court to open the season for lilt a arty i Ilia freshmen in Woollen gym Nasi Iun in Chapel Hill tonight this Baith is Tim first of to lib three encounters the Bison ii a v on tap this week meet ing tilt it orig Raleigh squad Herr writ nest Lay and again taking to til Road to meet the Green Wax if Gastonia Friday night. I i it mph exes Mai Els Tim squad completed workout yesterday covering signal Drill technical Points and of Herb smoothing lint offensive tactic Douglas Reid. R Cive guard showed marked improvement t his accuracy Aud All round Floo work labelled him As a rerun threat for a first string Belt i putting polish to their attack the squad demoted much of it it the session to the elimination defects in their defense As tar babies Promise plenty punch in their Point getting. Top notch shape coach Tony Simeon plans take his charges into Toni go fray in top notch form with eve Man on the squad in Good it a tonight s fray is the first tween the two outfits prompts a real Battle As the defensive cals meet the Carolina of which is expected to show a pot offence. Kern whisks out at tech it Carnegie head shocker loaves Post i it Hout of hint ugly p Bill a it a Elt it \ ii id i forget another Foxx of Boston into our circuit in a Long time ago in be times Jim in in oat valuable player tiled to repeat in or wheless was the Joe Dimaggio and in hitting Only by in despite the fact upped by a sinus appendicitis which to the Hospital f 1939 will go As the one to a uitime vitality was e it was a base As eth by Rug Kerns res football coach i today completed parture of the t within 1< Figur time Jot Jan. J nut Ion Carnel a whole s than he my Over Lem dwindles coming on behind the North carolinian had seen his original five stroke Lead Over Little own dle to one at the turn and he was scrambling to get a tie going into the 17th. He had to i Birdie. He three the and blew his hied with a spec cd on the 18th Hole but it was ported going an when the Tunis pc or last March Down in an athletic u Bitt. John p i Little Smith with in Llda a the act at Duquesne. That a 8 enough to hot stove league i Mouths but the fire ii til september with pie withdrawal from Mati a boiling get Par and a i putted the i i Chance. He r approx us Wake Forest s Palmetto swing will Thuc the baptists to Clemson tomorrow and Furman thursday. N c. State and Davidson clash j at Davidson thursday. Scores last night High Point is. E. T. 35 Mccrary eagles 60, Lenoir Rhyne 3 2. Nia Ron la Bai k Sieve a t on in Carolina s 1938 several a11-a Uteri tackle has return verify this Quai work for his degree played pro foot a ii Foi last fall. In sch Mil who captained even and made a selections at a to Complete big Steve Cleveland Al on a allege Jan. 9 a Elon col Lei be s Eiby basketball team today on the eve of r North pm tour put in a claim for the High est Sec ring average of any Colic be five in the state. In four g a no 8 to 4 ate the flashy c arts flans have averaged 55.7 Points per gainer. Totalling 223 Points. In add tit in to this flue record Offen Lively the christians also were read to claim or Tensive Hollors Situ e the four outfits play of hav it been Able to score an a Virago of Only 21.75 Points per contest thus giving the Chreti trails a ii average acor e nearly to pie tint of their opponents. Only 87 polits have been scored against Elon. I Olin shit of hopping into Willi in a Cor take her Bowling Shell enjoy it too make a Bowling Quot Date Quot your wife or sweetheart will enjoy it As much As you do. Take her to the Beautiful Arcade Alley Arcade amusement company Arcade building score it half Woodmen 23 Junior 13 officials referee a Hoover. E Farlowe scorer a. Darner timer Bud Hayworth. I n4 i \ i ten Rish work four Letterman and several promising rookies from last year s undefeated freshman team head the candidates or Carolinas mat team which is Rushing work tor its opener with Virginia tech next saturday. Th44 veterans Back Are Walter Blackmer 135 pounds Bill Broad foot 145 Steve Forrest. 155 and Dun Torrey unlimited. De Dat a it 121, Charlie Tillett 126, and Charlie idol and Sam Ilia Mont by i Meier new York Jan s. Up a i j the big boys Iii the boxing Husi i i Ness May he interested to learn hat be dimpled Billy Conn has it jail figured out Light now How he Ichii be heavyweight Champion of i the world just As soon As manager i Johnny Bay a a okays a fight with i Joe Louis. The Pittsburgh pretty boy who makes his How As a full fledged heavyweight in Madison Square Garden tomorrow night against Henry Cooper is so convinced of this that one Fine afternoon within the next six months you Are going to read where he has ab-1 dilated the Light heavyweight the Gregory 165, All of whom went championship to go against undefeated As freshmen head the j big Fellows exclusively newcomers. Own size a Guy who can Box around with you always gives trouble. But never those stuffed pillows. They re All the same to after his final workout for to Morrow s tussle he weighed an and birdied the too late his 71 for 28 3 was one too Many. Olin Dutra. Ixia Angeles made a belated rally. He went out Iii 38, three Over but tame Back in 31, four under for the 35-35�? 70 course and 285. Back of him Aud seven shots behind Little j were Jimmy Hines of new York and Johnny Dawson of Hollywood who won the Amateur tro i Phy for the second straight year j Thomasville lassies listed on barium Springs schedule barium Springs. Jan. the barium Springs basketball girls. 1939 champions of the South Piedmont conference Start defending their Crown in the 1940 season at barium Springs tomorrow night when the Spencer sex Tette comes Here to offi a Dally open the conference card for the locals. The Spencer boys and girls quintet will tangle in a tussle to immediately follow the girls game which will begin at 7 30. Barium s Complete schedule with conference opponents is a follows Jan. 9. Spencer Here Jan. 12, Lexington there Jan. 16, children a Home there Jan. 19. Spencer there Jan. 23. Albemarle there Jan 26. Lexington Here Jan. 30, Kannapolis there feb. 2, Albemarle Here feb. 6, Thomasville there feb. 13. Kan the Pittsburgh Bas Johnny blood Gav of the pirate pro g no hint Kern s abrupt s been forecast Alt no reason for it o destination of his new come from is headed thing will end of the the big it Hall t Ion it ugh hint std. He ins stamping i the school but Dedari be settled week a Blond a with the vacancy at a where officials report new concerning the j they did t expect any it this wee done a mils being interviewed by Stanford officials w announced a new head succeed tiny Thornhill named Friday. Or Eddie Baker first ant throughout Kerns tech is regarded Asti successor to the plaid i Long i he Gar As to h any Wor a minds must to which h cd fim y before Iii i Dinkci t Virgin and Sal ing to b Kern a i a deut i it ii o h a v Bacn will to v Lik it sith ii i got a Rou n d new York. Jan. 8 Al Schacht baseball s Clown Prince performed in 43 states last season missing Only Colorado new Mexico. Maine Vermont Aud Noria Dakota. Tire easily a those big he pointed out with a goodly portion of Dis dam. Quot ale All the i easily. When Yin i you just let h out in i he first i you just lean t Billy Conn. Rim in Fop bit tits list i bout z he. Sault. They tire Iglus one of Mem. I tile top of i Wear himself a and wham w rounds. Then a Quot i love to Fig amp valid Agaibi Clow us More Viau head cock tile other the Guys my 11 even 175. Which probably Means Zapolis Here feb 20. Statesville he will go into the ring at 176 Here feb. 23, children a Home or 177. Here feb. 27. Statesville Here Shih old be he Ety March i Thomasville Here. A at that rate. He added. Quot i should he 185 or 190 in another year. Urn going to give up the i last night Light heavy weight title when i can to make the weight any More. That la he sometime in the next few months. If no title fight is arranged before then id like to j hand the championship Over to jus less Tulch. He deserves it a and maybe hell buy me a new it for Billy a interest in the big boys based not Only on his conf use of Success hut also on the Amia return therefrom. A that s where the real Cocotas Are a he explained. A and i Edem now a College basketball Yale 40, Wesleyan 30. Alabama 42, Tulane 28. Vanderbilt 51, Cumberland 30. Kansas 40. Loyola Chicago 38. Nebraska 44, Iowa state 28. Repaid 56. Kansas state 30. Inci Iana 45, Iowa 30, Illinois it Chicago 33. Michigan 44. Wisconsin 30. Northwestern 4�, Minnesota 38. Purdue 40, Ohio slate 32. I Tah state 43. California 33. Oregon 44, Idaho 32. Kentucky 47 West Virginia 38. Xavier 36. Tennessee 35. George Washington 17, Bradley tech 37. Recap with tread 8 your i to a v our it nature gave ducks web feet prevent skidding Lei and we can smooth tire ing non skid and save Money and prevent acc Hiatt tire co. Station no. I 135 West High Street phone 2872 station no 2 Sis North Mavis Street phone 41110 tit

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