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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 9, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday january i. 19 Jot he High Point Enterprise pm wit Center of a High Point North Carolina Page seventh Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family teacher of youth horizontal i head of a woman College Virginia 12 postscript. 14 share. 15 to contrive artfully. 16 abounding in Pines. 17 Bill of fare. 18 to decay. 19 to join Metal. 20 laughter sound. 21 preposition. 22 Fine River mud. 23 to Drudge 24 to gasp. 25 anxiety. 26 to express gratitude. 28 Fence door. 29 electrified particles. 80 minute object. 81 frenzy. 85 doves Call. B6 male children. 17 to walk answer previous Puzzle he through water 38 opportunely. 40 mat grass. 41 myself 42 diversion. 44 because. 45 sheaf. 46 Back of neck. 47 Distant. 48 she is the of Barnard College pm. 49 she from Barnard in 1899 vertical 2 Moron. 3 Spring fasting season. 4 Twenty four hours. Seh. 6 sniffed. J Earth. 8 Small shield. 9 sound of slight Surprise 10 face. 11 printers measure 12 Point. 13 Compass Point 16 she believes in use of education. 17 to Liquefy. 19 to blink. 20 Rabbit. 22 without. 23 destiny 24 Complete View of a Region 25 Pussies 27 ring. 28 medicinal Root 30 cows cries. 31 Market. 32 to sum up. 33 Northeast. 34 to affirm. 36 goads. 37 diminished. 39 for Token. 40 water scorpion. 41 greater. 43 blemish. 44 Stout. 45 whirlwind 47 musical note serial Story blackout by Ruth Ayers copyright. 1939. Inca Seh vict. Inc. The family d0ct0b use of sulfanilamide brings Down death rate among Erysipelas patients i Iii him Mirn is a i Imp is Kai cast of it him i t Krs a Xii Carroll a american fashion expert in in radon during wartime. Vincent or Kog a Soldier of Fortune in love wit ii Alary. It Arla of air Mettaw a my tenons Loudon socialite. Or. Lenox surgeon serving with British army. J to yesterday surprised by or. Lenox a strange offer of marriage alar resolves to see Vincent he Tore kiting Gilbert her answer. She goes to Vincent a lodgings sees him leave with aria mar Chetta. Chapter Xiv Mary leaned against the sandbag barricade for support. Vin cent Gregg and a aria Marchetta passed Down the Steps of the Quot Long i ing House and on beyond the to i a conist s shop joined the throngs of Trafalgar Square. Their attitude of intimacy had j been heightened by one of Merri i meat some pleasantry they alone enjoyed. This jest or witticism or whatever it was seemed to shut a door Between them Aud Mary Carroll. Now even if she Eon id have re i noun Yeti her Pride if she could i have faced Lier Fiance with her Beauty disfigured from Tho blow Jon the Moravia she could never i have matched Vincent space. Things had gone too far ahead j while she Lay in the Hospital. And if Ever the adage Quot three s a crowd a was applicable it was i now. J her loneliness seemed almost More than she could Bear. The desolation of her heart had j stunned her. She had not known it he could feel so Cut off from anyone As she Felt removed from Vincent at that minute. A rack to Haring Cross she went As the Bright Winter Day became overcast. The Silver balloon barrage melted into Gray Clouds As visibility lessened. A Light rain whipped her drawn fare. The coat that lady Pone a Townsend had provided was All too thin for this cold wet. Wind. Her feet dragged along the streets and up the stairs to the rooms in Soho Square. And there was no cheery fire blazing in the grate As there had been yesterday. Without stopping to remove her wet coat she sat Down at the writing table. Without even thinking what she wrote the words formed dear or. Lenox the offer of marriage you made last night overwhelmed me with its generosity. While i feel reluctant to allow you to sacrifice yourself for me. Nevertheless. If you Are still of the same mind. I shall be proud to share your name. And of you have reconsidered and wish to withdraw the offer please believe i understand. Sincerely Anna Winters. She seated the letter hurriedly found a stamp and rushed out to Post it before she might change her mind the next night brought Gilbert Lenox to Soho Square. The sight of him renewed her courage. Quot i Don t think you la regret this decision a he said seriously. A it in t that i will Ever bother you your personal life will be As free As it always has Mary nodded. That was one of the reasons she had held Back. He could give her so much and she could give him nothing in return. Quot you Only have to a a i will in the registry and it will be All Over it s quite simple to get married in wartime everything is easily arranged. I made inquiries he went on. Quot i will have time off on saturday afternoon. I think it would be Best to have the ceremony then if you agree. Then if i have to go to France i next week everything will have been taken care Quot it in t As if he weren t one j of the most eligible men in London Quot Mary told herself. A a handsome. Educated likeable and As dependable As the Bank of England. Why is it that men like Gilbert Lenox Are always second choir e to the Vincent Greggs but to love Vincent had been her destiny and to escape his love she could not. Nor would she Ever Stop Loving Vincent. And was she being fair to Vincent after All. He thought her dead. Was it not unjust to expect that he would Cut himself off from All the things of life because of her memory Gilberts voice brought her Back to the immediate problem. Quot you will want to get yourself some Gay clothes to be married in Quot he was saying. He tendered a 10-Pound note. Quot some new clothes will make you feel better. You done to get married every Day you Quot How exactly like him Quot she ref Lei Ted As she murmured her thanks. Quot thoughtful above she had not included that in the Swift Catalon of his qualities. When she spoke it was hard to express the fullness of her gratitude. Quot you Are much you deserve the the Quot in a not complaining about the wife in a going to get Quot he said quietly. Quot even of she is to be a wife in name the next Day Mary went shopping to nearby self ridges the american department store in Oxford Street. She was surprised to find she could care again about lines and materials colors Aud treat ments. Quot Blue s my Best color a she declared. Quot Blue it will the right Shade would accentuate the color of her eyes that the Accident on the Moravia for All its malevolence. Had not been Able to harm. She was pleased with a Royal Blue frock with Jaunty pleats and close fitting bodice. And it even had a jacket that would do away with the shroud like Black coat lady Ponee Townsend had Given her. The outfit even in Winter seemed to Promise Spring. Much finest to Good wife in a close fitting Toque of the same color had a smartness that was almost american. And its Finger tip veil we Ould cast merciful uncertainty Over the married Side of her face. A Gold clip new gloves Hose and oxfords of London tan gave Mary an exhilaration she had not Felt in months. But All the time stye busied herself with these outward details she battled with her conscience too. On the marriage records she must give the name of Anna Winters. Hitherto her masquerade had Hurt no one. Would it be wrong to take this Legal step without revealing her own identity in the end. She had her answer. This ceremony was to be an impersonal contacts not a marriage at All. If she betrayed her real identity now she would be sent Back to America. Some Day she we Ould make everything Clear to Gilbert Lenox. Saturday found or. Lenox and Bis Bride to been route to the registry. Quot cheer up Little sober Gilbert said looking at her kindly As the taxi bounced Over the cobbles. Quot there Isnit a thing to worry about. From now on everything will be All right a in the Bright Winter sunlight Mary found herself relaxing under the doctor s thoroughly competent guidance. Head raved her life when she had been at deaths door and now he was determined on further Salvage of the pitiful thing head saved. Somehow the Shock of seeing Vincent Gregg with Carla Marchetta no longer seemed so appalling. The blight of loneliness terrifying and chilling seemed to Lessen when she was with Gilbert. When the clerk in the registry asked if she Anna Winters took this Man Gilbert Lenox for her lawfully wedded husband she hesitated Only a second. Then her voice which had been so muffled spoke up clearly a �?�1 do a to in continued Uncle Ray s Corner a Short history of Russia ii Peter the great worked in dutch shipyard while the great and Good Wil Laim Penn lived Iii England anti for a time in Pennsylvania there was in Russia a Czar known in history As Peter the great. Peter did not. Of course Start out in life with the title of Quot the he was simply Little Prince Peter. At the death of the Czar there was a question As to who should be Given the throne. Peter was Only to years old at the time and he had an older half brother named Ivan. Ivan was in Fine for the throne but his brain was not sound. He was close to being feeble minded but most of the people did not know this fact. Peter was named Czar but this brought on a revolt of a sort by people who wanted Ivan to Rule Russia. An angry mob stormed the Kremlin the huge fortress in Moscow. As a result of the revolt a new plan was carried out. Both Ivan and Peter were named As ruler. Ivan died nine years later and after that Peter held the throne alone. Peter proved to be a different kind of ruler than was usual in Russia. He wanted to see the outside world and to learn things from it. This led him to make a Long journey. The 25-year-old Czar or emperor gathered a party of 270 persons. Among them were Young Nobles soldiers and jesters and All were told to make ready for a journey to Western Europe. Peter joined the party but did so under the name of Quot Peter he hoped to keep it a secret that he had left his coun try. The secret leaked out How i Ever and people knew him in i several lands which he visited. J the russians were Well treated j in Germany and a German Princess wrote Down an account of them. She said their Leader was Peter the great. Tall and had a quirk mind but she did not like his table manners. Iii Holland. Peter left the main party and went to work in a shipyard renting a cottage nearby. He spent some Day As a Workman and dressed the same As others Labouring beside him. Someone Learned who he was and he became the Center of so much interest that he left the shipyard and went to another part of Holland. At Amsterdam he spent time going through factories and Art galleries. The farthest part of the journey was to England where the russians spent three months. Peter hired a number of British architects shipbuilders and Goldsmiths. And sent them to Russia. For history Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet Quot your body at work Quot Send me a 3c stamped return envelope in care of this newspaper. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow St. Petersburg. Cranium crackers by or. Morris Fishbein editor. Journal of the american medical association Aud of a Geia. The health Magazine one of the most serious conditions which medical men have attempted to treat in the Pat is Erysipelas. Innumerable methods of treatment have been tried from time to time with varying results. The disease has been known since before the beginning of the Christian Era. Death rates from this disease have dropped steadily in the last to years particularly with the coming of new antiseptics and new specific methods of treatment related to the germ causes. One of the places where Erysipelas most frequently begins is the nose it results from scratching or bruising the soft membranes of the nostrils with so Fingernail. It May also begin in the ear for similar it Canon. People will somehow never learn to quit exploring their ears with toothpicks mashes and fingernails furthermore the Par and the nose Are exposed to All kinds of germs which find easy Entrance into the blood Iii scratched areas. ,. In the Cook county Hospital or Chicago during the last to years. It was found thai in 85 per cent the manner mentioned. In fact of the cases Erysipelas began in there was Only 7.4 per cent of All Asea of Erysipelas which affected Mish Al terms Harrison in Hollywood there a still Gold in nostalgic song favourites of bygone Days How can i by Anne ish Ley the limbs and Only 2 4 per cent i that affected the trunk. The treatment of Erysipelas during the last 20 years a included the application of heat of cold of ointments of ultraviolet of a Ray. Of All sorts of serums and Antitoxin. Blood transfusion and innumerable other remedies. Before sulfanilamide it was believed that ultraviolet rays were probably the most successful method of treatment used. Since the coming of this new drug 102 patients have been treated with sulfanilamide a 132 of them in 1938. During that period the number of deaths from Erysipelas was the lowest Ever recorded in j the history of the Hospital. When a tabulation was made of j ail the patients with Erysipelas treated during the years 1934-38. I hid of All of the different method that were used the Adan j tages of sulfanilamide appeared i so obvious there could be no question As to it efficiency. During the years 1929-33, 1,193 cases were treated in the Cook county Hospital and the death rate was 13.4 per cent. The death rate among patient treated with sulfanilamide is Between 2.0 and 2.5 per cent. Again this great drug represents one of the most significant Advance Ever made in the history of medical science. If you be Ever played a musical instrument or Sung in a choir this test will be East a. All you need do is to pick out the Correct definition for each musical term listed below 1. Andante a gaily. B in chorus c moderately slow <1j funeral. 2. Coda a closing measures of composition by liar of music. Ltd system of marking musical scores d rest. 3. Allegro to ponderous b Lively cd musical introduction. Id four part. 4 Pizzicato a slowly b brass accompaniment c touching strings lightly with How d directions to Pluck strings with f Inger. 5. Cadenza a obbligato by incidental Solo cd musical signature d chromatic passage. Answer i want 3d Page by Pai i. Harrison Nea service staff correspondent lessons in English h w. L. Gorin in often misused say. Discovered the Pacific de glances Vav a a n in does to a it a evict. Inc t. M my. U. S. Sot Orr. Words Quot Balboa ocean�?T1 that which already existed. And Quot Edison invented the arc Light something which had not existed before. Often mispronounced qui Vive on the Aler pronounce Keven. Bother Sas in me accent last syllable. Often misspelled colander col though pronounced Kul. U As in up. Synonyms lean thin spare. A tint. Word study Quot use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering on word each Day. Today word fluent ready in the use of words. Quot or. Brown is a fluent Hollywood Jan. 9 a in spite of the repetitive radio Aud the worst efforts at distortion by music arrangers for dance bands it seem to be still True that a i hit Good song never Dies. The movies a a Are proving it. Of course some of the old songs such As Quot Sweet Adeline Quot and Quot old Mui Stream Quot have been lastingly preserved in alcohol. And others Are permanently enshrined with such institutions As motherhood Dixie Vine covered cottages and the St Dew s iks of new York. But a lot of venerable ditties which May he classified Only vaguely As Quot popular Quot Are still very much alive so Lusty in fact that they re Able to furnish plots sentiment and laughs to the Flicker Industry along with a Good Many millions in profits. Daryl Zanuck was the first producer to suspect that people would got a kick out of recognizing old tunes and he hacked his Hunch with a a alexanders a ragtime the title song led the hit Parade for weeks while others of the Irving Berlin cavalcade leaped into prominence. The picture had a weak plot and Only one memorable scene but its one of the greatest grosses in All movie history. Selection of 35 old songs including Quot Beautiful Quot glow worm Quot and Quot pretty Paramount followed with Quot the Star maker Quot which bore some resemblance to the career of Gus Edwards and used several of his numbers such As Quot school a Quot and Quot a bicycle built for recently the studio followed it with a Netter Effort a Quot the great Victor this was t biographical either but it made enormous capital of about 30 of the composers tunes. The Quot roaring twenties Quot Wasny to a musical but it gained a lot of flavor of those times from songs like Quot melancholy baby Quot and Quot in a just wild about Harry Quot Warner Brothers found the speakeasy portfolio so valuable in calling up latent moods and memories that they be tossed an unusual number of War songs into Quot the fighting 69th.&Quot q. How can i filter Muddy water a. Absorbent Cotton is an excellent filter As All the foreign matter will adhere to the Cotton. As soon As the Cotton becomes dirty it should be renewed. Q How can i clean sponge thoroughly a. Soak the sponges in milk for several hours. Then wring them dry and rinse thoroughly in hot water. Q How can i prevent he contents of a cracked egg from boiling out a. Add a teaspoonful of Salt to the water in which the egg is to be boiled. Mckenney on Bridge National open pair Winner makes poor hand yield a game contract by we. E. Mckenney America s t and ant Bority this is the i it ii of a series of hands played by the new National champions at Pittsburgh a. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee Edwards tines rams for film another yarn was quickly written about a song title and first thing you knew the whole nation was humming Quot Rose of Washington along with accompanying veterans such As a my Man a Quot a Day and Quot chasing currently and also from 20th-Fox, we be got Quot Swanee River Aud a flock of lugubrious Stephen Foster ballads. Onto the bandwagon leaped Rio with Quot Ttye castles Quot Aud a old hits revive Fok Eddy Macdonald Universal made a picture which included the 1917 relic Quot of Johnny of Johnny How you can so a song plugged got Busy and almost overnight the thing became so popular on the air that the picture was renamed for it. Besides these Aud numerous lesser examples of movie de dependence on the popularity of old songs to whip up enthusiasm for period stories theres the continuing trend toward revival of smash hit musicals. Whenever metro needs an assignment for Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Macdonald. It wheels out some Creaky vehicle like Quot maj time Quot or Quot Rosalie Quot and make a million dollars. Rio now is filming with Anna Neagle in color and with a new song which wont have half the Appeal of the familiar one. A Are Quot yes Quot and Quot not the proper replies a Mother should j teach her Small child to give when answering the Telephone a. The child should be taught to say. Quot yes. Mrs. Carters and Quot no mrs. q. Arentt men permitted to sit in front in a Box at the theatre j a. If women Are in the Box the men should always sit in the Back j q. Where is the Correct position j for a Monogram on note paper a. At the left top on the front Page. Look and learn la a c. Gordon in winning the National open pair championship this year Walter Jacobs of Chicago repeated his Victory of 1936. When he won the cup with Ralph Kempner of Chicago. Or. Jacobs is rated As one of the outstanding players of the Middle West and last october won the All american open pair championship with or. Kempner. Or Jacobs is a keen student of the play of the hand As he demonstrates in today a hand which helped him to win the championship at Pittsburgh. The opening bid was of course a psychic such As is often indulged in by non vulnerable players against vulnerable opponents. Jacobs Overall of one Diamond was weak but he knew he would have to Start bidding at once to hid at All. East thought that North s heart old must to psychic and doubled for business. West rescued with one no Trump As he did not dare leave in the double after the Diamond raise West thought it dangerous to pass As there might he game in the hand in View of East a Strong bidding. The opening Lead was ducked in Dummy and won by the King Ami another club returned. East led a Diamond which North won. Then returned the third club. Another Diamond put North in again and to avoid worse evils North exited with his last Diamond. Declarer cashed All his minor k to �a9762 4 aks 942 j ass a 8 a 1097 5 2 q j to 5 Jacobs 87432 a j 4 a 8 6 k 876 duplicate a. And w. Vul. South Weot North East i 14 i a double pass i n. T. Pass 2 a pass 3 pass 3 a t opening a 9. Suit Ards leaving Dummy snit 3 hearts and a Spade. North with 2 Spades and 2 hearts. Then when West led the heart. North made the better play by ducking. To win would Force him to play a Spade whereupon All three of West a Spades would make. When Dummy won the heart with the King Jacobs did not make the error of taking the Spade finesse. He led a second heart putting North in and forehead. Jacobs thus diamonds a club ing the Spade lost Only 2 and a heart. Next mistake. Avoiding a bidding Uncle Sam s subs at Alert 1. How much air can the average Man hold in his lungs in deep breathing 2. Who wrote Quot Marmion a 3. Among w hat race of people is the birth of a single child un-1 usual 4. What biblical character was called the Quot Prophet of gloom Quot 5. What u. S. City is called the Quot City of churches Quot answers 1. About ten pints. 2. Sir Walter Scott. 3. The piggies of Central Africa. 4. Jeremiah 5. Brooklyn. N. Y. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia Cora most a Mrvich. Inc t. M sic. U. A sat. Ort a i m. Wax it ii 1 9 a us i 1 a a a a a a a it m m is a a buy Guilford county realty transfers a if you a slay awake you jump every time jibe Tenor hit a High note a decks awash ready for a speedy a a crash dive or Quick surge for surface action this first picture of the it s�?~,s7 newest submarines shows them at the a a alerts during Maneu vers off san Diego cal., base. The 1540-ton subs Oach carrying a Crew of 55 and with a three Inch gun mounted aft Are attached to division 15, Squadron 6. High Point township Sun set dairies incorporated to George d Cadi and wife. Lot in Forest Park property. township Home owners loan corporation to a. J. Estes plat on Summit Avenue. Sumner township Joseph e. Newman executor to e h York plat adjoining Pinedale club property. Morehead township insured mortgage Bond corporation of North Carolina to e w Mcfarland and wife plat on North Cedar Street. Twenty nine states have now set the time for renewal of automobile licenses in March or april. A a does t your Boss Ever invite you to lunch Quot a ooh sometimes if his Mother puts in an extra Sandwich or two pieces of

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