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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 7, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Stories sports games a Lvi boys and girls Page crafts jokes puzzles youth matches wits with foreign spy in new serial Story common Sod kept under Glass will Bloom in w inter by Revah Sumner still you will be surprised at what happens if you bring just an Ordinary piece of Sod into the House and cover it tightly with some kind of Glass Container. Numbers trick is today sinner in a magician s contest secrets not for Sale by w. Boyce Morgan by Frazier Thomas Edwin Branan of Sanford Florida is this weeks Winner in my contest for suitable tricks for use in my column. He has already received the Book of any Jar or Globe or tank will tricks and the autographed picture of a myself. Effect with his Back turned the magician instructs a member of the audience to take a pad and Pencil and write Down the following figuring it out As he goes. 1 write Down the number of his Brothers. 2 multiply by two. 3 add three. 4 multiply by five. 5 add the number of his Sisters. 6 multiply the total by ten. ? add the number of his grandparents living. 8 subtract Iso. Now the magician has the person j look carefully at the answer telling him that the first number of the final answer is the number of Brothers the second number is the number of Sisters and the third and last number is the number of living grandparents. Explanation this effect will invariably work itself and although there May be no Brothers or perhaps no Sisters or even no living grandparents it still will show this in the last answer. Of the last answer is Only two figures then you know that there Are no Brothers and the last two figures Are first Sisters. Second grandparents. Or pet haps there will tie but one figure. This will be the number of grandparents. For example the number 453, Means that the person has four Brothers five Sisters and three living grandparents never again add water unless you leave i 202 would mean two Brothers no the cover off for Long periods because j Sisters and two living grandparents condensation will take care of the j now try it on yourself first. Then watering and the soil will always be fool your friends with this Clever trick. Moist. You Fin see the beads of water iof a form morning and evening on the in j Anim Aita k Side of the Glass. At noon it ought to i ,. 1 the new Seal had arrived at the zoo. My the inhabitant thereof crowded do from a preserving Jar to an old fish bowl. Water the Sod. Set it in a sunny place and cover tightly. If the Sod is put on a cookie Sheet and the bowl inverted Over it it will be covered tightly enough provided the bowl is heavy. If it is Light you May nerd to put a weight on top the grass will turn Green and the Little ferns and other plants rooted in the soil will Spring up and unfold. Your Windowsill greenhouse will be springtime itself. If you pick a piece of Sod with roots of wild anemones or Arbutus or violets in it before Long you will have a Garden in Bloom. After the first watering you need Tom stopped in the Street and stared at him. Instalment i at noon it ought to be Clear. Moss is Beautiful kept under such a cover. If you like you can add Little round Sticks for logs and tiny Mirror for imitation lakes and make a we hol Woodland scene. Think How Lovely Sud an arrangement will look on a is Ftp january Day i round the newcomer and gazed on him i in wonder. A did they Send you in a baggage car a a ventured the stuck up Porcupine. A no. was the answer. A a in a not i a Box car to ,. A the vault in shape and make himself of Hathaway glanced at the generally useful in the department. Big octagonal clock on the Wail of a i r i v m waved a Farewell to the new a a Fen in the Tull i stand provides a lot of laughs stitch Amo 9tup am sum Worms with Cottom cars this sva aplomb s debt am other a Shlitt put Hamos in Stock us Amo Var Lett bars Amo Moss by Margartta Harmon a a cute is the Only word that describes Ferdie the playful Bull especially when he Rolls hts coat Button Eves and wiggles his funny ears and nose. To make his nose. Stitch a three inc Circle of Pink or White Muslin Over the toe of a Black Cotton Sloe King As shown i in the diagram holding the Slot King so us sole becomes the top of Ferdies head sew two Small Black buttons near the top of this Circle tor i nostrils. Draw on his wide Mouth with Black Crayon or Ink. About two indies above and Back of these buttons sew two larger White mat buttons for the eyes. For Ferdies Flower twist the end of a hairpin around some Petal shaped bits of red Muslin and poke the wire Stem into his Mouth and out again. The baggy ears require four four Inch circles of cloth. For Cadi car stitch together orc Circle of Pink or White and one of Black leaving one Side of each Circle open for a distance of two inches. Cut two Inch vertical slits in opposite sides of the stocking one Inch Back of each Eye. Sew the ear bag into thew slits so they open into the i stocking. Be sure the Pink or White riles face the front Ferdies horns Are Little pointed bags of Pink or White Muslin four inches Long. Stitched As shown and stuffed tightly with Cotton. Sew them on the i mocking behind the ears. To make Ferdie do his tricks slip your hand up into the stocking so your three Middle fingers poke out his nose. Slip your thumb into one ear and your Little Finger into the other. Practice Xvi gling his ears and nose before a Mirror then let him Surprise your friends posers even of we re not on a boat a Little brushing up on our nautical knowledge won t do any harm. 1. Where is the a Spanish main Quot 2. What is the left Side of a boat called ? 3. How is forecastle pronounced 4. What does uss. Stand for 5. How Many masts has a yawl 6. What does in k. Signify 7. What do the letters a b. Signify in referring to a Sailor 8. What is a Hob Stone no difference pop a son i Vav ill not stand for your bring at the foot of your class As you always son a what difference docs it make top they teach the same things at both the drafting room. At the same moment George Meyer the silent gloomy Engineer who worked at the end drawing Board raised his head looked at Tom and announced briefly a quitting a Okay a said Tom cheerfully. He opened the drawer of his table took out a Small Square of cloth and carefully cleaned his ruling pen. Then he shoved the stopper Imp his Ink bottle put his pen and triangles into the drawer and squinted at the tracing on his Board to make sure that the Ink was dry. Convinced he turned the Board Over to protect his work from dust swung around on his Stool and stepped Down. The stools at the other drawing boards were empty. Hanson chief Engineer of the Angus machine company and de Smith his other assistant were probably both out in the shop. Tom glanced at the blueprinting machine to make sure that the switch was off and paused with his hand on the door of the vault. A do you want me to leave the vault open or. Meyer a he inquired. George Meyer raised his head and nodded sourly. A yeah a he said. A i m working late a a a nothing i can do to help. Is there a Tom inquired. Meyer Shook his head and turned Back to his Board. Tom said a Well goodnight and took his coat and hat from the clothes tree by the door. Or put them on As he walked along the Ball toward the door of the building. Just inside the front door Billy Seiple the office boy was sealing a stack of letters on he desk and Lorn paused for a moment to so a to him. Tom had occupied this same desk up until three months ago. Then much to his Delight he had succeeded in getting himself transferred to the drafting room. It had meant a Little More Money but important As that was it was secondary to the fact that it gave him some practical experience in the kind of work he loved. Tom had finished High school the preceding june and had immediately looked for a Job that would help support Hun and his Mother and still enable him to take a correspondence course in engineering. His older brother Tim was a machinist in the Angus shop and he had heaved Tom get the office boy Job there. For several months Tom sat at the front door to receive visitors heaved the stenographers get out their mail and served As general errand boy and Handy Man. Then came the War and an immediate i increase in the company s Busine. It was rumoured that Angus might profit i greatly from a sensational new air plane engine just designed by George Meyer i but even without that the motors which the company customarily made were in great demand and the Plant a rushed the engineers needed help and when Tom heard that or. Hanson chief Engineer was looking for a Young Man with some drafting experience he went after the Job and got it. His duties now were to make tracings of the engineers original drawings run the blueprint machine keep the files j some distance away the Man turned into the building in which the Hathaway lived. It never occurred to Tom that this office boy and joined the other office workers who were leaving. Outside he saw the shop buildings windows gleaming with Light As he crossed a Spur of Railroad track and passed through the Gate toward the car line. Old John the watchman at the front Gate raised a hand to him. Old John had been moved out front when the new High fences had been built around the Plant after the War started. He was one of the company s oldest and most trusted employees. Just outside the Gate. Tom hesitated he knew his Mother would ask him if he had seen his brother Tim that Day and he had t had a free moment to go Man might be looking for him. But As he opened the door of the building the stranger stepped Forward he was a tall rather Loreign looking individual but he spoke Good English. After gazing Down at a card in his hand he looked up at Tom and said a i am looking for or. Tom Hathaway. Is this the right address a he shoved Forward the card. Tom glanced Down at it and saw his own name and address scrawled on the pasteboard. A a in a Tom Hathaway a he said a and this is where i the Many a heavy eyebrows lifted in Surprise. He stared at Tom for a Long. I moment studied the card doubtfully out to the shop. Me thought of turning a j j a 2 Kart a i a i then seemed to reach a decision Back and going there now to a a Tim How Martha his wife was. But he 5501 he said. Quot you Are Tom hatha suddenly remembered that Tim Walt want a you work at the Angus machine working the Early turn this week and i company Plant Here 1 would have already gone Home. A that s right a Tom replied a what As he climbed aboard the crowded i do Vou want to see me about a the Man hesitated glancing around the tiny lobby. A could you step outside for a moment w bile i speak to you a he inquired. A my Busine is aha somewhat of a private mystified Tom laughed a Little a Why sure a he agreed. A shut i done to know what private business it of could have with me Quot he opened the door of the building and they stepped out on the walk. A suppose we walk along slowly a said the mysterious stranger a and i will explain this a explain away a said Tom still puzzled but increasingly amused by the Man s formal manner. A my name a the stranger said As they moved along the sidewalk a a Ian Well shall we say it is Jones a a whatever you say a Tom agreed deciding that the Many a name was anything but Jones. A i represent important interests Young Man. These interests have been informed that you Are in a position to be of considerable help to them and a Kay s Corners by Katherine Houison a a budget plan game Here a something that a a lot of fun and May prove really useful to you one of these Days Cut pictures of the eatables necessary for preparing a meal with As wide a Choice As possible then Mark prices plainly on each one. Be sure there Are plenty of Low priced foods As Well As expensive fancy articles. Set the pictures in fairly prominent spots around the living and dining rooms mixing the prices As much As you can. Couples go to Market give each couple a slip of paper and a Pencil then Send them to Market to buy the Best meal they can find for $1.50 or any amount you prefer. The list must include necessities and the prize will be Given for the list with the largest number of items. But if someone Bas a Long list and forgets such an essential As Salt that would disqualify him no meal could be Complete without that item. Set a time limit then collect All the lists. Check them first for length then Check these for necessities and lastly for the most Complete and Best from All standpoints. Read three or four of the better lists aloud and let the players decide the Winner. You might Mark on the losers lists the mistakes that eliminated them so they wont make the same error on a real meal Money makers ii of our readers substitute dishwasher Mary Ferris 13, watched her Brothers and knew what they liked and what they did no to like. When they complained about having to Wash dishes she knew the answer. Now she has a regular Little income that takes care of her spending Money problem. Mary lives in Pittsfield Massachusetts and her letter wins the $1 prize this week. Mary writes a three of my older Brothers have regular jobs. We All have to take turns doing dishes and when they get Home at night they want to go out. A they often complained of having worked All Day and then having to come Home and do dishes. I suggested one night at the supper table that i would do their dishes for to cents. A they readily agreed and now i make 70 cents a week doing their dishes every Mary has figured out a really Good plan. Her Brothers Are glad to keep out of Tho Kitchen so they Are Happy. Mary does no to mind doing the dishes and in addition she has 70 cents every week for things she wants to buy. What is Yolk a Way of earning Money write to the editor of the boys and girls Page and Tell him the Money maker you be worked out. If your Letts telling about it is accepted for publication you la receive a prise of $1. Be sure to state your age. Modern Kotlier Goose cutouts to we Street car he resolved that he d have to see Tim tomorrow. Tun had lived with Tom and his Mother during most of the Pat two years while Martha had been in a sanitarium. It had helped Tim reduce expenses which had been terrific during Martha a illness. But Martha was Home again now and she and Tim had taken two Small rooms of their own so neither Tom nor his Mother saw so much of him. As Tom climbed off the Street car he was debating whether to spend the evening studying or take it off and see a movie. His studies were in Good shape and he could afford a Little vacation but on the other hand the faster he mastered this preliminary course the sooner he could move on to specializing in aeronautical engineering. He decided to put off the movie until later in the week. The building in which he and his Mother had a Small apartment stood on a Street that was not too Well lighted. As Tom walked alone he noticed a Man some distance ahead of him moving so adv and scanning the Street numbers. While Tom was still i they arc willing to pay generously for less noise please suppose that you were at the movies watching a very exciting Western picture. And suppose that just As the hero a about to lie captured by the cattle rustlers some big Man stood up in front of you cutting off your entire View of the screen and made so much noise that you could t hear the hark of the hero s gun. Would you be angry i should say you would yet boys and girls often show just As Little consideration for men and women at the movies. The other night i had the misfortune to sit behind two girls with a hag of Candy. Every time they took a piece they rustled that paper until it sounded like the Clatter of machine guns and they made loud remarks about whether or not this piece looked better than that one. I suppose they weren to interested in the picture hut i was. Yet because of their annoying disturbance i enjoy it. Naturally i was rather provoked just As they would hate been if i had ruined their enjoyment of a picture they liked a great Deal. Don t forget your manners when you Are at the movies. Alway remember to be As considerate of other people As you would like them to be of you. A the editor. On saturday it shall be my rare to powder my nose and curl my hate for on saturday night we go to town and on sunday we sleep the clock around. That help. I believe that you could a a use a Little Money a a Why yes a Tom said. He thought of what Money would mean to him and his Mother a nicer place to live Chance to move to a City where he could Uke a real College course in engineering instead of stud my by mail and help for his brother Tim. Who was 0 deep in debt a a result of Martha Long illness. Quot you bet a he continued More pm Nhat Cully. A i certainly could use it utile Quot very Good a said the Man who called himself or. Jones. A fortunately i am in a position to pay you very Well on behalf of the interests i represent for certain aha information which you can Supply Tom stopped in the Street and stared at him. A me a he demanded. A i done to get it. What kind of information a a surely you understand Young Man or. Jones said rather impatiently. A by a of work for the Angus machine company the Angus machine company has developed a certain new aha device which is of great interest to the people whom i represent. They will pay Gen Emisly for any information regarding this Mon this device. Complete in formation in the form of plans and models would command i might say a Small Fortune a Lorn stared at the tall stranger with a startled incredulous face. A Kyrou mean a he cried a the new air plane engine a to to continued next week riddles Doggy dramas won by a whisker a scene i More to boxing instruct on a now have a a a beginner in a much is your con is liking first in after you any question Daze a yes a Nee co How answers to Rosers i. Off Tho Northern roast of South America. 3. Port. Fak Al. A drifted state amp. It. Two. 4. East Northeast fable soft Sandston used to club deck. Here Are five More Riddle for you. Y of should be Able to guess All of them. Of you have any riddles write about them to the Riddle Man in care of this paper. If yours Are selected the Riddle Man will publish them along with your name. 1. Why is a Coal stove like an artist a John Carter. 2. What is the difference Between a Carpenter and the British mint a Julia Horne. 3. What is the difference Between a Farmer and a seamstress a Julia Horne. 4. Why must a physician keep his temper a Frances mar biddies a j. What is the difference Between a Man who has looked at Niagara Falls and one who has not looked at it a Harry Wirt. Quot they be got something there Quot said the health officer As he quarantined the school. Answers to i Dies i. Both Hava to draw to a any Good. S. Ona Pound to make Silver and Tho other makes Silver to pounds. 3. Ona gathers what he sow and the other news what aha gathers. 4 Roca ii Elf he does tha will lose Hie patients patience it Ona has seen the mint and the other has missed the scene. �?0. The Kitchenette by aunt Peggy Catherine Friery of 162 Chestnut Street Oneonta new York was awarded $1.00 for this recipe for Cranberry ice. It will be an especially Good one to try at this time of year since it goes so Well with Turkey dinners. Cranberry ice i quart cranberries 1 pint water 2 cups granulated sugar juice of one Orange grated Rind of one Orange heat cranberries and water to boiling arum allow to Cook for a few minutes or until the berries burst and be ome soft. Run through a Sieve or Ricer then add sugar to the Puree discarding the seeds and skins. Add grated Rind heat again until sugar is dissolved. Add Orange juice remove from fire. Cool. Pour into tray and Reeze in the electric refrigerator until firm. Then remove to a chilled mixing bowl and beat with a Dover egg beater until the mixture is very Light. Return o freezing tray and finish freezing without further stirring. This amount will serve 12 people. J january Means cold weather for the Northern states at least and today a crossword Puzzle is in the form of a headgear that comes in Handy when Snow flies. The stocking Cap the definitions across i. Printer measure 3. Sliding vehicle 5. Us 6. Preposition 8. Personal pronoun 10. As 11. Upon 12. Note of musical scale 14. Boy nickname 15. Touchdown abbr 16. Southern state abbr 17. Vegetable to Small insect 20. New England state abbr 21. Spanish word for a a the Down 1. Elevated railway abbr 2. I 3. Direction abbr 4. District attorney abbr 5. Kind of cloth 7. On the end of the Cap 8. Degree of temperature 0. To terminate to. Product of Maple tree 13. Solid water 18. Exclamation 19. Exist a 2 a in the cold country the face takes the worst of the weather and the Nosa and ears suffer. Our word chains today Are based on facial features. Changa Only one letter at a time. Remember always to form a real word. Bange ears to nose in Ais moves. Change eyes to lids in four moves. A j a our word Diamond today use january As a Quot bad on whith to work. The second word is a Mal child the third a garment the filth a daily record and the sixth is to Wail. Complete the Diamond. J a n january a r y a 4 a behead a howl and get a Dairy product behead again and get a Quantity of paper. Curtail and behead a word meaning stitched and get a female sheep behead again and get you and /. A 5 a can you guess this pictured word Square of Joshua Cru a a travelling Man who sailed the briny main was mister Brush in England and Seftor Brush in Spain. The frenchmen called him Monsieur Brush but the German were i Bane. For they always called him Herr Brush which filled i soul with pain. O a. Answers to last weeks puzzles i. Blizzard Hall and drought. X. The Diamond Law sew. Dash weather Ashen Hen r. I. Wind a Wand a Sand a said a raid a rain. Cool a Cook a Cork a corp a care a rave a wave. 4. Sole add a form slope. Irate add \ form Cadet. 6. Crossword pus a solution. Of ghz 1340, a sated editor

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