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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 2d High Point Enterprise sunday january 6,1974beauty contestant arrested for terrorist conspiracy by Linda Deutsch associated press writer Santa Barbara Calif. Apr Allison Thompson was a pretty teen Ager who impatiently waited on tables while dreaming of life As a Beauty Queen a Model and a fashion designer. But most of All she dreamed of being Rich. Abdelk Bir Al Akkaoui was a handsome mor Rocan student so a ungodly Good looking and charming that friends compared him to movie Star Omar Sharif. A fall he wanted to do was make a lot of Money a one pal recalled. Together Allison 18, and the Man she called a aka wait have become Central suspects in a Case of International intrigue arrested in London for allegedly importing guns for a terrorist plot to assassinate diplomats. Those who knew them in this picturesque Seaside City suggest that if they were involved the two Young people probably were motivated by Money not politics. A i think Allison hated being a said a Friend from her High school Days. A she once told me a in a not going to be doing this much longer. In a going to be Cliff Harrison an editor who started a Small newspaper with Al Akkaoui said the 25-year-old to Rocan was expert at a a hustling advertising accounts. A the was a traditional businessman a a said Harrison. A fall he wanted to do was make a lot of the Morrow and a latest venture was a Santa Barbara clothing store which he ran with the help of Atler Nasreen. 21, a pakistani who was a former student at Santa Barbara City College where Al Akkaoui was student body president. Nasreen was arrested along with miss Thompson and Al Akkaoui. The three were charged Friday with arms conspiracy and London officials said a second american girl had been seized and held for questioning. Miss Thompson and Al Akkaoui were seized dec. 29 after she arrived on a flight from los Angeles and greeted Al Akkaoui aboard a shuttle bus from Heathrow Airport to London. British authorities said she was carrying five automatic pistols and More than 150 rounds of ammunition in her Luggage. London police said they believed the three were involved with a group planning to assassinate mor Rocan diplomats possibly including the mor Rocan ambassador. Due to a rash of problems with terrorists it took a decision at the highest Levels of British government to prosecute the Trio rather than Deport them in an Effort to stave off terrorist reprisal actions. To Allison s thrice married Mother Jane Geza Akers the events involving her daughter seemed a just mrs. Akers who lives in Las vegas nev., said she was keeping in touch with the . State department for information about her daughter but had not tried to reach her directly. She said she could not understand Allison s involvement in such a conspiracy a unless she was duped into an aunt in Santa Barbara described Allison As a a naive and said she suspected the girl a was used by others. Allison was born in Oregon where her father Curt Stuart still lives the aunt said. Although the parents were divorced when Allison was a baby she finished elementary school there. When the Mother remarried the new husband adopted Allison. The family moved to California when she was in High school. She attended three High schools in the Santa Barbara area and in 1971 became a runner up in a miss teen age America contest. When Allison smother moved on. The teen Ager stayed in Santa Barbara living for a time with the aunt Melissa Merwin 29. A professional seamstress and Mother of five children. Some months before she was to graduate Allison dropped out of High school and went to Oregon. Betty Mazetti director of the la Belle Model Agency remembers that Allison had enrolled in the Agency a modelling school when she was 16 and showed such great Promise that she was Given a a work to help pay her tuition she worked As a a Dresser a fitting clothes on the Agency a models during fashion shows. A this is a business of pretty people a said miss Mazetti a and Allison fit right then in april 1972, Allison said she was leaving town. Miss Mazetti lost track of her until she received a letter last april. Postmarked Canyonville ore., Allison a letter announced that she was returning to Santa Barbara. Last August she was Back at the modelling school paying her tuition by working As a waitress in a restaurant near the tourist favored Ocean front. A she was a Fine girl a said miss Mazetti a warm and charming and lots of fun to be with. She wanted to be a dress designer and she was very Good. I saw some of her because her training Wasny to finished Allison never worked As a Model. Of Allison a arrest miss Mazetti said a fall of us were very surprised. She never talked about politics. We did no to know she even knew about such a thing. She just was not the Type to be politically one other detail occurred to miss Mazetti last week. She remembered that sometime last year the moroccan who owned the a this and hers clothing shop Tel Akkaoui a phoned the Model Agency and a said he was interested in using some models in fashion a i went to see him a she recalled. A i took along a head Sheet photographs of models and told him about the Agency. We called him later to see if he was ready to begin using models but he said he did no to have the Money she said this was a quite awhile ago. I d guess it was before he knew the clothing store was one of several business enterprises that Al Akkaoui dabbled in while attending College. Last november he sold the store which is still operating. At Santa Barbara City College Al Akkaoui was student body president for the 1972-73 school year. The College Campus sits on a Hilltop area with a View of the Ocean in the distance. When Al Akkaoui was graduated from the Junior College he immediately applied and was accepted at the University of California at Santa Barbara where he enrolled last september. But about the same time he was Selling his clothing Stdio. Al Akkaoui dropped out of school. Forced Hadad head of the Campus Arab student association remembers his Contact with Al Akkaoui during last fall s Arab israeli War. A the had some nationalistic feelings about the Arab world but he never mentioned anything of this sort a Hadad said of the alleged assassination plot. A the was a charming fellow a Hadad recalled. A during the War we had tables set up on Campus and we did some picketing. He helped us make banners and he sometimes sat at the tables talking to people. He would Tell them about his nationalistic feelings How the Arab people have the rights. He never spoke about did Hadad consider Al Akkaoui a militant he laughed a i would have called him a sitting room Radical a he said Harrison who is currently editor of a Small newspaper a the town crier a said he met Al Akkaoui in 1971 when he joined a group starting a paper called a the Isla Vista initiative a in a suburb of Santa Barbara. A the was a very quiet Guy a Harrison recalled a very soft spoken and charming. He was really ungodly Good looking. He had the looks of an Omar Sharif. He a about six foot two has a dark complexion and wore his clothes Well. He always wore Nice clothes. Wasny to Overly open with his thoughts a Harrison said. A in terms of the Arab israeli thing i had no clue to what he thought. In a a jew and he s an Arab and he knew it but we never had any problems. The Only political thing i Ever knew Hawi to be involved in was trying to get discounts for students at the stores in Harrison and other said Al Akkaoui is married to an american teacher named Sonya and that they have an infant daughter. Officials confirmed that mrs. Al Akkaoui is employed in a specialized infant enrichment program run by the county schools. Her supervisor reported that mrs. Al Akkaoui was ill this week and had gone to visit her Mother in Salinas. Harrison said he Hadnot seen Al Akkaoui since their paper folded in 1972. Allison a aunt mrs. Merwin said she recently became aware of Allison a Friendship with Al Akkaoui and Nasreen. She said that neither Man was Allison a Boyfriend. A they treated Allison like a Little sister not a but she said they gave Allison clothes a for her modelling a i asked her. Arentt you just a Little curious about these Fellows a mrs. Merwin recalled. A she said. A no. I m not. In be been used so Many times in my life that this time in a not mrs. Merwin said Allison was raised strictly was not allowed to Wear makeup until Well into her teens and she never stayed out late. A to Tell the truth a said the aunt a Callison was very mrs. Merwin said Allison spent Christmas eve with her and told her she was leaving town dec. 26 to visit a Friend in new York. She said weeks earlier the girl had mentioned a planned trip to Europe and a this is Why i insist that Allison did not leave Here on the run. She had had her passport since among those most puzzled by Allison s arrest is the Young Man who dated her for two years. Rob Boxer. 19. A political science major at the University of California at Berkeley said a i used to Date Allison Thompson. She a a very Sweet person. Lots of fun. But we rarely talked about heavy he noted that although he is jewish they had never discussed such things As the Arab israeli conflict. A Callison and i have been friends for More than two years a not lovers but friends a he said. A she has a Bright sense of understanding. To think of her As an International spy is out of the sheriff notes improvements in his department Randolph county crime up and rising in 1973 no decrease in sight by Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Asheboro a there s a lot of shortages around these Days but one thing there is no shortage of is crime. Randolph county sheriff Lloyd Brown says the incidence of crime is on the Rise in Randolph county and there a no indication it is about to level off. Brown in looking Back to 1973 sees definite Progress in getting a department More capable of combating crime and in looking to the future believes his office will be Able to offer better and More Protection to county citizens. A crime is on the increase in Randolph As it is also increasing All around us in adjourning counties and we have just got to face it a said Brown who has served As sheriff in the county for the past 12 years. With the zoo coming Here with the growth of the country and the increase in population Randolph faces a growing crime problem and one we must grow with a he said. To meet the growing crime problem Brown says 1974 will see his department bring in new radio equipment training personnel to handle it and the development of a records department. He also talks of plans for hiring additional men and in particular the training of detectives to conduct departmental investigations. Currently his office has Only two full time detectives but a third one will be added hopefully in july at budget time. The third detective will be assigned for the most part to the Archdale and Trinity area. The new radio system will permit quicker response to emergency situations. Brown said noting it will also permit the county to receive and Send out information to adjourning counties quicker. Brown said the opening of the zoo will present his men some real problems in 1974 because of the Large influx of people expected to visit the facility to be located off the Cox Road near Asheboro. A the zoo will represent a More rapid growth of our population than would normally occur and we will have to step up our activities accordingly a said Brown. He said the extending of water and sewer lines to the state zoo will mean the developing of a Large area of the county for Home construction which under Normal situations might have been years away. More Homes mean More people and More people mean More crime said the county a chief Law enforcement officer. Not Only because of the state zoo but also because of state Law the Randolph county sheriffs office has entered into a stepped up program of training for its men and Brown says this year will see the program pushed even harder. Each Deputy is now Given formal training at area Community colleges in Law enforcement As required by a new state Law and As Brown notes the in class training will continue for All his men in the coming year. Brown noted also the men Are to be Given better training on the use of weapons and they will spend More time than Ever foreigner s visit to Randleman highlighted by Christmas Holiday by Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Randleman a Regina Medeiros 18, of Sao Paulo Brazil has been to Many countries but one of the travel memories she holds dear is her Christmas this year with the Robert v. Pugh family of it. 2, Randleman. While the foreign Exchange student put All of her feelings into words she said she will remember the local Christmas Observance for a Long time to come. The people of Randleman whom she has met also came in for Praise from Regina who observed a i can say i am very thankful for All the people whom i have met Here especially my family who is giving me such a go it i being from a big City Regina finds she likes the Small town life she finds around Randleman but she notes the people really Arentt too different from those she knows at Home a but Here we done to have to run a lot and there s not much noise a she said. Regina Only arrived in Randleman on dec. 22, but already she has been to Raleigh Greensboro and High Point. She particularly liked the Capitol City and its Crabtree Valley shopping Center. As for the local teenagers Regina says she does no to find them too different from those in her own country. She says the Long hair styles and clothing found Here Are also found in Sao Paulo. A we have drive in movies and restaurants too a she observed Drivers must be 18-years-ot-age before they can get licenses. The daughter of or. And mrs. Joaquin Medeiros Regina Medeiros Cheryl Pugh Regina attends a private school which has an enrolment of 6,000 students. She said she found the smaller student body at Randleman very enjoyable. A the american girls Are about the same As the girls in my country a Regina said noting that the boys in both countries appear to have More Freedom than do the girls. A the boys have More Freedom from 15 or 16 years of age than do the girls in my country a Regina said. Regina is a senior and plans to enter College upon graduation. She wants to study architecture. A since 13 years of age i have been interested in architecture because of my father who is an Engineer a she said. She pointed out she wants to design a modern Type houses with lots of gardens and open spaces. She says she also likes to draw which works right in with architecture. The life styles of the local american youths and those of her country differ in that the Young people in her country have More private recreational clubs a with lots More to the clubs provide a number of sports activities such As swimming volleyball and Tennis she explained. Regina said she spends a lot of her time at her local club. The school Regina attends begins classes at 7 . And lets out at i . The students Are Given very Little Homework. She said if they Are Given assignments they usually have time to do them at school. Students in her school do not talk in class she said explaining Many of the instructors Are old. She and her fellow students stay in the same room while the instructors go from class to class. She has been studying English for two years and has a Good command of the language but admits the Slang throws her at times. Regina is no stranger to world travelling As she refers to trips to Europe Africa and the United states. Regina is attending Randleman High with Cheryl Pugh a member of her a family a while she is staying in Randolph county and both girls Are learning of the other s countries through their daily conversations. Cheryl noted one thing she was amazed at was a they done to eat French Fries with their Regina laughs As she explains they eat French Fries in her country but with other foods. Regina will remain in Randolph for about three months before she returns Home. Fools Rush for Gold Kuala Bumpur Malaysia apr a Rock hound identified a Rock found at a Quarry 250 Miles from Here As Gold and hundreds of people flocked to the area with shovels. A later analysis showed the substance was pyrite a fools. Gold. This year on the pistol Range. A we Are also getting to the Point where we will Institute nightly patrols As other counties do a said Brown. He said he could not say exactly when such patrols will become routine because so much time of a Deputy is Given to serving various Legal papers and testifying in court. A we Are currently serving about 1,500 Legal papers a said Brown. He pointed out some of this is done by special deputies. A routine patrolling is a definite need a he said. The county finds itself in the Best position in years in the number of patrol cars available he said. The biggest problem plaguing his department is housebreaking said Brown and he attributes this in part to a program began for commercial establishments in the county which encouraged the installation of burglar alarms. As a consequence would be store robbers Are finding it easier to hit an unprotected Home rather than a store which might have an alarm system. A in 1962 when i came into office there were few businesses with burglar alarms but now probably More than 90 per cent of them have these systems and now the Crooks have turned to the Homes a said Brown. He said the trend to More housebreaking has been growing for the past four or five years but it is now getting to its highest level Ever. A it is getting larger every year a he asserted. A new record system to be installed in the sheriffs office will do much to Aid in the Battle against hous Breakers said Brown because it will keep deputies informed on the activities of such people their arrests and convictions and their locations. The new court system is also aiding in the Battle against the House breaker said Brown As judges show More interest and concern with the problems of Law enforcement officers. A we Are getting More convictions than Ever a he said. Another big problem for his office says Brown is not the professional criminal but the neighbourhood kid who decides to go into his neighbors House and steal. A this creates All kinds of problems a said Brown a but we Are learning How to handle sheriff noted his staff has increased to the Point that it can better serve the people of Randolph county. He now has a total of 23 people including 17 outside deputies. The Archdale Trinity area alone has five men on a full time basis while Ramseur Liberty and Seagrove have one each. The county commissioners have shown More inclination to provide the sheriff with the men he needs by offering a higher salary scale which is drawing More qualified candidates. All the outside men have taken or Are taking the 160-hour course As required by state Law. A the problem in the past a said Brown a was i did no to have enough men to Send any off to school. Now i do have the staff to permit some to go to school and the remainder stay behind for routine duty. Also helping is the fact Randolph technical Institute is now accredited and can offer these courses meaning my men will not have to go out of the county for the sheriffs department is also getting Large enough to warrant the naming of chief deputies to head each shift. A More emphasis is being placed by me on the Jailer who will be qualified to dispatch the men where needed and to oversee the shift operations a explained Brown. He noted in years past because of the Lack of enough men he had to work about two full shifts a Day. But now the situation is improving to the Point where he can put others in charge. A this past year we made More arrests had More Progress in personnel and training than Ever before and i see this continuing in 1974,�?� said Brown. A we have got to Protection to the people of Randolph county and this office is now getting to the Point where it can do this. We Are going to Otter the people More Protection than they have Ever had before a declared Brown. Brown said some people have criticized his office for not solving a number of brutal crimes which have occurred in the county in the year before but he noted in All instances his men have worked with the agents of the state Bureau of investigation and even so have been unable to solve All the cases plaguing his department. A even with both agencies doing their Best a said Brown a a number of cases remain on the books unsolved. We Are getting better every year but we still have to struggle to keep up with the rapid crime

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