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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 2, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper d. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Randall b. Terry. Treasurer David a. Rawley ., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley , the new year Page sunday january 2, 1972 Bible thought in Ell their affliction he was afflicted and the Angel of hit presence saved them in hit love and in hit pity he redeemed them he lifted them up and carried them All the Days of 43 9. It if if affliction comes to us not to make us sad but sober not to make us sorry but Ward Beecher Clergyman. A statement from the publishers the turn of the Calendar into a new year Marks far More for the Enterprise than a Mere change in the daily dateline. At this turn comes a change in the office of the editor. After a Long and distinguished career in journalism most of it with the Enterprise Holt Mcpherson is retiring. During the past 19 years and in an earlier six year period he served As the newspapers primary spokesman both in the preparation of editorials which represent the company a viewpoints and in his own personal column. Into the office of editor has moved Joe Crown who began his newspaper career with the Enterprise in 1948 and has moved into succeeding areas of responsibility through the years. Holt Mcpherson at retirement from the Editorship reaches a Milestone in a life of dedicated service a Milestone a not a stopping place a because he is not a Man who will cease to function As a Public figure he retains Many positions of leadership and usefulness locally in the state and in the nation. Retirement from one set of duties will inevitably provide time for expansion of Many others. One need not look far to see the fruits of his untiring labors. In nearly every facet of Community life that has been a measure of our City a Progress the imprints of his hand and great heart Are evident. So Many of the Fine developments of High Point Are the result at least in part of his support and guidance. It can be said without reservation that he has been an unfailing Booster of anything that he believed was Good for the City of which he is a native and for which his profession of a a love affairs a is totally sincere. In his status As editor emeritus he will provide for us a source of continuing Aid and encouragement. And the a Good afternoon and a Good morning columns which have graced the opposite Side of this Page for Many years will continue to be a part of the Enterprise. We believe that the Man chosen As his successor will carry on the tradition of dedication and service which have been a part of the Enterprise since its founding. The publishers to an Early late Spring Mother nature s rather flippant approach to her duties makes getting up a Normal head of steam to handle the Rigours of a new year More than usually difficult. We Are accustomed at this season of the year to move with nimbleness to escape the Chilly blasts of Winter giving a boost to the old circulatory system. But How do you go about this Hen there a Spring fever in the air0 there s no telling How Many heat records have gone by the boards during december. Shirt sleeve shopping for Christmas was much in order and the child who got ice skates or skis from Santa must have Felt As we used to do when the bearded one brought baseball equipment at a very in baseball season. But we watch not in the Joy of Spring but in the grim realization that its a snare and a delusion when we drive by that colourful Row of yellow Bell Bushes on Ferndale drive or see the crocuses and daffodils looking out to see what in the world is going on. We must resolve that we not be fooled by such nonsense because As sure As we do falling weather in the Van of a numbing blast of air from the Northwest will bring us Back to a minority report and there was net left of them any men save Caleb and num. 24.45 our form of government gives Victory to those in the majority even a majority of one. But some of the great issues of life Are not settled by such a balloting oftentimes in our history the majority has been badly wrong and has led to disaster in Many ways. Oftentimes the Defeated candidate was the better Man for the office and the Defeated Law was the Best for the people at Large. Here in the old testament we find Moses sending twelve Strong men to Advance into the land of Canaan to learn what kind of people and How fares the land which they were promised. Every tribe of Israel furnished a spy for the venture twelve men in All. A out of each tribe a these men went Forth on their Mission of exploration. After weeks spent scouting Over the territory before them they All returned with their accounts of what they saw and How easy or hard it might be to conquer and take Over the land we Call holy. Of what a wailing of defeat ten of the men gave on their return what a majority report of pessimism and gloom they brought about the inhabitants Over there How unprepossessing the country was How difficult of entering into and taking Possession. They frightened the people of Israel into tears and fears. They told of the mighty people with frightening appearance Strong in body possessed of brawn and muscle warlike and vigorous enough to overpower our people and bring terrifying defeat at their first move. The land was rough and rugged and forbidding and they would never make headway in its Hills and valleys and coarse terrain. Of they would never in All the years ahead be Able to overcome and win victories the two spies who came Back to Moses were most remarkable in the face of the majority. Yes they declared we will be Able to conquer them and become masters of the land of Promise. We will endure All their assaults against us. We will show the world what winners we can be in our bold Advance against the worst of them we will not shrink before their men of valor but we will take Over a1 yonder territory and it will be ours and ours forever. A besides All this a a said Caleb and Joshua a the Best of All is that the lord Jehovah is on our Side and he will help us fight our Battles and with his goodly Aid we will win. So Stop your moaning and weeping and let us go go on to Victory in gods in All the efforts of Man we will never find two More diametrically opposed reports than these two the majority with ten men giving it and the two men with the minority report. No wonder Caleb and Joshua Are numbered with the immortals of the old testament Young men with hold outlooks and Brave hearts and willing hands to carry on in spite of the evil accounts of the ten. These two Are remembered today As masters in Israel s Brave history. It us never forget that Calob and Joshua entered at last the i and of Promise with the advancing hosts of god while the others died in the wilderness their Graves unmarked and their names forgotten. It has been this Way in All human history. When George Washington and his ragged and half starved Continental troops went into Winter quarters at Valley forge in that awful Gethsemane of our revolution against England the majority of our people cried out a this is the end there is no Hope no Hope no Hope a. But that great Leader on his Knees in the snows of Winter asked the great god of All free men to have mercy and there came a great Victory at Trenton. Those broken Hopes revived a new spirit came upon the colonies and at last at Yorktown came the ecstacy out of the agony Triumph out of tribulation All because the Small minority had Faith and courage and the handful of faithful never surrendered to defeat and disaster. So we have today our own America to which Good and great men have always looked with Pride and Confidence. Yes Longfellow was right in his lines a the Heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but they while their companions slept were toiling upward in the dare to be on the Side of the right in spite of All the opposing forces of evil and wrong such As the Bible injunction to All men and women who would achieve w hat a message for the new year of 1972. Car by Capus Waynick we have entered the new year with its challenges to the skills of the worlds Peoples that make selfish ambitions and strivings particularly trivial. For instance a the traffic toll in killed and wounded on the roads must be regarded As intolerable. Some engineers Are engaged in Competition now directed to producing a truly Safe automobile. There is a Challenge for the new year a to eliminate 40,000 fatalities and several times that Many seriously injured. It can be done it must be done. The . Has declared relentless War on another killer a cancer. Other successes in human health Promise Success Here. A lesser killer is War Between governments a a cruel anachronism that statesmen for several generations have promised to abandon. It is absurd that any Modem nation can regard War As an acceptable instrument of political policy. It is a thing so essentially Barbaric that some justification exists for the spreading anti War emotion and movement. Yet with men on horseback openly advocating wars and More wars As a Means of equalization of human conditions what nation among the Rich dare disarm the answer is not easy but somehow just that answer must be found and Many a Energy turned to channels which will defend our earthly heritage from pollution and wastage. It May be the greatest of the challenges that should and perhaps will engross men and women the world Over in the new year that is upon us. Mankind has wrought wonders particularly in the past Century it remains to be seen if sufficient Wisdom drive and restraint have been developed to give us a richly hopeful future. It can be made a Good and prosperous new year if selfishness is disowned to a great extent. It can be a disastrous epoch if much of statecraft continues to consist of the study of War. The need of great leadership is obvious. We must develop it lest we perish. A Glimmer of Hope Washington a there is a Glimmer of Hope that the outbreak of fighting in Indochina May be followed by serious negotiations for peace intelligence recons claim that communist cadres have been alerted to expect a prolonged cease fire and peace negotiations. The military step up in Laos Cambodia and South Vietnam just possibly could be a communist Man Euver to improve their bargaining position but the intelligence experts Are sceptical. Cautions a secret intelligence information Cable a it seems doubtful that Hanoi is actually considering the declaration of such a cease fire. Hanoi May however be considering a a de Factor cease fire and be using the argument. To make the current pc situation More palatable to the lower level cadres and to rebuild their the ground fighting in All three countries meanwhile has been intensified. Intelligence reports contain guarded hints that the Viet Cong May attempt another limited tet offensive in South Vietnam at the end of the month. But the most serious military threat is aimed at Laos. Prime minister Souvanna Houma in desperation called for american bombers including giant b 52s. To slow the enemy Advance. The request was forwarded by Mcmurtrie Godley the american ambassador to the Pentagon. Admiral Thomas Moorer the joint chiefs chairman approved a b-52 strike and submitted his recommendation in a Toj secret memo to defense Secretary Mel Laird. �?b-52 strike a ambassador Godley has requested a b-52 strike a wrote Moorer. A the proposed target area has been identified As a major logistical Complex which will be used to support the new enemy units now moving West. All source intelligence has revealed a significant increase in enemy activity in the target area. A the raid identified by the code name a Marc Light a was okayed. The returning b-52 Crews reported that their bombs caused a six secondary fighter bombers also began hitting targets in Laos. But the North vietnamese unexpectedly St a Back with anti aircraft missiles and g-21 fighter planes. The u.s., in return retaliated by sending Waves of bombers Over North Vietnam. We had reported a year ago that the Pentagon was keeping its contingency plans updated for bombing the North it is evident that fighting escalates much easier than Jack Anderson footnote the new bomb damage merely added to even worse devastation from floods that swept North Vietnam during the recent Monsoon season. A secret intelligence report assessing the damage states a a vietnamese interpreter remarked that the death toll had been High Many villages had been destroyed and it would be Many months before repairs could be completed a a resident european correspondent in Hanoi assessed the death toll at about 200 and estimated that probably at least 80 per cent of the country s Rice growing areas had been damaged in varying degrees. A the said livestock losses were particularly serious primarily because of the loss of draft animals. He further stated that there had been some instances of a plague probably cholera. A the noted that Hanoi had been saved Only because the dikes had been purposely breached to Channel the flood Waters into the districts North of the a flood warning Early one saturday morning last August the people of bound Brook. N j., awoke and saw the Sunshine. The heavy Rains from Hurricane Dom had apparently passed a crisis had been avoided. Hours later the Waters were six feet High along main Street in bound Brook. Scores of businesses and Homes including mayor Sam Patullo s dry cleaning store were wiped out. Rising rapidly and without warning. Hood Waters from the Glenbrook River Cost the Small town $17 million in damages. Luckily no lives were lost. The scene in bound Brook was not unusual. Each year floods strike hundreds of unprepared communities driving 75.000 americans from their Homes and causing a billion dollars Worth of property damage. But for bound Brook at least the next time the floods come the citizens can expect to be prepared. The National Council and atmospheric administration Noaa plans to install a simple inexpensive device upstream that will Alert local officials that the Roenbrook River is morning by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus friends have sent these couplets by whom we know not but which wed share Here there a not much future in it i like my role As Retiree it took so Long to win it but candidly i must admit and some men retire too Early and then for years will Rue it. They Haven to anything to do a and they have All Day to do it. It begins to appear that High Points vote for the governorship in next Spring s primaries is Likely to be fragment Zed. A City that gave Bob Scott a whopping majority has seen demonstrated the advantage of backing a Winner. But now both democrats and republicans Are going off in All directions so that High Point in t Likely from present appearances to be strongly in any one candidates bag unless things clarify from present status. Henry dowdy has accepted local management of Lieut. Gov. Pat Taylor a Campaign for the democratic nomination. And Jake Froelich. Reportedly to have a top spot in statewide direction of skipper Bowles s Campaign is counted upon to deliver votes locally. Just who is to manage Hugh Morton a Campaign locally in t Clear but one on whom he had said he was counting has plopped to another candidate. Same goes for the Eden school teacher Zeb Vance Kitchen Dixon who appears very much an outsider. Republicans Are split up almost a badly with John Hutchens who managed Republican Jim Gardner a Campaign for governor four years ago is Likely to have important responsibilities again this time should the Busy Rocky mount Man plunge his party into a gubernatorial primary contest by challenging Jim Holshouser whose father in Law is Emerywood Baptist pastor l. H. Hollingsworth and he happens to be a Democrat who likes very much his Republican son in Law. At any rate politics is beginning to heat up toward what looks like a quite warm Spring primary season and fall election contest. James Ehret s friends had hoped he would see that magnificent new Plant envisioned Here for the englander company before he came to retirement but that s not to be As Jim yesterday turned Over management of the old Plant to Stanford Turner a High Point native who for seven years has worked with him a office manager and Plant super visor. Ehret joined englander in 1939 and came Here As Plant manager in 1941, incidentally the local mattress manufacturing unit is one of the largest such producing units in the South. Housed in the renovated old buildings of the High Point furniture company it should Long since have been displaced with a Modem Plant. That came close to realization some years Back but a foot dragging Oty Hall bureaucracy walked unwisely at the idea of extending Urban renewal to include the Block North of e. Commerce to the sour hem Railroad Between s. Hamilton and Centennial that would have cleaned out the old plants and the w. A. Davis milling company to make a site for a county health unit and provide some land Bank adjacent to the governmental Center for later needs. It was t for Jim Ehret to see that realized before his retirement but it still should be carried through. The Way French president Georges Pompidou trained in the Rothchild banking system forced devaluation of the Dollar in his talks with president Nixon in the azores Calls to mind another fabulous Figue of French finance the late George Lurcy whose Faith in Gold could Well have foretold what was to happen in that yellow Metal. Lurcy also Rothschild trained was reputedly the third wealthiest Man in France when he married the former Alice Barbee of High Point. But Hitler banked less on Gold than guns and the Jurcys fled France ahead of the nazi take Over but in this country while living Here and doing graduate study at Chapel Hill Lurcy continued to expound his Faith in Gold As the Basic trading Standard he termed it a a very curious Metal that likes to be comfortable something no nation should let get now european financiers their vaults bulging with More Gold than Ever Are laughing up their sleeves at the Way Nixon pressured by Pompidou to devalue Gold and thus Avert a worldwide economic recession for which Nixon would be blamed As Hoover was in the 30s, capitulated and handed France a tremendous financial and diplomatic Windfall. Lurcy whose colourful and tremendously successful financial career used to laugh when he would Tell How frenchmen disdained Mon a or Gold. A Superb card player he would find losers unable to pay off losses at the poker table but next morning a Little Man with a package would bring Gold to cover the obligation. He urged 25 years ago after coming Here that the United states never let go its Gold a and it proved costly when we unlocked that Hoard Harvey Speaks and Frank Roberts have Acque red from the estate of the late Bill Foster his one third interest in the new South Barber shop and Are changing its name to the Holiday inn berber shop whore it is based. Douglas Ball 31, whose lease on a Zivott drive Barber shoo expired with the year end has leased the Foster chair from Tho new owners and will Start monday operating there on the appointment basis Foster established to develop is clientele. V Sun or Nia vow you believe i m collecting for some charitable fund

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