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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Don t Call Billie Jean old lady anymore san Francisco Nea a sensitivity about age has come to Billie Jean King at the Milestone of 30 which she reached in november. she cautions a Call me a the old a the old lady was a Cognomen Billie Jean picked up in 1967, at the Ripe old age or 24, in a match against Rosie Casals. She was trailing three love in the second set and Rosie was running her All Over the court and finally gasping Billie Jean veiled out across the net a Elf you keep running me like that i soon be an old a old lady huh a said Rosie with a wicked gleam. A it tits. That a what you Are from now and until this year Billie Jean did t mind it. Now she says a they done to really Call me that any More. The kids say to me a you done to look old. You done to act a a in Myoung. In a just starting to yet she does talk As a senior citizen of the game which she has spurred into a big time Money Endeavor for women with the forcefulness of her personality and her spectacularly aggressive play she is a five time Wimbledon Champion. The Virginia slims circuit will kick off the 1974 Campaign with its san Francisco tournament Jan. 14-19 featuring $50,000 in prize Money. Just four years ago the same tournament was Worth $15,-000. A a in be waited Many Many years a says Billie Jean eyes gleaming through her circular Granny glasses a for Tennis and women athletes to be 41 think we re the leaders in women a sports. Four years ago people laughed at the women. Now there san appreciation from the Public plus the Money which keeps you in a Amateur Tennis was degrading to me both As an athlete and As a human outspoken Billie Jean has become prominently identified with women a liberation and other causes which stress self expression and personal identity. But she is also glib and slightly caustic and flip. When Richard Sher a san Francisco radio sportscaster asks her How the a a movement is going she retorts a which movement the fourth or the fifth a she can to escape talking about Bobby Riggs her antiquated adversary in the greatest put on sponsored in the name of Tennis. A i really like him Quot says Billie Jean a but i wont play him again though lies always hustling me for a rematch. It would t mean that much for me to play him again. What have i got to prove remember i did no to want to play him in the first Billie Jean of course destroyed the 55-year-old in straight sets late in septem Ber in the Houston Astrodome. Riggs has offered her a $100,000 guarantee for a repeat performance plus one third of everything else. But is. King is not tempted by the Money. It is getting that Good in Tennis where she has made Over $100,000 in each of the last three years. Now she takes on the added responsibility of coaching the Philadelphia freedoms for whom Shell play in the newly organized world team Tennis league a league in which her husband Larry has been a prime mover. There has been some speculation about retirement because the nomadic life of a Tennis pro can pall. A not yet a says Billie Jean shaking her head. A i was in Philadelphia recently and watching the flyers and the eagles play it hockey and football respectively. And you know it was Beautiful watching Bobby Clark come skating Down the ice. I really appreciated his Billie Jean King Broncos padres win 73 awards by Joan Ryan before the old year sneaks off into the Sunset it is Only appropriate that we review a few of the High Points that 1973 provided the world of sport. So if you please a drum Roll. And now the awards. The its eleven of clock do you know where your children Are award to Gordie Howe of the Houston Aero for coming out of retirement to amp join sons Marty and Mark on the ice. A a pass the puck pop a the gig pm Good award to the Texas aggie who else for ignoring the current ecology movement and avenging the Rice University marching bands spoof of a amp m by taking a Chain saw and leveling a 104 year old Oak tree on the Rice Campus. The super stud award is shared by Billie Jean King and Rosemary Casals for dispatching both Bobby Riggs and Howard Cosell with one evenings work. A bumper sticker to remember the one seen in Norman okla., expressing gratitude for the sooner so three Selmon Brothers. A thank you. Mrs. Selmon a the Leth go Fel laths award Cedeno freed under Bond Santo Domingo d r. Apr Houston Astron baseball Star Cesar Cedeno is free on $10,000 Bond but will be unable to return to the United states until he stands trial in a lower court on a charge of involuntary manslaughter. In making the announcement bist. Atty. Maximo Henriquez Saladin said it was not immediately known when Cedeno would be brought to trial. Cedeno was released from jail monday after judge Socrates Diaz Curiel changed a charge against Cedeno from voluntary to involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Altagracia de la Cruz 19, who was killed in a Motel room in december. Cedeno has been in jail since the incident dec. La. To the Denver Broncos for taking togetherness one step further and into sure obscurity by holding hands in each huddle. The just spell my name right award to the redskins George Burman for trotting out an old scoop on nil drug usage. Burman told a reporter from a National Magazine about the Pill popping last Spring but the new York times missed it. The Tell it like it is award to the Little old lady in Houston who asked Howard Cosell to come Over and say hello to her Nephew. A the thinks you re just great a she told Howard who beamed. A i think you re terrible but he thinks you re the pour it on award to the same Little old lady who then introduced Howard to her Nephew As a Harry the you re not getting older you re getting better award to Henry Aaron and o. J. Simpson. The make Mem sweat award to the san Diego padres who Are obviously confused by the fact that everybody wants them now that they be proven their adept Ness at losing. Losers of the year Are professional track and the Houston oilers. The one track mind prize goes to John wooden and Don Shula. The try try again award goes to lefty Driesell and George Allen. The press clippings that showed Promise but backfired award is shared by Duane Thomas and John Unitas. The putdown of the year award to George Foreman who stalked out of the monday night Abc television Booth after calling Howard Cosell a a a racist on the air. The can to you take a joke award to the same George Foreman who later said he was Only kidding Howard. The if you can to run then ride award to Larry Brown for arriving in style at redskins Park in a chauffeur driven limousine that has dented front and rear fenders. Sports fan of the year award goes to Secretary of state Henry Kissinger who reportedly bit his fingernails while watching a redskins game from Etty Allens Box. The file and forget award to Pete Rozelle for his proposed Post game urinalysis on drug usage which had the players hopping mad. The first things first award to president Nixon for watching pro football on the tube the sunday following the saturday night massacre. All in All i guess you could say 1973 Wasny to too bad a year. The barn owner theatre with new Tork Cash n the a magic stage Stagecoach Trail neat Airport reservations dial 883-7914 open 7 nights each week dinner 7 00 ., show 8 30 Now playing a the drunkard a musical comedy em-4 Western sizzle Steak House sirloin $-169 tips i la Family night specials 1.29 hamburgers .44 4 .�?ll Take out service banquet rooms available 800 n. Main pm. 883-8454 Wong s a Muse restaurant 2872 n. Main Tel. 869-3915 closed mondays open tues. Thru Sun. 11 30 to 2 00 5 00 to 10 00 serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call 869-3915 em-4 Snyr Dine atop Thi ii Autiel Southern furniture Market Center each wednesday fresh seafood Buffet daily luncheon Buffet. U 30 .-2 00 Service dinner by candlelight. 5 30 .-9 00 free parking next to building after 5 30 Brown bagging permitted in a flounder served with French Fries Cole Slaw hush puppies she seafood restaurant x 1718n.main a highpoint 4619 West Market Greensboro 112-18-3 television log Hope s to life repeats itself by Jerry Buck associated press writer los Angeles apr Hope Lange has just finished a to movie in which she plays a housewife who leaves her husband and children. Ifs the second time she a gone through that role. She also walked out As housewife and Mother on a the new Dick Van Dyke it was her remark on leaving the lbs series a fall i Ever do on a the Dick Van Dyke show is pour Coffee a inspired Deanne Barkley to cast her in the movie role. Miss Barkley is the vice president in charge of the Abc movie of the week. The movie a i love you goodbye a will air on Abc probably in february. A she just gets fed up a miss Lange said referring to the movie housewife. A she s a woman who got married very Early and got so involved in playing wife and Mother that she never had time to find out who she was or what she wanted. A i think a lot of women who May not actually walk out do consider it at one time. To shake things up and say i have needs too. I can understand that from the standpoint of being a miss Lange served notice several months ago that she would not agree to a fourth season with the Van Dyke series. Besides the limitation of her role to a sympathetic housewife she said she is miffed Over cd so refusal to air a segment of the series. The segment in question has the couples daughter enter her parents bedroom and find them making love. Carl Reiner the producer defended the segment As being tastefully handled and said he would not produce the show again unless the show is aired. Lbs has said it would not show it because it is not in the a a image of Dick Van Dyke. A a they wont even air the Best show we did All season a miss Lange said. A to hell with it. That a not the reason in a leaving but it irks me very she said a a in a not obligated to them. I Only signed for three seasons. But if they won t let us grow up Why do the same things Over again a if a happily married couple can to make love a they have three children a was that by immaculate Conception is it distasteful that a couple is still in love after 18 years some of the commercials Are More a Ecail italia ii Delight Iii cite Quot it is /. A notice in order to help conserve Energy we will close monday thru thursday and sunday at 11 00 Friday and saturday at 12 00 Sandwiches lasagna italian Spaghetti 2209 n. Main Street Tel. 869-2171 open 7 Days a week Dine in or take out read the classified ads 2 w Fri v. in join Quot Sis. Roanoke 9 huh. It harlot in 3 hot a riot or 12 Xii. H Winslon a Norm too 2 news. Weather sports 3 scene tonight 8 Abc news 9 news 12 nightly news 6 30 2 news 8 anything you can do 7 00 2 beat the clock 3 news 8 to truth or consequences 7 30 2 new treasure Hunst 3 new Price is right 8 wait till your. 9 10 12 Orange bowl 8 00 2 3 Maude 8 temperatures rising 8 30 2 3 Hawaii five-0 8 movie 9 to the magician 9 30 2 3 movie 10 00 8 Marcus Welby. M d. I 1 00 2 3 news 8 news 9 songs of yuletide 10 12 news 11 30 2 3 late movie 8 Abc entertainment 9 to 12 tonight Usu Abu of Cuvo i last 4 it \ Harry Reasoner Howard k. Smith 81 ii Plum 6 00 %.m. 12 Good morning 12 news 6 30 %.m. To today on the farm 12 Arthur Smith 7 00 %.m. 3 news 8 romper room 9 to 12 today 7 30 a. 8 Pix Anne 8 00 %.m. 2 3 capt. Kangaroo 8 Southern exposure 9 00 %.m. 2 old rebel 3 Daniel Boone 8 dealing for dollars 9 Mike Douglas 10 Phil Donahue 12 today at Home 9 30 . 2 Merv Griffin 1 physical science 10 00 a. 3 the jokers wild i sesame Street 9 10 12 Dinah s place 10 30 . 2 3 110,000 Pyramid 9 to 12 baffle 11 00 %.m. 2 3 gambit 1 math 8 password 9 10 12 wizard of Odds 11 30 %.h. 2 3 love of life 1 meet the arts 8 the Brady Bunch 9 10 12 Hollywood squares 12 00 noon 2 Young and restless 3 scene at noon 1 what s new 8 eyewitness news 9 news 10 12 jeopardy 12 30 2 3 search for tomorrow i electric company 8 split second 9 Arthur Smith 10 news 12 who. What where game 1 00 2 today s woman with Judy Walker 3 Betty Feezor show 1 zoom 8 a my children 9 jeopardy 10 Somerset 12 concentration 1 30 2 3 As the world turns i physical science 8 let s make a Deal 9 Fox 12 three on a match 2 00 2 3 guiding Light 8 newlywed game 9 i0 i2 Days of our lives 2 30 2 3 Edge of night 8 girl in my life 9 to 12 the doctors 3 00 2 Price is right 3 secret storm 8 general Hospital 9 Fox 12 another world 3 30 2 match game�?T73 3 the Lucy show 4 learn to think 8 one life to live 9 fun stones 10 12 Peyton place 4 00 2 secret storm 3 Green acres i mister Rogers 8 love american style 9 Batman 10 Gilgan Island 12 the munsters 4 30 2 Comer Pyle 3 1 dream of Jeannie i sesame Street 8 Lucy 9 Beverly Hillbillies 10 Comer Pyle 12 Gilgan s Island 3 00 2 Andy Griffin 3 Bonanza 8 Jeannie 9 to Andy Griffith 12 Bonanza 5 30 2 dragnet i electric company 8 5 30news 9 truth or consequences 10 what a my line capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 A wait till your father gets Home a a lice a fat farms get the Needle in this parody when the appearance of a handsome boy at school prompts Harry a Chubby teenage daughter to slim Down at a local health spa in an Effort to attract her or. Wonderful. 7 45 12 the Orange bowl Penn state University is. Louisiana state u. 8 8 temperatures rising a the or. Nolanda smother checks into the Hospital As or. Mercy smother plans to leave. 8 30 2 Hawaii five of a bunco game using phony g diamonds As bait and preying on Well heeled tourists sends five-0 into action. G movie a a Short walk to Daylight a with James Brolin Don Mitchell James Mceachim Abbey Lincoln and Brooke Bundy. After a devastating earthquake Levels the City above eight terrified people Are trapped in a new York City subway Tunnel and desperately try to find a Way out. 9 30 2 movie a Shaft gets involved with police corruption on a scale that includes the Frame up of a Black officer plus theft and bribery. 10 Marcus Welby m d. A a the a woman orthopaedic surgeon returns to the Hospital As a therapist after a two Yeai bout with alcoholism Anc wants to be reinstated As a surgeon. 11 30 2 late movie a the next voice you James Whitmore stars in the compelling drama of a strange visitation and its effect upon a handful of people. 8 Abc enter. Tain ment a Abc news. At Howard a Smith and Harry Reasoner Host this show featuring filmed and video taped highlights of major news developments in recent months

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