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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, High Point, North Carolina One Point win Worth no. I to Irish High Point new Orleans a has notre Dame returned to the top of the College football world by the margin of a missed extra Point a certainly a said coach Ara Parseghian. A what was the final score a it was 24-23, notre Dame Over Alabama in a super sugar bowl monday night and it put the storied South Bend ind., Gridiron Citadel in the Drivers seat to capture its first National College football championship since 1966. A we missed an extra Point too a Parseghian noted a but we went for two Points tile next time we scored and we won the game. In my opinion we be won the National championship and we won it without starting out with the National recognition that some other teams the National Champion will a be announced thursday when the associated press releases its final poll. The margin of Victory was decided whet Bill Davis for three years outstanding placekicker and successful on 51 of 53 extra paints during the regular Seaton booted the conversion attempt to the right of the goal pivots following a dazzle dazzle touchdown that put Alabama on top 23-21 with 9 39 left. The trick play which Nourt Dame pulled itself against1 Southern California several years ago featured a Handoff from quarterback Richard Todd to halfback Mike Stock and a return pass to Todd. But the third ranked fighting Irish a one touchdown Underd o a stormed Back and marched from their own 19-Yeard line to the Alabama two. Bob Thomas who missed the extra Point after notre Dame s first touchdown in the opening period kicked a 19-Yrd Field goal with 4 26 remaining for the deciding Points. A they also won it on freshman Al Hunters record 93-Yard Kickoff return just 13 seconds after Alabama had taken a 7-6 Lead in the second period on Erie Penicks 12-Yard scoring Gallop on the first play after an Alabama Fumble in the third Quarter on a supreme Effort by a fired up defense that held the Crimson tides awesome Rushing attack to 190 .yards�?176 under its per game average and on two daring Kong passes in the closing minutes. The first was a 30-Yard lob from Tom Clements to tight enu Dave Casper who out fought two defenders at the Alabama 15, setting up Thomas winning Field goal. The second was a 35-yarder on third Down from Clements to tight end Robin Weber notre Dame often used two tight ends which took the Irish from the ominous Shadow of their goal line to the 38 with a half minute left and enabled them to run out the clock. A that won the game a Parseghian said of the last minute pass Clements seventh completion in 12 attempts and Weber a Only reception. A maybe it Wasny to a win or lose play but it was either make a first Down or punt from our own end zone. If wed had to punt even with a Good kick All they a have needed was one first Down to be in Field goal Range Penn state seeking to prove something winning kick is on its Way Bob Thomas puts Field goal through Brian Doherty holds a wire photo Miami apr sixth ranked Penn state seeking to prove it is More than a Strong Eastern team with a weak schedule meets Tough Louisiana state of the Southeast conference tonight in the 40th annual Orange bowl football game. The Kittany Lions from cent r a i Pennsylvania Are unbeaten in la games but ranked Only sixth in the nation behind no. I Alabama Oklahoma notre Dame Ohio state and Michigan. Coach Joe Paterno and his players make no secret they feel slighted in the top to rankings. They hoped to prove their Point against the leu tigers a Quality opponent. Coach Charley Mcclendone a leu team ripped through its first nine games without a loss before they stumbled 21-7 against Alabama in a game much closer than the scores indicates and were stunned by traditional rival Tulane 14-0 in the regular season finale. The tigers finished 9-2 and ranked 14th among major College teams. A i Hope we re As Good As we think we Are a says Paterno the winning est College football coach in the country with an eight year record of 74-13-1 for an .846 percentage. This is his sixth bowl team including victories in the 1969 and 1970 Orange bowl games. Mcclendon is counting on his squads desire to erase the bitter taste of those two season ending rope we re disappointed losing those games a Mcclendon said. A the Day we re not disappointed we should t line up. I m counting upon our boys to Bounce Back. If they done to we re in Penn state s offence features running Back John Cappelletti Winner of the Heisman trophy As the outstanding College football player of 1973. A Cappelletti is the Best Back of his size in be Ever seen a says Lsuis Mcclendon. A the walks up to the line and walks out the other Side. He explodes in Between. Well have la men keying on Cappelletti. There is Only one Ball and one Cappa Letti and our boys Are instructed to go after Cappelletti operates behind a huge offensive line keyed by the blocking of tackles Charley Getty and Phil Laporta and pulling guard Mark Markovich. And wed have been in trouble. A it was a tackle trap pass off a fake run. I called it darn right i called it. I liked the percentages and Tommy Laid it right in there. The pass to Casper also was a Good risk play even though it was Alabama a Bear Bryant who suffered one of his toughest defeats and who Hasni to won in his last seven bowl trips concurred. A the play that won the game was the last pass a he said. A we had them in a Hole. They were Gonna punt and we were Gonna win the game. If i were a betting Man id have bet anything we were Gonna notre Dame threw a Bunch of defensive alignments at Alabama a heralded Wishbone attack which included great running and passing wrinkles installed by the innovative Bryant. In the first half the Irish alternated four five and six defenders up front. After the intermission they also showed a seven Man line and often turned to the famed a a Mirror defense with which they ended Texas 30-game winning Streak in the Cotton bowl three years ago. With several defenders lining up opposite their offensive counterparts. A we used seven or eight defences in the first half because we weren t sure what we d be Able to do a Parseghian said. A we thought if we were Able to do Well in the first Quarter wed get better after that. And we held them to Zero yardage in the first Quarter but it turned out the other Way and we Only did a sporadic Job after that. But we were Able to break up their Possession aspect in the second a Law a said Bryant a they did no to show us anything we Hadnot seen before. They just whipped us. They showed us Enterprise Page 3b tues., Jan. I 1974 big tight ends who just took the Ball away from us. A i done to know if one Point should decide the National championship but i like the rules the Way they Are. We had a Chance to kick an extra Point too. Notre Dame has a great team and Ara and his staff did an excellent Job preparing for us but i mind playing them again tomorrow. In fact i d like Parseghian Wasny to having any of that. A we beat an undefeated team the top ranked team in the country and we re number one a he said. A you betcha we re number notre Dame 6 8 7 3�?74 Alabama 0 to 7 6-23 and a Bullock i run kick tailed Ala a Billingsley 6 run Davis kick and a Hunter 93 Kickoff return dem Merle pass from Clements Ala mpg Davis 39 Ala a Jackson 5 run Davis kick Ndu Pennick 12run Thomas kick Alan Todd 25 pass from Stock kick failed Ndu of Thomas 19 Nat dam Alabama first Downs rushes Yards passing Yards return Yards passes punts fumbles most penalties Yards 20 59-252 169 la 7-12-0 5-36 4-3 5-45 23 52-190 127 6 10-15-1 6-46 5-2 332 individual leaders Rush in a notre Dame Clements is 74, Best la 45, Pennick 9 28, Bullock 19-79, Hunter 4-26, Alabama. Jackson 11-62, Billingsley 7-54, Spivey la 44. Todd3-32. Receiving a notre Dame dem Merle 3-59. Casper 3-75, Weber 1-35, Alabama Pugh 2-28, Todd 1-25, Jackson 2-22, Sharpless 2-22. Passing a notre Dame Clements 7-12-0. 169 Yards Alabama Rutledge 7-12-1, 88. Stock 1-1-0, 25, Todd 2-2-0, 14aba, pro sports need to take close look at future the Sun is etching its Way across the first Day of a new year this afternoon. In most respects today be any different from Many other Winter afternoons. The beginning of this year however brings with it More difficulty in predicting what will happen in the sports a fld Over he next 12 months than probably any year since the great depression. It s an unusual dilemma facing sports. It does t concern the closeness of Pennant races or the prospects of trades new coaches or any of the things normally associated with what fans and writers think about. This is a time of outside influence on the sports world and its anybody a guess As to How far the influence will go toward affecting the future of sports especially professional sports. The influence is the Energy crisis and what it can do to basketball baseball racing and next fall to football. There Are As Many answers As there Are questions. Experts Are All Over the place. It s almost As easy to be an expert in sports As it is in economics which is what professional sports is All about. For years the pros have been living off the fat of the land so to speak. And now when pro sport is beginning to look like the stomach of an out of condition Bowler leagues Are talking about expansion going International and general increases which like the stomach Are at some Point going to have a bad effect. If anything this should be a period of self examination by teams and leagues with an Eye toward consolidation Belt tightening and other economic measures. There Are serious questions As to whether professional sport can continue at its present level of popularity and wastefulness. Outside of Stock car racing and Golf which will face their crises later in the Spring North Carolina relates to the Carolina cougars and the american basketball association As its link to professional sports. The Aba put in a new commissioner this fall but he help with the merger situation. That sadly for both leagues appears to be an almost dead Issue. So if you can to merge you expand. A Good idea for the Aba right wrong. Take Wiik shawl by Paul Shinn neither the Aba nor the Aba has any More business considering expanding their leagues than a vacationer does making extensive plans to drive his Auto across the country next summer. Instead of talking mansion and raiding College undergraduates to fill the new rosters the Aba should be talking about reducing tile league to eight teams from the present to and operating with More Quality less travelling and hopefully fewer Ganges on the schedule. Memphis is a Fine example of a Corn on the toe of the league. In a town of More than three quarters of a million population and no other professional sports As Competition the Tams draw More flies at the Concession stands than paying customers. They Are averaging something less than 3,100 fans a night despite hading several local players and an exciting excitable coach in Bill Van Breda Kolff. They tried to move the franchise to the North last year but the Deal fell through. The league up operating the team unless it dares find a new Home or fold. San Diego is another example. The fans the conquistadors draw can to match the interest Wilt Chamberlain gets on his to nov in the Bank. Everybody was upset when the qts could i move into a super Arena but nobody has an answer when asked Why the team can to come close to filling the 3,200-Seiat gym it now plays it. A larger gym won t mean More customers. One bet is that san Diego will move to los Angeles next year for the television exposure. But other teams have tried to Buck the Aba lakers and failed. And where is the guarantee of television anyway if san Diego moves it would leave room for an expansion team. But again if the qts can to draw with Chamberlain Why would a new Tea a with strange players do any better even Kentucky has tried Extension if not expansion this season by playing some games in Cincinnati. Early indications Are that the colonels a it not do Well in Cincy. That City is one of several mentioned for possible expansion but if the Aba draw there and Kentucky can to draw there Why is consideration being Given to put an Aba team around for an entire year Aba Secretary Richard Tinkham dropped the bomb last week when he announced the league was giving up on the merger and going full steam with expansion. He made two statements that show the Vba May not be looking at this thing with 20-20 vision. One was that if san Diego moved to los Angeles the league would put an expansion team in san Diego a because we like that you have to wonder Why since the fans done to seem to like the Aba any better than they do the baseball padres. The other statement was that the league will use underclassmen signings to Stock the new clubs rather than thin out the existing rosters. Heck for most of the clubs there is no thinning out to be done. And there Arentt that Many Ball players in College who can come into pro Ball. The obvious answer is a merger of the two leagues and reduction of the total number of teams to 20, or fewer. A realignment of teams and schedules could save much Money and conserve Energy. It would also provide better Quality products for the fans to pay for. But. While sports moguls and players mull Over ways of grabbing More and More Mother nature and the arabs Are getting the jump and they May Force a decision nobody will be Happy with. Security guards equipped with two Woy radios door seals and Ghl watchman Tlok Usu i Dat cart Vur business Home and property it ill run i to i 24 hours per Day Davis patrol a watchman service i 26 n. Mom a High Point . 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